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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lessons Not Learned: Bully Blogger John Hoff Continues Cyber Harrassment

John Hoff pictured with his "weapon"

This is a post about a blogger who has been branded as a "Bully Blogger." Recently in Minnesota,  there was a conference held on the topic of blogging. The following is a copy of some comments submitted to this blog for a previous post...
topic was on 10 things for bloggers to avoid so you don't get sued. And Johnny Northside was the example of how not to blog. John Hoff does most of the things the media attorney says you should not do, which is why he got sued.
As stated many times, the purpose of this blog is to allow the public (especially those living close to John Hoff) to see what kind of a risk John Hoff poses to anyone who may come in contact with him either via the Internet or in person. It has been well documented that anyone who questions, challenges or calls him out, are sure to face his wrath. The "wrath" I speak of is what Hoff himself has termed, "First Amendment Retaliate" (click HERE to read the actual email written by Hoff where he issued the threat).

Hoff has been on a tear in recent weeks after a Minnesota Appeals Court reversed a District courts ruling after a jury decided he should have to pay $60,000 in damages for carrying out a plan to get someone fired (note: that person was someone Hoff knew and had challenged him).
Click HERE to read about that case. The result of the ruling being reversed was predictable with what the public expected Hoff to do. He understood the ruling to mean he was now free to say anything he wanted about anyone he wanted and there is nothing that would prevent him from doing so. That last part is NOT an opinion. It is a fact based off of the comments that Hoff submitted to this blog just hours after the ruling was announced. Here are the comments Hoff submitted: Click HERE for that post with his comments.

Johnny Northside! said...
(Sarcasm font)
Right, Jerry Moore is so peripherally involved that he's being sued by the victims of the mortgage fraud. (End sarcasm font)
How many times did you predict a victory like this would never come for Johnny Northside?
Who is your big monkey daddy now, Jim Watkins, you whining little non-entity and friend of fraudsters? HA!!!! Say hi to your friend Thomas Balko in PRISON. I have plenty more to write about HIM.
August 20, 2012 2:30 PM 

I am sorry for the repeated history lesson to reader with the above content but, it is important for new readers to know before reading about Hoff's latest cyber attack.

Less than an hour ago, I got an email from WordPress that contained a copy of comments that were just posted to an article I wrote four years ago. It is no secret I am no longer active in the real estate investment world largely due to the real estate collapse. None of that matters to Hoff, who is on a personal mission to "First Amendment Retaliate" against Me (Jim Watkins) as is pointed out above in the comments Hoff submitted to this blog on August 20, 2012.

I am posting a copy of the entire email that I received from WordPress that includes Hoff's IP address and other identifying facts included in it. I am curious to know the reactions of readers after seeing what Hoff said. Your comments, as always are welcomed. The following link will take you to the comments section of the article I wrote and you will find Hoff has commented twice. He commented four years ago with a link to his site as well as what he submitted today.
Link to Hoff's comments Update: The blog administrator has apparently already removed Hoff's comments. I would guess that they were deemed not having any use towards the topic of the post. Regardless, below is what I received from WordPress.

New comment on your post "Bullets in the Stucco: An Investor's Tale"
Author : John Hoff (IP: , alnmspsrvz4ts105-dmz.mycingular.net)
E-mail : hoffjohnw@gmail.com
URL    : http://www.johnnynorthside.com
Whois  : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Check out the link to Jim's DFW Mentor site. It's now completely in Chinese. Looks like he didn't hang on to the URL.

What IS Jim doing? He runs a weird, slimy stalker blog called The Misadventures of Johnny Northside dedicated to trashing a guy (me) who isn't afraid to live in North Minneapolis, is trying to make the neighborhood better, and doesn't run away like a little fraidy cat when the going gets tough.

