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Friday, July 15, 2011

North Minneapolis Activist Megan Goodmundson: Arrested for Assault & Interfering with a 911 Call

The God's have been kind enough to give us some rather interesting information about Megan Goodmundson aka north Minneapolis' "Super-Citizen." Her boyfriend John Hoff aka Johnny Northside gave her the title of "Super Citizen" and the information that was discovered about her doesn't exactly fit the profile of a hard-working neighborhood activist rather, it proves that she is a hypocrite for all her ranting about criminals in NoMi as it is now confirmed that Megan is no stranger to a jail cell.

Megan Goodmundson's Hennepin County Mug-Shot
The northside resident who uncovered the arrest information about Megan, sent me an email to inform me of her criminal activity and included their own opinion on what must have happened the day Megan got arrested. I have copied it for the readers to enjoy...
St. Valentine:
It all started on a peaceful and romantic Valentine's Eve in the year 2000. The jilted lover used her key to break in on her old flame and his new lover. The jilted lover proceeded to scratch the face and pull the hair of the new found love of her old flame. The old flame had enough of it and calmly dialed the police. The crazed suspect grabbed the phone and ripped the cord from the wall in a fit of anger. Eventually the police came and the Suspect was hauled to jail. The suspect ended up spending the first Valentine's day of the new millennium in the box .....without her old lover.....but who knows? Perhaps there was a new love to be found in the box that night!
Here is a copy from the Hennepin County Criminal court record that shows the charges, arrest and jail information for the "Super-Citizen." (click on image to enlarge)

Arrest info for Megan Goodmundson.
Charged with Assault & Interfere with an Emergency Telephone Call.
 In the last highlighted area on the document, it shows Megan was arrested on 2-13-00 and was in custody until 2-15-00 (meaning the police sat her ass in jail for TWO days).

I have the actual court documents also and I will post those very soon.

I wonder what her city council pals would... Sorry, WILL think when they see that NoMi's number one "Super-Citizen" has been arrested for Assault?


Megan is a fraud and a FaRT!! said...

OMG This is the best thing I've seen in years.
The "Super Citizen" is a fraud.
I hope every member of the Jordan Area Community Council sees this and knows what a hypocrite Megan is. I'm personally going to make sure Don Samuels, Linda Higgins, the 4th Precinct, and Mayor Rybak see this.

This just shows that birds of a feather flock together - both Megan Goodmundson and John Hoff are a couple of psychos who both need mental health counseling.

Geoffrey Galban said...

$12,000 bail for Megan Elizabeth Goodmundson!

This apparently is a Hennepin County Sheriff's Jail Roster hall of Fame candidate!

What a fraud!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in orange, I think that is a good color on her. If cheating creditors and mortgage companies was a crime she would be oranged up right now. Crazy huh?

Not as crazy as the details in the Hennepin County Court restraining order taken against self-rightous Don Samuels to protect a family. Go find it.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find this on www.mncourts.gov?

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 11:59
Probably because it is not on there. If you go down to the Hennepin County government center and do a search for the information there... You will find it.
There is more to come so, it would make sense to just wait to see it here rather than go and look yourself.
But... Go look. Have at it. If the person who found it can find it... ANYONE can find it!

Anonymous said...

Not saying I doubt you by it not being on www.mncourt.gov but I rely on this to screen tenants so i'm disappointed that something like the transgressions of a "super citizen" could be missing. Makes me question what my tenants could hide? So if you do discover how she hid from this website please do let us know. Peace from White Bear Lake.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 8:53
My apologies for my earlier reply being defensive. I had assumed you were someone else and were questioning the validity of the information.
Your point with information being difficult to find is a valid one.
Short of going to different county courthouses to research your rental applicants, I have a website that I have used in the past to help with screening tenants when I was managing rental properties. I can't say that they will have complete records on everyone but, they have been effective enough for me to refer them to others. And, they are only $10 a month and that gets you several hundred searches.
Here is their URL:
Hope that helps.

