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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Johnny Northside Dumpster Dives to Humiliate Politicians

I am re-posting the following information that was previously posted on this site in 2008 as I think everyone in NoMi and beyond would like to see it. Maybe now even the most devoted Johnny lovers can connect the dots and see the patterns. I wonder what Don Samuels thinks of John diving for information to "humiliate politicians?"

This is one of the books that was written by John Hoffman AKA John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. The publisher had the following comments listed on their site to describe the book.

Maybe after some of you see this, you will be happy he doesn't live by you right now lol.
My editorial comments are seen below in blue text.

Publisher Comments:
It's been 10 years since the publication of John Hoffman's cult classic of urban scavenging, The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving. Now the Garbage Guru is back with an advanced course in the unconventional economics of exploring the trash for fun and profit.

Just some of the lessons you will learn include:

the key secret to dealing with locked dumpsters; (Hey, writing about breaking into something that others wanted to keep people like Johnny, out. Good example though.)
how to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers;
(Oh my! In other words...Stay on his good side or face the 800 pound gorilla!

the unusual profitability of diving for movie and celebrity castoffs;
(It seems to have paid off big.... BWAHAHAHA. Well, he DOES say he DRIVES a Celebrity. Nice car.)

the BIG-bucks potential of industrial diving, including the top 10 most lucrative places to do it;
(I am guessing that N Minneapolis was not on that list?)
how to sell your dumpster-dived wares through the flea market of the 21st century - eBay;

how to parlay dumpster diving consciousness into finding cheap property, supporting radical causes, even landing political office; and much more!

(I don't think any dumpsters led to cheap properties on the northside. I doubt the book also covers how to be removed from political office. How does it support a radical cause? Other than Johnny Northside himself?)

Johnny Northside Supports the "Pigs" of the Fourth Precinct

I posted this link over a year ago on this blog but, in light of all the public ass kissing John Hoff has done recently I couldn't resist posting what John said about the police in his book he wrote about dumpster diving.
One of the first posts John had on his blog was about how he needs the Police to watch his back but, calling them "Criminals with guns & badges" is not the best way to go about making friends with them. I wonder if they would sit by and watch if some neighborhood trolls decided to beat the ever loving shit out of Johnny Northside?
Minneapolis Police! Take note of what your fan, John Hoff said about you...

"“Cops piss me off. They come at you with an attitude that you are guilty and they are going to get you to admit it with a few verbal tricks. Just once, I'd like to meet a pig with an attitude like I have a shining aura of civil rights around my body and possessions. Criminals with guns and badges, that's all they are.” (page 58). "

Dumpster Diving Review by John Hoff aka John Hoffman

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing... The BITCH SQUAD!

Introducing the BITCH SQUAD!!!
It takes a special type of person to make the Bitch Squad. Topping the list of Bitchers is none other than the Bitch himself, John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside!
Other members of the useless We Watch, We Call Bitch Squad, Jeff Skrenes, Megan Goodmundson and a special welcome to the newest member to the Bitch Squad... NoMi Passenger! (Update: It has been confirmed that NoMi Passenger is actually none other than the Super-Citizen, Megan Goodmundson.)
I will take the honor of claiming to be the Top Troll to the JNS blog and I posted the following on that site last night after Jeff made a post about calling in car repairs...

"Anonymous said...
There are bullets being shot all around the area as well as drug dealing just to name a few and you are jerking everyone around with calling in CAR REPAIRS???
Rather than waste time calling car repairs in and then blogging about it, might I suggest that the PARENTS of said kids keep them from playing in the STREET and around ANY car!
I think I have just come up with a suitable name for the JNS crew (John, Jeff, Megan, etc.) that call in stuff like car repairs.
Behold the Bitch Squad!
May 24, 2010 11:59 PM"

What makes NoMi Passenger so special is the fact that they are a HYPOCRITE and follow along with the John Hoff way of doing things... Point the finger at others and in this case taunt someone to use their real name yet they don't list their name anywhere! Not in their comments. Not in their profile and not on their own Blog! Here is the comment that earned them a spot on the Bitch Squad:

