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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Johnny Northside Rips Attorney Jill Clark: Conveniently Forgets "Trial of the Century"

The vacation is over.

This blog has not seen much activity over the past year. The reason for that is because, John Hoff aka John Willard Hoff of Minneapolis aka Corporal John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been fairly quiet while he was deployed in Afghanistan as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard.

Now that Johnny Northside is back in the States, he has picked up where he left off... Using his blog to attack people he doesn't like with the intention of discrediting them or ruining them in the public eye. As bottom feeder journalists like Geraldo Rivera does with TV, John Hoff does as the king of the Bully Bloggers with his blog The Adventures of Johnny Northside.

Hoff has been slinging his mud in recent weeks at attorney Jill Clark of Minnesota click here for just one of his posts about Clark. He has slammed her for not living in Minneapolis, even though a lot of her clients live there. For those people not familiar with the geography of the twin cities, Clark lives in Golden Valley which borders Minneapolis.
Hoff has been doing his best to make Clark look bad by injecting his very biased opinions into his commentary about some of the cases she has had and worse than that, he has attacked the clients she represents as well as their family members. Case after case, Hoff has been trying to cause a public stir as only an "800-pound gorilla" can do. Click here to read Hoff claim he is 800 pound gorilla

John Willard Hoff holds a degree in Law but, he is not a licensed attorney. His ethics are not what you would call professional but, he is not a professional attorney nor is he a professional journalist. He is a Blogger. A Bully Blogger at that.
While he has gone on the offensive against Clark and some of her cases, he has navigated around one of her biggest cases that involved none other than John Hoff himself. In fact, the case was so big (in his mind at least) that he has referred to it on his blog and all over the Internet as The Trial of the Century. He must mean of the last 12 years because, the rest of the world knows the Trial of the Century as the one with O.J. Simpson.

In John Hoff's "Trial of the Century" he is the Defendant and Jill Clark is the lead attorney representing the Plaintiff. The trial was held in March of 2011 and the reason Hoff has conveniently forgotten to mention such a big case of Clark's is because...
Jill Clark WON!
John Hoff LOST! Startribune article
It is no surprise that the case was filed against Hoff because he attacked the Plaintiff on his blog and took credit for getting them fired. He used his gorilla muscle to achieve his goal of getting the Plaintiff fired by threatening their employer, telling them he would slam them with a public relations nightmare (not his exact words). The employer was the University of Minnesota... The same University of Minnesota where John Hoff earned  his law degree. What a parasite!

Jill Clark is the very reason there is an active $60,000 Judgement against Hoff because a jury ruled in her favor.
The current antics and mud-slinging by Hoff against Jill Clark is just one example of the many he has to his dis-credit. I was nice and quiet here on this blog while Hoff was away but, things are getting heated up again over in No-Mi and the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside will continue to be there.

Stay tuned...


Capt. Crunch said...

The funny thing is, while Hoff was gone nobody missed him. Even his so called girlfriend Megan (I owe my former contractor for a civil judgment) Goodmundson stopped filling in for him as a substitute blogger.
No one really cared that he was gone. In reality, people were HAPPY he was away because it gave them breathing room. Hoff really is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that people are afraid of.
People are afraid to speak up in public meetings because they don't want to be his next headline.

And, for those of you that don't know, Hoff wrote a few months ago that he was being transferred to another base that didn't have internet access so his blog posting would be scarce. THE TRUTH is that after numerous complaints mailed to government,elected, and military authorities Hoff was investigated, and his silence shortly followed.
It's safe to assume that someone in command was actually able to get Hoff to STFU. Which may also explain why he did not serve his full deployment - he was sent home early.
I am proud to have mailed dozens of those letters.
It just proves that John Hoff is not as important and special as he thinks.
Hoff is nothing but a psycho douche bag with an inflated ego. I suspect his fellow troops recognized that too.

And he will lose the Moore appeal.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You, not the windbag... Keep us posted if he's ever hauled back to court. I wanna go see his a&& in action. I met him about 9 years ago when he was going to school and living in a trailer (literally - a trailer, parked in a parking lot)....

