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Monday, June 28, 2010

Johnny Northside Dodges Court Fee's, Files "In Forma Pauperis"

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

NoMi's top hypocrite is at it again!
In a recent post on the adventures of johnny northside, John Hoff had this to say in his latest attack on Pete Rickmyer...
"Johnny Northside! said...

On another note...
Damn right Peter is on public assistance. Your tax dollars at work filing frivolous litigation against decent Northside neighbors."

This sort of "Do as I say, not as I do" bullshit from John is nothing new. As I have posted many times on this blog, John goes to court all the time and I don't mean as an observer. He gets sued all the time because, he does stupid things and he likes to do the SAME things Pete does by claiming that he didn't break a rule if the rule itself is stupid. Think I am kidding? Read about the time John appealed a court decision against him for being cited for SITTING ON A SIDEWALK! Click here to read Seattle's Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld.

I decided I would look up all the court cases where John has filed "In Forma Pauperis" meaning, he does not have enough money to pay his court fee's so, his fee's are waived. HIS fee's are waived but the court still has costs involved so, that means the PUBLIC ends up paying John's fee's!
Here we have a guy who is in his mid-40's and holds a degree in Law. His education has been paid for with student loans and scholarships (possibly grants as well). He recently enrolled at the University of Minnesota for another class but, my guess is the student loan money for that class will be used to pay some of his back child support. In fact, the hearing for that custody case is going to be held next week.

I didn't want to spend all day looking up all of John's court cases (there are a lot) so, here are the case numbers to just some of the court cases that John has used the "In Forma Pauperis" loop hole and not pay his court fee's. Funny how John rips Pete Rickmyer for filing frivolous lawsuits yet John fights solid cases against him and never pays for either his court fee's OR judgements that have resulted in some of his losses!

Case Number           Case Type  
27-CV-09-17778    Civil/Contract
27-CV-10-3378      Civil/Other
19WS-FA-10-160   Custody
19-F3-05-003698    Interstate Support
76-CV-06-655         Civil/Other ($3,228 unsatisfied Judgement)
37-VB-10-95           Criminal/Speeding
75-VB-09-653         Criminal/Speeding
82-VB-08-13920     Motor Vehicle Registration - Gross Weight Exceeds Registered Limit
                                                                             Drove .5 hr past the 11 hour rule
56-T0-04-004366    Criminal/Speeding

A final note: These cases are merely in the State of Minnesota and don't reflect the upcoming cases involving the non-payment of taxes with his house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N in Minneapolis. There are others in Washington and North Dakota.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hawthorne Community Council Powerless Against Cowboy Board Member & Housing Director

Leader of the Hawthorne Utopia, Hoff

Parody of Hoff as Dictator, Putin

Hoff with Minneapolis city councilman, Don Samuels

How can the members of a community council allow a fellow board member and their housing director to bad mouth residents, community leaders, community investors, business owners and even renters that live, work and play in their own neighborhood?
No one seems to know the answer to the question but, that doesn't stop John Hoff (board member) and Jeff Skrenes (housing director) from publicly attacking anyone they choose to by publishing their opionions on the blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.com.
Hoff, the owner of the blog does not seem to care if what he writes about people is true or what effects his words might have against those people. Jeff Skrenes is the housing director for the Hawthorne neighborhood and is employed by the community council. He is a regular contributor to the blog and his personal friendship with Hoff is no secret to anyone.

People who live in Hawthorne and do business there are taking notice of how John and Jeff seem to pick targets out of thin air and proceed to put their names, pictures of them and all sorts of opinions about them on the blog. John and Jeff aren't the only "cowboy bullies" that end up attacking people in Hawthorne. Once their opinions have been posted to the blog then the readers submit their comments as well. A lawsuit was filed last year against John Hoff after John slammed him on the site and encouraged readers to contact his employer. The person claims that he was fired as a result of Hoff posting un-true information about him on his website and several commenters jumped on the Hoff Hate Train and were named in the suit (anonymous).

