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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guarantee'd way to Silence NoMi Cracktivist Megan Goodmundson: Ask Her Questions

Ten days ago, NoMi cracktivist, Megan Goodmundson was barking away on her blog. The barking being much like that one neighborhood dog that seems to bark non-stop, while no one ever knows what the dog is barking about. If the barking could be translated into English it would be saying, "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! PLEASE! PLEASE someone pay attention to me!" 

Cracktivists only wish they had some Troll B Gone. No such luck.
 Sorry, back to the point...
Megan had barked a few questions at me (and Don Allen) so, I decided to answer them and submit them to the comments on her blog. Knowing she would never approve them, I posted them on this blog in the previous post.
Now it is ten days later and Megan's owner (possibly John Hoff) must have smacked her a few times with a rolled up newspaper because, her barking seems to have stopped. Kinda nice to not hear her barking, huh?

Here is the comment that I submitted to the watch-dog's blog a few minutes ago:

"Well what do you know? 'Ol Megan really is a hypocrite. Barking away with your questions that you demand answers for yet, when someone calls you on your bullshit... You simply tuck your tail like a scolded puppy and cower in the corner. Kind of like John when he see's someone who doesn't like him at the courthouse.

Oh well, I'll post this comment for you."

So, if you hear the cracktivist dog Megan Goodmundson barking away sometime and want to shut her up, just roll up some newspaper and sw... 'er umm I meant, just ask her a few questions in public.

Oh yeah... Hey Megan, are you current on your shots?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anti-Johnny Responds to Megan Goodmundson's Questions

This is just a guess but, I am guessing that the comments that I submitted to Megan Goodmundson's blog, NoMi Passenger, that included my answers to her questions she directed at me, will not be published. Why would I think that? Simply put... She accuses so many people of all sorts of things and expects people to give her answers to her questions but, she refuses to answer any question that she is asked.
Considering that her boyfriend is John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, it makes more sense because, he lives by his motto of "Do as I say... NOT as I do!"
Knowing that up front, I copied my comments that I submitted and will post them here for the readers to see.

Rather than repost the bulk of Megan's post that, in my opinion falsely accuses Don Allen of several things, I am only posting the questions that were included in the post on her blog. If you would like to read the entire content of that post, click this link NoMi Passenger Blog.

Here is what I submitted:

Hi Megs!

How ironic, I was thinking about you today and wouldn't you know it but, you have been thinking about me too!
I see you posted a few questions for me and I am here to answer them. Despite the fact that I have asked you questions about your house that was foreclosed on only to have your parents buy it back for pennies on the dollar and you never answered them.

I have a hunch that my comments here will never be approved now that I mentioned your house deal.
That's ok though! I will be posting a copy of my comments on my blog tomorrow.

Your questions:
"Jim, how does it feel to be conned by Don Allen? Yeah, conned."
I can't say that I know. I say that because, I have never had contact with Don Allen. I posted comments on his blog one time but, that is the extent of my communication with him.

"Remember, a few months ago, you were bragging about how JHG was so connected and so powerful. How JHG was gonna lay the smack down and the NoMi activists weren't going to know what hit them?"
Indeed I do. I do have to point out that you did not quote me and what you just said is actually your words but, my exact words were somewhat similar.

"Ummmm, yeah. Turns out it's just Don Allen. LOL. Sorry,Jim, nice try though."
You are stating your opinion as if it is a fact. I don't know Don Allen but, I will defend him against your accusation here by asking you a simple Yes or No question...

Do you have actual PROOF that Don Allen is "behind the controls" of the JHG blog?
By proof I mean you have physical evidence that can be verified? This is just MY opinion but, I contend that IF you actually had PROOF that Don Allen is "behind the controls" of the JHG blog, you and your boyfriend, John Hoff would be doing everything in your power to broadcast that proof to any and all people who would possibly listen.

Oh, I have another question for you...
Since the JHG blog began in July of 2010, how many different people have you and John identified and claimed in public to be the Jordan Hawkman?

I will answer that for her by providing a copy of what she said on one of her own hate blogs about... Yours truly! To read the entire post, click this link: "Megan's Anti-Johnny Hate Blog"
The highlighted text is from Megan's site...

"Let's get started, shall we?

Who is the self-proclaimed Anti-Johnny? Well, we all know it's Jim Watkins.
And who is the Jordan Hawkman? It's still Jim Watkins."

In the same post, Megan tells us all who is writing the blog when she gives us her email address...
"Want to contribute something? Email me. Northsideactivist at gmail."

Megan! Who is it? I have just documented where you accuse BOTH myself AND Don Allen as being the JHG.
I hope you do answer my questions since, I willingly answered yours AND I did it using my own identity and not anonymously.

Now we wait & see if Megan will reply as I did with her questions or if she continues to be the hypocrite she and John Hoff are known as.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hoff Criticizes Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Website

This is rich! John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has said on his blog since day 1 that since I live in Texas, what business is it of mine to meddle in his NoMi neighborhood politics.
At the same time, I have always said that John's attitude on everything is, "Do as I say... Not as I do!" In other words, John Hoff is nothing but a hypocrite.
With that, I give you yet another classic example of John Hoff mouthing off about something totally unrelated to his "cause" in NoMi. Keep in mind that John has very publicly kissed the ass of the Minneapolis Police Department and held up signs at the blank for Chief Dolan. I just found where John slams the LASD and their website in an email AND THEN has to double the insult to the Sheriff's Department by posting a copy of the email exchange!

Attention all Minneapolis law enforcement personnel... He called the police in his book, "Pigs" and "Criminals with badges" and here he insults the LASD in public. Do you REALLY think he doesn't insult you when you aren't protecting his sorry ass??

