Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, March 29, 2010

Johnny Can't Be Good... So... Johnny...

I'm sorry but, this picture was just too good to pass up!

Anyone else notice that Johnny Northside has backed off his attack on the L3SO's?
Anyone else noticed what John did to anyone who spoke out against him on the subject? What he did was turn the tables on those people by claiming that they were supporters of sex offenders while completely ignoring the fact that their gripe with John was actually about John being an ass hole and ignoring the fact that Minnesota does not make L3SO's addresses public. Remember my post last month where I said that John Hoff simply ignores any rules or laws that he doesn't like?

Anyone else notice how Johnny Northside has gone silent on the attention he vowed to keep on the murder investigation of Annshalike Hamilton, now that Remar Smith has been caught from the warrant he had out on him on a weapon charge? Anyone notice that Remar has not (to my knowledge) been charged with murder in the Hamilton case? While John drew the public attention to the L3SO's and Remar Smith VIA HIS BLOG (of course), most people overlooked how John was actually using the L3SO's and Remar Smith to increase his public visibility. Dare anyone question him or he will simply say, "There! Look at him! (enter persons name) is a supporter of L3SO's and Remar Smith!"

I just love hearing about how John is getting himself into more and more trouble as his hole gets deeper and deeper. We have all heard the saying, "what goes around comes around." Well Johnny boy... It is sure coming around, huh?

Oh, I will be posting all of John's court case information and dates as John has a busy, busy month ahead of him so, I encourage all supporters and non-supporters to come around and show John how much we care and attend all of his court appearances in April!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tribute to Johnny Northside Groupies

In a recent post, I referred to one of Johnny Northside's buddies to the little, annoying, laughing side-kick of jabba the Hut. This little weasel-like character laughed at anyone who came to talk to Jabba and was easily one of the most annoying characters in the movie.
One of the best parts of the movie was when Jabba was killed and the little weasel (his name is actually Salicous Crumb) was promptly lynched.
I see most of Johnny Northside's buddies the same way. They talk a lot of smack, rip on people in public (threaten them in private emails) while kissing John's ass.
I for one, am curious to see how fast the Northside "Crumbs" will shut up once their protector, John Hoff is finally silenced?
John is pissing a lot of people off with his disregard for the rules, some laws and anything else he simply thinks don't apply to him. People with the ability to shut him down (or at least UP) are taking notice to his recent antics and its only a matter of time before "King Hoff" is de-throned.
Click the link to see Youtube clip of Salacious Crumb. Enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Johnny Northside Should be Charged with "Obstruction of Legal Process"

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, has been on a tear in recent weeks. John and his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside has been named in a civil complaint that was filed by an individual who is listed as a Level 3 Registered Sex Offender.
The blog has been publishing the home addresses of the sex offenders in north Minneapolis as well as the home address of the property owners who allegedly rent the houses to the offenders. John has called these landlords the "slum of the slumlords."

Last week John managed to avoid two Sheriff's deputies who were sent to serve him legal papers. John has since bragged about his vanishing act in public on his blog as well as other websites.
His "super-citizen" girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson also played a part with helping John avoid being served by confronting the deputies and telling them that John would not come out to where they were waiting. John was attending a hearing held by the city council for the re-appointment of the Chief of Police.

John Hoff abused his so-called, media stauts to persuade a Mayor's aide to allow John to use another exit which would allow him to avoid being served. He lied to the aide about why he wanted to enter into the council member chambers. He has stated he wanted to speak with certain council members when his intention was to obstruct the legal process by not allowing Sheriff deputies to serve him.

Here is the link to the Minnesota statute for Obstruction of Legal Process:
MN Statute

My question is simple...
WHY is Don Samuels, Mayor Rybak, various police personelle, County employee's and many others tolerating this type of behavior from a "trash-talking" blogger who also happens to be delinquent with his property taxes for 2008 and 2009? Not to mention the unfinished code work for his house located at 2226 Bryant Ave North.
Why hasn't anyone or any agency held John Hoff accountable (as well as his girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson) for Obstruction of Legal Process?


Monday, March 1, 2010

N Minneapolis Braces For Storm of Controversy- Seattle & Grand Forks Also Hit

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside appears to be delivering his usual storm...of controversy, in N Minneapolis just as he has done while living in Seattle and Grand Forks. In Seattle, he was given a ticket for sitting on a sidewalk and appealed that all the way to the Washington state Court of Appeals and lost. Click here to readabout that.
In North Dakota, he won a seat on the Grand Forks city council but, was removed just a few months later in a recall. Click here to read about that.

Johnny Northside has seen some of his posts create some controversy in the last two years but, none of them compare to the storm that he is currently brewing by going after level 3 sex offenders and publishing their exact home address. John has been ranting on and on about how this information needs to be given special attention and the "slum of the slumlords" need to be contacted for "recruiting" these "sick puppies" to NoMi. He has had help from his girl friend, Megan Goodmundson with getting the word out.
One of Johnny's top friends, Jeff Skrenes has taken a step back away from him and has said that he doesn't agree with him on this one.

The Johnny Northside blog is intended to convert NoMi into an "urban utopia" as the blog header states. I am of the opinion that the blog has brought about some changes in the area but, it has also brought in a truck load of controversy as well.
Two weeks ago, John went all out against KSTP News for them wanting to do a story about a recent murder in the neighborhood. He claimed that doing such a thing only brings negative attention to the area and results in people not wanting to move to NoMi.
I can only shake my head and wonder what makes him think the way he does. If a young family is thinking about moving to north Minneapolis, does he honestly think that giving all this negative attention to the high number of level 3 sex offenders in the area is going to HELP? 
Simply reading the comments on his blog as well as the E-Democracy forum shows that his antics are upsetting a lot of people to the point of good citizens who were on the same team before with their efforts to improve the neighborhood, are now split because of his crusade against the sex offenders.
He is creating a storm that has the possibility of back-firing in very bad ways by harrassing sex offenders and recruiting other citizens to "get MAD" as his girl friend, Megan has said.

Well since John see's it as the resident's right to know where sex offenders live, I think the citizens have a right to know that Johnny Northside himself has not paid his property taxes for 2008 OR 2009 as of today.
John is claiming a reason for outing the sex offenders is to protect "his" son but, he only has visitation rights with his son and according to the CURRENT court records, he has not paid his clild support as he had previously agreed to. John Hoff appears to be one step away from being a deadbeat dad who will have no visitation rights if the court sides with his ex-wife.
Click here for info & facts about non-payment of child support as well as past due property taxes.

All the sudden the picture above that shows John Hoff's face as Dr. Evil is not all that far fetched after all. John firmly believes the public has a right to know about the bad apples in his neighborhood so... The community has a right to know about a resident who has not paid taxes, child support or his court fees.
The Storm is just starting to pick up power and it won't be long before NoMi joins Seattle and Grand Forks as cities that have endured his storm of controversy.