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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Response From North Minneapolis "Super Citizen" Charged With Assault

Recently, it was discovered that Megan Goodmundson aka Super Citizen of north Minneapolis had been arrested and held for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with a 911 Emergency Call.
The State of Minnesota defines those charges as a Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor. Both are crimes that can result in jail time and both are considered criminal acts.
Megan's complete response has been copied and posted below. Her words have colored background highlights while my comments are in BOLD.

These first two images show the complete case history. Click on each image to enlarge.

Here is what Megan had to say about the incident:

NoMi Passenger said...

Already posted this on the more recent post but replying here as well.
As to why your anonymous commenter can't find it on mncourts it is because no charges were convicted and I don't have a criminal record. Duh.
According to the State of Minnesota... You do have a criminal record. Megan says below that her case was dismissed. Here is what the State says:
Q: My criminal court case was dismissed, so I don't have a criminal record.
Yes. You have a public criminal record that says you were charged with a crime and that your charge was later dismissed. Click here for MN Judicial Branch website

First off, if you are trying to embarrass me, it's not working. Most people who know me on a somewhat closer level know the story of this (and actually the even better story of what happened later)

Second off, you won't hear me asking or begging you to take it down. If digging this old crap up and writing about it makes you feel good, go ahead and float your bot.

Why can't it be found on mncourts or whatever the commenter asked? Because I don't have a criminal record and no charges were convicted. All were dropped or stayed then dropped (they give you a period of time to see if its a pattern, I think mine was 12 months, after that, dropped.) Charges dropped, Jim. Get it?
The commenter she refers to simply didn't look in the right place. The court record is available online at the MN Courts website. She said, "No charges were convicted." I think she meant to say that she was not found guilty and convicted of her charges. Megan is confused or delusional or both. She claimed that because she doesn't have a criminal record that the charges were dropped after 12 months. As the documents above show, she was given PROBATION in exchange for not having her case prosecuted. That is an admission of GUILT! When you tell a judge "please don't convict me... I promise I'll be good" and the judge gives you probation, that means you did something wrong. GET IT?
What happened? I had a low life chronic cheater boyfriend who had his cheating friend over to MY apartment where I had a lease, I had a key, I had paid the depoist, and he tried to lock me out. Did I attack the girl? No, I didn't. Which is why no assault charges stuck. Did I pull the phone cord? Yes and guess who was the one who told the police, me. I told them. Would I have done it if I'd known it was illegal. No. Did I appreciate someone taking a preemptive measure to have me removed from my own apartment? No. (Guess what, the gal still has the low life chronic cheater in her life, and he is still a chronic cheater, and I can't thank her enough for taking him off my hands! There's a happy ending!)
It appears that Megan couldn't leave well enough alone. It has been more than 10 years since she was arrested for assault and interfering with a 911 Emergency Call yet, she still keeps an eye out on both her ex and the woman that Megan assaulted. Just look above at her last two sentences. The image below is a close up from the documents above.

She still feels the need to stalk (even if it might be cyber stalking, who knows) her ex because, he did her such a big favor. Megan, you still check up on him. That is obsessive behavior. GET IT?
Did I ask someone to bail me out of jail? No. I didn't. I stayed there, on my own, until the judge let me go on my signature. Arrested Sunday, don't see a judge until Tuesday, he let me go. I didn't ask someone to bail me out. I made my bed, I had to lie in it.
So what if you didn't ask anyone to bail you out! You STILL got arrested and were charged with TWO crimes which resulted with you being placed on PROBATION! GET IT?

This is another example of Megan and Johnny Northside and their double standards. The Adventures of Johnny Northside blog posts monthly jail rosters, makes criminals out of people they merely don't like and if one of them has any kind of record... They boast that the information is public and they take pride in making sure it is immortalized on line forever, even if they were not convicted or the charges dismissed... They still see them as a criminal.
If you feel like posting this story about me is necessary, then I have no qualms, I made my bed, I will lie in it. I am confident in my character that this will not be for what I am known or thought. Regardless of what your stupid, anonymous and made up identity trolls have to say. And if someone says I'm unwanted somewhere, don't worry, I don't want to be somewhere I am unwanted anyways.If all you losers can accomplish in life is going to a court house and finding an old arrest record of charges that got dropped, good for you, you are really doing well in this world aren't you? (sarcasm font)
Now carry on with your bad self.
July 19, 2011 8:52 PM

Again, this post demonstrates the double standard and Megan said she made her bed and will lie in it but, reading her words... It doesn't look like she accepts any part of it other than the fact that it was dismissed (after she completed her Probation). I don't know about you but, after reading Megan's response... I don't GET IT.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Northside Activist Megan Goodmundson: Criminal Complaint & Statement of Facts

I do wonder if Megan Goodmundson told her boyfriend, John Hoff that she spent two days in jail after she was arrested for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with an Emergency Telephone Call in 2000? Would Johnny Northside had told her to sit back and let him do the cyber bullying because, he knew what it would do to her credibility and even his, if anyone was to locate the arrest information?

