Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Johnny Northside Vs. Pete Rickmyer: John Is The Stalker!

Since April 21, 2010, John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside has written about L3SO Pete Rickmyer a total of thirteen times. John has also posted several pictures of Pete that he took while keeping his eyes on Pete. John claims that he is a danger to his neighborhood and gets upset about him when he is forced to avoid being served so, he won't have to go to court because of his lawsuits Pete has filed against him and others in NoMi.

Recap: John claims Pete stalks HIM.

A very credible source gave me verifiable information that John is worried about Pete Rickmyer and went so far as to beg the judge who presided over Johns Child Support case hearing that was held on July 1, 2010, to seal the court records out of concern with what Rickmyer could do with such information. John told the judge that Rickmyer has been stalking him. A copy of Hoff's plea to the judge will be posted in the near future.

Now lets see some of what John has actually said about Pete on his blog on May 19, 2010 and the pic he posted that doesn't exactly match what he cried to the judge about. The highlighted text below is a quote from John off of JohnnyNorthside.com.

"In the photo above, Johnny Northside says "buh bye" to Level Three sex offender Peter Rickmyer's long career as a frivolous litigant, while standing on the oh-so-public sidewalk in front of Pete's house. Really, I think it's the perfect spot for a some kind of demonstration against the concentration of Level Three sex offenders in North Minneapolis, contrary to a state statute.

I think I will also send an email to his parole officer in the next few minutes. Now that Pete's lawsuit has been declared frivolous, I think I will complain about him filing it against me."

Funny thing is... I don't see Pete in the picture standing in front of Hoff's house. Nope, John is rubbing it in Pete's face on the Internet in front of HIS house. Hmmm Who is the stalker?

Ok wait! Maybe there are pictures of Pete stalking John? Lets see what we find.....

No, that picture seems to be one taken of Pete without his knowledge as John was stalking him.

Even the pic above was taken by John and in the same post he even bragged about his stalking activities and "fun" he was having with it. I have copied his words directly from the Johnny Northside blog. Just to make sure people understand this.... The highlighted text below was ACTUALLY said and published by JOHN HOFF!

"Thursday, June 3, 2010
Waiting For The Other Spanky Shoe To Drop...What Is Spanky Pete Spankily Plotting?

But now I can personally confirm that Peter Rickmyer, who never even saw me getting the picture above, has been working feverishly on some kind of spank-o-centric project on the 24th Floor of the County Government building.

Good thing Johnny Northside can overwhelmingly win a case without even going to court or getting served. But why isn't somebody making Spanky Pete stay within the conditions of his (spanky) probation which, I'm guessing, involves WORKING or LOOKING FOR A JOB instead of hanging out at the law library?

Oh, by the way, some anonymous commenter threatened to post personal information about me all over the internet if I kept writing about Spanky Pete. So readers know what THAT means. I will make a spanky point of writing about Spanky Pete. This blog didn't get to be the Number One blog in the Twin Cities by hiding under our binkie blanky boo, afraid to get a virtual spanking.

The trolls and haters and (spanky) pedophile allies can and will do their worst, so I may as well have some fun."
Wait! There's more! The following link is to a video that John has filmed and posted on YouTube that demonstrates he goes around stalking Pete Rickmyer. Click here for John films Pete # 1.

Hmmm yet John goes all around town claiming HE is the one being stalked by Pete Rickmyer.

What will it take for people to wise up and realize that John Hoff is a dangerous person and is not doing NoMi the good he claims he is? Maybe it will take him stalking YOU?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MN Senator Linda Higgins Supports Deadbeat Dad John Hoff

Senator Linda Higgings with deadbeat dad & tax dodger, John Hoff

On July 19, 2010, I sent an email to Minnesota State Senator Linda Higgins. To be perfectly blunt, I wanted to get the Senator's comments about her public association with bully blogger, property tax evader and deadbeat dad John Hoff and why she supports him. Rather than explain the points of the email, I have copied it & posted it here for the readers to see for themselves.

Senator Higgins,
I have noticed an ongoing public association between you and John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. John has regularly posted pictures of both of you together on his blog and recently his girlfriends blog NoMiPassenger, as well.

Research has uncovered the following information regarding Mr. John Hoff.

- Mr. Hoff has not paid property or Minneapolis school taxes on his residence at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, since he purchased the property in October of 2008.

- Mr. Hoff has yet to comply with the TISH repairs for 2226 Bryant Ave. N, as he had agreed to upon closing in October of 2008.