Anonymous said...

John Hoff, alias Johnny Northside, was full to overflowing with misdirected rage and manifested misbehavior for many years before his service overseas in a combat zone.

Does anyone wonder what John Hoff's conduct/misconduct might have included in a free fire war zone that included a civilian populace? Facts: A skunk don't change his stripes but a combat weapon adds range to uncontrolable rage.

Anonymous said...

Hoff's didn't join the National Guard out of a sincere patriotic desire to serve his country. It was totally based on the money and benefits. He even recently wrote a long blog post about that in his "other" Johnny blog. While young guys are being killed because they want to protect the USA, John Hoff signs up because he needs the money and he knows he can continue to squeeze the government for benefits. Talk about your welfare whores!!
But here's the thing; If Captain Crunch is right, and Hoff was sent home early (before serving a full year) he doesn't get all those benefits. There was a newspaper article last year about a Minnesota guard unit that was sent home a few weeks shy of the full tour of duty, and they lost several benefits. The Minnesota legislature had to pass a special law so these soldiers could get the benefits (or something like that).
But remember, Hoff was NOT serving in the Minnesota National Guard, he transferred to a unit in another state so he could deploy. So I'm guessing that none of the Minnesota benefits would apply to him.
Plus he was not deployed a full year tour-of-duty, so I also assume he doesn't get full benefits.
So thanks Captain Crunch. If the attention you called to John Hoff ruined his plans, you have my gratitude.

PS John Hoff was not a combat soldier. Because of his "disability", the one he used to scam the government into a monthly disability stipend, he was an office boy who never had to risk his life for his country.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the court filing from April 4 (5th, maybe?) from the irritating dumpster diver's court case?

Anonymous said...

I been trying to put my finger on just who does Johnny Northside remind me of? Johnny Northside is a punk, a cheap thrill seeker eager to put other's down to try to pump up is own dinged ego. But who; who is he like? Who? Who in the headlines HAS ACTED OUT farther than Johnny Punk Picker Hater Northside but in the same literally insane mode? Who?

I just got it and need to share my observation and opinion. Do you agree with me?:

George Zimmerman. That's who!! Ya know the Mr. Armed Stalker that gunned down Trayvon in apparent cold blood! Yea. Thats the style but carried all the way.

Did he, Johnny Bully Northside, go out on those midnight so-called "Neighborhood Watch" runs with his kid riding shot gun? Maybe there was a shot gun. Maybe he was high when he yelled "whore" at a stranger; a woman who was outside on a summer night. Maybe he was high and armed, too. Maybe that is what gave that creeping coward the false courage to impress his son by yelling out a car window at a woman at night.


Bring it on home, Johnny Big Nuttin Northside.


Anonymous said...

Anon what are you referring to about the April 4th court filing? What's going on - something new?
I know now that Hoff has a court date for his appeal, all the process servers are planning to be there to serve him all the papers he has been ducking.

Anonymous said...

Flash- Blogging begins to pay off for Johnny Northside in a contest created to reward him.

Starting RIGHT NOW................ I will sorta pay John Hoff to BLOG...in a contest of speed and focus and his compulsions.

That is correct...and cash money.

John Hoff alias Johnny Northside is mentally ill and driven by his compulsions. Similar to a serial rapist or serial killer he exhibits no self control over himself and what he does; ever. He cannot behave; he is anti-social, a freak. So he acts out on the Internet. He is an Internet pervert by my observation. But I will pay him to blog, sorta. Read on...

We all observe that he cannot control himself and he is driven by his compulsions to attack people; to cause them pain. Similar to a physical sadist, which he likely is, on the Internet he appears to get his jollies *IMAGINING* the pain he causes the targets of his hate while he is composing and typing out the hate. He gets so giddy and over the top; hour after hour day after week after month.

