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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2718 Newton Ave. North: A Virtual Cash Cow for Megan Goodmundson

North Minneapolis' "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson (the same one who was previously arrested for assault and interfering with a 911 emergency telephone call) lives at 2718 Newton Ave. North in Minneapolis. She is listed as the contact for the Rental Licence because, she no longer owns the house. The house was foreclosed by the bank in 2009 after she failed to make her mortgage payments and her parents Gary & Janis Goodmundson came to her rescue and bought the house from the bank for a whopping $32,000 while the bank took the hit for the remainder of the $160,000 that Megan defaulted on.

While Megan no longer owns the house, it continues to pay big dividends for her. The tornado that struck north Minneapolis in May 2011 saw to that. This post is about how Megan Goodmundson cashed in on 2718 Newton Ave. North... AGAIN! Here is a sort of history...

Megan stops making payments on the house until the lender has to foreclose and free's herself of the $160,000 mortgage. Click here to read all about that.
I'm sorry! Before that she was arrested for assault. Click here for the details!
After the lender foreclosed they were left with a little piece of shit house because of the big shit, Megan. The house goes on the market and Megan rears her head again when Gary & Janis swoop in and pay cash for the house while paying only $32,000. Just my opinion but, I call that FRAUD. You can Click here for the details and TISH violations as well.

Things seemed to settle down with the house after that but, the "super fraud citizen" hooked up with John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and the two of them took NoMi by storm.
After John lost his lawsuit and the Jury slapped him with a $60,000 judgement, he enlisted in the National Guard and did everything he could to get deployed overseas where he would be safe from further litigation.

Which reminds me... John Hoff claimed he actually over-paid his child support payments and bragged about it in a post that had a picture of him holding several checks (supposedly from the State of Minnesota). Click here to read that nonsense.
Then in November of 2011, John said in an article he wrote entitled, "Road to Afghanistan" that he was not granted security clearance by the military because, of his "pressing student loan debt." A few sentences later Hoff stated, "three months training at Fort Jackson paid all my child support arrears." I wonder sometimes if Hoff realizes how much he contradicts himself?

Stay tuned..... I will be posting the rest of this story soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Happens When Banks Sell R.E.O. In Bulk

Image courtesy of Google Images
On November 25, 2011, I sent Ed Kohler an email that was prompted by an article he published about north Minneapolis' housing crash and TJ Waconia on his website The Deets (click to read article).
I didn't want to start a comments battle on his site by submitting my comments so, I sent the email instead.

Even though Ed is "friends" with John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, who was sued for getting someone fired and had a $60,000 judgement slapped on him when he lost (click here to read), I have exchanged several emails with Ed in the past year and have a relationship with him that I would describe as "coordial," even though Ed has not acknowledged the email.

The article mentioned TJ Waconia who owned a lot of houses in north Minneapolis and were accused of driving the values of the area up in a fraudulent way. Since I am former friends with one of the owners of TJ Waconia, I was told how the company acquired their houses in north Minneapolis. Below is a sentence from Ed's article:
The company was involved in a ton of fraudulent real estate transactions where homes were purchased at above their market value and later foreclosed while lots of money was pocketed.
At the sentencing hearing for TJ Waconia, Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson lied on the witness stand when she was asked how the city became aware of TJ Waconia and their housing transactions. The following is what Johnson told the court and is a direct quote from the court transcript.
"It was bought to my attention by neighbors, was the increasing uptick in the price of the housing. Neighbors would very carefully watch the paper on Saturday to see if the prices that were being paid for homes that were selling on their block or in their neighborhood, and there was a giant escalation in some of the prices, and neighbors were really, you know, had their eyebrows raised because of it." 
While I actually live in Texas, the foreclosure process after the lender forecloses on a house, is the same in all 50 states. The following is a copy of most of the email that was sent to Ed Kohler, that explains how TJ Waconia bought their houses and why what has been reported about TJ Waconia is not correct and explains how President Barb Johnson lied under oath.

TJ Waconia bought the majority of their houses in north Minneapolis directly from the lenders after they had foreclosed on the property. Otherwise known as REO (Real Estate Owned) properties. The houses were listed on MLS but, the houses were each listed individually, as all other single family residential are. TJ Waconia bought most of their houses from the lenders REO departments but... They bought them in bulk (10-25 houses at a time) AND they bought them using a "blanket loan."

When this happens, the listing on MLS is pulled and because only one loan purchases all of the houses at once, it is not possible to determine how much of the total purchase price went to each individual property.

When a transaction like that takes place, a few things happen:

1- There is no "comp" (comparable) submitted to MLS for appraisers to reference when they appraise a house.
2- When a bank is able to unload 25 houses from their dead-weight books, they sell them at significant discounts. In that time frame, it was common for the overall discount to be from 20% to 40% less than current market rates.
Those two points are the reason I am saying that your sentence in your article is not accurate.

Further, when they sold the houses to the straw buyers, they were selling them at a big profit but, they were only selling the houses for the current market rates.... Not inflating them at all.
Add to that, since the seller (TJ Waconia) sold the houses to the investors (straw buyers) directly, they did not list the houses for sale on MLS. Meaning, they sold the houses FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and those houses do not have comparable's.

There is no way anyone can determine how much TJ Waconia paid for an individual house AND there is no comparable sales record of how much TJ Waconia sold any of the straw buyer houses for but.... The lenders who funded those purchases... They (not TJ Waconia) ordered the appraisals so, if the asking sale price was way over the current market prices... The lenders would not have funded the deals.
The moral to the story: Don't believe everything that the media reports. In this case, ask anyone who is familiar with real estate transactions dealing with REO properties and comparables and they will tell you the same thing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cross Johnny Northside & He Goes After You & Your Family

It's no secret that Johnny Northside plays by his own set of rules. When those rules are no longer to his advantage, he simply changes them. In his mind, it is all about winning, being right and being dominant. How he does it has no limits. No boundaries. No compassion. Wait... What do you mean, no compassion?

In the image below, you will see comments from John on the TJ Wac Victims blog where Johnny Northside more or less was created. The topic was about when anonymous commenters swing "below the belt" by slamming the commenters kids in order to get to the parents. John was clearly against such tactics and referred to it as "common decency in warfare." That was in February of 2008.

Fast forward to November of 2011. The Adventures of Johnny Northside blog has taken aim at one of Johnny Northside's public foe's... Terry Yzaguirre. Here is the link to the post on John's site: Johnny Northside attacks foe's kids.

Johnny Northside comments fom TJ Wac Blog
It makes me ask some questions... "Why slam the parent of these kids? This happened in Oklahoma, not north Minneapolis. Is who their mother is of any significance in the matter? Is this really a personal attack on their mother?" Here is what John Hoff had to say about her on his blog...
"These are, after all, the sons of the Mpls Mirror lady who pours scorn and criticism upon North Minneapolis revitalization efforts"
Adding to the attack, John posted the following post to his Blog about the two brothers and their mother. Johnny Northiside post # 1.

I could go on and on about Hoff being a hypocrite and how dangerous he really is but, I just post the information and leave it up to the reader to determine whether or not they want to steer clear of Hoff and his NoMoi Posse or turn the other cheek and hope that they don't end up in his bad graces and wondering what you ever did to him to deserve the public bashing he inflicts on you and your family.
Just remember... You can't make a deal with the Devil and expect him to keep his end of the deal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Megan Goodmundson: Another Day... Another Judgement

This post is to be continued but, I wanted to get the information out to the masses about Megan's latest mis-deed.
On October 20, 2011, the conciliation court in Hennepin County entered a judgement against Megan Goodmundson in the amount of $2,164.44, payable to the Plaintiff, Mitchell Construction.

