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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Johnny Northside Vs. Pete Rickmyer: John Is The Stalker!

Since April 21, 2010, John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside has written about L3SO Pete Rickmyer a total of thirteen times. John has also posted several pictures of Pete that he took while keeping his eyes on Pete. John claims that he is a danger to his neighborhood and gets upset about him when he is forced to avoid being served so, he won't have to go to court because of his lawsuits Pete has filed against him and others in NoMi.

Recap: John claims Pete stalks HIM.

A very credible source gave me verifiable information that John is worried about Pete Rickmyer and went so far as to beg the judge who presided over Johns Child Support case hearing that was held on July 1, 2010, to seal the court records out of concern with what Rickmyer could do with such information. John told the judge that Rickmyer has been stalking him. A copy of Hoff's plea to the judge will be posted in the near future.

Now lets see some of what John has actually said about Pete on his blog on May 19, 2010 and the pic he posted that doesn't exactly match what he cried to the judge about. The highlighted text below is a quote from John off of JohnnyNorthside.com.

"In the photo above, Johnny Northside says "buh bye" to Level Three sex offender Peter Rickmyer's long career as a frivolous litigant, while standing on the oh-so-public sidewalk in front of Pete's house. Really, I think it's the perfect spot for a some kind of demonstration against the concentration of Level Three sex offenders in North Minneapolis, contrary to a state statute.

I think I will also send an email to his parole officer in the next few minutes. Now that Pete's lawsuit has been declared frivolous, I think I will complain about him filing it against me."

Funny thing is... I don't see Pete in the picture standing in front of Hoff's house. Nope, John is rubbing it in Pete's face on the Internet in front of HIS house. Hmmm Who is the stalker?

Ok wait! Maybe there are pictures of Pete stalking John? Lets see what we find.....

No, that picture seems to be one taken of Pete without his knowledge as John was stalking him.

Even the pic above was taken by John and in the same post he even bragged about his stalking activities and "fun" he was having with it. I have copied his words directly from the Johnny Northside blog. Just to make sure people understand this.... The highlighted text below was ACTUALLY said and published by JOHN HOFF!

"Thursday, June 3, 2010
Waiting For The Other Spanky Shoe To Drop...What Is Spanky Pete Spankily Plotting?

But now I can personally confirm that Peter Rickmyer, who never even saw me getting the picture above, has been working feverishly on some kind of spank-o-centric project on the 24th Floor of the County Government building.

Good thing Johnny Northside can overwhelmingly win a case without even going to court or getting served. But why isn't somebody making Spanky Pete stay within the conditions of his (spanky) probation which, I'm guessing, involves WORKING or LOOKING FOR A JOB instead of hanging out at the law library?

Oh, by the way, some anonymous commenter threatened to post personal information about me all over the internet if I kept writing about Spanky Pete. So readers know what THAT means. I will make a spanky point of writing about Spanky Pete. This blog didn't get to be the Number One blog in the Twin Cities by hiding under our binkie blanky boo, afraid to get a virtual spanking.

The trolls and haters and (spanky) pedophile allies can and will do their worst, so I may as well have some fun."
Wait! There's more! The following link is to a video that John has filmed and posted on YouTube that demonstrates he goes around stalking Pete Rickmyer. Click here for John films Pete # 1.

Hmmm yet John goes all around town claiming HE is the one being stalked by Pete Rickmyer.

What will it take for people to wise up and realize that John Hoff is a dangerous person and is not doing NoMi the good he claims he is? Maybe it will take him stalking YOU?


Anonymous said...

Hello Anti-Johnny,

You have made the case and it is clear and concise:

John- The Night Stalker -Hoff is a reckless, dangerous and compulsion driven stalker of Peter Stephenson Rickmyer.

It would be KIND to say he does it for FUN. Rather, it is likely that it is part and parcel of the life style of John Willard- GET YOUR JOLLIES OFF -Hoff.

