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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History Repeats As Blogger Johnny Northside Loses Again...And Again

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is a blogger from north Minneapolis who was sued after his writing and actions cost Jerry Moore his job. Moore sued Hoff and a jury ruled he was guilty of Tortious Interference and Hoff was hit with a $60,000 judgement for his wrongdoing.

Since the verdict was read in March, 2011, Hoff's pro bono attorney, Paul Godfread filed for a Motion of Judgement as a Matter of Law and requested a new trial. In August 2011, Judge Denise Reilly issued an 8-page statement as she denied both motions. On Hoff's blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside, he has stated that he will appeal the ruling. In other words, he will continue to show no respect to the legal system as he uses the First Amendment as his crutch while he appeals and appeals until he runs out of options.

For readers not familiar with John Hoff's history, allow me to present this blog post as a history lesson on John Hoff aka Johnny Northisde. This blog is full of examples of how John has manipulated many events in his life and examples of instances where he has taken the approach of "Do as I SAY... Not as I DO."
Rather than make this post out to be one of the longest ones this blog has published, I will list several events that John has done in his lifetime and include the link to the article should you decide you want to know all of the details of each event.

When you add up all of the examples, it will clearly paint a picture of a person who is not a spokesman for the First Amendment rather, a person who was wrong, even though a jury ruled he was wrong and a judge upheld the jury's decision that he was wrong yet, he continues to not accept responsibility.

Rules don't apply to Blogger John Hoff
Lets look at some a few things John Hoff has done...

1) Hoff's car is towed after being parked illegally. Does Hoff accept responsibility? No!
Instead Hoff creates TowingUtopia.com

Here is the blog header to give you an idea...
"Take my personal liberty, and perhaps I will spend a night in jail with interesting companions. But take my vehicle for several days, and you might be taking my means of income, my relationship with my family, friends, and romantic partners, indeed, you might be taking my life and future itself. It is totally unacceptable that American vehicles should be seized on such flimsy grounds, made so difficult to locate, and be ransomed at such high cost in time and money. Enough!"

2) The city of Seattle passes an ordinance that prohibits sitting on certain public sidewalks during certain hours. Hoff not only disagreed with the ordinance, he actually violated it on purpose, got a ticket and appealed it all the way to the Washington State Court of Appeals... And LOST! Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld - Seattle Weekly

3) Hoff moves to Grand Forks, North Dakota and wins a seat on the city council after incumbent moves out of state. Hoff made himself public enemy number one immediately after being sworn in and was removed from office within six months in a recall election. Did he take the recall sitting down? Nope. This is from the Seattle Weekly... Click here to read the article.
"We're disputing the signatures. They just signed anybody who walked up, whether they lived in the ward or not. They didn't even have any precinct maps."

4) Hoff writes two books on Dumpster Diving and here is what he promoted on the cover!
Click here to read the full article.
"how to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers;"
"how to parlay dumpster diving consciousness into finding cheap property, supporting radical causes, even landing political office; and much more!"

5) Hoff emails me (Jim Watkins aka the Anti-Johnny) telling me to "delete" this blog (this proves John doesn't like it when the truth is written about him) or he will be forced to "First Amendment Retaliate." Click here to read the entire, threatening email sent by John Hoff. Here is part of that email...
"Two can play the pissed off and retaliating in the blog-o-sphere game, Jim, and I'm the pig who revels in muddy controversy"
Well folks, there are five great examples of the type of person John Hoff really is. Ask the people of Seattle and Grand Forks if he is really a guy who is interested in fighting for justice and the public's interest in preserving our first amendment rights. That is what he will have you believe if you listen to him but, as history has shown... there isn't a single person in his past who isn't sick of everything he has said before.
One last note: He is now using his status as active military to his advantage yet, he petitioned the VA so much that they agreed to give him disability benefits after he claimed he was injured securing a mental patient which left one of his legs a "full two inches shorter than the other." In my opinion, John Hoff is only pulling the public's leg with this first amendment banter. No I am not making it up either. Here is what he said on his blog. Click here to read the post on Johnny's blog.
"here's me, an army vet rated at 30 percent disability, with one leg almost two inches shorter than the other, jammed up into my hip after a freak accident involving a violent psych patient jacked up on angel dust."

Hypocisy is the only way to Blogger Johnny Northside

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Anonymous said...

The following is an exchange of comments from John Hoff's blog:

Johnny Northside! said...
"To the Anonymous Who Says I Will Never Win On Appeal...so that when I win on appeal I can be specific in saying I told you so."

Ya. That's what you said about your Settle sidewalk obstruction case, and your recall election, the Appleton property case, and your speeding ticket...
Face it. For a guy with a law degree you are a miserable failure.
You haven't/can't succeed at anything you do so you take your frustrations out on other people, most of whom are minorities and people who do not have the means to fight back.
And for those who do have the power to fight back, you run and hide. In this case you made special arrangements to get deployed to avoid further court actions and lawsuits.
You appear to have even failed as a father. You don't keep promises to your son. And there is even video posted where your own son says he has a system to make it look like he's busy concentrating so he doesn't have to listen to your mindless banter.
John Hoff is the most pathetic excuse of a man I have ever read about.
And the saddest part is the only thing you gleam from all the comments that get posted is that you see bad grammar. Truly a sign of a mentally disturbed mind.

I will be the one saying, "I told you so".