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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rules are Rules and Laws are Laws... Not to John Hoff

'Ol Johnny Northside aka John Hoff has a long history of being in the middle of trouble. If you look at the various issues he has taken a stand against, you will see the pattern as to why he finds trouble.

Rules are rules and Laws are laws... Unless your name is John Hoff. John actually loves laws. He loves them so much that he went and got himself a degree in Law. Alright, thats getting off the main subject a little bit but, most citizens abide by the rules and laws and if they break any, they are held accountable (or so that is what is supposed to happen). When John Hoff violates a rule or a law, he fights the system to the bitter end in hopes of being able to avoid being held accountable.
How does he do that? Simple.... He exploits the rule or law as being stupid and goes on a public rant to convince others that the rule or law is dumb and therefore he should not be held accountable. A few examples would include, having a vehicle towed because, it was parked where it was not supposed to be. Hoff's answer: Start a blog and attack the issue from his perspective only on Towing Utopia.com. Never mind that he was wrong, the point is that he did not agree with the rule after finding out the hard way that it did not suit him.
Another example can be found in the Seattle Times. I have pasted a copy of the article below with the link to the story as well.

Some things never change with Johnny Northside. Only the cities where he has lived seem to change.

Seattle's Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld
SEATTLE - The state Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of Seattle's sidewalk ordinance yesterday.
Sarah McConahy, a formerly homeless youth, and John Hoff, an advocate for Seattle's homeless, were cited in 1994 for sitting on the sidewalk in the University District. McConahy was sitting with friends, eating and sometimes panhandling, and wearing a button that said: "Sitting is not a crime." Hoff was sitting reading a book with leaflets in his lap advertising a protest against the ordinance.

The two had separate municipal court trials. Each was found to have violated the sidewalk ordinance.
McConahy and Hoff joined together to appeal the decision, alleging that the ordinance violated the state constitution, including their rights to free speech and due process.
The 1994 ordinance bans sitting or lying on public sidewalks in commercial areas from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Click here to read the article... John Hoff Seattle Times
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