Here is a partial list of acts against people in Hawthorne by Hoff and Skrenes:

Constant calls to 311 and 911 to report car repairs, loitering, removing trash from a house, over-grown lawns, houses & buildings painted with colors they don't like, signs in yards & on poles and the list goes on.
Landlords of houses in Hawthorne are constant targets and are referred to as "Slumlords." It makes no difference if they are landlords who follow the rules or not. Several months back, John launched a crusade against Level 3 Sex Offenders by publishing the names, pictures and addresses of as many L3SO's he could find. Those who challenged him by saying he was going too far... Yep, you guessed it. John simply attacked them by putting their names on the site and stated that they were supporters of L3SO's. Imagine what damage that could have on someone if they were fired because their employers saw what John wrote?
John recently accused someone of murder and plastered his name all over the Internet for weeks while the person was wanted on other non-related charges, John actually claimed he believed the person was responsible for the death of a Hawthorne resident. As of today, they have not been charged with anything regarding that murder.

Recently, there have been many concerned residents and business owners within the Hawthorne neighborhood with the conduct of the two "community leaders." What they are doing is installing the fear of God in people. I compare their actions to those of a Communist dictator where they rule with fear. Their approach to their targets and others in the neighborhood is, "Do as we say, not as we do and God help you if  you cross us."
How can they get away with such behavior against people in their own neighborhood? Can you imagine how intimidating it would be if your name was plastered all over the Internet in association with things that were not true? The Hawthorne Community Council is the governing body who are there to look out for the best interests of the neighborhood yet, one of the board members and the housing director takes matters into their own hands while the rest of the board members say and do nothing.
To make matters worse, John has not paid his property taxes since he bought his house in 2008. He recently had a restraining order filed against him by someone he rented a room in his house to and he is scheduled to be in court next week as the custody/child support case his ex-wife filed against him continues.
That is why I see him as a "cowboy" who is a authority figure in the neighborhood yet, he consistently breaks the rules that everyone else has to follow. The ironic part is that John see's nothing wrong with attacking people and accusing them of things he is guilty of himself.

Victims of the Bully Blog are constantly reminded that they have few options of who to turn to for help as John and Jeff routinely publish posts about Minneapolis city council members, Police of the 4th precinct, Mayor R.T. Rybak as well as other neighborhood association authorities... ALL of whom are friends with John and Jeff! Got a gripe with John Hoff? Go to the community council to report him. Wait, he is a board member. Ok, go to the police. Wait, John is buddies with all of them. So, go to the city council and complain. Sorry, that will only piss them off when councilman Samuels tells them that someone complained about them. Next thing the victim knows is their name is being bashed even harder and city inspectors are starting to show up at their houses and rental properties and place of business and  slapping them with any number of violations and fines.

I don't know how the community council can sit back and do nothing as they watch the constant attacks take place at the hands of their fellow board member and housing director is beyond me! You would think that any other governing board would simply fire a housing director who bullies people like that because, the housing director is not elected. Jeff Skrenes was hired and a lot of people in the area think he should be fired.
What about John Hoff? He was elected to the board so, he can't be fired like Jeff. This is not the first time John has been a political board member though. John was a member of the Grand Forks city council in North Dakota less than 10 years ago. His behavior was not appreciated by fellow board members or residents of Grand Forks. He was so out of control that a special recall election was held just months after being elected and he was removed from office.

There is some good news I am able to offer the good people of the Hawthorne neighborhood who have been targets of the Bully Bloggers.
In recent months, I have been contacted by many who have faced John & Jeff's wrath and we have all been working together to do what we can to alert people of the damage they have been causing and providing information about them so others can defend themselves when they become targets.
We are a tight group of people and we protect each other and those who contact us by not repeating what they tell us in public (unless permission is given) and keeping their names confidential.

I hope the good people in the Hawthorne neighborhood see this and realize how out of control John and Jeff are and decide to stand up and do their part in keeping their neighborhood from becoming an "Urban Utopia" where people are constantly in fear.
Please feel free to contact me by email and I look forward to continuing to do my part with reporting the antics and bullying of John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes.

