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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jeff Skrenes: "Do As I Say, NOT As I Do"

I have been pretty quiet in the NoMi scene recently as the Jordan Hawkman Group has been doing a great job of keeping after the dirtballs of NoMi. A few days ago my name appeared on a new Google search and the link was for a blog that I had never heard of, North by Northside and it turns out that it is run by the Housing Director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood, Jeff Skrenes. Click the link to read the post that Jeff put on the site with my name on it.

I wasn't so much concerned with what Jeff said (there was a few things that were not accurate and totally false though) rather, it is the fact that anything was said by him. What do I mean? What I am talking about is the fact that Jeff posted two emails I had sent him. I don't regret anything I said in either email but, what amazes me is the realization that Jeff uses the same low-life, one sided tactics that his buddy John Hoff aka Johnny Northside uses.... "Do as I say, NOT as I do."

My message was pretty clear... Step away from Johnny Northside by starting your own blog or you will remain on my radar as I continue to expose John Hoff. If that is a threat, then I don't care. However, I did tell Jeff that I would lay off of him and encourage the JHG to do the same. After that, I did lay off Jeff. I really don't find him very interesting and it allowed me to focus more on John Hoff.
Then Jeff put two of my emails on his blog and entertained himself by attempting to bash me.

Here is what Jeff said to me in his response to my first email to him:
Mr. Watkins,
Let me first state that you do not have my permission to reprint this message or its accounts in any way whatsoever.
The Board of Directors of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council acts as a governing body that, among other things, supervises the organization's staff. To the best of my knowledge, every board member at least since my employment began has been elected in accordance with the bylaws of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council and Robert's Rules of Order. It would be extraordinarily inappropriate for me as a staff person to comment on the qualifications of a board member beyond those standards.

Jeff Skrenes

Just for fun, I decided to post the email that I sent him. It hardly shows me as being the horrible bully that Jeff described. In fact, I asked him his opinion of a criminal and tax evader being on the Hawthorne board.


I am writing to ask you this simple question in hopes that you will address it while it is still me asking & not well known reporters, State officials or ultimately.... Hawthorne neighborhood residents.

As you are fully aware, John Hoff who lives at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, has an abundance of personal and professional issues surrounding him. I am only interested in seeking your opinion as Housing Director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood about the conflict of interest that exists with John Hoff's house status and the fact that he is also a Hawthorne board member.

There are currently two years of unpaid property taxes as well as a long list of repairs that were to have been completed by January 11, 2009 but, are still unresolved.
Are the board members not expected to adhere to the city and county rules and laws? As the director of the neighborhood, do you not feel this sets a poor example for other residents when they see a board member virtually ignore the agreements they accepted when they purchased their property?
I urge you to consider the ramifications such behavior from a leader has on the residents in your community when responding to this email. I will be sharing your opinions (or lack thereof) with your residents as well as neighboring communities and their residents. I hope to hear back from you very soon.
Thank you,
Jim Watkins