- Mr. Hoff has taken the law into his own hands by publishing the home addresses of Level 3 Sex Offenders on his blog, creating public unrest and increased anxiety among residents.

- Court records has uncovered a restraining order was filed against him by a former roommate citing verbal and physical violence against the person who filed the restraining order as well as his own son. The order was signed by a judge and is valid until January of 2012.

- Mr. Hoff was recently taken to court by his ex-wife for custody and non-payment of child support. On July 14, 2010, Judge Flynn ruled for an order of Child Support.

I am submitting this email to get your response on the actions and behavior as well as lack of compliance with court orders and neglecting to pay property taxes of John Hoff.
I might remind you that John also currently holds a seat on the Hawthorne Community Council.

Senator Higgins, do you condone the unlawful actions of Mr. John Hoff?

I look forward to your response.


Jim Watkins

As of today, Senator Linda Higgins has not responded to the email regarding John Hoff.

Mis-Adventures of JNS Blog Left Off Demands List

John Hoff with Megan Goodmundson

I don't know if I should feel happy or slighted for failing to even get an honorable mention when John Hoff and gal-pal & "Super-Citizen" Megan Goodmundson met with Donald Allen earlier today.
Apparently, they called a meeting with the Editor in Chief of IBNN News and issued the following demands:

"1. Take down the Jordan Hawkman blog.

2. Take down the Minneapolis Mirror Blog.
3. Take down BAD MPLS blog.
4. Remove posts about the Northwest Area Foundation, Peace Foundation, and NAZ"

No mention of the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside! I have been outing John in public since before he had his little "look at me, I'm Johnny Northside" blog.
So, I got slighted a little. (sigh) Oh well.

It is ironic that the demands John put forth onto Donald Allen (John claims Don is the Jordan Hawkman but, is dead wrong) came from Minnesota State Senator, Linda Higgins. Why ironic? It just so happens that I personally sent an email to Linda Higgins seeking her comments about John Hoff two weeks ago.
No response by Senator Higgins.

Good news though! I am going to post a copy of that email on THIS site for all to see in "the very next post!"

To see the full article about the meeting called by John Hoff with IBNN News' Donald Allen, Click here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside with WORST Mullet EVER!

"Mullet Man!"

This picture of John Hoff in his "younger adult" days was simply too damn funny to not post! It is a still taken from a clip of a documentary he was in about... Dumpster Diving!
Is it any wonder his ex-wife left him stranded in Seattle when he sported the God-awful mullet???

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keith Reitman Vs. John Hoff: Let's Compare

A few days ago John Willard Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, wrote about NoMi Landlord Keith Reitman. Alright, he didn't really write about him... He slammed him. John refers to Reitman on his blog as a "Slumlord" and the reason he attacked him this time was merely to copy and paste court cases that Reitman has been involved in. Click here to read the bashing... Johnny Northside Bashes Reitman.

John Hoff calls himself a Journalist but, in my opinion he does not come close. John creates buzz by taking aim at targets he thinks he can sway the public into siding with him. A good example would be John taking aim at Level 3 Sex Offenders. Even though John took the role of a vigilante against them, he figured anyone who says John is wrong in doing so, is simply supporting the L3SO's and they will wish they never went against John.
I think John falls well short of being among the ranks of respected Journalists such as, oh I don't know maybe Walter Cronkite. I think you need to look a bit further down the list to find journalists that John can hang with. Journalists like Maury Povich, Morton Downey and Geraldo Rivera.
Ok, I apologize. I know that it is an insult to those mentioned above to associate them with the likes of Hoff but, I can't think of anyone who is less respected or a bigger sleaze-ball than John Hoff. How big of a loser is John Hoff? Well if I could, I would bet all my money on John Hoff to finish last in the Human Race.

Getting back to Reitman...
Look at all those court cases he has been involved in. If anything, Keith Reitman should win some sort of award for having to go against all those bottom feeders who sued him to make a quick buck and all those tenants who broke their lease agreements, most of which was because, they did not pay their rent.
Yet, Keith Reitman is called a Slumlord.

How about the bottom-feeders of the world, like John Hoff? He is the "Catfish" of Journalism. Makes a career from feeding off the crap at the bottom and is content in his part of the world but, little does John know that no one wants to live with a bottom feeder. I know, it is an insult to Catfish to compare them to John Hoff. Perhaps a more appropriate fish would be the Carp. A waste of a fish if there ever was one and they, like John Hoff are also cold blooded.

Have a look at the cases John has been involved in. Oh, keep in mind that John always seems to be the Defendant.  Hmm, I wonder why that is?

