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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lennie Chism: The Other Side to the Story

As promised, below you will find five pictures that are screen shots of the PDF file police report that was filed by the Minnetonka PD. They responded to a dispute call between Lennie Chism and Monika Shannon. This post covers the portion of the report with what Miss Shannon told the police.

Monika Shannon
"Never under-estimate the power of a pissed off woman who thinks she is right"
-Jim Watkins

Note how she claims to have been in different places in and around the car... The car that supposedly ran over her.
See for yourself.... (click on each picture to view full-size)






Just my $0.02 cents but, I am guessing that the reason she was driving so slowly was because, she knew the police had been called and wanted to make sure they were able to find her before they got on the highway.
The entire scene had been carefully planned before Lennie Chism showed up and it would appear that she intended to have him arrested.

Check back soon for Lennie Chism's statement to the police.


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