As for how/why Megan's arrest doesn't show up online... My guess is that she got some sort of deferred adjudication that allowed the public record to be available only at the courthouse. That is just my guess.
One thing I have done with past tenants who have had any sort of previous record is to have them sign an addendum to the lease that makes note of their previous legal matter and they agree that any similar conduct by them while living at your property is grounds for immediate eviction. That addendum is like GOLD for you if you have to evict them as the judge will always allow it and grant the eviction.

NoMi Passenger said...

Already posted this on the more recent post but replying here as well.

As to why your anonymous commenter can't find it on mncourts it is because no charges were convicted and I don't have a criminal record. Duh.

Jim, this is the one and only time you'll see me commenting on your site. Someone told me you were clamoring for my attention here, so, here I am Jim, you must miss John so much you have to act out. Here goes my response.

First off, if you are trying to embarrass me, it's not working. Most people who know me on a somewhat closer level know the story of this (and actually the even better story of what happened later)

Second off, you won't hear me asking or begging you to take it down. If digging this old crap up and writing about it makes you feel good, go ahead and float your bot.

Why can't it be found on mncourts or whatever the commenter asked? Because I don't have a criminal record and no charges were convicted. All were dropped or stayed then dropped (they give you a period of time to see if its a pattern, I think mine was 12 months, after that, dropped.) Charges dropped, Jim. Get it?

What happened? I had a low life chronic cheater boyfriend who had his cheating friend over to MY apartment where I had a lease, I had a key, I had paid the depoist, and he tried to lock me out. Did I attack the girl? No, I didn't. Which is why no assault charges stuck. Did I pull the phone cord? Yes and guess who was the one who told the police, me. I told them. Would I have done it if I'd known it was illegal. No. Did I appreciate someone taking a preemptive measure to have me removed from my own apartment? No. (Guess what, the gal still has the low life chronic cheater in her life, and he is still a chronic cheater, and I can't thank her enough for taking him off my hands! There's a happy ending!)

Did I ask someone to bail me out of jail? No. I didn't. I stayed there, on my own, until the judge let me go on my signature. Arrested Sunday, don't see a judge until Tuesday, he let me go. I didn't ask someone to bail me out. I made my bed, I had to lie in it.

If you feel like posting this story about me is necessary, then I have no qualms, I made my bed, I will lie in it. I am confident in my character that this will not be for what I am known or thought. Regardless of what your stupid, anonymous and made up identity trolls have to say. And if someone says I'm unwanted somewhere, don't worry, I don't want to be somewhere I am unwanted anyways.

If all you losers can accomplish in life is going to a court house and finding an old arrest record of charges that got dropped, good for you, you are really doing well in this world aren't you? (sarcasm font)

Now carry on with your bad self.

Anonymous said...

Megan REALLY SAID---"Guess what, the gal still has the low life chronic cheater in her life, and he is still a chronic cheater, and I can't thank her enough for taking him off my hands! There's a happy ending!"------------------------------------
It is obvious, by her own words, that the crazy stalker, Megan Goodmundson, is still tracking the Dude that kicked her double wide tush to the curb. Even now, after 10 years, Megan is still stalking Dude's Lady, too. Just read Megan the Mouth's words, above.

A Vegas "Happy Ending" for Meg cause she got Johnny Dirtball Northside to support, now. Yet, with all that bliss, she is still stalking her past lovers!! WOW!!

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 1:25AM
You beat me to the punch.
Wait... "Punch" is not the right word to use in this case with Megan being arrested for assault.
How about you stole my thunder? lol

I am going to try and contact both Megan's ex as well as her victim to get their side of the story.
I hope it will be as interesting as Megan claims.

