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Friday, November 2, 2012

North Minneapolis "Yellow Journalist" John Hoff, Uses Non-Existent Sources (allegedly)

John Hoff has said on his blog many times, "I do what I want." Hoff has prided himself an promoted himself (and his blog) as being a "Journalist" while rarely complying with the Journalist's Code of Ethics. Hey... He does what he wants and you better not challenge him or you will face his wrath as he becomes an "800-pound gorilla." (Yes, he has said that many times.)

The following two points are two of Eight Simple Rules for Doing Accurate Journalism from the Columbia Journalism Review by Craig Silverman.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minneapolis Blogger Continues To Test The Limits Of The First Amendment In Quest For Fame

**See Update at end of post**
The past 48 hours has really produced a lot of momentum. The sort of momentum that can be compared to a tiny snowball that has started its "roll" down the big hill, while constantly getting bigger and bigger. As it gains speed and size, the snowball starts to see what is happening to it and as it gets bigger, it notices people racing to get out of its growing path as it appears that nothing will stop this snowball as it is quickly becoming a massive avalanche. It says to itself, 'YES! I am the greatest snowball and I will soon dominate the world!' Spectators not in the direct path shake their heads and say to others, "That snowball doesn't see the huge brick wall at the bottom of the hill."


The little snowball that could.... Didn't. It is now reduced to mere snow flakes at the bottom of the hill where it helplessly sits until Spring arrives and it ultimately melts away and is soon but a snowy memory.

The little snowball that thinks it can is current Minneapolis Blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside. He was sued for getting someone he disliked fired when he used his blog to achieve his goal. He lost in court and was ordered to pay his victim $60,000 in damages. Hoff didn't agree with that ruling and appealed. The higher court made note of his bullying intentions but, the ruling was reversed after the case had been spun into a First Amendment case.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bully Blogger John Hoff Infuriated, Goes On Offensive Against Nemesis

Picture is John Hoff's girlfriend and nick-named North Minneapolis' "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson. Picture obtained from Hennepin County archives under Freedom of Information Act.

Who would have thought so much could come up today that documents the extreme hatred, vindictiveness and just plain old bullying by bully blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside.
Something got under his skin as the previous post talked about after Hoff left comments on a site I used to write articles for. The comments have been removed from that site by an admin but, I opted to let the readers see what WordPress sent me with the comments included.

Just for the record, I have stated many times on this blog that Hoff will routinely cyber stalk those who he has a personal vendetta for and the following is a comment that Hoff submitted to the same site that the previous post was about. Note that the comment was asking questions on how to find me and also note that Hoff posted the comments in 2010. Further proof that Hoff is a dangerous stalker and uses the Internet as his weapon. Click HERE to see his comments on the host site.

John Hoff May 29, 2010 at 3:57 pm
Is Jim still writing for this website? His DFW Mentor website doesn’t have any content as of today. Is this information about your contributors current? Is Jim writing for you yet, or not?

Hoff, with his out-of-control efforts to inflict personal turmoil upon me today (this is in addition to the previous post) has published the following just moments ago on his blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside. Click HERE to see the comments on his blog. Here is what Hoff has said about me in his latest First Amendment assaults:

Johnny Northside! said...
The following is SUCH a ridiculous side note to this tragedy that happened at the bus stop. With little regard for the victim (although he may have died justifiably) and no regard to the issues of my neighborhood, Jim Watkins who lives in freaking TEXAS and more or less fled out of North Minneapolis like a fraidy-cat little BITCH some years ago continues to make this story his personal tree to lift his leg and piss upon.
Jim Watkins, who is the self-styled "Anti-Johnny" and lives Texas, posted a comment to this blog posting. Normally, I do not publish his comments nor I do not allow links back to his weird blog which is more or less devoted solely to trashing me, but I am copying the content of his comment and pasting it, like so:
(I don't have any doubt that the anti-Johnny blog would go so far as to post untrustworthy info just to see if I would unthinkingly repeat it)
Wow! You are as dumb as the day is long! You really think that is true? Let me tell you Hoffa, what I put on the blog is not to challenge you or to entice you. It is to let everyone know what a dangerous person you really are. You WILL finally have to face criminal charges before too long and I will be waiting to report it. You are in Texas now? Yet you say "I" am the stalker??? Yeah, see if you have the stones to post this! One way or another though, we shall meet very soon.
September 28, 2012 1:32 PM
To which I respond, Jim, you crazy and hyped up little man whose online identity is a mere slimy shadow of my own award winning, damn near nationally famous blog:
When I am out of town and I blog from somewhere else, I often make a point of mentioning where I am for two reasons:
1.) If a reporter is filing stories about Iraq from the roof of a hotel in Kuwait, he should reveal as much in the "Dateline" of the story. Though the information may be just as good, there is certainly an element of disconnect. In the spirit of the old Associated Press wire stories with "datelines," I often choose to reveal where I "filed" the story.
2.) Ah, the wonder of how the internet makes the world so small that I can and have written stories about my neighborhood from a mud, straw and goat shit qalat in Afghanistan. Sometimes I choose to celebrate that wonder by mentioning in what exotic places I happen to be, whether it's Dallas or wherever.
On a side note; some weeks ago you left a number of messages in comments on my blog along the lines of "Bitch, where are you" and "I know you're not at that piece of shit yellow house of yours" or words to that effect and (good lord) offering to have LUNCH when you were in Minneapolis.
Lunch with people like, you, Crazy Terry Yzaguirre and Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen is an impossibility because you all violate social decency norms about not taping and recording without consent when two sides who disagree about something agree to sit down and parlay.
I am not stalking you. I merely happen to find myself in Texas. It's a VERY big state, as Texans just love to point out. Heck, I lived here and was a resident and registered voter from 1991 to 1994 so I certainly have a love for the state and I have connections here. I will be in Texas if I want doing whatever it is I am doing for as long as I feel like doing it.
Eating tacos, for one thing. You just can't get good barbacoa in Minnesota, at least not at fast food prices.
Oh, in regard to the documentation of Jim Watkins being a fraidy-cat little bitch. Here's a link to the story in question.
While on that site, be sure to click on the link to Jim's DFW Mentor site. It's been snapped up by (it appears) THE FREAKING CHINESE.
I know Don Allen is friendly with a bunch of internet savvy Chinese. Maybe he can help you, Jim.