Stay tuned for the PDF image of the latest court loss for Megan Goodmundson "the super citizen," girlfriend to John Hoff aka Johnny Northside. How she manages to stay in the good graces of the public and the JACC board is a total mystery. This is the same Megan Goodmundson who was previously arrested for assault and the same person who bilked her lender out of more than $100,000 after she lost her house to foreclosure only to have her parents come in after the redemption period and buy it back from the bank for a mere $32,000!

More to come!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Does Anti-Johnny Get Death Threat From Johnny Northside Or Friend Of? You Decide

Comments suggest Johnny Northside aiming for Anti Johnny
 Death threat? Come on, you can't be serious?
Since this blog came online in 2008, it has been a constant thorn in Johnny Northside's side. He has made several requests and even a few demands that it be taken off  the Internet. This post is not about how the first amendment applies to John Hoff but, does not apply to anyone who has factual, public information about him and puts it on the net for anyone to see without having to go searching all over.

This post is more serious. This morning I opened my email and saw there was a comment awaiting moderation to be published. The following is what an anonymous commenter (believed to be John Hoff or one of his close north Minneapolis friends) submitted to this blog on September 28, 2011:

Anonymous said...

why does everyone post anonymously? you must write your own comments just to fill space....or a bunch of rehashed shit that everybody already knows.see you in Coppell in the cross hairs.
September 28, 2011 11:36 AM
I will break down the comment for the readers to understand...

1) They ask why everyone (who submits comments) posts as anonymous? My answer? I have no idea why people post comments the way they do. I have no control over other people.
2) They suggest that I (Anti-Johnny/Jim Watkins) write and submit my own comments to give the impression that this blog has active non-Anti-JNS commenters. All the comments that I have added have all been submitted with my Anti-Johnny Blogger account. Any comment that is submitted by me (even if I was to post as anonymous) are immediately published as Blogger does not require a blog owner to approve their own comments. All other comments are held until I approve them BUT... Blogger sends me an email to let me know I have comments waiting to be approved and a copy of the comments are included in the email. My point is, I got an email notifying me of the death threat comments above... Meaning, someone other than me submitted them. My guess is Johnny Northside or one of his close friends, possibly Megan Goodmundson. After all, Megan does have a prior arrest for assault.
3) Finally the message warns me that they will see me in Coppell (a Dallas suburb) in the "cross hairs." They are claiming that I live in Coppell, Texas and that I should expect to "see" them in their cross hairs which, references the sight that is seen in the scope and mounted onto a rifle. In other words, they have threatened to travel to Coppell and hunt me down with a rifle (I assume with the intention of shooting at me in another attempt to make me stop posting information about John Hoff).

I have stated many times on this blog as well as others that John Hoff and the people he calls his friends are dangerous people and the comments submitted on September 28th, is further proof of that (assuming no one else would want to hunt me down without cause).
Beware NoMi and Afghanistan!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny Northside Inspires 'First Amendment Appreciation Month'

John Hoff inspired First Amendment Appreciation Month
 Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff has announced on his blog that he will not publish certain comments because, too many trolls have attacked him, his uniform, his house, his tires, his..... You get the idea.
(Note: He never hesitates to attack anyone yet, he has had enough against him.)
The kicker? John didn't just say he won't publish certain 'troll' comments. Nope. John went and put a spin on it that somehow makes his one month ban some sort of American tribute and even called it "virtual national security."
I just think he is a 'virtual' idiot. Just my $0.02 cents.

His post got me thinking and I find it all very ironic. This is the same John Hoff who has stated in public that the "first amendment is under attack" as he refers to his $60,000 loss in court that he has tried to make into a first amendment case. We all know the judge upheld the ruling and just read the previous post for more info on that.
Now John Hoff is showing his respect for the first amendment by RESTRICTING the same rights of others' by not allowing them a voice on his blog! REALLY! Click here to read it yourself.

It is with great pleasure and American pride that the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside blog has the following announcement to make...

For a period of one month, from September 11, 2011 until October 11, 2011, this blog will not attempt to submit a single comment to Johnny Northside's blog AND we hereby make this public plea to all the Johnny Northside 'Trolls' (as he calls commenters he disagrees with) to NOT SUBMIT ANY COMMENTS to his blog during that time.
Rather than submit comments to his anti-first amendment blog, we encourage all people to post the truth about John Hoff to ANY other website as a tribute and appreciation as Americans to the first amendment that I am hereby dubbing "First Amendment Appreciation Month."
I ask anyone who shows their appreciation of the first amendment in honor of John Hoff, to only post things about him that are true.
After all, we don't want to give him a reason to "First Amendment Retaliate" against anyone.
Your comments are welcome here as well as we support the first amendment, unlike Johnny Northside.

Happy John Hoff posting, America! Remember, no comments should be submitted to his blog as we show our respect to his not posting troll comments.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alexander David Joins MisAdventures of Johnny Northside Blog!

In recent weeks, I have been approached by several people who have expressed an interest in becoming a regular contributor to this blog. Alexander David and I have exchanged many emails and the information about John Hoff that he has compiled, along with a strong desire to share it.... Well, I just want to be the first to say to Alexander, "Welcome to the team!"
In the coming months, this blog will be welcoming several more contributors and I can't wait!

I have the honor of publishing Alexander David's first John Hoff related article! We are happy to have you!


Post by Alexander David

So I’m sure that everyone knows that Minneapolis blogger John W. Hoff was slapped with a $60,000 judgment by a jury for his harassment and infliction of emotional distress on Jerry Moore, who lost his job at the University of Minnesota due to John Hoff’s “working behind the scenes” to force the UofM to fire Moore. Actually, what Hoff did was to “blackmail” the UofM by communicating to them that if they did not fire Moore, he would use his blog to start a negative publicity campaign.

The Fourth Judicial District court judge, Denise Reilly, affirmed the jury verdict after Hoff filed a motion to overturn the verdict. In her ruling she basically stated that Hoff’s actions “behind the scenes” were cause to uphold the verdict. Or in other words, this case is really not a 1st amendment issue; it’s not about what Hoff published in his blog.

Since Judge Reilly’s ruling Hoff has been making all sorts of big talk in his blog about all of his supporters that are going to file “amicus briefs” to support him.

One commenter to Hoff’s “Johnny Northside” blog challenged Hoff to publically state who all his supporters are writing, “You keep mentioning all the lawyers who are filing amicus briefs. Please tell us who is lining up to file amicus briefs for your appeal. As I hear it, after Judge Reilly's opinion, most everyone is walking away. So, please give us names of people and names of organizations that have signed on to file amicus briefs to the Minnesota Court of Appeals on your behalf.”

John Hoff posted a response that is more ridiculous than he claims the question was, “You are being ridiculous. Like I would ever just HAND you that information before it becomes public and give you a tactical advantage.” This response is absolute nonsense and I’ll explain why. But first readers need to know that John Hoff has a law degree, and he knows the process for filing an amicus brief.