Take a guess about 24/7 pervert Johnny Northside. Is it likely this serial Internet sadist also accesses sadistic porn while engaged in his compulsions? Maybe one of his sexual fantasies is being a night riding vigilante, yelling out the window of his vehicle to an unknown woman in the middle of the night; calling her a whore. And then raping or killing her. Hey, it's her fault; in his likely fantasy. In his fantasy his son could ride along and he would teach him the ropes. No pun intended. Oh right he did take that ride, with his son, and did yell out the profanity to a stranger. And did boast ON-LINE about it; giddily. Did he jump out and assault her, rape her, kill her, too?

I do not know. He only boasted about the earlier crime of 3rd degree assault on her, accompanied by his son. Has he got a secret; or a secret fantasy?

Anyway Little Johnny Northside cannot control his compulsions and still needs to...pay the bills. So here is my proposal.

I will pay Jerry Moore a 1 penny offset toward his Johnny Northside Judgement for each substantial (subject to my definition)blog post Johnny Northside writes from now until JUDGEMENT IS ENTERED FOR JERRY MOORE.

I got a paying job for ya, sorta, Johnny Northside--Get busy...START YOUR COUNT Johnny Northside!

NOMI Resident said...

It never fails to amaze me how much our society likes to punish the messenger far more than it does the actual instigator of problems. You can say what you will about Johnny Northside being eccentric and over-the-top, but his motivation has always been the defense of North Minneapolis, an area of the city that was once a pleasant blue-collar area that had (and still has) many beautiful historic homes, but was thrown to the dogs about 20 years ago. Many residents in NOMI grew up there and own homes from a time before it became a slum. Others see its potential being wasted and thrown away by beings a slum. The target of John Hoff's rage is always against either 1) residents who engage in destructive or criminal behavior or 2) unscrupulous landlords, investors, or city officials who make money hand-over-fist or enable others to do so by maintaining NOMI as a slum. Both contribute to NOMI's completely unnecessary bleak economic condition. Jerry Moore engaged in mortgage fraud, falsely inflating the purchase price of a real estate transaction so that he could benefit financially from the fraudulent proceeds, ruining an innocent man's credit rating in the process. He then proceeded to get a job with the U of M teaching about real estate. John Hoff called him out on illegal and unethical behavior directly relevant to his current employment. Moore deserved to be fired, and no one should EVER be allowed to sue someone for speaking the truth about them. Whether his methods are to your taste or not, there is absolutely no rational reason for anyone to object to what John Hoff has tried to accomplish in North Minneapolis, unless you yourself are one of the two types of people listed above.

Anonymous said...

Capt Crunch needs to find his tin foil hat if he thinks the frickin' National Guard is going to shorten a tour of duty because he wrote a series bizarre letters about a BLOG. I'm sure whoever received them laughed before shredding the docs for cat litter.

Capt. Crunch said...

I wonder if anon@12:43 is John's new best friend Geoff Mahoney.
Obviously Geoff (who has addresses all over the Twin Cities) doesn't know he is defending a stark raving psychopath.
Geoff buddy, everyone who befriends Johnny ends up getting screwed in the long run. Don't say we didn't warn ya!!
Johnny's troubles are just starting to heat up and get fun. Why do you think he's in this self-destructive whirlwind of blogging?
Big news ahead for the "world's favorite douchebag", John Willard Hoff.
Oh, and maybe Geoffrey Mahoney can make a headline too.

PS John WAS moved to a base with limited internet access due to the letters - believe it or not - I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I believe: Capt. Crunch posts on his own blog.

I'm not Geoff, don't know Geoff, never heard of Geoff. Will probably never meet, know or walk by Geoff.

What sounds more probable, moving to a base with limited-to-no internet access because it is located in AFGHANISTAN or your employer denying internet privileges because someone unaffiliated with your workplace decides to write letters complaining about non-workplace related activities.

You know nothing. Your post belies as much with the "It's safe to assume" and "which may also explain" hedging your specious claims.

Anonymous said...

Thugs get blog page on Johnny Northside removed. Read the comment at the end:


Then click on the page to see the power of THUGS!!