Rather than engage Hoff in a battle of online wits, I am opting to let his words speak for themselves.

Lessons Not Learned: Bully Blogger John Hoff Continues Cyber Harrassment

John Hoff pictured with his "weapon"

This is a post about a blogger who has been branded as a "Bully Blogger." Recently in Minnesota,  there was a conference held on the topic of blogging. The following is a copy of some comments submitted to this blog for a previous post...
topic was on 10 things for bloggers to avoid so you don't get sued. And Johnny Northside was the example of how not to blog. John Hoff does most of the things the media attorney says you should not do, which is why he got sued.
As stated many times, the purpose of this blog is to allow the public (especially those living close to John Hoff) to see what kind of a risk John Hoff poses to anyone who may come in contact with him either via the Internet or in person. It has been well documented that anyone who questions, challenges or calls him out, are sure to face his wrath. The "wrath" I speak of is what Hoff himself has termed, "First Amendment Retaliate" (click HERE to read the actual email written by Hoff where he issued the threat).

Monday, September 24, 2012

Breaking News: Read It Here Before Northside Blogger Gets Facts In Order

*See update at the end of this post*
The person who was stabbed to death on 18th & Lyndale Avenue north on Friday September 21, 2012 has been identified as Evander Lazar Partee, a 46 year old Black male who resided in the 2100 bock of Glenwood Avenue North.
According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, "The above individual died as a result of a stab wound to the chest. Manner of death is Homicide. Minneapolis Police are investigating." 
Mr. Partee had a very minor record with the courts including a driving after revocation conviction in 2006, and a urination in public citation in April 2012.
Mr. Partee's death is another tragic incident of violence in north Minneapolis.

You got the facts here before it was posted on JohnnyNorthside. John Hoff tried to break this story Saturday morning in his blog claiming he had beaten all the major media outlets, only to be proven dead wrong. Major media had the story out within 30 minutes on Twitter and online shortly after, Hoff didn't have it in his blog until hours later. And even then he couldn't admit he made a mistake, trashing the major media for using social networks to break the news. John Hoff is just bitter because he was banned from Twitter several years ago.
#John Hoff #johnnynorthside

Every once in a while the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside gets a nice treat that really serves as justification and sometimes "proof" of what is written about John Hoff on this blog. Today we received one of those treats! This blog has stated from the start that publicity, good or bad is one of the main driving forces of John Hoff and that he is his own worst enemy in that regard because, he simply can't shut up when he is written about negatively somewhere on the Internet. He can't shut up and resist commenting even if it proves the authors point about John being a publicity whore. John Hoff aka Johnny Northside read this post about him and after he read what someone said in their comments about him... John felt compelled to verify the comments and submitted the following comments to this blog.... (and I say, THANK YOU JOHN!)
 Johnny Northside! said...
Oh, I will tell you myself. I was kicked off Twitter for posting the specific home addresses of Level Three sex offenders living in my neighborhood. Even though there's no law against it.
September 26, 2012 8:14 PM

Friday, September 14, 2012

Johnny Northside Addresses Facebook "North Talk" Members With More Lies

"What? Johnny Northside lied?" "Say it ain't true!" Very well... What John Hoff aka Johnny Northside said to the members of the Facebook group, North Talk mostly isn't true.
I am writing this piece on my blog for a few reasons. 1) Some comments in North Talk recently have implied that I was the one who posted info about John's housing violations there. My response? False. Was not me nor anyone I know personally. 2) I can't post any comments to that group because, I am not a member of that group nor do I have any alias Facebook accounts. 3) I will never even attempt to join that group. Lets move on to the topic... Hoff.

Below are the comments John posted for the group and to someone who doesn't know a thing about Hoff it would appear that he offered reasonable explanations to what was said about his house and the violations that he has been hit with. However, I know better and I know that John either flat-out lied about some things or he left important facts out and twisted the truth into something more "manageable" for him. I have edited out content that was not related to this topic. My commentary is in red text.
John Hoff As for my house, anything that needs to be taken care of will be taken care of and I am on it. I had a lot of stuff on my plate when the chance to go to Afghanistan came up, and I jumped at it. 
Apparently, there wasn't much on his plate... Literally. And "the chance" came up? According to Hoff himself, he was "desperate to deploy."  The following is from an article John wrote for his hometown paper and the link to the full article.
It’s amazing, the stuff you’ll do to pay bills in a tough economy. When I couldn’t make enough money driving a truck all over the country picking up dead cats to be used as biological specimens, as well as selling my blood plasma, I enlisted in the Minnesota National Guard, the “Red Bulls.” The three months training I’d done at Fort Jackson paid all my child-support arrears. I was desperate to deploy anywhere, and I picked up every National Guard odd job I could find. http://www.thenewsleaders.com/road-to-afganistan-a-rocky-one. 
Two things... 1) Why was he "desperate to deploy?" I mean, he was in the National Guard at the time and receiving a pay check. Why on earth would he be desperate to go to war when he had that at home in north Minneapolis? 2) His three months training (Boot Camp) paid all his child support arrears. How is that possible? He was not behind with his child support. No, really he wasn't... According to him. On May 30, 2011 (right when he was about to be deployed) he wrote the following on his blog:
In the photo I'm holding, like, eight checks. But I've received over a dozen in the past several months. These represent OVERPAYMENTS to child support. Far from being a "deadbeat dad," I have actually been paying MORE than the State of Minnesota says I should pay for several months, now. Click here for the post
When I came back, that stuff was still on my plate. But it's being addressed. 
It is being addressed? REALLY??? To that I say, BULLSHIT!
As of today and according to the City of Minneapolis, John Hoff has applied for ZERO inspection permits. Click here to verify he hasn't. 
It is FREAKING OUTRAGEOUS that one criticism leveled at me by anti-Johnny haters is that I wasn't living in North Minneapolis the past year, I was living in AFGHANISTAN, and they tried to complain about my property on that basis.
That is not true on two fronts. First is that this is now mid-September. Hoff returned from Afghanistan is EARLY APRIL of 2012. That is more than five full months he has been back. Another fact is that John Hoff is no longer inin the National Guard as active duty OR Reservist. He was discharged in June. The second lie is no one complained about his house based on his being over-seas and thus, the house was a rental. The complaint is based on the fact that he is in violation of the Truth in Sale of Housing regarding repairs that he agreed to when he bought the house in 2008. He was given until the end of January of 2009 to complete the repairs. That was 2009!!! Not 2011!  How many repairs did he say he would fix? According to the city website, they list TWELVE repairs that were supposed to have been  completed by January, 2009. As of today, only one repair has been made and it was done in November of 2008. That leaves 11 TISH repairs in violation. Keep in mind, Hoff agreed in writing when he bought the house in '08 to have them fixed.  Click here for TISH repair status
Furthermore, I had every right (and a thousand damn Facebook photos) to take an extended summer road trip with my son after missing the previous summer's visitation because I had to, inter alia, sit in an exposed guard tower and scan for movement for days, weeks on end behind a 50 caliber machine gun. 
God! Does he glorify EVERYTHING he has ever done? A fair question to ask would be... Why would an educated person who holds a Degree in LAW, be sitting behind ANY machine gun??? From the same article he wrote for his hometown paper, John Hoff said the following...
The Guard sent me to Fort Jackson, S.C. to train as a 27D, which is a paralegal. I was a fine paralegal, but I couldn’t get a security clearance due to a pressing student-loan debt. Without clearance, I couldn’t get aboard a pending deployment to Kuwait.
The way he toots his own horn, you would believe he is a modern day Soldier of Fortune and a decorated war hero. Nope. Far from it.  
Fear not NoMi homies because, Johnny Northside has reassured the members of North Talk that "it will be taken care of" and he "is on it. There are several substances Johnny Northside could be "on" but, addressing his responsibilities with his house, would not be anything he is "On."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