In Minnesota, to submit a "friend of the Court brief" known as a brief of amicus curiae, you are required to submit a motion to the Court of Appeals, asking for permission to participate in the case. That motion must be copied to all parties involved, and are public. And those motions must be submitted early on so the COA can approve or deny them based on "why" they want to participate. Or in other words, the COA doesn't want several "friends" submitting briefs on the same point, creating an unnecessary duplication of arguments.

So the reality is that Hoff would not be providing a tactical advantage to anyone by stating who his supporters are, because anyone wanting to submit an amicus brief must announce their intentions early on in the appeals process.

Rather, I would suggest John Hoff’s refusal to provide even a clue as to who his supporters are is an admission that he really has none. As a matter of fact, I submitted a comment to his blog (that he refused to publish – more on that in a moment) telling him that I had information that the attorney who represented him at trial, Paul Godfread, had not yet agreed to represent John Hoff at his appeal. After all, Godfread was retained as a 1st amendment expert attorney by an outside organization. But now that Judge Reilly has quantified that this is not a 1st amendment issue, but about John Hoff being a first class asshole, why would he represent Hoff.

The day after I submitted that comment to Hoff about Godfread not being onboard, he published a blog article announcing that his blog was going to be “troll free”, meaning he was no longer going to publish comments that he didn’t like. And clearly he didn’t like my comment about being abandoned by his attorney. Publishing that comment would be a sign of defeat, and that is not something John Hoff could ever face.

John Hoff is clearly a narcissist, and most likely a sociopath, and when you combine those characteristics you have a very conflicted personality. Someone like that frequently lives in fantasy, and has considerable difficulty facing reality and the truth. In this case John Hoff simply cannot accept the reality that he will be on his own during this appeal. In his fantasy world he thinks he is surrounded by supporters. Yet, after the jury verdict, John Hoff contacted the National Guard and made arrangements to be transferred to a unit that was being deployed to Afghanistan where he is currently stationed. Why? Because he cannot face the jury’s truthful decision that he was wrong, nor can he face the reality that he now owes a judgment of $60,000 plus interest and costs, so he ran away to a neutral location.

And why has he made his blog “troll” free? Because he cannot face the truth, nor can he afford to let comments that state the truth become public and attack his fantasy world. So much like his retreat to Afghanistan, he has put up a wall to his blog so he can retreat into his own little blogging fantasy world where he has stopped bragging about the, “1st amendment trial of the century”, and now blogs a neutral topic about milkshakes in a Thai deli.

The reality is that big bad bully blogger John Hoff is nothing but a coward when faced with the truth. Truth is something he always runs away from. Not a good situation for a soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Johnny Northside's Previous Military Disability... Or Is He Pulling Our Leg?

The following three images make up the final decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs for John W. Hoff's disability.
I have highlighted several parts which shows John lied to the government, the public or perhaps both.
On page 1, it states Hoff served in the Army until 1994 but, he did not pursue disability compensation until 2003. Why did Hoff wait nine years?
Here are several inconsistencies and contradictions by Hoff:

1) On all 3 pages, the VA states that they have evaluated his injury disability at 20%
2) John said on his blog in 2009 that he is rated at 30% disability, not 20%
3) John said in the same blog post that one leg is "almost two inches shorter than the other"
4) On page 2, the VA stated that at the informal conference both John & his representative
    indicated that he did NOT have a leg length discrepancy

5) On page 3 the VA clearly states that both of Hoff's legs are 39 inches long.
6) Page 2 states that Hoff sent a letter of disagreement and that the VA sent him a letter
    explaining the appeal process. This shows that Hoff appeals anything that goes against him as
    he pushes to get his way.

7) On page 3 the VA grants disability benefits sought on appeal and went on to say that
    "No further appeal action is warranted for this issue."

Click here to read the post on Johnny Northside about his injury

Click on each image to view enlarged.

In July or early August of 2010, John Hoff was allowed to enlist in the US Army National Guard despite "one leg being almost two inches shorter than the other" (as John said on his blog).
Facts that have been gathered about events in John Hoff's past that show how he has lied, contradicted himself, misleads people and appeals court rulings and elections that don't go his way. It is sad to stand by and watch him continue to abuse the public trust when there is documented proof that John Hoff is anything but a stand-up citizen.
As stated before... Informing the public of the true nature and past history about John Hoff is the reason this blog exists.
Thanks for reading.

Post addition:
Here is a quote by John that can be seen by clicking here
"I left the military in the spring of 1994 with my left leg permanently and seriously injured restraining a violent patient who was probably loaded up on PCP. So I ran to enlist in the Army, but I limped out."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History Repeats As Blogger Johnny Northside Loses Again...And Again

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is a blogger from north Minneapolis who was sued after his writing and actions cost Jerry Moore his job. Moore sued Hoff and a jury ruled he was guilty of Tortious Interference and Hoff was hit with a $60,000 judgement for his wrongdoing.

Since the verdict was read in March, 2011, Hoff's pro bono attorney, Paul Godfread filed for a Motion of Judgement as a Matter of Law and requested a new trial. In August 2011, Judge Denise Reilly issued an 8-page statement as she denied both motions. On Hoff's blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside, he has stated that he will appeal the ruling. In other words, he will continue to show no respect to the legal system as he uses the First Amendment as his crutch while he appeals and appeals until he runs out of options.

For readers not familiar with John Hoff's history, allow me to present this blog post as a history lesson on John Hoff aka Johnny Northisde. This blog is full of examples of how John has manipulated many events in his life and examples of instances where he has taken the approach of "Do as I SAY... Not as I DO."
Rather than make this post out to be one of the longest ones this blog has published, I will list several events that John has done in his lifetime and include the link to the article should you decide you want to know all of the details of each event.

When you add up all of the examples, it will clearly paint a picture of a person who is not a spokesman for the First Amendment rather, a person who was wrong, even though a jury ruled he was wrong and a judge upheld the jury's decision that he was wrong yet, he continues to not accept responsibility.

Rules don't apply to Blogger John Hoff
Lets look at some a few things John Hoff has done...

1) Hoff's car is towed after being parked illegally. Does Hoff accept responsibility? No!
Instead Hoff creates TowingUtopia.com

Here is the blog header to give you an idea...
"Take my personal liberty, and perhaps I will spend a night in jail with interesting companions. But take my vehicle for several days, and you might be taking my means of income, my relationship with my family, friends, and romantic partners, indeed, you might be taking my life and future itself. It is totally unacceptable that American vehicles should be seized on such flimsy grounds, made so difficult to locate, and be ransomed at such high cost in time and money. Enough!"

2) The city of Seattle passes an ordinance that prohibits sitting on certain public sidewalks during certain hours. Hoff not only disagreed with the ordinance, he actually violated it on purpose, got a ticket and appealed it all the way to the Washington State Court of Appeals... And LOST! Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld - Seattle Weekly

3) Hoff moves to Grand Forks, North Dakota and wins a seat on the city council after incumbent moves out of state. Hoff made himself public enemy number one immediately after being sworn in and was removed from office within six months in a recall election. Did he take the recall sitting down? Nope. This is from the Seattle Weekly... Click here to read the article.
"We're disputing the signatures. They just signed anybody who walked up, whether they lived in the ward or not. They didn't even have any precinct maps."