Email address: AntiJNS@gmail.com

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hawthorne Housing Director Goes Back On His Word

Hawthorne Housing Director, Jeff Skrenes
Member of the Hawthorne Bitch Squad
He wears lots of "Hats"

(Read the update at the end of this post)
Last night I got an email from a northside resident who had commented on a post on Johnnynorthside.com written by Hawthorne Director Jeff Skrenes. Click to read Skrenes post

Apparently, it got pretty heated after the commenter and Jeff went back and forth several times. Johnny Northside aka John Willard Hoff even got into the mix by challenging the commenter to reveal the links they used to to research the parked car that Jeff wrote about. Typical JNS though as John claimed to research the same car yet wouldn't reveal his methods of research. Hypocrite!

Jeff had the following to say to the commenter and this is where the JNS blog did as they usually do:

"You used a pay site, fine. Calling 311 is free. Now, if you want to spend your money researching car owners like this, stop being anonymous at least to me. Post or send your contact information and we'll work together on issues like this. Oh, I forgot, you're just another troll."
(Hey! Thats TOP Troll to you, bitch!)

The commenter wrote back saying that they would be happy to post their first/last name as well as their phone number but, they wanted Jeff to admit on the blog that he would keep his word and "work together on the issue."
Guess what?
Jeff not only didn't respond to the commenter but, the comment was REJECTED and never posted! Something like that sure does make the commenter look like they cowered and ran away while making Jeff look like he was right.

Only thing is, that didn't happen. The commenter said they submitted another comment saying they didn't think Jeff was a man of his word and that comment was never approved either.
Jeff Skrenes is not a man of his word. He is merely Salicious Crumb to John the Hutt. In other words, John's Bitch!
I urge you to click on the link and read the comments because, at one point Jeff actually said that he "wasn't wearing his housing director hat" when he called 311 on the car! OMG! When I read that, all I could think was... "What a total DORK!"

This post was online a few days ago but, the comments were finally approved and added to the JNS blog.
Jeff was sent an email revealing the identity of the commenter along with a phone number. Jeff never replied to that email.
Simple. Jeff (and John) say what makes them look like a respected authority figure and casts a positive image of themselves but, both can be compared to Satan... They say what they want while knowing no one can dispute what they say on the blog. They get people to tell them what they need in order to publish a grain of information in hopes it will evolve into a story. What about the person who offered them info or worse, their trust? Bahhhh! "Off with their heads!" (Alice in Wonderland quote)
In other words... They tell the public the are humble people and are willing to talk and work with anyone as they try to better the neighborhood BUT... Its all about them and "what are you going to do about it" is their approach. Maybe another way they see things is, "What have you done for me lately?"
They want you to give, give, give but, they offer nothing in return other than their backs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Johnny's Other Side!

When I say this blog scours the Internet to "uncover" John Hoff, this is NOT what I had in mind!
Ok, this is simply too funny to not post!
GOD LOVE PhotoShop!
For those who might see this and get all worked up (and I don't mean "excited" lol), IT IS a parody!

Side Note: To the commenter on this blog known as "Patty" and "Patty A"... after doing a bit of research, if you are who I think you are (L,79)... I would LOVE to talk/email with you. Please contact me at: thedfwmentor@aol.com. -Jim

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Johnny Northside Must Have a Drinking Problem to say This...

John posted the following comment on the blog of his "super-citizen" girlfriend and mortgage scammer, Megan Goodmundson. If nothing else, for him to look at her house and say the following, it is obvious that his eye sight is awful or he drinks too much booze which apparently makes his eye sight... Awful.
Here are his comments and I am putting up some brand new pictures of Megan's "perfect" and "beautiful" house.

"Johnny Northside said...

Your house is beautiful and perfect. With the addition of that painting, it is more perfect than perfect.
April 27, 2010 7:18 AM"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Johnny Northside Faces Deadline: July 7 to Fix Chimney

I thought I would post a few nice close up pics of JNS's chimney that he has to fix by July 7th or face a fine.

The chimney in the top picture looks like a good gust of wind will topple the bricks down onto John's roof.
Oh yeah... Thanks to the northside neighbor who took the pics.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johnny Northside - The "Ultimate Hypocrite" is at it Again!

Photo is from the same post JNS published today.
It looks like John had his hair cut with the lawn mower he pulled around NoMi.