You can see all comments on this post here:

Permalink: http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2008/06/12/bullets-in-the-stucco-an-investors-tale/#comment-110735
Trash it: http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/wp-admin/comment.php?action=trash&c=110735
Spam it: http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/wp-admin/comment.php?action=spam&c=110735

Time to post comment: 10.75 minutes

If not for the fact that I have never gotten into trouble legally, I would have probably not have continued on with this blog and my efforts to prevent the world's biggest Bully Blogger, John Hoff from attacking others just because, he feels he has a right to do so. 


Anonymous said...

John Hoff wrote in his blog that this blog is a "stalker blog". Seriously John? If anyone is a documented stalker it is John Willard Hoff.
The Johnny Northside blog is the biggest stalker blog around, and was used as an example of how not to blog at the MN Bloggers Conference.
John Hoff is a sociopath who is hung up on a few people who he believes have wronged him, when in actuality they want to prevent him from hurting people, so he dedicates his life to retaliating against them.
John Hoff stalks people in many ways. He'll actually stake out his victim's house and watch their movements, he'll rummage through their trash for documents, and he'll spends days; weeks; months preparing to attacks his victims. In preparation he will send out letters and emails to his victim's friends, employers or associates asking innocent questions about background and location. He'll even follow-up with a phone call acting like a friend expressing concern, all for the purpose of gathering information that he can use to harass his victims.
John Hoff is a very sick individual.
John Hoff is a mentally disturbed individual who comes from a family with a documented history of mental illness. Apparently, John Hoff is in serious need of therapy, which he refuses to obtain even though he could get it for free as a veteran.

#John Hoff
#Judd Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Jerome said...

Oh so John Hoff boasts that he is a guy who.., "who isn't afraid to live in North Minneapolis, is trying to make the neighborhood better, and doesn't run away like a little fraidy cat when the going gets tough."

Really. Here is something John Hoff recently wrote about why he never went into a certain store:

"I've driven by this place forever but never stopped inside. Frankly, there always seemed to be rough looking people in the lot. I sort of imagined bags of cocaine being pulled out of cars with Texas license plates, and plastic bags of unmarked small bills being stuffed back in the same tires. But today I desperately needed..."

So pussy boy John Hoff won't go into a shop because there are rough looking guys in there, and only went into the store out of desperation.
What a pathetic wuss John Hoff is. That's why he needs a security camera at his front door, to protect himself from the big tough boogie man.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a seriously mentally disturbed person. One of these days he will be the subject of a headline:
John "Engeldinger" Hoff

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Anonymous said...

The photo mentions that John Hoff is with his "weapon", his trusty laptop.
You also need to mention the bottle of booze on the table with him.
John Hoff is an alcoholic who has these drunken blogging binges where goes off on these rants, and makes babbling commentaries where he tries to defend himself but comes across as a demented lunatic.
He'll just bang out a load of crap posts that makes you wonder if he forgot to take his anti-psychotic medication.
Every time I look at that photo I wonder if John Hoff is posing for a remake of "The Shining".
Heeeere's Johnny!

Anonymous said...

When you talk about a "media lawyer" it generally is proper to give a name and link, if a link is available. Credibility of a statement often hinges on who said it. "Media lawyer" simply begs the question.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is a lawsuit waiting to happen. He never learns from his experiences, and never takes anyone's advise. So for those that care to NOT be sued, here is the link:


Anonymous said...

Jeezus, the following article could easily be about John Hoff, a delusional guy who thinks he is a nationally famous blogger; self medicates with alcohol and drugs; has hostile behavior and fits of rage; suffers from paranoia thinks he being watched and has security cameras guarding his house; is basically isolated with few real friends; refuses to recognize or get help for his mental illness; owns guns and ammo.
John "Engeldinger" Hoff


Get help John before you hurt someone else.

#John Hoff
#Johnny Northside
# Andrew Engeldinger

Anonymous said...

Notice the bottle of wine on the table. Like most mentally ill people Hoff self medicates with alcohol to keep the voices in his head under control.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase from The Johnny Hater Northside Blog ----

(John Hoff's) ...entire practice has been built on telling lies and breaking the rules and getting away with it because she makes life miserable for anyone who calls her on it.