North Minneapolis Bully Blogger Johnny Northside Is Officially A Slumlord

I will let this placard that was posted by the city of Minneapolis at John Hoff's unlicensed rental property known as 2226 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis, MN.
An interesting note is that several residents have reported to me that the placard has been removed from the property and that it has been reported to the inspections department. Hoff now faces a large fine and/or jail time for removing it.

I give you.... John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and now Johnny Slumlord! (click on image to view full size)

Johnny Northside Removed Significant Name From Hennepin County Jail Roster

Recently, Johnny Slumlord Northside has stated on his blog that he will not and has not removed any names from the Hennepin County Jail Roster. This has been his response to people who have written him and begged him to remove their names as it has caused potential employers to not hire them after they find a record of an arrest on Johnny Northside's blog but since the charges were dropped, the list shows the arrest was made as John is the only one who keeps the information online after the County removes it after a few days.

Here is the story from the StarTribune about the brother of Minneapolis Chief of Police, Tim Dolan. Paul Dolan was arrested and left off the jail roster- June 12, 2012

Chief Dolan's brother charged with attacking man in city park

Jun 16, 2012  -- Paul J. Dolan, the brother of Minneapolis' police chief and a convicted drug offender, was charged Friday with beating and threatening to kill a man who was sitting with his former wife at a North Side city park.

Dolan, 56, of Minneapolis, was charged with second-degree assault and terroristic threats in the ambush of the man Monday evening in Cleveland Park, according to charges. He remains jailed in lieu of $50,000 bail.

In January 2010, Dolan was ordered by a Ramsey County judge to serve six months in the workhouse and serve 10 years' probation after he was videotaped in his U.S. Postal Service truck smoking methamphetamine on his St. Paul route.
When authorities searched his home, they found 130 marijuana plants and a grow operation, according to court documents.
According to Friday's criminal complaint: A man told police that he and Dolan's ex-wife were sitting at a park table late Monday afternoon, talking about their romantic relationship. Paul Dolan came up from behind and knocked the man to the ground with a blow to the head, then pulled a knife and tried to stab him in the head numerous times.

The two struggled on the ground, with Dolan saying he would kill the man and his family.
Amid pleas from others in the park to stop, Dolan let the man go and drove off.
Officers found Dolan at his home a few blocks away. He denied carrying out the attack and denied being in the park at the time.
Dolan's brother, Tim Dolan, is retiring as Minneapolis Police Chief by the end of the year.

Johnny "Slumlord" Northside No Longer Has Inspections On His Side As Multiple Fines Are Issued

Last week I commented in a post I wrote that Johnny Northside aka John  Hoff's antics and overall "act" is beginning to wear thin with most of the people that he knows in Minneapolis and my prediction is becoming a real likelihood: Give Hoff enough rope and he will end up hanging himself.

One such example of his act wearing thin and has resulted in fewer readers on his blog is his psychotic obsession with not only seeing to it but playing a part and getting credit for running Minneapolis Attorney, Jill Clark out of the business. Yes, I said... Getting credit for it. What has Jill Clark done to John Hoff to warrant a THIRTY THREE part blog series focused on destroying her career and personal life?
Hoff claims that Clark has sued everyone in NoMi and has made his efforts of revitalization much more difficult. In my own opinion after having seen similar patterns of mental illness in Hoff's past, he has assaulted her in the manner he has been with his unflattering posts for one reason... Jill Clark represented Jerry Moore in Moore V. Hoff and she WON the case! (Hoff appealed and it was later reversed but, the damage to Hoff's ego had been done.)

Which brings me to my main point... Since Hoff's arrival into the north Minneapolis scene four years ago, he has boasted, bragged and flaunted his "above the law" attitude because of his tight relationships with various city officials who have always appeared to look the other way when he has created controversy. It appears that one by one... Johnny Northside is losing his support network and he will be left to fend for himself against all the L3SO's, Slumlords, Gang and non-Gang members and lots and lots of other people he has pissed off during his quest for attention.

Johnny Northside can no longer claim the city inspections department as a friend of his after being on a "first name basis" with the inspectors.
This latest opinion comes after the rumor being confirmed that the inspections department has finally decided to no longer ignore and look the other way while he operated his house on Bryant Ave. N. as a rental property without a rental license and issued costly fines.
Hoff has also all but ignored the TISH repairs on his house that he had promised to have fixed by the end of 2009. Records clearly confirms that Hoff has not complied with having the repairs made and he has been fined for TISH violations as well.

The city inspections department seem to have adopted the opinion of so many others about Hoff... "Your act is getting old."

I just get the biggest rush in knowing that "what goes around, comes around" and being here to witness it coming back around at Hoff. It couldn't be happening to a bigger jerk than John Hoff.

Monday, September 10, 2012

BREAKING NEWS... Blogger Johnny Northside FINED by the City of Minneapolis

2226 Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN owned by John Hoff


The Misadventures of Johnny Northshide has just been forwarded a tip that North Minneapolis blogger, John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been cited by the city of Minneapolis for unpermitted repairs and fined $200. 