Well, toss that onto the pile of "things that make you go, Hmmmm" because, a northside resident who was attacked by Megan and John in the past decided to go down to the County and have a look at their database that is not available online. You can imagine their surprise when they found the arrest record for NoMi Super-Citizen, Megan Goodmundson! The only regret I have is not being able to see the reaction of Megan as she re-visits a hot-tempered time of her life, right here on this blog!

Ok, enough of my banter. Here is the jpg image of the Criminal Complaint and Statement of Facts for the arrest of Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson that was obtained from the Hennepin County District Court.
(To read the smaller print, Click on the image to enlarge)


Hennepin County Jail Roster-O-Rama
Featuring Northside Activist Megan Goodmundson
I just have to grin after reading several comments on http://www.johnnynorthside.com/ where people who were on the jail roster pleaded with Johnny Northside and NomiPassenger to please remove their name from John's website because, even though the reason they were arrested was minor, the fact that the information was no longer public on the County site but, was available on JNS' blog was making it difficult for them to gain employment, etc.
What response did John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson give for refusing to remove their name from their site? In so many words, they have told people who pleaded with them to remove their names.... "Tough shit!"
Note: That is not a direct quote but, the opinion of this blog of the responses John & Megan have given.

North Minneapolis Activist Megan Goodmundson: Arrested for Assault & Interfering with a 911 Call

The God's have been kind enough to give us some rather interesting information about Megan Goodmundson aka north Minneapolis' "Super-Citizen." Her boyfriend John Hoff aka Johnny Northside gave her the title of "Super Citizen" and the information that was discovered about her doesn't exactly fit the profile of a hard-working neighborhood activist rather, it proves that she is a hypocrite for all her ranting about criminals in NoMi as it is now confirmed that Megan is no stranger to a jail cell.

Megan Goodmundson's Hennepin County Mug-Shot
The northside resident who uncovered the arrest information about Megan, sent me an email to inform me of her criminal activity and included their own opinion on what must have happened the day Megan got arrested. I have copied it for the readers to enjoy...
St. Valentine:
It all started on a peaceful and romantic Valentine's Eve in the year 2000. The jilted lover used her key to break in on her old flame and his new lover. The jilted lover proceeded to scratch the face and pull the hair of the new found love of her old flame. The old flame had enough of it and calmly dialed the police. The crazed suspect grabbed the phone and ripped the cord from the wall in a fit of anger. Eventually the police came and the Suspect was hauled to jail. The suspect ended up spending the first Valentine's day of the new millennium in the box .....without her old lover.....but who knows? Perhaps there was a new love to be found in the box that night!
Here is a copy from the Hennepin County Criminal court record that shows the charges, arrest and jail information for the "Super-Citizen." (click on image to enlarge)

Arrest info for Megan Goodmundson.
Charged with Assault & Interfere with an Emergency Telephone Call.
 In the last highlighted area on the document, it shows Megan was arrested on 2-13-00 and was in custody until 2-15-00 (meaning the police sat her ass in jail for TWO days).

I have the actual court documents also and I will post those very soon.

I wonder what her city council pals would... Sorry, WILL think when they see that NoMi's number one "Super-Citizen" has been arrested for Assault?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confirmed: John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is Active Duty

Confirmation of John Hoff being Active Duty (click to enlarge)

The question of where has Johnny Northside been, has been confirmed. Hoff enlisted in the US Army National Guard last summer as a Reservist. Meaning he would only need to report for drill duty one weekend per month and two weeks per year. When he went missing around late April, the questions started to surface... Where is Johnny Northside?

John switched units up to two times this spring in what is believed to be attempts to join a unit that was going to be deployed overseas for a one year tour of duty in Afghanistan, in order to have a reasonable reason to delay the much anticipated appeal to his highly publicized loss in court that he termed, "The Blogosphere Trial of the Century."
Hoff, now with a $60,000 judgement on his back, is looking to do anything to avoid having to admit he does not have the funds to file the appeal, even after begging the public on his blog and raising a whopping $360 in four months following his trial loss.