27-CV-09-17778 Civil/Contract
27-CV-10-3378 Civil/Other

19WS-FA-10-160 Custody

19-F3-05-003698 Interstate Support

76-CV-06-655 Civil/Other ($3,228 unsatisfied Judgement)

37-VB-10-95 Criminal/Speeding

75-VB-09-653 Criminal/Speeding

82-VB-08-13920 Motor Vehicle Registration - Gross Weight Exceeds Registered Limit

Drove .5 hr past the 11 hour rule

56-T0-04-004366 Criminal/Speeding
Don't forget about the time John was ticketed in Seattle for sitting on a sidewalk. Thats right, sitting on a sidewalk! He can't plead "stupid" to that one when he was found sitting with a bunch of "anti-sidewalk sitting law" flyers on his lap that surely explained why he thought the law was stupid and therefore, should not be a law. "SO SAY'ETH THE HOFF!"
One of the lines used to promote and describe the contents of his second book, The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving. The Advanced Course, was: "How to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers."
I don't claim to know much of anything about Keith Reitman but, when looking over the list of court cases John posted on his blog about him, I saw what amounted to a high cost of doing business for Reitman.
That's Real Estate though. That's Keith Reitman's business. Then along came a bottom-feeding Carp named John Hoff. He is a bottom-feeding so-called journalist who writes mostly trash. But, that's John Hoff's business... Trash.

Friday, July 16, 2010

RULING IS IN: Hoff Child Support-Custody Hearing... "Pay Up!"

As many of you know, John Willard Hoff went to court on July 1, 2010 in Dakota County for his Child Support/Custody hearing (which was public, by the way) brought on by his ex-wife. It was before this hearing that John threw a little rant outside the courtroom when he saw that Terry Yzaguirre of the MplsMirror was also there. With a raised voice, John claimed that Terry was "best friends" with a Level 3 Sex Offender and that she was convicted of dealing drugs in the past. After researching the conviction claim, it turns out that it was NOT the same person. In fact, different gender and different state. But... That is Hoff's style. Make a false statement and make the innocent party defend themselves.
Hmm that is an interesting approach John uses to tarnish the images of good people who happen to not like him. It is sort of like if I were to say that John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is actually inbred and make him prove it to be wrong. That is, IF I were to say such a thing.

Back to the topic of the day... On July 14, 2010 Judge Mary Flynn ruled on the Child Support-Custody case against John Hoff. I have copied the text directly from the MN Courts Case Record below.

"07/01/2010 Review Hearing (1:00 PM) (Judicial Officer Flynn, Mary H. C.) Result: Held

07/01/2010 Taken Under Advisement (Judicial Officer: Flynn, Mary H. C. )
07/14/2010 Order for Child Support (Judicial Officer: Flynn, Mary H. C. )
07/14/2010 Notice of Filing of Order"


Now we can all sit back and watch to see how or when or IF Johnny Northside will be able to pay up!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sudden Loss of a Long Time Friend... "Alex" 1999 - 2010

"Alex" is the dog in the front.

1999 - 2010

This is a very personal post and has nothing to do with the blog but, I am posting it anyway.

Sadly, I lost one of my three dogs early this morning.

When I got home last night, I saw that Alex (one of the Bumbling Brothers) couldn't stand or sit up. He was not in any apparent pain so, I sat with him & waited for morning and the vet to open. Around 4:30 AM he lost consciousness but,... he was still breathing...Shallow. I couldn't get him to respond to anything so, I carried him to the car to get him to the 24 hour vet. His brother, Sam stood by and watched quietly as I carried his brother away.

The vet quickly tended to Alex and within a few minutes the vet told me Alex was bleeding internally as a result of cancer. "If" he could stabilize for surgery, his odds of recovering were low. I knew he had little chance of regaining any quality of life if I put him thru the pain of treating his condition.
It was hard to do but, at 5:35 AM, I held his head next to mine while the vet gave him the shot and within a few seconds, Alex quietly let out his last breathe.

I am a total mess now but, the other Bumbling Brother, Sam is next to me and Sassy is resting her head on my thigh and they are somehow holding me together.

Alex will be cremated and when the day comes that I die... Alex, Bo (former golden) and Max (first dog) will all be buried with me.
It is easy for me to know why dogs have always been such a big part of my life... They are the most loyal creatures on earth and no matter what happens with your life, they will always be there for you no matter what.
Thanks for being a great friend, Alex. You made a huge impact on my life and you will be missed!