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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Johnny Northside's Own Family Lives In Fear Of His Ruthless Attacks Against Them

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is a blogger who writes about north Minneapolis issues and is widely considered to be a hypocrite who puts people he writes about in compromising positions and at times, even their own safety is put at risk. If one of his attacks does not get the results he wanted, he goes beyond them and attacked that person's family. 

In December of 2014, I was contacted by John Hoff's brother, Judd Hoff. Click HERE to read about that. At the end of that post, Judd submitted a long string of comments that covered a lot of issues Hoff's family has been facing because of what John has been doing. I didn't want Judd's words to become buried in the archives of comments so, I decided to re-publish his comments as a dedicated post. The following has been un-edited and posted exactly as it was submitted. 
Part 1:
I only know how to post anonymously, but this is Judd Hoff. I accept your apology. In knowing you a little over a month you have shown me more quality of character than the person formerly known as my brother has shown (not just to me but to me and everybody else) in a lifetime. I have been a good brother to him. I can't even count how many times over the years that I have provided him vehicles dirt cheap, or fixed his vehicles or given him tires. When he showed up, ALWAYS unannounced, my wife of 17 years and I would provide him with the food, shelter, clothing, and laundry use that he asked for. Suffice it to say that we have been thanked by him for all of these kindnesses with unprovoked legal attacks, threats and slander. He has treated me worse than I have ever been treated by anyone, even my worst enemies, in my entire life. He has upset my beautiful kind and gentle wife and attacked slandered and insulted her as well. (continued) 
Part 2:(continued) We live in constant fear of what lies he will spew about us next, and to whom. This stress has greatly harmed my family and exacerbated my poor wifes migraine and tension headaches. She is such a gentle and nonconfrontational person that it has also been very spiritually taxing on her as she has never before felt her own anger towards anyone so intensely. He has publicly questioned her abilities to homeschool our children, even though he knows absolutely NOTHING of our progress, curriculum, or daily routines. He has publicly questioned her ability to help take care of my aged mother-even though she diligently cooks and cleans for her and adheres to a strict low sodium diet with every meal that she lovingly prepares for her. Trista has known and loved my mother longer than she has known ME! And john knows absolutely NOTHING about what all goes on here on the home place and has been largely absent since 1986 although he is full of unsolicited advice and harsh criticisms anyways. (cont.) 
Part 3:(cont.) I swear i could go on for days about the disloyalty he has shown, the self-assured condescention and reeking arrogance he has displayed towards me in such an unfettered manner. Carelessly and recklessly meeting out assumptions and judgements of others as though he is some sort of precognitive genius or moral authority. I could tell you things about him that are so damningly embarrassing that he would probably jump off of a bridge if I did. ---So who the hell do you think you are, John? Acting like some online primadonna who can treat anyone any way that you want and get away with it? Then turn around and treat me that way-threatening to sic social services on us-who showed up two days later and assured us we are doing a fine job of parenting-unlike you the failure husband and father who can't even claim to have successfully raised a cat much less a child and turned the perrenial dodging of child support into a sceince. Did you think i was going to sit idley by while you (cont.) 
Part 4:(cont) parade yourself like some kind of caped crusading hero of the North Minneapolis blogosphere while you PRETEND to live there? Shaming and extorting people and provoking disenfranchised underprivledged marginalized inner-city black folks who can only dream of growing up the way you got to, although you routinely complain about it and describe it as 'struggling in rural poverty.' Well, at least Trista can take solace in the fact that you also called social services on your own MOTHER when HER best efforts weren't good enough for you EITHER as a bratty, arrogant and ungrateful teenager. I know where I WAS at the time-listening to them weeping tears of shame as overwhelming frustration and pain battered their broken hearts. Now I hear the same out of my wife on this farm that was never good enough for you-where you never hauled fire wood, chopped weeds, mowed the grass, plowed the snow, plumbed a piped, worked the fields or nailed a shingle. Your real good at interjecting yourself and trying (cont.) 
Part 5:(cont.) to foist yourself off as some sort of expert and authority into worlds and situation you know nothing of. Taking your premature ignorant assumptions about people and painting them in broad presumptuous strokes the intention of which is not to help or inform but rather for you own deluded and sick self-indulgment. You take sick sadistic delight and pleasure in exercising whatever power and control you can unfairly and momentarily grasp and forge weapons from to aim and hurl at others. In my case, with what you have tried to do to discredit me in the above fashion, I have the facts and evidence by which I can easily expose you and your attacks as frauds and lies, and we have already begun to unravel all the evil webs you spun against us, and the crap you threw against the wall has slid to the floor. The ugly mark it left is an undeserved reproach that we will most likely be forced to bear in the community where we ACTUALLY live and ACTUALLY RAISE our children and ACTUALLY work, unlike you (cont.) 
Part 6:(cont.) who can only feign such commonplace virtue. READER-I want you to know that I do not expose and lambast my own blood frivolously...he started this and has greatly sullied the otherwise happy and peaceful existence of my successful nuclear family of 17 years. He attempts to destroy me out of jealous hatred because I have succeeded at everything he has failed at...namely being a loving and INVOLVED son, husband, and father. We did nothing to provoke his attacks other than love him in spite of his caustic flaws and help him whenever we could. We are agreed as a family that John has become too great of a liability. He brings out the worst in people, and we have lived in fear of misdirected reprisals from those John has harmed since long before Jim's less serious indescretion...heyat least it was only onlind. John has attacked our home, our family, our CHILDREN, our security and our reputations AT HOME, where we were born and raised. So we do this out of a need to clarify to those who would (cont.) 
Part 7:(cont.) who would do us harm in order to get back at John-we have nothing in common with John and want nothing to do with him. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and would love it if you harmed us. Know that if john ever attempts to contact us again, as he has continued to do despite being asked not to-we will report it to the authorities and seek a restraining order. He has been told, even by his own mother, that he is a 'personna non grata' and to stay away from the home place. We publicy expose these matters mainly so that John's many enemies, knowing these things, will not seek to harm us any further. Jim, you are an outstanding example of positive transformation and spiritual growth. With a heavy heart I can only lament that John is incapable of displaying such attributes. Me and my beatiful family, are deeply embarrassed and ashamed by the way John treats people and acts publicy. 
So, dear reader, please help to protect us by letting everyone know that we do not want to be associated w John.
This isn't the best comparison but, this scene from The Gladiator shows Maximus returning home only to find that his innocent family had been slain. John Hoff is hardly a Gladiator (more of a weasel really) but, this is the type of fear that Judd Hoff is talking about as his brother routinely attacks people... Some of whom are very dangerous people. (Sorry about the quality)

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