Johnny Northside being a hypocrite is nothing new to me but, the low-life, classless nerve he shows will never cease to amaze me.
John's most recent post on the Adventures of Johnny Northside dot com, has John attacking the lawyer he referred to as the "Partner in Crime" of Old Majority JACC Plaintiffs Attorney". John goes on to explain the point of the post which is to slam and discredit his target. Allow me to quote John Hoff here... "has been suspended from the practice of law in Minnesota for failing to file income tax returns."
Click here to read his classless post: "Partner in Crime" of Old Majority JACC Plaintiffs Attorney...
Did I read that correctly??? "For failing to file income tax returns"?
I really hope that attorney sues him for Libel and Defamation. I would gladly offer to help with that as an advisor.

This is a perfect example I use to describe John's approach to things like this:
"Do as I SAY... NOT as I DO!"

Good God! That low-life is such a LOSER, I bet he would come in DEAD LAST in the Human Race!
But, Anti-Johnny, why do you say such a thing? As this blog has reported many times in the past, John Willard Hoff is a hypocrite becaus, he...
John bought his house located at 2226 Bryant Ave N in Minneapolis in October of 2008. The previous owner paid the taxes current up to the sale date and John is responsible for the remainder of 2008 and so on.

The true irony I see in "Johnny 2-Face's" attack is that John holds a LAW DEGREE! He can't call himself a Lawyer though because, he has not taken the Bar exam to become a licensed Attorney. However, IF John was a member of the Bar, then HIS license would have likely been suspended as well for his failure to pay property taxes! Not filing income tax returns hurts many things but, a self-proclaimed "activist" and "revitalizer" NOT PAYING HIS PROPERTY TAXES hurts the County, the city AND the Public Schools! In other words, licensed attorney or not... Johnny Northside can say he contributes to his community but, he clearly does not do his part to support the entities where he lives. When he gets sued, he always files In Forma Pauperis versus paying his court costs because, he has no money. How about that??? An activist with a Law degree that can't pay his court costs! The list of people John has not paid goes on and on and on.
According to the court, John has still not paid the $3,200 judgement that was filed against him by the city of Appleton after they defeated John in court.

If I lived anywhere in Minneapolis, I would be complaining to the city, the county and lots of others about his failure to live up to HIS responsibilities!
How about this? Suspend his blog until he pays his taxes! You can also suspend him from his position as a board member with the Hawthorne neighborhood.

Hawthorne Neighborhood pays $428.76 to pick up 25 phone books! $13,720 to follow?

I checked my email this morning and found I had an email from the Jordan Hawkman. It was pretty extensive and obvious a fair amount of time went into the research that he had done. Jeff Skrenes is at it again on the JNS blog yesterday where he wrote about his adventures of collecting phone books from vacant houses and taking them ALL THE WAY BACK to Dex's offices! Rather than attempt to steal Jordan Hawkman's thunder, I will let his words tell you about how Jeff Skrenes wastes neighborhood money.

JNS Blog: Phone Books Returned to Dex

"Hawthorne Neighborhood pays $428.76 to pick up 25 phone books! $13,720 to follow?

We were doing a little figuring to see how much it costs residents to recycle phone books in Hawthorne. First we looked at the Hawthorne Web site to review their budget. We found that the $291,352 Hawthorne Community Council’s budget (1) included $106,500 in expenses unrelated to staff. There were some categories in the 5500 category that could may be considered unrelated to staff, however we included them because much of the information included in them involves fundraising to pay for expenses of the staff. The criteria for determining if the category is related to staff or not was simply this “If there was not staff, then would thin expense be there?” When the answer was yes, we added the figure to our total.

One must remember that a salary does not simply reveal the cost of employee. The cost of having 3 staff for the Hawthorne Community Council is $183,852 or $61,284 each. Let’s just say for arguments sake the costs are divided equally 3 ways between staff costs to the community

For the year of 2010 there are 261 weekdays, of which 6 holidays are included that (we included 1 day for Christmas 2010 as eve/day falls on Fri/Sat). We also assumed that the staff gets two weeks of total comp. time. This adjustment reduces the actual working days to 245 for the 2010 year. With an average of 7 hours per day (after extracting two fifteen minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch per day), we come up with come up with a total of 1715 working hours in the year of 2010.

