Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blogger Johnny Northside Is Helped by "Low Income Property Mogul" Then Turns Against "Slumlords"

"Slug" image courtesy of Ryan Turner

After being a more or less, "John Hoff historian" for the past five years, my reactions to so many of his two-faced, hypocritical and even "thuggish" writings and actions have become somewhat numbed as I am not easily surprised by him anymore. This post is one of the rare times I sit back after discovering Hoff had done something particularly disturbing and think to myself, 'Good God! This slug would think nothing of stealing a toddlers piggy-bank!' (Note: In his Dumpster Diving book he admitted to looting change from a wishing well pool but, that is another story)

Hoff aka Johnny Northside, has done everything he could think of in his attempt to make a name for himself during his self-promoting tour of north Minneapolis. As previously pointed out on this blog, Hoff has gone on an all-out attack against people who the general public would not want to defend. Among some of those targets are Level 3 Sex Offenders, gang members, local residents he has deemed "shady" and one of his favorites to attack... Rental property owners that he has constantly referred to as "Slumlords."

In 2010, Hoff wrote a 24-page plea for "mercy" to the judge in his delinquent child support case that gave an almost play by play description of his life from the early 90's to the present (at that time it was 2010).
In that document, Hoff wrote about two separate times when his very survival was greatly assisted by two people he referred to as "low income rental property mogul" and "low income property mogul(s)."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Blogger Hoff Lies About Where His Donation Money Was Used

Blogger John Hoff owns Minneapolis' most controversial blog,  The Adventures of Johnny Northside.
One of the main purposes for the Misadventures of Johnny Northside blog is to inform the public about Hoff and his past, current and even future wrongdoings. We have documented several instances where Hoff lied to any number of people who range from everyday people who read his blog up to but, not limited to, the Veteran's Administration and at least one judge.

Hoff's biggest enemy is not me, Jim Watkins (as Hoff has stated). Rather it is himself. He gets caught up in the minor publicity that comes with being sued for getting someone fired and LOSING, resulting in a $60,000 judgement against him. For Hoff to appeal the case, he needed roughly $4000 to file the appeal. It ended up being paid by a free speech group that joined his case as a "friend of the court."

Since March of 2011, which is right after he lost round 1 of the "Trial of the Century" (that too was a name Hoff decided to attach to his case), Hoff's homepage on his blog has been soliciting cash donations to help "defend the first amendment." Below is the copy of his plea for money.
Support The Adventures of Johnny Northside--WE NEED FUNDS TO DEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT!