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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where is Johnny Northside When Really Needed?

Photo courtesy of KARE11 TV
 The most vocal, most self-promoting, attention hungry and self-proclaimed "Northside Revitalizer", John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is nowhere to be found. In fact, it would appear that a lot of residents of North Minneapolis have also been missing, according to the StarTribune and KARE11.
Click this link to read the KARE11 article about "Volunteers needed in North Minneapolis Clean-Up".

The story published on June 21, 2011, is more of a plea to the public to volunteer for operation "Clean Sweep" which is to help with the clean up efforts in areas hit by last month's tornado. Did I mention that the tornado was LAST MONTH?

A friend of mine posted the link on her FaceBook wall and then commented about the clean up efforts in St. Anthony after a tornado hit there in 1984. I was in 7th grade at St Anthony Middle School at that time and recall how much damage that tornado caused. Apache Plaza had just been given a facelift and was never able to really recover after being in the path of that tornado.
I remember walking around outside just minutes after the storm passed and saw residents everywhere, asking if everyone was ok or if anyone needed anything. In the days that followed, virtually everyone who lived in the path the tornado took and others who lived close by, was outside working on cleaning up the debris and trash caused by the storm. Within a week, residents and volunteers had everything cleaned up yet North Minneapolis is having to recruit volunteers from elsewhere because, not enough NoMi residents have come out to help their own neighborhood.

I know there have been a lot of residents of North Minneapolis who have been out helping with the efforts on a daily basis and this post is not directed at them.
The author of this blog as well as many of its readers would like to know, "Where IS Johnny Northside?" Not only has Johnny not been spotted in or around No-Mi but, his blog has seen only three total posts thus far in the month of June.

Perhaps sometime and maybe sooner than later, the people who support or deal with JNS will start to see what this blog has said since it was started... Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, cares only about John Hoff and the attention he can bring himself using anyone or anything along the way.


Anonymous said...

Why are you asking where he is when you already wrote about him being deployed?

James said...

Thanks for the Kare-11 link that provided the contact information for the 25th. This is the 3rd time I have tried to volunteer and, once again, they don't want anymore volunteers. The message at the number Kare 11 gave stated: "we have enough volunteers but thanks for your interest". So, I think the problem isn't that NoMi residents, like myself, are interested but not needed. It's nice so many care about us here.

God bless,
James Nelson
2611 Upton

Anonymous said...

Is John Hoff deployed? Or just hiding from his $60,000 judgment?
The good folks at the national guard can't seem to locate him.
Do you, anonymous 6/21 @6:33, know where he is?

Anonymous said...

John isn't deployed, I just saw him around the Jordan pond the other day.

Anti-Johnny said...

To Anon 8:15...
Really? You saw John Hoff the other day in north Minneapolis?
Must be a happenin' place because, I saw Elvis and the Easter Bunny helping with the tornado clean up.

Seriously... Whatever! Stay tuned as this blog is about to publish proof that John is currently with the Army National Guard and is active duty. Meaning, not in NoMi.

My head is in my ass so all i see is shit... said...

Stay tuned to my new blog "the misadventures of the obsessed anti-johnny" for proof that Anti-Johnny is still obsessed with John Hoff and currently deployed to Active Duty Moron with the Morons-R-Us Storm Troopers.

Anonymous said...

OK, I typically don't wish harm to anyone. But in this case - well, let's just say I hope Hoff never returns. He can be our gift to the Taliban, they deserve him.

Anti-Johnny said...

To the head in your ass and see's shit:
Megggie "the mouth" Goodmundson already put up an anti anti-johnny blog. But, feel free to go nuts with your own if it makes you happy. You sure seem to take my issues with John Hoff awfully personal. But, maybe you will get up and take a load off your knees?

To Anon 1:06am:
Do you have verification that Hoff is deployed over-seas? We know he has been activated to active duty but, have not been able to confirm his current location.