Keep it up thugs, soon you will take out Johnny Northside all together!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 10:32, is that Johnny's twisted fantasy or yours you sick f#$%? Only a d-bag male would come up with something so incredibly sordid. Maybe someday you'll have the pleasure of being attacked and anally raped by an equally degenerate member of your pathetic, chromosonally-comprised sex--might make you think twice before publically accusing someone you probably never met of being a sicko like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Johnny micro-SLUMLORD Northside is a predator driven by his compulsions. He has no morals nor can he control his hatred for women; especially strong women. Johnny woman abuser Hoff has a stiffie for Jill Clark because she out foxed him. I am surprised there are not 222 hate screeds about Jill on the Johnny hate a woman Northside blog as he is driven day and night to attack what is greater then himself. He feels helpless, afraid and lonely. Drinking is not helping him but it is making him crazy and reckless in his spelling gaffs on his hate blog. Clean it up Johnny Slap-a hoe-while-riding-after-midnight with-your-son Northside. Can't sleep Johnny hate monger Northside? Have another bump, write some more, turn a phrase, it is all you have, lad. And then judgement. Which way? Likely against you and you feel it, too. Don't cha'? DON'T CHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello anon 10:32, also known as Johhny goof Northside. You took the ride, with your kid, after midnight and hollored, out the window of your hoopdee at a black woman. Your kid was riding shot gun. All reported, by you, as a boast at your blog. You did not mention what else you did to that woman probably cause it would have sent you to jail. What reasonable person would not consider you a sick f@#$K? Even in the hood? Your lawlessness fits right in to that lawless scene. Make yourself at home, Johnny shout out Hoff, you pervert.

Anonymous said...

NoMi Resident, how do Terry Yzaguirre, or more importantly her kids, fall into one of those two categories? Why has he directed his rage at them? What do the kids have to do with North Minneapolis?

Anonymous said...

Johnny ain't poopski Hoff, said "First, if somebody wants to meet with me, they can email me. They can arrange to talk to me on the phone as public officials sometimes do, even quite recently, as a matter of fact."
This narcissist thinks he IS somebody. The call was likely about his work orders at nis micro-slum. Else where, he calls himself a "journalist". ha Ha HA HA.

John look who thinks he sumpin Hoff: You are a bully and a coward. I know journalists and you are not one; nor really anything that matters.

Dave said...

John "The Predator" Hoff (AKA JohnnySlumlord) is attacking Terry's children because he knows it will hurt Terry. That's John Willard Hoff. Just like his mentally disturbed father, mother, brother and sister, John is a sociopath who is exceptionally vindictive against anyone who dares challenge him.
Terry Yzaguirre has had the balls to stand up to John Hoff and bitch slap him right into the next county with the truthful articles she has written about him.
Terry has called-out John Hoff for the spiteful predator that he is. And just like a little kid on the playground, John throws sand in her face by writing articles about her children.
Hoff is doing the same thing to Jill Clark, the attorney responsible for his $60,000 civil judgment. He is so vindictive and bitter that Jill got the best of him that he has written a 22 article (as of 8/18.2012) series of babbling bupkis that no one is even bothering to read anymore.
That's why John Hoff is writing about Terry's family. Quite frankly, Terry has more courage than Hoff will ever have. He runs from a challenge while Terry will face it head on.

bupkis: from Yiddish meaning nothing of value

TruthHurtzDonit? said...

I think what Hoff's title was meant to say was, "Johnny's northside view of a southbound donkey" or possibly "An insider's northside perspective of a southbound donkey." Either way this would be much more descriptive and appropriate for the foul aroma emanating from his so-called blog posts. But my fellow Mpls comrades insulted by Hoff's presence, please take consolation in knowing that a douche bag this full of himself will likely not endure a happy life. Wait until his son turns his war weapon(s) of death on his father; for when one lives, breeds, and flourishes in hate it isn't long before that same hate consumes his very own breath. Think of it as a suicide bomber--same principle. ;) With Love!!