Here is the direct link to the post by John Hoff and following the link is a copy of the post with the emails by John Hoff:

Not great cyber police work
Posted on October 4th, 2006
by John Hoff in All News
Read 1,378 times.

So I was reading an article on the internet about some serial killer named Bradford, and how the authorities in Los Angeles had released more of his photos (the guy was a serious photo nut) hoping to identify possible murder victims or witnesses who might have clues.

Curious, I went to the website to look at the photos. However, I couldn’t see the photos on the website. They weren’t big enough nor clear enough. The image on the website, in fact, seemed to be a reproduction of some kind of police poster featuring the images.

Why, I wondered, hadn’t the mainstream media report that I read MENTIONED that? Why didn’t it say, in effect, “Police release photos…of course, public can’t make out the images worth crap. More at five o’clock.”
I sent an email to the police department in question, and here was how the exchange went:

—–Original Message—–
From: John W. Hoff
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 4:53 PM
To: Taylor, Robert L.
Subject: Can’t see photos

Dear R L Taylor,
I read on a news website of your department’s release of more possible victim photos
related to Mr. Bradford. I went to your website, not really expecting I would know anybody,
but interested in the photos. However, your website doesn’t really allow me to see the photos in a size that lets me perceive any level of detail. How do you expect to solve these crimes with such an inadequate website?

Mr. Hoff
we are aware and working on the problem
thank you

Sgt. Bobby Taylor
LASD Homicide Bureau
Unsolved Unit
323 890-5500 ext. 5651

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Be Snowed Over By The Irving Inquisition

NoMi resident, Derrick Lowe
This is pretty funny... In a sort of sick, NoMi way.

Eric Johnnson of the Irving Inquisition blog features his neighbor in the blog's recent post. Click the link for the full story: http://www.irvinginquisition.com/2011/01/derek-lowe-is-building-his-business.html

Eric is promoting Lowe's snow removal business and leave it to Eric to be the one shoveling BS to those reading his blog.
What is my point?
Eric Johnson (a member of Jordan Area Community Council no less) is promoting a convicted felon!

A commenter on that site asked if Lowe charges by the hour or by the job? I think a fair answer might be... He charges a RANSOM!

Have a look at the record of the Snow-Man in question... (click pic to view full size)

Way to go, Eric!
NoMi residents... Don't be fooled and held hostage by Eric Johnson! Click the links above if you don't believe it. Go on!

NoMi Hate Bloggers Still Guessing Wrong

It has been seven months now since NoMi first saw the blog, The Adventures of Jordan Hawkman and it has since been one of the main focal points with just about every other northside blog and the bloggers behind them. I could go on and on about all the corruption the JHG has brought to the publics attention but, one thing that has kept me laughing all this time is the fact that no one seems to know who is behind the Jordan Hawkman Group.
What is my point to all of this?  I was once deemed to actually be the Jordan Hawkman. John Hoff said it. Johnny Northside.com said it. Meagan Goodmundson said it. Jeff Skrenes said it. Eric Johnson said it. There was even a blog created by John & Megan which focused 100% of its content on... Me!

Soon after the JHG broke onto the NoMi scene, all the neighborhood crack-tivists entertained the possibility that I may not be the one behind the Jordan Hawkman blog.
They have since claimed in public that Donald Allen is the man at the helm. They even called a meeting with him to deliver demands they claimed came from councilman Don Samuels but, that was never verified and has not been discussed as John Hoff took a gamble by making the claim but, didn't win that hand. Here is the link to Eric Johnson's claim: http://www.irvinginquisition.com/2010/09/meet-donald-w-allen-nuisance-tabloid.html

The cractivists have claimed the one behind the JHG is investment property owner, Keith Retiman. I don't know how much Keith is involved in any of the NoMi political scene past him being on a neighborhood board but, from the little I do know about him... He has far too many other things going on in his business and personal life to devote the kind of time JHG does with their research and blogging.

Pffft! Why don't I just post what was on the Irving Inquisition on Wednesday, August 11, 2010:
Jerk Du Jour: Jordan Hawkman Group

Is there ever a time when these people ARE NOT lying? The funny thing is, none of these schmucks actually live in Jordan. Who are they? It’s generally believed that JHG is comprised of the following people.

- Brian Smith: Ex-JACC chair, thug-hugger, walked away from his house and let it go into foreclosure. He no longer lives in Jordan. Has a history of being belligerent and pulling the race card constantly.
- Don Allen: Convicted felon, poverty pimp, convicted of writing fraudulent checks in the thousands by stealing a check book from somebody in the VA hospital. That’s just totally fucked up. He doesn’t live in Jordan.
- Jim Watkins: Compatriot and friend of the TJ Waconia swindlers. They’re in jail and he’s not. He talks shit about Johnny Northside from his home in Texas as the “anti-Johnny” alias. He must be bored or something, you would think he’d take an interest in what’s going on in his neck of the woods. Definitely not a Jordan resident.
- Terry Yza…something: Has a connection to Texas as well, but it’s been a while. There’s speculation—can’t say for certain—that Terry had a drug abuse problem some time ago. She’s behind on her property taxes, yet feels emboldened enough to criticize JACC board members’ loan to home value. Also, not a Jordan resident.

Which brings me to the latest "Guess" that the I.I. has made on who is really behind the JHG. In fact, Eric Johnson recently wrote a post which showcased his wisdom and super detective skills with being able to make what appears to be the 7th or 8th confirmation that the JHG is... Terry Yzaguirre!
AGAIN? Come on!

I feel left out again. Why can't I be the JGH again (in the eyes of the cractivists)?

Did anyone notice the last topic on the I.I. blog? Tune in shortly as the Anti-Johnny answers the question posed on that site... "Does he charge by the hour or by the job?"

I can't tell you exactly how much he charges but, I can tell you it is nothing short of a RANSOM!