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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Johnny Northiside Deploying to Afghanistan? Stay Tuned...

The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside got a few anonymous tips over the past week that suggested Johnny Northside aka John Hoff aka SPC John Hoff, a reservist with the Minnesota Army National Guard(who recently LOST a lawsuit and a jury ruled Hoff must pay $60,000 in damages) is no longer in Minnesota and is currently in Oklahoma for an unknown period of time for training. The rumors go on to say that Hoff will soon be transferring to Camp Shelby in Mississippi for further training before being shipped overseas to Afghanistan in early June.

The Misadventures of Johnny Northside has put in calls to the local National Guard to get Hoff's current status and location as well as the American Red Cross to assist in locating SPC Hoff.
This blog will be updated with further information as it comes in. In the meantime, I would say that North Minneapolis can relax a little bit and not have to worry about being bullied or smeared all over the Internet by John Hoff. Keep in mind though, his "Super-Citizen" girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson (the community activist who recently screwed her mortgage lender out of more than $100,000 after she lost her house to foreclosure only to have her parents purchase the house at a massive discount and let Megan move back in as a tenant) is still in NoMi and if John is actually in training to be sent to Afghanistan, then Megan will likely double as John on his blog.

An interesting note: John's blog was recently named the top blog of Minneapolis by the CityPages for the second consecutive year. Johnny Northside.com has been attacking the prostitution problem in North Minneapolis since the blog first came out. The irony of it all is that John Hoff kissed the virtual ass of the CityPages for all the attention they give him and his blog YET... The CityPages has PROMOTED prostitution for years as they have collected money from them in return for publishing their advertisements.
Just another example of John Hoff having another double standard.

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Anonymous said...

I would suspect that one reason John "Coward" Hoff wants to be on active duty is so he can hide behind the Serviceman's protection act (or whatever it's called) so he doesn't have to pay the $60,000 he owes for harassing Jerry Moore quite yet.
I bet Hoff thinks that the same act that prevents foreclosure on active duty soldiers' homes, might also prevent collection on his judgment.

Also, if he's deployed, he won't be available for any legal actions involving his judgment.
John "Coward" Hoff is so frickin stupid he thinks he can get out of paying Moore.
News flash Johnny Backside - YOU WILL PAY!!!! Sooner or later.

I wonder if the military knows just how sick a sociopath John Hoff really is? He has the potential to be another Ft. Hood shooter type of person.
John Hoff is mentally disturbed, and people will get hurt because of him - mark these words.