4) Hoff writes two books on Dumpster Diving and here is what he promoted on the cover!
Click here to read the full article.
"how to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers;"
"how to parlay dumpster diving consciousness into finding cheap property, supporting radical causes, even landing political office; and much more!"

5) Hoff emails me (Jim Watkins aka the Anti-Johnny) telling me to "delete" this blog (this proves John doesn't like it when the truth is written about him) or he will be forced to "First Amendment Retaliate." Click here to read the entire, threatening email sent by John Hoff. Here is part of that email...
"Two can play the pissed off and retaliating in the blog-o-sphere game, Jim, and I'm the pig who revels in muddy controversy"
Well folks, there are five great examples of the type of person John Hoff really is. Ask the people of Seattle and Grand Forks if he is really a guy who is interested in fighting for justice and the public's interest in preserving our first amendment rights. That is what he will have you believe if you listen to him but, as history has shown... there isn't a single person in his past who isn't sick of everything he has said before.
One last note: He is now using his status as active military to his advantage yet, he petitioned the VA so much that they agreed to give him disability benefits after he claimed he was injured securing a mental patient which left one of his legs a "full two inches shorter than the other." In my opinion, John Hoff is only pulling the public's leg with this first amendment banter. No I am not making it up either. Here is what he said on his blog. Click here to read the post on Johnny's blog.
"here's me, an army vet rated at 30 percent disability, with one leg almost two inches shorter than the other, jammed up into my hip after a freak accident involving a violent psych patient jacked up on angel dust."

Hypocisy is the only way to Blogger Johnny Northside

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nomi Passenger Back For Another Ride?

Screen shot from Adventures of Johnny Northside.com 8.27.11
Oh boy.... Aren't we lucky (sarcasm font)!
A recent comment from Megan on John's blog today prompted me to check the list of contributors on the blog and sure enough, Megan aka Nomi Passenger is back on the list.

Best guess is John went back to her because, it is pretty hard to keep up with anything in Minneapolis when he is never there anymore.
Maybe John will post his Jail Roster-Rama that has Megan's assault arrest info on it? Pffft! Yeah right!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trouble in Paradise? The Johnny Northside - Nomi Passenger Show Over?

While scanning over the content on the Adventures of Johhny Northside I noticed that the recent posts have all been submitted by Johnny Northside and not "Nomi Passenger" aka Megan Goodmundson. Note: That is the same Megan Goodmundson who was arrested for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with a 911 Emergency Call click here to read about Megans arrest.
Nomi Passenger had been writing the majority of the posts on the JNS blog since the start of the Summer... Right about the time Johnny Northside the reserve was called to active duty by the National Guard and sent to Afghanistan.

Nomi Passenger last posted on Johnny Northside's blog on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. When I scanned the blog today, I noticed that Nomi Passenger was no longer on the list of authors who contribute by posting on the blog.  Below is a screen shot taken a few minutes ago.
It is not yet known who dumped who.
I am taking an educated guess here but, I would say that Megan was the one to dump Johnny Northside. My reasoning is that Megan is far more valuable to John while he is overseas. With Megan still in north Minneapolis, she is able to keep tabs on John's illegal rental property (there is no rental license on record and there is another male currently living in the house). She can keep John up to date on the happenings in the neighborhood and she is able to access the edit mode of his site when he is not able to do so. Those are just a few reasons.

It makes me wonder if the alleged break-up and removal from Johnny's blog means that John has also stripped her of the title "Super Citizen?" Maybe Megan needs a boyfriend that is actually near her? If that is the case, she doesn't seem to be very dedicated to the relationship. It has been suggested on this blog and others that John, Megan, Jeff Skrenes aka Hawthorne Hawkman and others are self-serving and not the upstanding community activists that they claim to be. If indeed that Megan dumped Johnny Northside, it would support the notion that she is looking out for herself. Who really knows? If a reader has some inside information, please submit it in the comments and make a note there if you want the comments published. Or submit your email address and I will contact you there and not publish your email address.

Things have slowed down on this blog in the last few months and the explanation is simple. When John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is not spewing garbage (running his mouth all over town and the net), then the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside blog slows down as well.

I have said it many times on this blog as well as others... The purpose of this blog is to provide mass information to the public about John Hoff and his history. This information has been collected mostly from the Internet and some from various court houses. In other words, the information on this blog is accurate. There are a few exceptions when content is a matter of opinion and the post states that accordingly.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Response From North Minneapolis "Super Citizen" Charged With Assault

Recently, it was discovered that Megan Goodmundson aka Super Citizen of north Minneapolis had been arrested and held for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with a 911 Emergency Call.
The State of Minnesota defines those charges as a Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor. Both are crimes that can result in jail time and both are considered criminal acts.
Megan's complete response has been copied and posted below. Her words have colored background highlights while my comments are in BOLD.

These first two images show the complete case history. Click on each image to enlarge.

Here is what Megan had to say about the incident:

NoMi Passenger said...

Already posted this on the more recent post but replying here as well.
As to why your anonymous commenter can't find it on mncourts it is because no charges were convicted and I don't have a criminal record. Duh.
According to the State of Minnesota... You do have a criminal record. Megan says below that her case was dismissed. Here is what the State says:
Q: My criminal court case was dismissed, so I don't have a criminal record.
Yes. You have a public criminal record that says you were charged with a crime and that your charge was later dismissed. Click here for MN Judicial Branch website

First off, if you are trying to embarrass me, it's not working. Most people who know me on a somewhat closer level know the story of this (and actually the even better story of what happened later)

Second off, you won't hear me asking or begging you to take it down. If digging this old crap up and writing about it makes you feel good, go ahead and float your bot.

Why can't it be found on mncourts or whatever the commenter asked? Because I don't have a criminal record and no charges were convicted. All were dropped or stayed then dropped (they give you a period of time to see if its a pattern, I think mine was 12 months, after that, dropped.) Charges dropped, Jim. Get it?
The commenter she refers to simply didn't look in the right place. The court record is available online at the MN Courts website. She said, "No charges were convicted." I think she meant to say that she was not found guilty and convicted of her charges. Megan is confused or delusional or both. She claimed that because she doesn't have a criminal record that the charges were dropped after 12 months. As the documents above show, she was given PROBATION in exchange for not having her case prosecuted. That is an admission of GUILT! When you tell a judge "please don't convict me... I promise I'll be good" and the judge gives you probation, that means you did something wrong. GET IT?
What happened? I had a low life chronic cheater boyfriend who had his cheating friend over to MY apartment where I had a lease, I had a key, I had paid the depoist, and he tried to lock me out. Did I attack the girl? No, I didn't. Which is why no assault charges stuck. Did I pull the phone cord? Yes and guess who was the one who told the police, me. I told them. Would I have done it if I'd known it was illegal. No. Did I appreciate someone taking a preemptive measure to have me removed from my own apartment? No. (Guess what, the gal still has the low life chronic cheater in her life, and he is still a chronic cheater, and I can't thank her enough for taking him off my hands! There's a happy ending!)
It appears that Megan couldn't leave well enough alone. It has been more than 10 years since she was arrested for assault and interfering with a 911 Emergency Call yet, she still keeps an eye out on both her ex and the woman that Megan assaulted. Just look above at her last two sentences. The image below is a close up from the documents above.