John Hoff, who has been renting out his Hawthorne neighborhood house without a rental license for the past year, made boiler and plumbing repairs in 2008 without obtaining the required permits. He is endangering lives by renting out his house without a rental inspection or a license. Now the City of Minneapolis has taken action to close down his unlicensed rental property. John Hoff is now officially a "SLUMLORD".

This blog reported on August 2, 2012 that Hoff was operating a rental property without a rental license (click here for that story). Hoff has publicly gone after landlords who have had rentals without a rental license since he started his blog in 2008.
Stay tuned for more information on this story as we will be updating this site accordingly.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What Will Be Johnny Northside's Demise?

Johnny Northside self destructing?

Several Years ago I had to file an eviction against a tenant who proved to be somewhat of a lunatic monster. After I had filed it, she (the tenant) yelled when she saw me and made all kinds of threats. She told me she was going to blow up the building (a six-plex), have me beat up and even poison my dog.
When we went to court, she appeared to be a soft spoken, disadvantaged tenant and told the judge that I had threatened to kill her! I stood up and started to say something but, the judge waved his finger at me and told me to sit down and I would get my turn. The tenant then told the judge that I told her I was going to poison her dog! Again, I jumped up but, the judge waved his finger again, motioning me to sit back down. She went on to tell the judge a number of lies and the judge just nodded sympathetically and said he was so sorry that had happened to her. I didn't know if I was more upset with the tenant for lying or the judge for believing her.

Finally, the judge asked her if she had anything further to say and she whimpered as she said, "No. Thank you. Bless you, Sir." I was going to be sick after seeing such a display. The judge turned to me and asked if I had anything to say. I grabbed the stack of files off the table and as I stood up, I said, "Your Honor, yes, I do!" But the judge fired back, "No you don't! Judgement for the Plaintiff.... Next case!"

I stood there in a confused daze and leaned over to the Bailiff and asked what just happened? He was smiling and said, "You just won." The judge snapped his fingers at me and had a sarcastic smirk on his face as we waved me over to him. Still confused, he said to me in a giddy voice, "This is your first time, isn't it??" I nodded my head, yes. What the judge said next is something that I will never forget and is among the best advice I have ever heard. He said,

"These people are nothing new to me. Its the same song and dance every time. People assume I am here to pass judgement but, i'm not. I am here to give them enough rope until they hang themselves...And they do it every time."
 I think of what that judge told me as I read about Johnny Northside aka John Hoff of Minneapolis (soon to be of Oklahoma but, tune in later for more on that). Today on his blog, he has published part TWENTY FOUR in his onslaught against attorney, Jill Clark. Hoff claims his attack against her is because, she has represented so many people in "his community" that has made his attempts to revitalize the neighborhood, more difficult. While he gloats about the Moore v. Hoff case that was overturned by the Appeals Court, the fact remains... Jill Clark was the prosecuting attorney who BEAT John Hoff in District Court court when the jury ruled against Hoff and he was hit with a $60,000 judgement.  It is ironic because, up until the decision on the appeal was announced, Hoff went on a rant against Clark for nearly everything but, he didn't mention the "Blogosphere Trial of the Century" as he has named it. After the ruling was announced it seems he can't shut up about it. But... That's Johnny Northside.
His motto: "Do as I say! NOT as I do."
The people who have commented online with the articles that covered the appeal ruling, have been generally supportive of Hoff for his defending the first amendment but, the overall attitude towards Hoff is... "Your act is getting old."

Johnny Northside has been given a lot of slack by the residents and city of Minneapolis (delinquent property taxes, TISH repairs not being completed as agreed and operating a rental unit without a rental license to name a few) and upon seeing the people's reaction to him after the ruling... Perhaps he has been given enough rope and so we wait. We wait as John Hoff  prepares to hang himself.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Moore V. Hoff - Minnesota Appeals Court Upholds First Amendment, Leaves Public With No Protection From Hoff

Note: Be sure to read the update at the end of this post.

On August 20, 2012, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the verdict, in Moore v. Hoff Click here for court ruling.
The following is the case summary as described by MediaLawMinnesota.com.

"The case, Moore v. Hoff, involved a long-simmering Minneapolis dispute between John Hoff, who writes a blog titled “The Adventures of Johnny Northside,” and Jerry L. Moore, who worked in the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center.
Hoff made a blog post that Moore claimed were defamatory, and in turn Moore claimed that his termination from the university was linked to the allegedly false post.  Moore sued Hoff for defamation but also for interfering with his business relations.  A jury found that the posts were not false but nevertheless found interference with business relations."

I have been researching John Hoff aka Johnny Northside for the past 4 years and during that time I have collected more than enough factual information on him that I could easily write a non-authorized auto-biography about him. 
What I have learned about Hoff is that he is a master manipulator as he has even published that claim in one of his books, "Dumpster Diving The Advanced Course - How to turn other people's trash into money, publicity and power." Here is a quote from that book about media manipulation:
"I have done it many times. But I have done it through my ability to scavenge and my rather advanced ability to engage in media manipulation."
One fact that has not been published by anyone who has written about the previous verdict and the outcome of the appeal is what he told the truth about. Every publication and the courts have repeated what Hoff said that Moore was involved in a high profile mortgage fraud case. That was the true statement but, what was the actual "involvement?" In other words, HOW was he involved?
In the residential house deal that Moore was "involved" with, the fraud was committed by the buyers and they were prosecuted and convicted. Jerry Moore was not even the seller. In fact, he was listed on the HUD-1 statement as a "consultant to the seller."  He was a CONSULTANT to the party who did NOT commit fraud but, technically he was involved in the transaction as a consultant.

As an example, lets assume John Hoff went to have dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant and he was seated on the far side. Also eating dinner at the same time on the other side of the restaurant was famed former New York City Mob boss, John Gotti. Lets say I was a waiter working there that night and I wrote about my brush with fame on my blog by saying, "John Hoff had dinner with New York mob boss John Gotti at the Four Seasons." That would technically be true because, everyone seated in the restaurant would be having dinner while Gotti was also having his. I could say in public all I wanted that John Hoff had dinner with a convicted thug and murderer...AND get away with it because it was true.