"NoMi Passenger said...
@Anon 1159 - come on, use your real name, come out behind the curtain and let's let our names and credibility and positions go toe-to-toe.
If you think we (the bitch squad as you have dubbed us) ONLY call in things like illegal car repairs then I think you should pay closer attention or get to nomi better because we call in EVERYTHING that looks suspicious or illegal. Heck do you know how many hooker calls I make on a daily basis? Hookers = Drugs. At least our Penn Ave hookers do.
So do me a favor, next time you want to call us the bitch squad how about you do it with your real name, k?"

You got it NoMi Passenger!
Here's a tip for you... The "Trolls" are growing in numbers and as we grow, we are finding out more and more about you and we are going to "out" every single one of you JNS Ass Kissers now known as the "BITCH SQUAD!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Your NoMi Neighbors: Hoff, Skrenes, Goodmundson, Browne & Haddy

Graphic of how NoMi hypocrites work

This is was actually submitted as a comment written by the Jordan Hawkman for the previous post. I thought the content was really thourough and decided it was really worthy of a post of it's own. I just wish I knew the identity of the Jordan Hawkman. Good work JH!

"Jordan Hawkman said...

It was only a matter of time. These guys cut their own throats. Meet your Nomi Neighbors:
John Willard Hoff
The Little Bully who Makes fun of Rape victims and exposes their identity and terrorizes his female room mate. Does not pay child support or fix his dump. Does not pay property taxes (the list goes on)
JefSkrenes, who is f currently financially supporting a slumlord himself named Brian Kallioinen. This individual lost properties to the Government recently. Skrenes participates in unauthorized work behind the city's back (that is until they shut it down). Skrenes also spews information which does not make any actual sense. Skrenes states that he will be on you like a hawk if you live in his neighborhood. However, his personal standards rival that of homes from post Katrina where he resides.
Megan Goodmundson, the Bank Frauding Renter. Goodmundson also has to very large judgement against her recently. It appears taht while she was strategically not paying her mortgage and duping her mortgage company into selling it to her parents she chose not to pay creditors as well. Where did all of the money go Megan? I guess when you are full time blogging and chasing your neighbors around and calling the city on them, there is not time to have a legitimate job. I am sure your neighbors are less than enthused with you. She even hangs her US Flag upside down.
Michael K. Browne, entices people to invite a convict into their home while the guy is on his way to jail. All Browne's palls start also endorse the guy. I wonder how the kidnap victim's family feels about this long ringing endorsement by this JACC board member.
David and Amy Haddy, they have a multitude of building orders issued on their home while griping about others. David Haddy is a JACC Board member.
These are your neighbors everyone.
Some welcome wagon. Oh, if you come in their neighborhood, they will Harass you if you are not P.L.U. (people like us)"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jeff Skrenes Overlooks Non-Authorized Work Done at HIS House

Note the new steps in front of the door and the oven off to the side
Photo contributed by a Hawthorne Resident

This is a copy of an email that was sent to me yesterday with regard to the property that the Hawthorne Hawkman aka Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne neighborhood housing director lives at. I have just copied it directly from my email. Pics are also shown of the house.

"I called 311 to report unpermitted work being done at his property. ( because when I drove by there was all sorts boards and cutting going on by this guy outside with saw dust flying everywhere (wonder if that is eco friendly). The stove was siting outside. Meaning that you have to pull a permit for simply connecting a gas line as well as any remodel work. The reference number is 351539 for this one.
I mentioned the grass and someone else already called in to complain yesterday on the 19th. Ref # 351172."

Michael K. Browne and JACC endorse Convicted Felon of Kidnapping

Granted this isn't directly tied to John Hoff aka Johnny Northside but, it is widely known that Kip Browne is good friends with John Hoff and both post links to each others blogs and make comments as well.
The fact that a convicted kidnapper was endorsed by Kip and the JACC is fitting when you consider the amount of effort John has put forth to expose anyone he "thinks" is a criminal and here his buddy endorses a kidnapper for home repairs!
Check it out for yourself....
Michael K Browne endorses convicted felon of kidnapping

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Johnny Northside Vs. L3SO's - Anti-Johnny Has A Plan!