She still feels the need to stalk (even if it might be cyber stalking, who knows) her ex because, he did her such a big favor. Megan, you still check up on him. That is obsessive behavior. GET IT?
Did I ask someone to bail me out of jail? No. I didn't. I stayed there, on my own, until the judge let me go on my signature. Arrested Sunday, don't see a judge until Tuesday, he let me go. I didn't ask someone to bail me out. I made my bed, I had to lie in it.
So what if you didn't ask anyone to bail you out! You STILL got arrested and were charged with TWO crimes which resulted with you being placed on PROBATION! GET IT?

This is another example of Megan and Johnny Northside and their double standards. The Adventures of Johnny Northside blog posts monthly jail rosters, makes criminals out of people they merely don't like and if one of them has any kind of record... They boast that the information is public and they take pride in making sure it is immortalized on line forever, even if they were not convicted or the charges dismissed... They still see them as a criminal.
If you feel like posting this story about me is necessary, then I have no qualms, I made my bed, I will lie in it. I am confident in my character that this will not be for what I am known or thought. Regardless of what your stupid, anonymous and made up identity trolls have to say. And if someone says I'm unwanted somewhere, don't worry, I don't want to be somewhere I am unwanted anyways.If all you losers can accomplish in life is going to a court house and finding an old arrest record of charges that got dropped, good for you, you are really doing well in this world aren't you? (sarcasm font)
Now carry on with your bad self.
July 19, 2011 8:52 PM

Again, this post demonstrates the double standard and Megan said she made her bed and will lie in it but, reading her words... It doesn't look like she accepts any part of it other than the fact that it was dismissed (after she completed her Probation). I don't know about you but, after reading Megan's response... I don't GET IT.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Northside Activist Megan Goodmundson: Criminal Complaint & Statement of Facts

I do wonder if Megan Goodmundson told her boyfriend, John Hoff that she spent two days in jail after she was arrested for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with an Emergency Telephone Call in 2000? Would Johnny Northside had told her to sit back and let him do the cyber bullying because, he knew what it would do to her credibility and even his, if anyone was to locate the arrest information?

Well, toss that onto the pile of "things that make you go, Hmmmm" because, a northside resident who was attacked by Megan and John in the past decided to go down to the County and have a look at their database that is not available online. You can imagine their surprise when they found the arrest record for NoMi Super-Citizen, Megan Goodmundson! The only regret I have is not being able to see the reaction of Megan as she re-visits a hot-tempered time of her life, right here on this blog!

Ok, enough of my banter. Here is the jpg image of the Criminal Complaint and Statement of Facts for the arrest of Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson that was obtained from the Hennepin County District Court.
(To read the smaller print, Click on the image to enlarge)


Hennepin County Jail Roster-O-Rama
Featuring Northside Activist Megan Goodmundson
I just have to grin after reading several comments on http://www.johnnynorthside.com/ where people who were on the jail roster pleaded with Johnny Northside and NomiPassenger to please remove their name from John's website because, even though the reason they were arrested was minor, the fact that the information was no longer public on the County site but, was available on JNS' blog was making it difficult for them to gain employment, etc.
What response did John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson give for refusing to remove their name from their site? In so many words, they have told people who pleaded with them to remove their names.... "Tough shit!"
Note: That is not a direct quote but, the opinion of this blog of the responses John & Megan have given.

North Minneapolis Activist Megan Goodmundson: Arrested for Assault & Interfering with a 911 Call

The God's have been kind enough to give us some rather interesting information about Megan Goodmundson aka north Minneapolis' "Super-Citizen." Her boyfriend John Hoff aka Johnny Northside gave her the title of "Super Citizen" and the information that was discovered about her doesn't exactly fit the profile of a hard-working neighborhood activist rather, it proves that she is a hypocrite for all her ranting about criminals in NoMi as it is now confirmed that Megan is no stranger to a jail cell.

Megan Goodmundson's Hennepin County Mug-Shot
The northside resident who uncovered the arrest information about Megan, sent me an email to inform me of her criminal activity and included their own opinion on what must have happened the day Megan got arrested. I have copied it for the readers to enjoy...
St. Valentine:
It all started on a peaceful and romantic Valentine's Eve in the year 2000. The jilted lover used her key to break in on her old flame and his new lover. The jilted lover proceeded to scratch the face and pull the hair of the new found love of her old flame. The old flame had enough of it and calmly dialed the police. The crazed suspect grabbed the phone and ripped the cord from the wall in a fit of anger. Eventually the police came and the Suspect was hauled to jail. The suspect ended up spending the first Valentine's day of the new millennium in the box .....without her old lover.....but who knows? Perhaps there was a new love to be found in the box that night!
Here is a copy from the Hennepin County Criminal court record that shows the charges, arrest and jail information for the "Super-Citizen." (click on image to enlarge)

Arrest info for Megan Goodmundson.
Charged with Assault & Interfere with an Emergency Telephone Call.
 In the last highlighted area on the document, it shows Megan was arrested on 2-13-00 and was in custody until 2-15-00 (meaning the police sat her ass in jail for TWO days).

I have the actual court documents also and I will post those very soon.

I wonder what her city council pals would... Sorry, WILL think when they see that NoMi's number one "Super-Citizen" has been arrested for Assault?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confirmed: John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is Active Duty

Confirmation of John Hoff being Active Duty (click to enlarge)

The question of where has Johnny Northside been, has been confirmed. Hoff enlisted in the US Army National Guard last summer as a Reservist. Meaning he would only need to report for drill duty one weekend per month and two weeks per year. When he went missing around late April, the questions started to surface... Where is Johnny Northside?

John switched units up to two times this spring in what is believed to be attempts to join a unit that was going to be deployed overseas for a one year tour of duty in Afghanistan, in order to have a reasonable reason to delay the much anticipated appeal to his highly publicized loss in court that he termed, "The Blogosphere Trial of the Century."
Hoff, now with a $60,000 judgement on his back, is looking to do anything to avoid having to admit he does not have the funds to file the appeal, even after begging the public on his blog and raising a whopping $360 in four months following his trial loss.

Before enlisting in the National Guard, Hoff had been seriously delinquent with his property taxes (he actually had not paid any taxes on his property since he bought it in early 2008) as well as his child support. In a signed document submitted to the judge hearing his case for his late child support, Hoff begged the court to "Have mercy!"
With a sizeable paycheck waiting for him after completing basic training, it was exactly what Hoff needed to be able to pay off his ex-wife and get his property taxes paid. Note: While his property taxes were paid, his house is still in serious violation for not completing TISH repairs that he agreeed, in writing to complete when he closed on his house in '08.

That brings us to the next point.

Now that it has been confirmed that John Hoff is currently listed and serving in active duty for the Army National Guard, his house must be vacant... Right?
It has been reported to this blog as well as others by readers that John Hoff's house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN. 55411 has had a "roommate" residing in the house. Minneapolis Housing regulations do not require a rental license if the owner is merely renting a room and still resides there.
With Hoff being active duty with the National Guard serves as proof that Hoff is no longer living in his house on Bryant Ave. North.

Since Hoff is not living in the house, he is required by the City of Minneapolis to obtain a rental license in order for him to legally rent his property to his tenant. The identity of the tenant is not known but, several readers have informed us that there has been a pick up truck parked in different places on the street in front of the house as well as on the side of the house and in back. The license plate number is: SHY 602

My question to the City of Minneapolis...
Why does John Hoff NOT have to obtain a rental license for his house now that he is not living there AND why has he been allowed to not complete the required TISH repairs as promised in 2008 and why has he not been fined for those violations?

