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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Johnny Northside Rips Attorney Jill Clark: Conveniently Forgets "Trial of the Century"

The vacation is over.

This blog has not seen much activity over the past year. The reason for that is because, John Hoff aka John Willard Hoff of Minneapolis aka Corporal John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been fairly quiet while he was deployed in Afghanistan as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard.

Now that Johnny Northside is back in the States, he has picked up where he left off... Using his blog to attack people he doesn't like with the intention of discrediting them or ruining them in the public eye. As bottom feeder journalists like Geraldo Rivera does with TV, John Hoff does as the king of the Bully Bloggers with his blog The Adventures of Johnny Northside.

Hoff has been slinging his mud in recent weeks at attorney Jill Clark of Minnesota click here for just one of his posts about Clark. He has slammed her for not living in Minneapolis, even though a lot of her clients live there. For those people not familiar with the geography of the twin cities, Clark lives in Golden Valley which borders Minneapolis.
Hoff has been doing his best to make Clark look bad by injecting his very biased opinions into his commentary about some of the cases she has had and worse than that, he has attacked the clients she represents as well as their family members. Case after case, Hoff has been trying to cause a public stir as only an "800-pound gorilla" can do. Click here to read Hoff claim he is 800 pound gorilla

John Willard Hoff holds a degree in Law but, he is not a licensed attorney. His ethics are not what you would call professional but, he is not a professional attorney nor is he a professional journalist. He is a Blogger. A Bully Blogger at that.
While he has gone on the offensive against Clark and some of her cases, he has navigated around one of her biggest cases that involved none other than John Hoff himself. In fact, the case was so big (in his mind at least) that he has referred to it on his blog and all over the Internet as The Trial of the Century. He must mean of the last 12 years because, the rest of the world knows the Trial of the Century as the one with O.J. Simpson.

In John Hoff's "Trial of the Century" he is the Defendant and Jill Clark is the lead attorney representing the Plaintiff. The trial was held in March of 2011 and the reason Hoff has conveniently forgotten to mention such a big case of Clark's is because...
Jill Clark WON!
John Hoff LOST! Startribune article
It is no surprise that the case was filed against Hoff because he attacked the Plaintiff on his blog and took credit for getting them fired. He used his gorilla muscle to achieve his goal of getting the Plaintiff fired by threatening their employer, telling them he would slam them with a public relations nightmare (not his exact words). The employer was the University of Minnesota... The same University of Minnesota where John Hoff earned  his law degree. What a parasite!

Jill Clark is the very reason there is an active $60,000 Judgement against Hoff because a jury ruled in her favor.
The current antics and mud-slinging by Hoff against Jill Clark is just one example of the many he has to his dis-credit. I was nice and quiet here on this blog while Hoff was away but, things are getting heated up again over in No-Mi and the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside will continue to be there.

Stay tuned...