Now that John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside has had the restraining order against him made public, he is once again blogging about Level 3 Sex Offenders in North Minneapolis and how excited he is about the ruling just made by the Supreme Court. John has literally gone after Pete Rickmyer because,  he knows nobody will have the stones to tell him he is taking the law into his own hands on the matter and the laws even apply to him. Anyone who has done that John blasts their name on the Internet and states that the person supports sex offenders. Typical John to twist it into something that makes him look like he is the good guy.

I got to thinking about John and this stupid public battle he has launched against the L3SO's and he won't stop until some are shipped out to the suburbs and away from NoMi. (has anyone else noticed that most of the sex offenders lived in NoMi long before John ever started to LOOK for a house there?)
John has violated, broken or simply ignored so many rules and laws with issues about himself and his house that I came up with a great solution to the problem.

John has yet to pay ANY property taxes on his house since he bought it in 2008. The Truth in Housing agreement he signed which lists all the repairs he was given 90 days to address have all been ignored. In other words, John's house is nothing but a pile of shit and he is just fine with that. The restraining order states that John has left bruises on his 12-year old son. The same son that John is in a current custody battle with his ex-wife over and court records show that his ex also has him back in court because, he has not paid his child support as stipulated by the court.

John bashes L3SO's who merely live in the neighborhood yet, he doesn't pay his child support, is in danger of losing any custody he now has AND the restraining order states that he has been physical enough with his son that he has left him bruised! I am going out on a limb here and stating that John Hoff is a bigger piece of trash than any of his recent targets! Thats a double standard if I ever heard of one.

The State and the City of Minneapolis should impose the following "sanctions" on Mr. I Play By My Own Rules Hoff:

- Move 3-5 L3SO's into John's house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. and give them free rent.
- John must live in the same house as the selected L3SO's
- John must not unfairly blog about any of the L3SO's assigned to live in the house and he must interact
    and be friendly with them while assisting with the repairs
- All people living in the house will address every repair that is needed until it passes inspection
- The city will pay John's past due property taxes for him with the condition that he must re-pay the loan
- John will have six months after the repairs are completed to repay the loan for the taxes and
   materials & labor for the repairs.
- If he does not repay the money he owes AND proves he can't work and play well with others
   during the repairs and six month period, the city will foreclose on his property, evict him and sell
   the house.
   The proceeds from the sale will then be applied to satisfy the amount he was to
   have paid. The city will also place a judgement on him personally so, he would not simply be
   let off the hook and allowed to screw the city out of what he owes them.

Thats it! Fair play for a very unfair bully! John thinks he can't handle living in the same area as other L3SO's, well lets see how much he likes having to be ROOMMATES with them!

Please note that this entire post was written as a light-hearted joke and is not to be taken seriously. Although I do have to admit, it sure would be funny as hell and deserving if this was to happen!

Monday, May 17, 2010

You Can Take The Trash Out Of NoMi But, You Can't Take The TRASH Out Of John Hoff!


I have been saying it on this blog and all over the Internet since I first learned who John Hoff was, that he is a low-life, bullying...FRAUD!!!

The MplsMirror has just published an article about how the media has made that ass out to be a local hero but, they published the physical  PROOF that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside had a restraining order filed against him by a recent roommate. I am not making this stuff up! Have a look for yourself....


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get To Know Your NoMi Activist's Homes!

I don't know about you but, I don't think I would want to be a neighbor living next to these northside activist's houses.

This is the front of the duplex that Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrene's lives in...

And.. the view from the back...
This must be where the Hobbit lives?

And the "No Grass" yard of "super-citizen" Megan Goodmundson...

Can anyone spot the "We Watch, We Call" sign in this grass field?
This is the house of Johnny Northside!

Ok one more! Here is the back yard of John Hoff's house...