$61,284 divided by 1715 (actual working hours total) = $35.73/hr

So what did the residents of Hawthorne receive for their $35.73/hr on June 2nd 2010?

Jeff Skrenes, staff member of the Hawthorne Community Council mentioned that he strolled around the neighborhood (2) collecting 25 phone books from properties. Let’s say Mr. Skrenes is very efficient and hunts down 1 phone book every 7 minutes while running up the steps, depositing his treasure in the trunk, buckling up and scouting for the next phone book to be discovered. This would equate to 175 minutes or around 3 hours. Then Mr. Skrenes drive out to the suburbs to return the phone books to the receptionist. We estimate this process would likely take at least 2 hours round trip. Then Mr. Skrenes time for blogging in his private blog he writes two entries related to the phone books totaling just fewer than 2700 words plus comments.

Let’s estimate that Skrenes is a phenomenal typist and thinks, writes, and proofs at the rate of 19 words per minute for composition (3). This would equal 142.11 minutes. There is also time that must be allotted for multiple pictures taken, posted and dropped into the posts along with the multiple links to you tube sites (one typical example is Ernie from Sesame Street singing “connecting the dots”). This time easily triples bringing the blogging time to just over 7 hours.

This brings us to our grand total of 12 hours @ 35.73/hr = $428.76 or $17.15 for each phone book collected. Hey I have an idea, perhaps I should simply do what the City of Minneapolis Web site (4) suggests. Put them in my recycling bin. That is free and does not cost anything. Mr. Skrenes suggests that there are an additional 800 phone books left for him to collect on his list. The estimate for him to collect this balance of phone books at this rate would be $13,720 for just the Dex phone books. Just think about the possibilities of collecting Yellow books, neighborhood coupon flyers and other items.

…..Or, we could just put them in the recycling bins for free. Better yet, since there is a $6,000.00 fee for vacant Building registration in the City of Minneapolis. One could request that the department of inspection simply take 5 minutes to print off a copy or email the list of vacant properties to the vendors such as Dex, Yellow Book and others upon request.

Total cost, 5 minutes and a few stamps. Oh yeah, this would service all 80 plus neighborhoods and not just Hawthorne.

I am not a paid neighborhood housing director paid to come up with these streamlining ideas to fit both the needs of the neighborhood as well as the pocketbook. Upon second thought, it appears that a common sense idea like this would likely make too much sense for Hawthorne and its current Housing Director Jeff Skrenes."

Great work Jordan!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anti-JNS Exclusive! Up Close & Personal With Johnny Northside's House!

I know the "Exclusive" in the title is really lame but, the point of this blog is to get the inside scoop on all the less-than-legal antics of Johnny Northside aka John Hoffman aka John Willard Hoff who lives at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. in Minneapolis.
A resident of NoMi who is not a fan of Johnny Northside was kind enough to email a few close-up pictures of John's house. I think it is great that people are starting to pay close attention to what he is up to or in some cases, NOT up to. Like... Not fixing his house as he agreed to do when he signed his Truth In Housing when he bought his house. NEWS FLASH!!! John has STILL not paid his 2008 OR 2009 property taxes. Isn't that typical John though? He will pound his chest on his blog and complain about "Tax Payers" in NoMi who have rights against L3SO's and all sorts of other crap he wants to attack and here the ENTIRE TIME, John has NOT PAID his own property taxes. That includes the County, the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis schools taxes, etc..

He is a real class act. Too bad he can't afford to have simple luxuries like owning a lawn mower so, he doesn't have to ride on the bumper of his "Super-Citizen", mortgage fraudster and fellow Truth in Housing offender of a girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson's car while he literally drags her lawn mower over to his own house to cut his wild weed of a lawn.

Enjoy the nice pictures of his house and I am really happy to welcome all the "Anti-Johnny" northsiders to our growing group of members. Don Samuels, Jeff Skrenes aka Hawthorne Hawkman, Megan and other faithful JNS groupies are losing support quickly now that the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside blog has increased the amount of information about his group that the public doesn't like to hear about (taxes, crappy house, restraining order, etc.).