If I was a resident or a landlord in an area that shows such favortism towards an absentee activist ($60,000 LOSING activist at that), I would be rather upset. I would suggest that some phone calls to the city leaders are in order but, it is widely known that the powers that be do not believe in playing by the rules.
Things like that is enough to make any citizen yell, scream and maybe hit something! Wait.... Yelling and screaming are one thing but, citizens would not resort to hitting anything or assaulting anyone. Especially a "Super Citizen!"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Northside Activists Hoff & Goodmundson: Breaking the Rules... And Laws (Stay Tuned)

It has been a little quiet lately in north Minneapolis and much of that is because, Johnny Northside aka John Hoff has not been paying much attention to his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside or his beloved north Minneapolis. Note: That is the same blog that made headlines in March when John Hoff made history by LOSING in court to Jerry Moore which resulted in the jury slapping Hoff with a Judgement of SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Now THAT is what I call a 60,000-time loser!

There is a good reason why John has not been paying much attention to NoMi or his blog. The faithful readers of the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside have not forgotten about Hoff just yet as one reader has provided us with the reason and the proof of why John has been soooo distant. The next post will provide the public with that information and the proof to back it up.
Oh, I almost forgot... The very same information about John also happens to uncover some wrong-doing by Hoff in the process! If the city doesn't want to hold him accountable, or his city council buddies... It is only fair that the public knows about the special treatment he is getting while they have to pay.
Stay tuned for that!

We can't forget about No-Mi's number one "Super Citizen" and Hoff's girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson!
This blog, with the help of the Jordan Hawkman, uncovered the super-shady deal involving Megan's house on Newton Ave N. where she screwed the lender out of more than $100,000 when she let it go back to them in a foreclosure. The shady part was when Megan's parents swooped into town from Virginia and bought the house from the lender for a mere $32,000 while Megan had owed the bank around $160,000. We wonder if the bank knew the buyers just happened to be Megan's parents?

Back to the point though. Megan has made herself out to be some sort of modern day savior for north Minneapolis and after she  hooked up with Johnny Northside, he bragged about her on his blog and called her the "Super Citizen."
The Jordan Hawkman also found a few of her Judgements that are filed with the courts that her former credit card companies filed against her after she let the cards charge-off.
Well in an upcoming post, we will be posting the beautiful truth about one more side of Megan Goodmundson that I am sure she had hoped would never be discovered. Why would she worry about anything in her past coming back to haunt her? Afterall, you don't get to be a Super Citizen unless you stayed out of trouble. She volunteered to manage City Councilman Don Samuels election campaign a few years ago and surely, Don Samuels wouldn't ever let someone with a checkered past take on such an important role in the campaign.... Right?
It's the "Smoking Gun" that Megan will finally get to answer for. If she refuses to acknowledge questions this time as she always has, that is okay because, the "smoking gun" that was sent to the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside, will speak for itself just fine.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where is Johnny Northside When Really Needed?

Photo courtesy of KARE11 TV
 The most vocal, most self-promoting, attention hungry and self-proclaimed "Northside Revitalizer", John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is nowhere to be found. In fact, it would appear that a lot of residents of North Minneapolis have also been missing, according to the StarTribune and KARE11.
Click this link to read the KARE11 article about "Volunteers needed in North Minneapolis Clean-Up".

The story published on June 21, 2011, is more of a plea to the public to volunteer for operation "Clean Sweep" which is to help with the clean up efforts in areas hit by last month's tornado. Did I mention that the tornado was LAST MONTH?

A friend of mine posted the link on her FaceBook wall and then commented about the clean up efforts in St. Anthony after a tornado hit there in 1984. I was in 7th grade at St Anthony Middle School at that time and recall how much damage that tornado caused. Apache Plaza had just been given a facelift and was never able to really recover after being in the path of that tornado.
I remember walking around outside just minutes after the storm passed and saw residents everywhere, asking if everyone was ok or if anyone needed anything. In the days that followed, virtually everyone who lived in the path the tornado took and others who lived close by, was outside working on cleaning up the debris and trash caused by the storm. Within a week, residents and volunteers had everything cleaned up yet North Minneapolis is having to recruit volunteers from elsewhere because, not enough NoMi residents have come out to help their own neighborhood.

I know there have been a lot of residents of North Minneapolis who have been out helping with the efforts on a daily basis and this post is not directed at them.
The author of this blog as well as many of its readers would like to know, "Where IS Johnny Northside?" Not only has Johnny not been spotted in or around No-Mi but, his blog has seen only three total posts thus far in the month of June.

Perhaps sometime and maybe sooner than later, the people who support or deal with JNS will start to see what this blog has said since it was started... Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, cares only about John Hoff and the attention he can bring himself using anyone or anything along the way.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Johnny Northside Makes Good On Threat...Ends Friendship of 30+ Years

The title may be confusing to some people who are new to this blog. Here is a brief summary of the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside that should help readers understand the meaning of this blog post.

John Hoff aka John Hoffman (pen name used to author, "The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving") aka John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been engaged in a battle that began in 2007 against the author of this blog, Jim Watkins aka the "Anti-Johnny" (the nick-name was given to me by John Hoff himself).

The battle between us all started when John manipulated the publicity of my best friend, Tom Balko who (at the time) was being slaughtered by the media after the Minneapolis City Council decided that he, his partner Jon Helgason and their company, TJ Waconia were responsible for the increased crime and real estate foreclosure crisis in North Minneapolis.
The city filed a law suit against them that was front page news when it was announced at a press conference by Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. TJ Waconia was dropped from the law suit after SunTrust Mortgage counter sued after the city was awarded the right to manage the TJ Waconia Houses. The reason SunTrust countered was because, they actually owned the houses and the city never bothered to research who owned them in their rush to cash in on the headlines while TJ Waconia was still news

John Hoff got the name Johnny Northside and the blog started partially by riding the TJ Waconia same coat tails as the city did and ever since it has been a public battle between John Hoff and myself. I started and maintain the Misadventures of Johnny Northside because, it was clear to me way back that John operated by his own set of rules and double standards. He has made several threats against me that have been well documented on this blog, the Mplsmirror and on the Adventures of Jordan Hawkman.

Which brings us to the topic of this post.

Last year, John sent me several text messages warning me that if I didn't back off of my efforts of reporting all of his current and past misdeeds, threats, attempts to manipulate others (and the list goes on), that he would go after the one thing he knew I cared about... My friend. Part of the reason I have kept up with Johns "adventures" is because of the fact that he has made threats to me before and I have the same policy as the United States does against terrorism... I will not negotiate with John Hoff and I will not stand down to his blackmail attempts.

The text message John sent said that I had "an incredible opportunity to BACK THE HELL OFF" or he would go after Tom and Jon by trying to make their lives as miserable as possible. He promised to write letters to the prison they are located at, the authorities at the prison itself as well as the parole board. He ended the threat by stating, "By the time I am done with them, the entire Balko family will HATE YOU... Now BACK OFF, JIM!"

I didn't back off. John carried out his threat by writing letters to Tom and Jon as well as to the prison, if not more.

I am writing this post to let people know that John Hoff has made good on his threat. He has accomplished his goal. John has effectively driven a wedge between me and my life-long best friend, Tom. I hereby congratulate John Hoff! John can add ending a 30+ year friendship between two people to his list of accomplishments and in doing so, has lost the one effective "weapon" that he has used against me since this all began.