I have to agree with the Court of Appeals ruling as I believe the ruling protected free speech for everyone. What this case and knowing first hand about John Hoff has shown me is that there has to be some sort of protection for people when the First Amendment is manipulated and used as a weapon. John Hoff has a degree in Law (UND 2004) but, he has yet to take the Bar exam. He knows the loopholes and how to manipulate them in order to avoid accountability for his aggressive behavior. Hoff has used the First Amendment as an offensive weapon against the very people it is supposed to protect. 
I know this to be true because, after this blog was established John Hoff insisted I delete it and if I refused, he would "first amendment retaliate" against me. Click here to read the actual email containing Hoff's threat.

Update: I was notified by Blogger that a comment has been submitted for moderation. The comment was submitted by none other than John Hoff himself.
I am publishing his comment so readers can see for themselves how he uses free speech with the intent to bring harm upon his critics. Here is a copy of the comment made in response to this post by John Hoff:

"(Sarcasm font) Right, Jerry Moore is so peripherally involved that he's being sued by the victims of the mortgage fraud. (End sarcasm font) How many times did you predict a victory like this would never come for Johnny Northside? Who is your big monkey daddy now, Jim Watkins, you whining little non-entity and friend of fraudsters? HA!!!! Say hi to your friend Thomas Balko in PRISON. I have plenty more to write about HIM."

The reference to my friend is an example of his aggressiveness while using the first amendment as a tool. Readers should also know that because Hoff was not able to force me to comply with his demands to delete this blog, he blogged to others to write prison officials in order to attempt to make life more uncomfortable for my friend. Clich here to read (in comments section). He attacked my friend in order to get to me. He made good on his threat to write the prison and the result brought on the end to my 30+ year friendship. Click here for that story.
I don't think the first amendment was intended to actually protect people like Hoff. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Johnny Northside Operating NON-Licensed Rental Property in North Minneapolis

John Hoff - Unlicensed Landlord

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been beating his "800 pound gorilla" chest a lot recently while continuing his crusade against landlords or, what he likes to call them... "Slumlords."
All of which is very typical of Hoff as he is being a HYPOCRITE!

Last month Hoff posted on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside, about a video camera one of his "roommates" installed (click here to read) and he went on to say something about "BOTH" of his "roommates" that live with him. Well....

The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside is hereby going on record and calling "bullshit" on Hoff!
This is not a mere opinion of mine. I have taken it upon myself to reach out to those closest to Hoff to get the facts about where he lives. Who would be considered to be closest to Hoff, you ask? Those people would be his NEIGHBORS who live everyday around the house Hoff rents out at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. in Minneapolis.

What I learned while talking to his neighbors by phone is that Hoff has not been seen at his house in over a year.... A YEAR! Granted, he was deployed to Afghanistan for part of that time but, he has said on his blog that he returned in April of this year. Where has he been hiding out since? Who cares! The fact is... He has NOT been living at his house on Bryant Ave. N. and he has stated there are two people living at his house. What that means is he is using the house as an income producing rental property but, has failed to apply for or obtain a rental license from the city of Minneapolis. The neighbors I spoke with confirmed that two people are indeed living at the property but, neither one of them is John Hoff.

I urge the community residents who live in north Minneapolis to make a complaint by contacting city code enforcement and tell them to send an inspector over to Hoff's house and they will find that John Hoff does NOT live there.

Johnny Northside holds other people's feet to the fire with his attempts to "revitalize" the community. As long as Hoff claims to be part of that community... Hold HIS feet to the same FIRE!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Johnny Northside Security Camera Not What He Claims

Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, is getting more and more paranoid. Recently he announced  on his blog that he (actually he said his roommate did it) has installed a remote access security camera. He went on to suggest that it has similar abilities to military camera's which (hardly) allow him to... "tell if a dog is taking a piss or a crap at 500 yards based on the heat signature". 
Click here to read the post on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Here is the picture of the camera he posted on his blog.

There are a few things that warrant some clarification with regards to what John claimed in his post as well as some observations I made.
The camera pictured appears to be an "IP Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Security Camera With Support For Internet or Smart Phone Viewing." Click here for specs
The IR (night vision) capability is listed at 10 meters (3 feet, 3 inches per meter). That is the maximum range. The camera pictured appears to have 12 IR illuminators and based off my personal experience with night vision camera's, the camera Hoff uses would be lucky to see past his own sidewalk at night. You can also see the very obvious power cord coming out of it and appears to be plugged into an extension cord that is run along the ceiling. The cord is to power the camera, the base unit and the transmitter which sends a wireless signal to a receiver that is almost certainly inside the house. Wireless signals can be intercepted and viewed using a video scanner. I should also mention that wireless camera's almost always produce an image that has distortion.

Let me put all of that into perspective... The camera Hoff claims he has operating at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. is a wireless camera that is not capable of seeing past his side of the street at night and the image it does produce will always have some distortion in it which means it does not produce a clean, clear picture. Plus, the camera is sitting on a folding clair on his porch with either a storm window or a screen is directly in front of it. What that means is that the IR illuminators will bounce off the window/screen in front of the camera right back at the camera which severely limits what the camera can see. It is like aiming a camera directly at the sun.

Hoff also claims to have TWO roommates. IF that is true, it would mean that there are at least three adults living at his house (John has said he also resides there). Hoff has gotten around having to get a rental license for the property (which would require an inspection that would NOT pass based off of the TISH repairs he did not complete as promised) by claiming he has roommates that live with him. The house has only 2 bedrooms according to county records and for Hoff to live there, it would mean he "rigged" another room in the house to serve as a bedroom and according to county records... He did not obtain a permit to do so.
It is my opinion that John Hoff does not live at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. and that opinion is based off of conversations I have had with neighbors who live on his block. In fact, one long time resident on his block told me that Hoff has not been seen in over a year.  This information has been passed on to the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

Lastly, here is the link to Hoff's blog post about my idea for the city to mount signs that say the area is under video surveillance (the sign in the post was designed by me and I sent a copy to John to put on his site). Click to read.  My idea was to only put signs up but, only dummy camera's would be put up which would make people THINK there are camera's recording what is going on. After reading Hoff's post about his new video camera at his house, I would not be a bit surprised if the camera he has is not a working one at all. Merely a ploy to make people think there is a camera recording what is going on outside his house. He has good reason to do such a thing because, he continues to attack various north Minneapolis residents he see's as "Thugs" by posting pictures of them and personal information about them on his blog. In other words... He has been pissing off a lot of people and they reportedly have not appreciated what he has said about them.

