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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny Northside Inspires 'First Amendment Appreciation Month'

John Hoff inspired First Amendment Appreciation Month
 Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff has announced on his blog that he will not publish certain comments because, too many trolls have attacked him, his uniform, his house, his tires, his..... You get the idea.
(Note: He never hesitates to attack anyone yet, he has had enough against him.)
The kicker? John didn't just say he won't publish certain 'troll' comments. Nope. John went and put a spin on it that somehow makes his one month ban some sort of American tribute and even called it "virtual national security."
I just think he is a 'virtual' idiot. Just my $0.02 cents.

His post got me thinking and I find it all very ironic. This is the same John Hoff who has stated in public that the "first amendment is under attack" as he refers to his $60,000 loss in court that he has tried to make into a first amendment case. We all know the judge upheld the ruling and just read the previous post for more info on that.
Now John Hoff is showing his respect for the first amendment by RESTRICTING the same rights of others' by not allowing them a voice on his blog! REALLY! Click here to read it yourself.

It is with great pleasure and American pride that the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside blog has the following announcement to make...

For a period of one month, from September 11, 2011 until October 11, 2011, this blog will not attempt to submit a single comment to Johnny Northside's blog AND we hereby make this public plea to all the Johnny Northside 'Trolls' (as he calls commenters he disagrees with) to NOT SUBMIT ANY COMMENTS to his blog during that time.
Rather than submit comments to his anti-first amendment blog, we encourage all people to post the truth about John Hoff to ANY other website as a tribute and appreciation as Americans to the first amendment that I am hereby dubbing "First Amendment Appreciation Month."
I ask anyone who shows their appreciation of the first amendment in honor of John Hoff, to only post things about him that are true.
After all, we don't want to give him a reason to "First Amendment Retaliate" against anyone.
Your comments are welcome here as well as we support the first amendment, unlike Johnny Northside.

Happy John Hoff posting, America! Remember, no comments should be submitted to his blog as we show our respect to his not posting troll comments.


Con-me MN-napolis said...

You have to laugh at how desperate the guy is.

A little birdie just told me that one of the flab four was recently sued for cheating a contractor for repairs on their house......oops, it is not even their house.

Don't ya just love the truth and the 1st amendment?

Anonymous said...

OMG someone needs to call Mitchell Construction and get this story. Where is Jordan Hawkman when you need him???

Anonymous said...

Love it!

27-CO-11-6347 Mitchell Construction vs Megan Goodmundson
- Hennepin Civil


Anonymous said...

The case is heard on 10/20/2011 so we'll likely see a verdict in December.

Anonymous said...

She's running them down over at JNS blog saying they are suing everyone in NOMI. However I can find no other lawsuits and it appears this company built a chunk of their famed Ecovillage?

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had Mitchell Construction pull a permit for re-framing her roof. I'd say she owes them at least the $400 permit fee.

Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
06/24/2011 BIRE 3072140 Done 10000 Mitchell Construction Inc 07/27/2011 $396.22
reframe entire roof structure due to tornado damage. sck#2



IRC 313.2.1. When interior alterations, repairs or additions require a building permit or when one or more sleeping rooms are added or created in existing dwellings, smoke detection shall be installed:
A. on each level of the house B. in each bedroom C. in the hall or room outside of bedrooms.

1. Smoke alarms in existing areas shall not be required to be interconnected and hardwired where the alterations or repairs do not result in the removal of interior wall or ceiling finishes exposing the structure, unless there is a crawl space or basement available which could provide access for hardwiring and interconnection without the removal of interior finishes.
2. Work on the exterior which does not require entry into the interior for inspection.

Contact Gopher State One Call prior to digging footings and foundations (651) 454-0002.

Work completed or omitted in violation of the building code shall be corrected as directed by the building inspector. All exterior work to be completed within one year of permit issuance on garages and One and Two family dwelling units per Minneapolis City Ordinance Section 89.165. Certified truss diagrams must be available to inspector in field.

Required Inspections:
1. Footing inspection: (if project involves pouring concrete) after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place --PROPERTY STAKES MUST BE MARKED AND IDENTIFIED--;
2. Foundations: (1 - poured walls) after all forms, required reinforcing and bracing are in place (2 - prior to backfill) including dampproofing/waterproofing as well as exterior insulation (if used);
3. Under floor and slab: after all in-slab and under floor items are in place;
4. Framing and Masonry: after all plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are approved and after all firestopping, draftstopping and bracing are in place;
5. Insulation and vapor barrier prior to concealment;
6. Gypsum board - before taped (inspection only required if part of a fire-rated and/or shear assembly)
7. Final inspection: after all work is completed

Anonymous said...

Megan is stating in JNS that Mitchell Construction pulled the permit before she signed a contract.
How can she sign the contract when she doesn't own the home?
Sounds like there is some fraud going on here.
Megan is not wanting to comment because she is afraid of being sued. But making a false statement about them suing several others is grounds for a suit if it is a false statement.

Anti-Johnny said...

Maybe the owners of the house, Gary and Janis Goodmundson should be the ones to talk to (other than the contractor)?
I think Megan is listed as the manager contact on the rental license but, it sure seems as though Megan acts like she has been given legal Power of Attorney but, from what I have heard... That is NOT the case.

Detective Dan said...

Something tells us that Megan will blow another gasket and end up on the Sheriff's Jail roster again

Judge Dredd said...

The ruling typically is Made on the spot but taken under advisement. It will be likely mailed out within a couple of days. We will all know most likely by the end of the month.

Wonder if she will put in for a continuance because she is either guilty or under pressure of public embarrassment in that she is screwing a member of the hard working north side community.

Anonymous said...

Time to re-UP the #1 HYPOCRITE AWARD for the dangerous, and likely armed, John -Deadbeat Dad- Hoff. The current Menace of Afghanistan.

In Butt to Butt articles at his Hate Blog he goes after landlord Reitman for boarding his property windows after the hurricane yet heaps unabashed praise on Liquor Seller BLO that never boarded even ONE window at that site. Further, BLO has left personal property and damaged junk EVERYWHERE; dangerous too.

Nary a word less than praise for BLO at the Johnny Northside Hypocrite Hater Blog. Of course.

Maybe Reitman should buy Johnny Hypocrite Northside a couple drinks, for clarity's sake.

Hey, did dangerous crackpipe er crackpot Johnny Hoff pay up his property tax? How can I check up on that ultimate looser's property tax bills? You know Mr. 'not a nickel to crackheads or child support' John Hoff.

Anonymous said...

Exactomundo-- You know Mr. 'not a nickel to crackheads or child support' John Hoff.