Stay tuned for a post to follow up her comments.
I thought it was funny that she would be so forthcoming with admitting to police she pulled the phone cord during the 911 call. WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE???
I doubt the caller would do it. Nor would the girl who replaced Megan.
Ironic really that Megan said it is her bed and she has to lie in it... Apparently, if it HAD been Megan laying in her bed, the entire incident would not have happened!
Since Megan knew he was a chronic cheater yet, she still wanted to "break in", that would appear to me that Megan was wanting some vengance. Maybe NoMi is really the perfect place for her with her violent temper.

Anonymous said...

Side bar please---Megan Goodmundson's Love Shack and House of Mortgage Money Theft and mouse poop at 2718 Newton is still homesteaded even while it is a (better late than never) licensed rental property with her scofflaw parents as owners and she as rental contact person. Does Relative Homestead still exist or is that con artist family Johnny Northing the game?

Jill NOT Jill? said...

As it typical Megan totally misses the entire point of this article, and that in the Mpls Mirror.
Megan Goodmundson and John Hoff post the arrest records of people to provide a permanent internet record in a deliberate attempt to harm the reputations of those people and make the records available forever. They have clearly stated that they want these records to be readily available on the internet.
Now Megan has pointed out in her response that she had a deferred adjudication, and eventually had her charges dismissed, and that is why there is no record in the state data base.
The court does this so people can make amends, and go on to have a productive life without a criminal history hampering their efforts to obtain housing and employment.
But John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson could care less about how their actions affect those people, who like Megan, followed the courts orders and were eventually given a clean criminal record by the courts.
Nope, Megan and John want to screw these people over for their lifetimes by posting their arrest records, even if in the future they me be found innocent, have charges dropped, or have charges dismissed after probation.
Megan Goodmundson and John Hoff want to make these individuals lives miserable because they are sick, demented, and sociopathic predators.
So Megan, what goes around comes around. While your close friends may know the true story or whatever lie you would have them believe, those that read this article and the article in the Mpls Mirror (and the dozens of sites these articles have been reposted and the politicians these stories have been mailed to) will all look at these articles, charges, and mugshots and put you in the same criminal class as all the other whores and drug dealers that plague NoMi. And you say that doesn't bother you? Too bad you can't read Mayor Rybak's or Linda Higgins mind the next time they look at you.
And trust me, everything you do and post will be saved because just like John Hoff, YOU WILL BE SUED and every bit of your harassment and intimidation will be provided to the court so the jury can see what an evil sick bitch you really are. And that won’t be hard to prove to a jury, especially with your criminal history preserved on the internet forever.
The jury found John Hoff responsible for $60,000 in damages, and that is just the start – trust me on that. You may not have as many friends as you think.

Thanks Megan!! said...

Megan Goodmundson says: "And if someone says I'm unwanted somewhere, don't worry, I don't want to be somewhere I am unwanted anyways".

I can find at least 20 people who don't want you in Minneapolis, so please leave.

Megan Goodmundson says: "If you feel like posting this story about me is necessary, then I have no qualms..."

REPLY: Great. Jim and anyone else please post links to this story in every Facebook group, Twitter feed, blog, & forum you can find. Megan has given us permission to repost these articles all we want. Since she gave us permission she cannot claim harassment or file a lawsuit against us so link and repost away. THE WHOLE WORLD CAN KNOW WHAT A PSYCHO MEGAN GOODMUNDSON IS. And they will with her blessings.

PS I have already started reposting on every major news chain.

*Lady K* said...

Fat ass Megan is at it again. She was recently pulled over for speeding. Its on the hennepin county website.

*Lady K* said...

Thats the official court document for the assault.

Anonymous said...

Hey kids,

Did you know that Megan Goodmundson lives in northern Minnesota and is renting out her house without a license? Looks like her and John Hoff both ignore the laws and are faux revitalizers.

Anonymous said...

So the dirty fat bitch finger pointer and name caller is now a mini-slumlord and Megan-mega hypocrite. AGAIN. Breaking the laws of man and God by riding Johnny slumlord and now leading by example: NO RENTAL LICENSE.