Keep running John! Sooner or later... You will be held accountable for your Internet bullying.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Northside VS Northern

Quilted Northern - Toilet Paper
Johnny Northside

Johnny Northside aka John Hoff recently went on a self-touting rant about the mainstream media "stealing" moves from his (journalism) "playbook." Somehow Hoff has it in his head that he is a known player in the world of journalism but, his resume doesn't exactly reflect the journalist that Hoff see's himself as. In fact, only the Minnesota Daily (University of MN student paper) is the only employer Hoff has worked for as a paid journalist. He has been a professors student aid but, that is hardly a position that would qualify as a journalist.

Wait! Hoff is Johnny Northside! Everyone has heard of him... Right? Ok, then everyone must have heard of him from the "Trial of the Century" that he lost, right?  
The Adventures of Johnny Northside (www.johnnynorthside.com) is merely a Blog. In fact, even though it was named the "best blog" by the CityPages two years in a row, it is just a blog that very few people, even in Minneapolis has even heard of. I have said many times that John Hoff is a ruthless hack who even journalists such as Geraldo Rivera would be embarrassed to be compared to.

I submitted the following comments to Hoff's blog that were not approved, of course.
"Playbook! Haha that is kind of funny, in a delusional sort of way.Look at the journalism content of your resume. The MN Daily is the only somewhat credible thing you can claim as professional journalism to your credit. This is a blog. This blog is a loose cannon, no accountability and no ethical guidelines ever followed if I ever saw one.Wait, you were named best blog by city pages two years running. Yeah and Quilted Northern wipes more crap than any other toilet paper and more people have heard of Quilted Northern than you.Playbook? You are a self-centered hack at BEST."
After I said that more people have heard of Quilted Northern than Johnny Northside and that it wipes more crap than other toilet paper, I realized that my comparison of the toilet paper to Hoff is unfair to Quilted Northern. How is it unfair TO Quilted Northern??? Here are a few examples of how Hoff doesn't come close to being as good as the toilet paper...

1) QN actually cleans crap by wiping it away while Northside likes to play in it. 
2) QN is respected by the public (unlike Northside) as it provides a worthy service. 
3) Everyone has heard of Quilted Northern but, few know who Johnny Northside is.
4) Once crap is wiped away, you can flush QN down the toilet but, it's nearly impossible to get rid of Johnny Northside.
5) QN wipes an ass clean while Johnny Northside is merely... An Ass Wipe.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogger Johnny Northside Continues To Attack Attorney Jill Clark

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside

John Hoff's weapon of choice

John Hoff continues his attack on attorney Jill Clark of Minneapolis. He recently posted The Madness of Jill Clark Part Eight ( Click here to read ) on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Seriously... Part EIGHT!

As painful as it is to read through all the banter contained in those posts, it appears that the  over all message is to publicly discredit Jill Clark. He rants about how she is a bad lawyer (not his exact words) and how he predicts that the "end is near" for her. On and on he goes with no end in sight as he has now published part EIGHT!

While reading his drivel that he claims is fair criticism while being a "journalistic" blog, I had an interesting thought on the matter...

Hoff claims that Jill Clark is a bad lawyer (based on his EIGHT posts on his blog about her). So, lets just say that his claim is accurate (hypothetical) and that Clark is a bad attorney. As many readers know, the case of Moore v. Hoff aka the "Trial of the Century" (which I would consider must be a huge, monumental case to be called that) was led by.... Attorney Jill Clark. In that case, Hoff was the Defendant and Clark represented the Plaintiff.  That said, here is my interesting thought....

"IF" Jill Clark, who litigated against Hoff in the Trial of the Century, is indeed a bad attorney (as Hoff insists), then what does that say about John Hoff? Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot to mention that Jill Clark WON that case! The jury ruled AGAINST Hoff! 
In my humble opinion, any attorney who WINS a "Trial of the Century" must be a pretty damned good attorney! Take into consideration that the LOSER in that case just happens to be the same person who has posted EIGHT anti-Clark articles on his blog... Well, it is pretty clear why John Hoff continues his personal attacks against Jill Clark. 

Hoff is a sore loser if I ever saw one. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MisAdventures of Johnny Northside Blog: Continues to Gain Following

Back in August of 2008, John Hoff aka Johnny Northside first became aware of this blog which was established to inform the public about John Hoff and his long history of ignoring the rules, bullying, headline whoring and attacking people using the Internet while abusing the first amendment in the process. There are many many more things John has done and you can read more about many of them here, on this blog!

The following was copied from the Adventures of Johnny Northside blog. John stated that he was going to "ignore this website" and went on to claim that its webmaster (Anti Johnny) has been unsuccessful in promoting the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside.

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then my head is surely going to expand until--poof!--it blows up in a splatter of bloody brains. It seems somebody has gone out and made a parody of my own blog.
So I'm going to address the criticisms here, and then I'm going to ignore this website, since its own webmaster has also seen fit to mostly ignore it after going to all the trouble of creating it and trying (unsuccessfully) to promote it.
Fare thee well, Anti-Johnny blog. You were a brief amusement, but amusing none the less!

http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2008/08/misadventures-of-johnny-northside.html "
Here we are in 2012 and nearing the 4th year this blog has continued to deliver!
I noticed in the site statistics yesterday that the overall page views for this blog is nearing 33,000!
I should point out that site statistics for this blog were not available to be tracked and recorded until
July, 2009. The total may be over 40,000 for all anyone knows.

Of course, if John Hoff was to address these statistics, I would fully expect him to compare them with his own blog and more or less put himself on a blogosphere pedestal and claim "dominance" over the MisAdventures blog.
If John was to do just that, my reaction would be... SO WHAT? John never has understood that I never have and never will try to compete with his blog. This blog is only about all things being John Hoff.

33,000 page views and counting! Not bad for a "Brief Amusement."

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Amendment V. John Hoff. Review Of "Dumpster Diving" And Who Johnny Northside Really Is. Part 2

...Only Hoff attacks unprovoked
Today's review covers the third chapter, "Advanced Dumpster Based Media Manipulation" in John Hoff's book, "Dumpster Diving, The Advanced Course."