It is how he gets his kicks. As he puts on The Mask of his Fantasy Identity- Johnny Northside; he steps away from the angry and frustated and chemical addled Never-do-Well identity of John Willard Hoff The Putz and acts out a typical predatory pastime, stalking and squawking. His is a compulsion driven personality.

Compulsion Driven Characters Both: Rickmyer picks up litter; Hoff stalks individuals with wild and reckless abandon. Same driver.

Which one is Most dangerous to our community?

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin ya AJ, John Hoff is a little bit concerned here.
His stupid move of posting his buying and trading of stolen property on his blog has gotten him in a bit of hot water.
His constant harassment of Rickmyer, and Hennepin County parole officers has caused quite a stink at the Government Center.
He was sent a official letter telling him to stop the harassment, but you won't see that posted on his blog.
He's so shaken that he manipulated the comments section of his blog to hide negative comments. In the past day he arranged the "recent comments" column to only show 3-4 new comments where it used to show 8-10. And he selectively approves comments so only positive messages appear in that column and the negative ones get buried.
John Hoff has the mentality of a toddler that hides his soiled underwear. But mommy and daddy always find it because it stinks.
John Hoff exhibits all the characteristics of a psychopath, and people should be very concerned about his behavior. He can be violent.

John Hoff cannot hide from the truth. And just like soiled underwear, we will wash him up and hang him out to dry.

la_vie_en_rose said...

If we hang him out to dry, can we get his buddy Eric Johnson, too?

Never has someone irritated me as much as him. I will say that Mr. Hoff does post negative comments (or at least he was) in order to appear fair. Hell, he'll even debate with you good-naturedly.

Mr. "Irving Inquisition," on the other hand, just downright calls you a "thug hugging enabler" if you disagree with something he says (or offer any sort of different opinion at all), and then he tells you to get the fuck off his blog.

That's what I've never understood about comment moderation systems. I can understand it for dealing with spam issues, but to use it against negative comments? If the comments really are trollish, then anyone with a brain will see their trollish behavior, but if they aren't...well, it's just being an unfair coward.

Just my opinion though. I'm not going to tell that racist prick how to run his blog.

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat what I've written many times before. John Hoff is a predator, worse than any sex offender he has written about.

Anonymous said...

So, La Vie en Rose, I guess Johnny Northside hasn't wished you God's blessing lately nor has Meg asked you out for a stroll?

If you had taken up with them, perhaps Johnny Hoff would have asked you and the kids to Midnight Joy-Ride and yell at other locals.

Megan could have coached you on her Mortgage scamming with her parents, maybe you would have met the folks, too.

Fun Times! You missed out on a great social networking scene, girl.

Anonymous said...

IF people are concerned about his behaviors... as they should be.. stalking is an illegal action, not to mention libel slander when he prints misleading statements and puts his negative opinion on things, that and defamation of character when his actions violate the constitution, his own actions are going to get the Meghan's Law notification revoked then no one is going to know when dangerous people do move into the area.

Anonymous said...

Peter Rickmer should file a police report for stalking under Minnesota's revised statutes.

Dave said...

John Hoff likes to complain about Minnesota sex offenders way too much. From the police web site:

On May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed a new federal law, which has been widely discussed in the press under the title "Megan's Law." The federal law is not as comprehensive as the Minnesota law, but shows that the need for such a law is felt throughout the entire country.
Part of community notification is aimed at ensuring that the rights of the offender be safeguarded. The department policy must address the offender's right to be free from harassment or criminal acts committed by community residents because of the notification process. Abuse of this information by threatening, harassing or intimidating registered offenders may be a crime, and will not be tolerated. Such abuses could potentially end the ability of law enforcement to do these notifications. The only person who wins if community notification ends is the sex offender since many of these offenders derive their power from the opportunity that secrecy provides them.

1)Minnesota's laws are tougher than the Federal laws.

2) John Hoff's harassment of sex offenders may jeopardize the sex offender notification act.

John Hoff clearly only cares about his own publicity stunts.

On a funny note, the random word verification for this comment was "deadbeat", just like John Hoff.