Before enlisting in the National Guard, Hoff had been seriously delinquent with his property taxes (he actually had not paid any taxes on his property since he bought it in early 2008) as well as his child support. In a signed document submitted to the judge hearing his case for his late child support, Hoff begged the court to "Have mercy!"
With a sizeable paycheck waiting for him after completing basic training, it was exactly what Hoff needed to be able to pay off his ex-wife and get his property taxes paid. Note: While his property taxes were paid, his house is still in serious violation for not completing TISH repairs that he agreeed, in writing to complete when he closed on his house in '08.

That brings us to the next point.

Now that it has been confirmed that John Hoff is currently listed and serving in active duty for the Army National Guard, his house must be vacant... Right?
It has been reported to this blog as well as others by readers that John Hoff's house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN. 55411 has had a "roommate" residing in the house. Minneapolis Housing regulations do not require a rental license if the owner is merely renting a room and still resides there.
With Hoff being active duty with the National Guard serves as proof that Hoff is no longer living in his house on Bryant Ave. North.

Since Hoff is not living in the house, he is required by the City of Minneapolis to obtain a rental license in order for him to legally rent his property to his tenant. The identity of the tenant is not known but, several readers have informed us that there has been a pick up truck parked in different places on the street in front of the house as well as on the side of the house and in back. The license plate number is: SHY 602

My question to the City of Minneapolis...
Why does John Hoff NOT have to obtain a rental license for his house now that he is not living there AND why has he been allowed to not complete the required TISH repairs as promised in 2008 and why has he not been fined for those violations?

If I was a resident or a landlord in an area that shows such favortism towards an absentee activist ($60,000 LOSING activist at that), I would be rather upset. I would suggest that some phone calls to the city leaders are in order but, it is widely known that the powers that be do not believe in playing by the rules.
Things like that is enough to make any citizen yell, scream and maybe hit something! Wait.... Yelling and screaming are one thing but, citizens would not resort to hitting anything or assaulting anyone. Especially a "Super Citizen!"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Northside Activists Hoff & Goodmundson: Breaking the Rules... And Laws (Stay Tuned)

It has been a little quiet lately in north Minneapolis and much of that is because, Johnny Northside aka John Hoff has not been paying much attention to his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside or his beloved north Minneapolis. Note: That is the same blog that made headlines in March when John Hoff made history by LOSING in court to Jerry Moore which resulted in the jury slapping Hoff with a Judgement of SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Now THAT is what I call a 60,000-time loser!

There is a good reason why John has not been paying much attention to NoMi or his blog. The faithful readers of the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside have not forgotten about Hoff just yet as one reader has provided us with the reason and the proof of why John has been soooo distant. The next post will provide the public with that information and the proof to back it up.
Oh, I almost forgot... The very same information about John also happens to uncover some wrong-doing by Hoff in the process! If the city doesn't want to hold him accountable, or his city council buddies... It is only fair that the public knows about the special treatment he is getting while they have to pay.
Stay tuned for that!

We can't forget about No-Mi's number one "Super Citizen" and Hoff's girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson!
This blog, with the help of the Jordan Hawkman, uncovered the super-shady deal involving Megan's house on Newton Ave N. where she screwed the lender out of more than $100,000 when she let it go back to them in a foreclosure. The shady part was when Megan's parents swooped into town from Virginia and bought the house from the lender for a mere $32,000 while Megan had owed the bank around $160,000. We wonder if the bank knew the buyers just happened to be Megan's parents?

Back to the point though. Megan has made herself out to be some sort of modern day savior for north Minneapolis and after she  hooked up with Johnny Northside, he bragged about her on his blog and called her the "Super Citizen."
The Jordan Hawkman also found a few of her Judgements that are filed with the courts that her former credit card companies filed against her after she let the cards charge-off.
Well in an upcoming post, we will be posting the beautiful truth about one more side of Megan Goodmundson that I am sure she had hoped would never be discovered. Why would she worry about anything in her past coming back to haunt her? Afterall, you don't get to be a Super Citizen unless you stayed out of trouble. She volunteered to manage City Councilman Don Samuels election campaign a few years ago and surely, Don Samuels wouldn't ever let someone with a checkered past take on such an important role in the campaign.... Right?
It's the "Smoking Gun" that Megan will finally get to answer for. If she refuses to acknowledge questions this time as she always has, that is okay because, the "smoking gun" that was sent to the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside, will speak for itself just fine.

Stay tuned!