Last fall, I got a call from one of Tom's relatives and they told me that John had been sending letters to both Tom and Jon as well as the prison. They told me that I will not be hearing from Tom in the future and they thanked me for the support I gave him through the entire ordeal.
I have not been contacted by Tom since.

The worst thing John has been able to slander me with in his attempts to discredit and humiliate me in public has been by telling everyone that I am the "self proclaimed best friend of TJ Waconia fraudster, Tom Balko." (the quote is from John that he has used over and over again.)
That's all, though.

John went after my former friend because, he has not been able to find anything about me that he could use to tarnish or ruin me with by blogging about it. Class act, huh?

I made a promise to John that I would not stop my efforts of notifying the public and people John associates with about his shady, two-faced and bullying ways. Now that John has caused my friendship with Tom Balko to end... John has NOTHING he can threaten me with and I will NOT back down from the self proclaimed "800 pound Gorilla" that John has called himself.

If anyone reading this post has had a personal run-in with John or knows about other John Hoff related incidents, please contact me by leaving a message in the comments. Be sure to tell if you want your words to be published or not. Or you can email me.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hoff Named as Defendant in New Court Case... Here's Why

This is the follow-up to the previous post Hoff and Goodmundson Named as Defendants...

This blog has reported many times that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, plays by his own set of rules. If he breaks a law or violates a rule and an attempt to hold him accountable takes place, John will go to every extreme to vindicate himself. He does this by challenging the rule or law in court or in public by claiming the rule or law itself is not proper to have been a rule or law to begin with and therefore he should not be held accountable. Click the link to read about Hoff's sidewalk citation that he appealed to Washington's highest court. Hoff-Washington Appeal- Seattle Weekly

In July of 2010, this blog posted about the Harrassment of Hoff towards Rickmeyer, Click here to read that post.
Here is the opening paragraph from that post:
Since April 21, 2010, John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside has written about L3SO Pete Rickmyer a total of thirteen times. John has also posted several pictures of Pete that he took while keeping his eyes on Pete. John claims that he is a danger to his neighborhood and gets upset about him when he is forced to avoid being served so, he won't have to go to court because of his lawsuits Pete has filed against him and others in NoMi.
As previously promised, I said I would post the document that John submitted to the Judge who ruled in his child support/custody case last year in Dakota County. Click on the picture to enlarge.
John Hoff's Stalking Document
What I found funny as well as hypocritical in that letter was John pointing out that Rickmeyer is involved with "extensive, in forma pauperis litigation" BUT, John is known for filing "in forma pauperis" in the majority of his own court appearances. Note: "In Forma Pauperis" is used by individuals who can't afford to pay their portion of the court fee's involved.

John clearly states in that letter that Rickmeyer is the danger and has been stalking him. Allow me to show you some of what John has written on his own blog about Rickmeyer as well as a few pictures he put on his site as well...
Remember, these are John's own words...
"In the photo above, Johnny Northside says "buh bye" to Level Three sex offender Peter Rickmyer's long career as a frivolous litigant, while standing on the oh-so-public sidewalk in front of Pete's house. Really, I think it's the perfect spot for a some kind of demonstration against the concentration of Level Three sex offenders in North Minneapolis, contrary to a state statute.
I think I will also send an email to his parole officer in the next few minutes. Now that Pete's lawsuit has been declared frivolous, I think I will complain about him filing it against me."
Here is the picture that John was talking about above...

Here are two more pictures that John took of Rickmeyer and bragged about on his blog when he said, "Rickmeyer, who never even saw me getting the picture"...


Wait! There is more!
John has said on his blog many times that his pursuit of Rickmeyer is "fun."
Posted below is the final paragraph form John's post about Rickmeyer on June 3, 2010 Click here for the entire post...
Oh, by the way, some anonymous commenter threatened to post personal information about me all over the internet if I kept writing about Spanky Pete. So readers know what THAT means. I will make a spanky point of writing about Spanky Pete. This blog didn't get to be the Number One blog in the Twin Cities by hiding under our binkie blanky boo, afraid to get a virtual spanking.

The trolls and haters and (spanky) pedophile allies can and will do their worst, so I may as well have some fun.
I think this should just about explain why John Hoff aka Johnny Northside was named in the new lawsuit.
Classy guy, huh?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoff and Goodmundson Named as Defendants in New Court Case

The MisAdventures of Johnny Northside has just learned that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and his "Super Citizen" girlfriend Megan "Meggie the Mouth" Goodmundson, have been named as Co-Defendants in a new civil court case that was filed on May 17, 2011with the Hennepin County District Court.

As many readers of this blog, the Minneapolis Mirror and Jordan Hawkman blogs know, John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson have harrassed L3SO Pete Rickmyer in person as well on John's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. John is on a first name basis with Rickmeyer's supervisor William McDonald, who is also named in the suit.
L3SO's are easy targets for John because, if someone speaks up against John by saying he is being unfair with his public assault against L3SO's,  they know that it would open them up to the public wrath of Johnny Northside and his threats to First Amendment Retaliate.

John has submitted a document to a Judge in a separate child custody case that claimed Rickmyer was stalking him and posed a threat to John and his son. Nice try. This is the same John Hoff who was smug enough to pose with him waving at the camera for a picture that was taken in FRONT of Pete Rickmyer's house! Keep in mind folks, John Hoff has made a career out of doing shady things and has bent the laws just far enough to not technically break them and then has the nerve to turn around and accuse other people of the very same actions. Those pictures and documents will be posted soon.

This new suit was filed by attorney, Jill Clark. I have never had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with Miss Clark but, I will say that in my opinion she is an incredible attorney and I commend her for taking on cases that most attorney's have seen as either too small or not winnable.
For those who may not know, Jill Clark is the same attorney who successfully represented Jerry Moore in the high profile case of Moore V. Hoff. Thr jury in that case ruled against Hoff and ordered him to pay damages in the amount of $60,000. That judgement has since been docketed and Hoff will have that judgement following him around for life. Now Hoff being named in this case means he is being accused of contributing to the wrongful inprisonment of an individual.  I say to the Johnny Northside supporters...How about that?  On top of all the other slimy things he has done, now he actually takes a role in having someone thrown in jail, un-provoked! In fact, I think I will publish the court document where John cried to the judge about Rickmyer. Stay tuned for that!

The new lawsuit is a "Habeas Corpus" case which is defined below:

Habeas Corpus

Lat. "you have the body" Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas corpus is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another's detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences.
This was copied from the Minnesota Courts case website off of the Register of Actions for case no. Case No. 27-CV-11-11012.

State ex rel. Peter Stephenson a/k/a Peter Rickmyer, Peter Rickmyer vs Joan Fabian, in her official capacity as Minnesota Commissioner of Corrections, and her successor, Tom Roy, in his official capacity, Jeff Peterson, in his individual capacity, William McDonald, in his individual capacity, John Hoff, an individual, Megan Goodmundson, an individual, Michael "Kip" Browne, an individual, and John Does 1-3

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After Effects of Hoff's "Trial of the Century"

RIP Irving Inquisition

The Irving Inquisition has been dormant now for the past four weeks. After the jury in the Moore v. Hoff case ruled Johnny Northside must pay $60,000 in damages, the other NoMi Blogs have either scaled way back with the number of posts or have literally stopped completely. Ok, there is the North by Northside blog still active but, Jeff Skrenes gives the skit "The Delicious Dish" of SNL fame a run for its money. The difference being, the skit is intentionally boring as hell.

