Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, July 14, 2014

John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Update

Parody of God questioning John Hoff

I have to apologize to readers of this blog for not adding any content or updates until today. Actually, I don't have much to add but, that doesn't mean that there is nothing going on regarding John Hoff.
People and commenters have been asking what the current status is with Hoff and his application to become a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma.

Here is what I am able to say at this time...
Hoff's name was listed on the list of people who had taken the Bar Exam in February and passed. Those people attended a function where they were sworn in and given a license to practice law in Oklahoma. However, John Hoff was NOT among those who were sworn in because, the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners continues to investigate Hoff's character and fitness and respect for the law. Until the board gives their approval to the Oklahoma Bar Association, Hoff will not be given his license regardless of the fact that he has passed the Bar Exam. The status of the investigation has not been made public and I can't offer more information at this time.

I will post updates as information becomes available and is considered public information.

This is only my opinion but, my feeling is that John Hoff will end up being denied for a license to practice law. I think that with the number of unethical acts Hoff has committed in his recent past, it will be enough to finally catch up to him and pull him back off of his self-serving perch he has placed himself upon.