As I was reading this chapter, I kept shaking my head and thinking to myself, 'He's serious!' 
Yes, he was serious and I know it to be true because, since he wrote the book in 2002, he has done many of the things he explained in the book in his every day life, mostly on his blog. (when I say "things" a better term might be 'criminal manipulations')
On page 21, he compared media manipulation to blackjack with this statement...
"Media manipulation is like a blackjack table where you play with free chips, chips that you can cash in for real value. The only risk is to a person's credibility if he/she just gets too damned excited about a piece of nothing."
 On page 22, he made another statement that I found to be typical of Johnny Northside in a hypocritical way because, when someone comments on his blog about something that is not current, he lashes out against them and brushes their comment aside by stating that "its old" and "nobody cares anymore." Here is what the dumpster diver said...
"There's a saying in journalism that may be the wind at your back or the fart in your face: Old shit doesn't stink unless you stir it up.' "
All I can say to that is... My, how charming.
Of course we all know that John is an "activist" as he has stated so many times. The following two images are photos taken of the text in the book from page 22. They show John's advice and opinions to and of Activists. Note: If the pic is cut off on your screen, click on the image to view full size. 
"terrorize banks"

A "Tight shot of my ass???" "Unable to resist his animated face???" Wow! I bet the people at the StarTribune must run towards the bathroom every time they see their "little Nielsen Week Slut Boy" come across the Caller ID. This is only my opinion but, "slut boy" would not be how I would describe John Hoff. I think the term "Attention whore" is much more accurate.
This next image shows that John takes credit given to himself for accomplishing what he said in the quotes above.

Good God! I think this guy has seen one too many James Bond movies and has molded himself after all of Bonds' crazy, psychopathic, bad guy mastermind enemies.
For the readers who don't know this but, John Hoff has a law degree. He is NOT an attorney (my guess is because he knows he can't get licensed for free and that he would be held to strict ethical standards) but, he loves to portray himself on his blog as a superior legal scholar.  This next quote from his book he does the same thing.

In the next two quotes, John goes into detail about how to utilize the Internet to attract the print media to help set off a "publicity firestorm." Somehow I just can't convince myself that the first amendment was created to protect people like John Hoff.

My review of chapter 3 of John "Dr. Evil" Hoff's book closes with two more quotes of his that really speak for themselves. I say that mostly because, no sane, law abiding, sensible person would likely ever think of something like these quotes and if they did think them, I would guess that their common sense would see to it that they never SAY them.
"You can change the whole world. All you need is a little luck, and this is a game you can play for free, baby. You are holding the butterfly of chaos in your hands, and you can feel the flutter of wings that will unleash hurricanes"
"Butterfly of chaos?" Really? I might compare him to maybe the 'fruit fly of the kitchen' or the 'gnat of annoyance' but, its HIS quote so, I just hope I don't find myself thinking of Hoff the next time I see a peaceful butterfly.

I wonder what his current government buddies like Don Samuels, Mayor Rybak and Barb Johnson will think when they see this quote? It is kind of ironic in a way with John saying, "it is vital to the" yada yada yada "that corporate and government evil be exposed" because, exposing John Hoff aka Johnny Northside the "Activist" is exaxtly the function of this blog.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"First Amendment" Versus "Dumpster Diving -The Advanced Course" Author John Hoff. A Chilling, In-Depth Look At Who Johnny Northside Really Is! Part 1

Copyright 2002 Paladin Press - By John Hoffman
I am REALLY excited to be able to write this series of reviews of the book, Dumpster Diving- The Advanced Course. The book was written by John Hoff (he used his "pen" name Hoffman rather than his own name) who is also a Minneapolis "activist" who is no stranger to controversy. For those not familiar with his current antics, you can read about the lawsuit he recently appealed Click here for StarTribune after a jury determined in March 2011, that he used intimidation & threats of a negative publicity campaign with his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside to get one of his enemies fired. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $60,000 in damages but, what these reviews of what he wrote in this book will show is that he is nothing but a world class cyberbully continues to clutch onto the First Amendment as his justification for what he says. As usual I will show the facts and proof of what I write about Hoff and let the readers judge for themselves.

I bought (yes, bought) a copy of his book and had it with me when I was in Minneapolis in the spring of 2009. I met John for lunch after he extended the invitation and I asked him to sign my copy of his book. The picture below is what John wrote on the inside cover.

John calls me (Jim Watkins) "the Anti-Johnny" here. This is where the nick name came from.

The John Hoff who is currently claiming to be a neighborhood activist intent on turning his north Minneapolis neighborhood into an "urban utopia" does his best to convince the public and the media as well that he represents all that is good, stands up against criminals and sex offenders and constantly makes it known that he has a close, personal relationship with the Minneapolis Police, local media and many local politicians, including city councilman Don Samuels. In other words, Hoff knows who he needs to manipulate and in a way, hide behind as he continues hius quest for fame and headlines. However, everything he does is all part of a well thought out, calculated plan and these reviews will include quotes from John that detail what he has done and will do again to anyone who he feels might stand in his path to urban utopia.

The title of chapter 2 in his book is called, "The Master Key To Successful Diving."
The chapter details the events leading up to and after he stumbled upon a "master key" to the padlocks that locked the majority of the trash dumpsters in Seattle, Washington after he moved there in 1994. His admission of how he could use that key against anyone he pleased, is enough to chill just about anyone's blood. Here are some segments from that chapter.

After finding the key, Hoff went to show it to a friend whom he called, "Bicycle Bill" and told Bill that they should make copies of it and give one to "everybody." His friend then said,
"They could come down on us hard. This is criminal shit. You are actually opening a lock with a key that is not yours."
This is what Hoff then wrote... "Yeah, Yeah" I muttered, waving him off. I just wanted to figure out how many corporations I could fuck in the shortest span of time possible. I wanted to unleashall the power of the key at once.
A few paragraphs later, he said...
I agree. I have to know exactly how much chaos this thing can unleash before I unleash it. So I can unleash it in he best way possible. This key might very well open up the entire city of Seattle.

Hoff then explains how people reading his book can go about getting a master dumpster key of their own.  Rather than taking the added time to type the next few quotes, I just took pictures of the actual page from the book. Forgive the yellow highlighter marks but, I had to remember somehow.
(note: If any of the images have words cropped off the ends, click the image to view full size.
This is one of Hoff's suggestions on how to get a key

But Hoff wouldn't do that himself... Unless

A word of warning to anyone or any company in Minneapolis: If you hire John Hoff, make sure you have a video camera recording his every move and that he does not have access to any sort of sensitive materials. Wait, he would steal a paper clip and call it liberating it so, maybe have him escorted at all times. Or wait, you could simply NOT HIRE HIM!