Of course, the reasons for the II blog being dormant is merely my opinion but, as Johnny Northside would say... "FARE-THEE-WELL" !!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Johnny Northiside Deploying to Afghanistan? Stay Tuned...

The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside got a few anonymous tips over the past week that suggested Johnny Northside aka John Hoff aka SPC John Hoff, a reservist with the Minnesota Army National Guard(who recently LOST a lawsuit and a jury ruled Hoff must pay $60,000 in damages) is no longer in Minnesota and is currently in Oklahoma for an unknown period of time for training. The rumors go on to say that Hoff will soon be transferring to Camp Shelby in Mississippi for further training before being shipped overseas to Afghanistan in early June.

The Misadventures of Johnny Northside has put in calls to the local National Guard to get Hoff's current status and location as well as the American Red Cross to assist in locating SPC Hoff.
This blog will be updated with further information as it comes in. In the meantime, I would say that North Minneapolis can relax a little bit and not have to worry about being bullied or smeared all over the Internet by John Hoff. Keep in mind though, his "Super-Citizen" girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson (the community activist who recently screwed her mortgage lender out of more than $100,000 after she lost her house to foreclosure only to have her parents purchase the house at a massive discount and let Megan move back in as a tenant) is still in NoMi and if John is actually in training to be sent to Afghanistan, then Megan will likely double as John on his blog.

An interesting note: John's blog was recently named the top blog of Minneapolis by the CityPages for the second consecutive year. Johnny Northside.com has been attacking the prostitution problem in North Minneapolis since the blog first came out. The irony of it all is that John Hoff kissed the virtual ass of the CityPages for all the attention they give him and his blog YET... The CityPages has PROMOTED prostitution for years as they have collected money from them in return for publishing their advertisements.
Just another example of John Hoff having another double standard.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post In Progress: Jeff Galban-Skrenes Loses Wife... Then House on Como Ave.

Jeff Skrenes, formerly known as Jeff Galban-Skrenes, the soon to be ex-housing director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood and self proclaimed "Mortgage Geek",  personally contributed to the foreclosure mess.
Just before the Hawthorne Hobbit moved to NoMi, he had owned the house at 644 Como Ave. in St. Paul with his now ex-wife, Maria Galban-Skrenes. According to official court records the couple earned over $5,000 a month yet they were not able to maintain their marriage... Or their mortgage!

Documents on the way!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Soon... Foreclosure on Como Ave. Linked To Hawthorne Neighborhood

John Hoff
This image is a public service reminder. No relation to the posting content.
 Information has surfaced recently about a house located on Como Ave. in St. Paul that was a casualty of foreclosure in the last few years. While everyone at some point has commented and had an opinion about the foreclosure crisis in North Minneapolis, no one seemed to notice when a certain house on Como Ave. was foreclosed upon.
That wasn't an accident that it went un-noticed. Someone who not only currently lives in the Hawthorne neighborhood was personally involved with that property but, they have been one of the most vocal critics of landlords in NoMi and has suggested that they are one of the main reasons the foreclosure crisis has rocked North Minneapolis.

Living their lives by the double-standard has become common for many of the people who have claimed to be "Activists" in NoMi but, this blog and a few others have made it a point to keep after the shady, under the table ways of these activists by letting the public know. This particular foreclosure involves a person that most people would simply be stunned to learn that this person has a recent foreclosure against them.

Who is it? You will have to stay tuned for the details on this one. To quote NoMi's number one nut, Johnny Northside, this is a "Post in Progress...."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Judgement Entered Against Johnny Northside aka John Hoff

On Monday, April 13, Judge Reilly officially entered in the $60,000 judgement against both John Hoff and his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Last month, a jury ruled against Hoff after a week-long trial when they decided that while John did not lie when he wrote Jerry Moore was involved in a deal where mortgage fraud was involved (see note below), he was guilty of interfering with the contract (job) that led to Moore's firing. While Hoff and company have been doing their best to make the public think the results of the case is a violation of the first amendment, the judgement of $60,000 against him is for the role he played in the firing (Hoff gloated on the stand by claiming partial credit for getting Moore fired).

Now that the judgement has been entered in by the judge, Jerry Moore is free to pursue collections against Hoff until the $60,000 is paid. Everyone who knows anything about John Hoff knows that it will be a cold day in Hell before Hoff actually PAYS the judgement (Hoff also has an active judgement against him by the City of Appleton, MN for over $3,200) OR accepts responsibility for it. He will fight this (in public and with as much help from the media as possible) until there are no more courts to appeal to OR he fails to file an appeal because, he can't afford the fees.

John once told me in an email after I told him I would not hesitate to sue him if he continued on with his tirades of Libel against me that,
"It has been tried before and frankly, its boring."

I have to assume that this is anything but boring to Johnny Northside aka The Attention Whore as he can't get enough of the 15-minutes of fame it has brought him. Oh yeah... After the verdict was handed down, John claimed on his blog that he was getting bombarded by the media with interview requests and he was merely trying to keep up with them all. Over a month has passed and it seems those requests were either in John's imagination OR anyone who approached John for comments realized just how big of a nut John Hoff really is.

Note: While John has been ranting non-stop that he did not lie about Jerry Moore being involved in a deal where mortgage fraud was involved... He is also not telling the entire story (sleazy journalists are known for things like that). Jerry Moore was a consultant to the seller in that transaction and neither the seller nor Moore was even charged in the case. The two people who were charged and convicted were both on the buyers side but, because Moore's name was involved in the transaction he has done his best to make him guilty in the eyes of the public with using guilt by association. How ironic when you consider how many people John has been involved with in his lifetime who were shady people, heavy drug addicts (most notable being Abbie Hoffman) and criminals.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don Samuels: "Best Council Member EVER"... For Sex Offenders Seeking Residence

Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels
On August 17, 2010, Johnny Northside gave an ass-kissing to Minneapolis City Council Member, Don Samuels and in the post title John Hoff proclaimed him to be, "The Best Council Member EVER" The content of the post was to promote the fact that Samuels had announced his intention to "Take up issue of Sex Offender concentration."  Click here to read the ass kiss post by John Hoff.

Hoff gushed about Samuels in the post by saying,
"Council Member Don Samuels--a man blessed not only with intellect, but a graceful bigness of spirit in the face of constant mean-spirited, off-kilter critiques from certain quarters--appears to be responding to the enormous political buzz building around the issue of North Minneapolis sex offender concentration."
Hoff continued the mission by saying,
"right now Don Samuels is grabbing this issue by the horns"
Fast forward to this past week where John got some more "pay attention to me!" airtime when KARE-11 news showed John rambling on (and was bleeped for swearing) holding up a sign, complaining about more Level 3 Sex Offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis (yes, a sign even though he was sitting at a table amongst a small group of Megan Goodmundson-led protesters).

The Johnny Northside-led public outcry about sex offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis seems to be getting worse. Especially after Don Samuels decided to grab the issue "by the horns."
I am not sure what the "horns" were attached to but, if it involves Johnny Northside, the chances are good that the horns are attached to Johnny's mentor, Satan.