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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foreclosure at 2718 Newton Ave. N. - "Super-Citizen" Megan Goodmundson - Pt. 1

"Super-Citizen" Megan Goodmundson lost her house to foreclosure. Yet, Megan Goodmundson still lives in the house. A NoMi resident who uncovered all of the facts, told me that they are tired of her act and handed me the details about her foreclosure with the hope that anyone who reads about what she did, will see her as she really is... A phony who is the girlfriend of Bully Blogger Johnny Northside.
I don't want to leave any facts out of this story so, there will be three parts posted separately.

Let me offer some property history to understand how Megan manipulated the system, lost her house and ended up back in the same house. No matter that today, all that is left is a run down property with noncompliant owners and multiple housing and Truth in Housing violations.

Let's go back to 2002 when this property was purchased. According to the Hennepin County website, it was bought for $124,400. A mortgage was given for $124,000 meaning Megan (the borrower) came up with $400 as the deduced down payment.

In the fall of 2004, the property is refinanced for $161,000. Megan either benefited by putting cash in her pocket after refinancing an additional $37,000 or that amount went towards catching up on missed payments. In either case, Megan benefited the difference between the two figures.

Foreclosure hits the Super-Citizen in 2008. There is a 6-month redemption period in Minnesota that begins after the property is auctioned off. That means that Megan had the opportunity to pay off the unpaid balance, added fee's and she is able to keep the property. If the 6 months passes without Megan redeeming, then the lender officially becomes the new owner on title.

(When banks take possession, in many cases, the property has deteriorated or been neglected. In Minneapolis, it is normal that a Truth in Sale of Housing inspection disclosure report (T.I.S.H.) to be provided for perspective buyers. The report contains categorical assessments and comments related to the condition of the property. The Certified Minneapolis T.I.S.H. inspector makes a determination on required life safety issues, or "R & R" and what is considered to meet or fall below minimum standards.)

This property was cashed and crashed, meaning it was foreclosed upon and the redemption period passed. The bank owned Megan's house at that point.
The bank listed the house for sale on MLS and the out of state investors bought it for only $32,000 on December 2, 2009.
The investors reside in Virginia and were required to sign an acceptance of responsibility at the closing. Somehow one is not listed on file with the City. This is important because, the repair items (disclosed in the TISH) have yet to be resolved as of today! The City ordinance allows 90 days from the closing date

The investors seem like perfect tenants, ready and willing to occupy the property immediately. The out of state investors are actually Megan's PARENTS! Her parents are the INVESTORS! Megan's parents steam into town and buy the house from the bank and Megan gets to move back into the house! The problem is there is NO RENTAL LICENSE!. Megan no longer owns the house, her parents do and the city has not inspected or approved it for occupancy as a rental property. This is common when investors move too fast and ignore or thumb their nose at City ordinances.

Stay tuned for part II


Disgusted Neighbor said...

Doesn't surprise me. I have to look at Goodmundson's eyesore of a property everyday on my way to/from work.

We are just sick from her continuing to live in our neighborhood.

She continues to spout her mouth....she is just a real piece of work (I hesitate to use work and Megan in the same sentence for obvious reasons)

Anti-Johnny said...

Just a heads up.... I am working on part II right now.
Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when the mud throwers drown in their own mud?

I, for one, am finally happy someone is holding these nut jobs feet to the fire.

For those outside the neighborhood, please understand that we are not like Goodmundson and her little clan.

Actual Jordan Homeowner said...

Props to Misadventures site for revealing yet another member of the JNS RAT pack!

Apparently they are getting the long overdue treatment they certainly deserve.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Why should it not surprise me that those self righteous stooges are really hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

If you idiots believe in karama, you will be getting what is due to you.

Have fun.

Jordan Hawkman (8) said...

Gee....Karma is kinda what is happening right now to the JNS crew.

Wonder which one is next.....oops! not done with MG yet. Wonder what other illegal goings ons and lies there are yet to reveal with her before moving on to the next Bully blog gang member.

Let the World Know said...

What most people don't know (and John Hoff rejected these same comments from the AJNS) is that most of those involved in The Adventures of Johnny Northside are involved in real estate. John Hoff is a small time property flipper. He bought one dump of a house and sold it to the city for demolition for twice what he paid. He has put very little into his current house and will resell it when the time is right. Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson is in property management. Frequent commenter "Ranty" is really Connie Nompolis who is a realtor and northside landlord. Jeff Skrenes is the Housing Director for the Hawthorne Neighborhood Assoc.
All of these people stand to benefit financially from the gentrification of North Minneapolis. This will cause the property values to go up and they will all have a financial gain. Of course John Hoff won't print these comments because this is what he tried to do in North Dakota, and they just about ran him out of town, after they had a special election to vote him out of office.

Anonymous said...

What a loser!! Super citizen my ass!! LMAO, that's straight up fraud!!! How the hell is she not in jail, or banned from MPLS, anyone that has anything to do with any neighborhood organization should not be allowed to get away with these types of acts, what the hell is this world coming to!?

Brian Reichow said...

@Disgusted Neighbor: "Eyesore of a property"? The one with the hostas, planter boxes and all the tulips? I drove by that house, are you sure you're talking about the right one?

@Let The World Know: Every homeowner in North stands to benefit financially from the gentrification of NoMi, not just certain individuals. Jeff doesn't own a house, so I'm not at all sure how you figure he's going to make money off rising property values.