He continues on with his self promoting and has a very arrogant attitude about the effect his first book had with the FBI and take note what the last part says!

Thats right, if you don't do as he says... He will merely find dirt on you and threaten you

Let me set the context of this quote. John said he...
 had seized "Controlled narcotics keys." from a drug-impared nurse then threatened (this must be where John learned how to do this) in her manipulative substance abuser way - to frame me for the theft of Avitan. With Satan speaking through her mouth, trying to get to the root of my innermost fears and doubts, she said... 
"John, everybody knows how street smart you are. How you find stuff in people's trash and sell it for money. What if I confessed I was stealing Ativan and you were selling it? But that you are street smart that you sell drugs without using drugs, which is why you never get caught." 
(I swear that sounds JUST like what he does to others)
The bullying, self centered way that John Hoff replied is very common to people who challenge him on his blog and attitudes like this is exactly why he was sued and LOST and now has a $60,000 judgement against him (here's hoping the judges uphold the conviction). Pay attention to what he is actually saying. 

Now I can't say for certain that John really "meant" what he said in the last quote but, based off of things he has said on his blog and others as a comparison, I think he definitely believes it.
Part 2 - coming soon! 
"Advanced Dumpster Based Media Manipulation"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

John Hoff: Coward or Terrorist?

Scott Farkus: Christmas Story Bully & Idol to Hoff
Guest Writer Alexander David Returns!

John Hoff is either a coward, or a terrorist, but most likely both.

As an active duty soldier John Hoff knows the rules of engagement. You conduct your actions within a legally defensible framework. You attack the enemy. You do not attack innocent civilians or children. Only a terrorist attacks children and civilians.

In the blogging war John Hoff has chosen to violate the unwritten rules. He has decided that since he cannot win against his enemies, he will attack their children. This is a cowardly act. This is an act of desperation by a coward so arrogant, so self-righteous, and so mentally disturbed, that he cannot see that it makes him look like a total fool.

Terry Yzaguirre, an editor with the MplsMirror online news has written several articles about John Hoff. Many others have submitted articles to the Mirror about Hoff’s bizarre and hypocritical behaviors. Terry has every right to tell the truth and express her opinions about Hoff. It’s called the First Amendment, the right to free speech. A right John Hoff vigorously self-promotes.

Unfortunately, John Hoff cannot tolerate when the tables are turned on him. Oh boy does Hoff, writing under the name “Johnny Northside”, love to dish out the dirt on people. His favorite targets are landlords and property owners, especially if they are Jewish. Hoff will spend hours, if not days, researching, scouring records, and stalking his victims to take photographs, until he has some offensive tidbits on his subject. Then he will post an article in his blog under the banner, “A JNS Exclusive”. Hoff loves to write about rental property owners who don’t keep their properties 100% up to code. Should the lid to a garbage can not be on correctly, or should a blade of grass to too high; he will be “Johnny-on-the-spot” to call city inspections.

Once Hoff has his sights on a particular rental house he will not stop his barrage of complaint until the city closes the place down and the tenants are tossed out on the streets. Does Hoff care about those he has made homeless? Not one bit. He considers them necessary casualties.

Hoff, however, conveniently forgets that his own home is frequently out of compliance with city inspections. He has been issued citations for un-mown grass, junk vehicles, peeling paint and crumbling brickwork. Further, his house has never been brought up to code. When he purchased it, it was missing considerable plumbing, had no operable furnace, and no operable water heater. Yet, some has been replaced without the proper permits. The only permit John Hoff was granted was for some bathroom plumbing. So one has to wonder: How were all these repairs made without permits?

Terry Yzaguirre had the courage to call John Hoff out on the proverbial carpet. She dared to ask how the guy she called the “bully blogger” could be so hypocritical. How could a guy who had not paid his property taxes and was behind with his child support, tarnish the reputations of others for the same transgressions?

The problem is that John Hoff can dish it out, but he cannot take it. John Hoff’s maturity level is somewhere below that of a kindergartener. If you call his a name, he’ll throw sand in your hair.

Anyone who writes something negative about John Hoff, or gets in his way and he can identify them, is guaranteed a headline in his blog. It’s what John Hoff calls “First Amendment retaliation”, and it won’t be pretty.” John Hoff knows that it scares people, and it works for him – it prevents people from standing up to him. Hoff writes that he wants to be the 900 pound gorilla in the room. But sometimes Hoff just can’t win. Sometimes people, like Terry Yzaguirre and Jim Watkins, won’t back down, and his retaliatory blog posts about them don’t work.

So what does John Hoff do? He attacks their friends and family; he goes after innocent civilians and children. Just like a terrorist, just like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, John Hoff has no remorse for his civilian casualties. If the civilian casualties hurt his enemies, it makes Hoff feel like a winner.

This is the behavior of a coward – John Hoff is nothing but a coward who stoops to the lowest levels. And it makes him feel good.

But what Hoff doesn’t consider is that he has changed the rules of engagement. Those people, those civilians and family members that he holds dear, are now fair game in the blog wars if a Hoff enemy chose to focus on them.

His mother, his sister, his brother Judd, and his son become open targets for whoever cares to write about them. Judd Hoff is a public figure, and, well, might even be more mentally disturbed that John, so he is easy to write about. But how is John Hoff going to explain to his 14 year old son, that because of his father’s actions, he could now see his name, written in ridicule and disgrace for everyone to see? It is a shame that someone as innocent as John's son could be subject to humiliating blog postings because of his father. But there is no one to blame except John Willard Hoff.

Over the past couple of years people have offered a truce to Hoff, but he has declined. John Hoff doesn’t care if there are preventable casualties. Hoff gets his gratification bringing misery and shame to others (but does so while claiming it is helping the community). Hundreds of comments have been written about Hoff describing him as a sociopath, a psychopath, and mentally deranged. The only things he gleams from those comments are grammatical errors. He is totally incapable of examining his own behaviors, or seeing what he does as wrong. Sadly, he cannot see that his own self-destructive behaviors will cause him to lose the war because one day he will have to make a choice: (of which is more important if forced to give one up)
His son, or his blogging.
Knowing Hoff, he would choose to keep blogging, which is a shame.

It’s never good when innocent civilians get harmed, especially when it is the result of their own cowardly father.