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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post In Progress: Jeff Galban-Skrenes Loses Wife... Then House on Como Ave.

Jeff Skrenes, formerly known as Jeff Galban-Skrenes, the soon to be ex-housing director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood and self proclaimed "Mortgage Geek",  personally contributed to the foreclosure mess.
Just before the Hawthorne Hobbit moved to NoMi, he had owned the house at 644 Como Ave. in St. Paul with his now ex-wife, Maria Galban-Skrenes. According to official court records the couple earned over $5,000 a month yet they were not able to maintain their marriage... Or their mortgage!

Documents on the way!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Soon... Foreclosure on Como Ave. Linked To Hawthorne Neighborhood

John Hoff
This image is a public service reminder. No relation to the posting content.
 Information has surfaced recently about a house located on Como Ave. in St. Paul that was a casualty of foreclosure in the last few years. While everyone at some point has commented and had an opinion about the foreclosure crisis in North Minneapolis, no one seemed to notice when a certain house on Como Ave. was foreclosed upon.
That wasn't an accident that it went un-noticed. Someone who not only currently lives in the Hawthorne neighborhood was personally involved with that property but, they have been one of the most vocal critics of landlords in NoMi and has suggested that they are one of the main reasons the foreclosure crisis has rocked North Minneapolis.

Living their lives by the double-standard has become common for many of the people who have claimed to be "Activists" in NoMi but, this blog and a few others have made it a point to keep after the shady, under the table ways of these activists by letting the public know. This particular foreclosure involves a person that most people would simply be stunned to learn that this person has a recent foreclosure against them.

Who is it? You will have to stay tuned for the details on this one. To quote NoMi's number one nut, Johnny Northside, this is a "Post in Progress...."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Judgement Entered Against Johnny Northside aka John Hoff

On Monday, April 13, Judge Reilly officially entered in the $60,000 judgement against both John Hoff and his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Last month, a jury ruled against Hoff after a week-long trial when they decided that while John did not lie when he wrote Jerry Moore was involved in a deal where mortgage fraud was involved (see note below), he was guilty of interfering with the contract (job) that led to Moore's firing. While Hoff and company have been doing their best to make the public think the results of the case is a violation of the first amendment, the judgement of $60,000 against him is for the role he played in the firing (Hoff gloated on the stand by claiming partial credit for getting Moore fired).

Now that the judgement has been entered in by the judge, Jerry Moore is free to pursue collections against Hoff until the $60,000 is paid. Everyone who knows anything about John Hoff knows that it will be a cold day in Hell before Hoff actually PAYS the judgement (Hoff also has an active judgement against him by the City of Appleton, MN for over $3,200) OR accepts responsibility for it. He will fight this (in public and with as much help from the media as possible) until there are no more courts to appeal to OR he fails to file an appeal because, he can't afford the fees.

John once told me in an email after I told him I would not hesitate to sue him if he continued on with his tirades of Libel against me that,
"It has been tried before and frankly, its boring."

I have to assume that this is anything but boring to Johnny Northside aka The Attention Whore as he can't get enough of the 15-minutes of fame it has brought him. Oh yeah... After the verdict was handed down, John claimed on his blog that he was getting bombarded by the media with interview requests and he was merely trying to keep up with them all. Over a month has passed and it seems those requests were either in John's imagination OR anyone who approached John for comments realized just how big of a nut John Hoff really is.

Note: While John has been ranting non-stop that he did not lie about Jerry Moore being involved in a deal where mortgage fraud was involved... He is also not telling the entire story (sleazy journalists are known for things like that). Jerry Moore was a consultant to the seller in that transaction and neither the seller nor Moore was even charged in the case. The two people who were charged and convicted were both on the buyers side but, because Moore's name was involved in the transaction he has done his best to make him guilty in the eyes of the public with using guilt by association. How ironic when you consider how many people John has been involved with in his lifetime who were shady people, heavy drug addicts (most notable being Abbie Hoffman) and criminals.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don Samuels: "Best Council Member EVER"... For Sex Offenders Seeking Residence

Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels
On August 17, 2010, Johnny Northside gave an ass-kissing to Minneapolis City Council Member, Don Samuels and in the post title John Hoff proclaimed him to be, "The Best Council Member EVER" The content of the post was to promote the fact that Samuels had announced his intention to "Take up issue of Sex Offender concentration."  Click here to read the ass kiss post by John Hoff.

Hoff gushed about Samuels in the post by saying,
"Council Member Don Samuels--a man blessed not only with intellect, but a graceful bigness of spirit in the face of constant mean-spirited, off-kilter critiques from certain quarters--appears to be responding to the enormous political buzz building around the issue of North Minneapolis sex offender concentration."
Hoff continued the mission by saying,
"right now Don Samuels is grabbing this issue by the horns"
Fast forward to this past week where John got some more "pay attention to me!" airtime when KARE-11 news showed John rambling on (and was bleeped for swearing) holding up a sign, complaining about more Level 3 Sex Offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis (yes, a sign even though he was sitting at a table amongst a small group of Megan Goodmundson-led protesters).

The Johnny Northside-led public outcry about sex offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis seems to be getting worse. Especially after Don Samuels decided to grab the issue "by the horns."
I am not sure what the "horns" were attached to but, if it involves Johnny Northside, the chances are good that the horns are attached to Johnny's mentor, Satan.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Johnny Northside To Porn Mogul, Larry Flynt: "Mind if I call you Larry?"

Image courtesy of Amazon.com
Yesterday, I got an email from a person who had submitted comments to Johnny Northside's blog but, since the comments were not in support of John, they were not approved.
The person who wrote the comments copied what they submitted in case they were not approved. They sent me an email along with their comments and asked that I post them on this site. My response? Gladly.

To give the readers a little understanding of why the commenter said what they did, I have copied a few parts of the posting on John's blog. Johnny Northside actually had the nerve to write an open letter to smut publisher, Larry Flynt! John seems to kiss his ass quite a bit and seems to be in awe of Flynt for all he has done with fighting to protect the first amendment.

The thought just hit me that while Larry Flynt has done a lot to protect the first amendment, he has also built his empire from the sex industry. He publishes Hustler Magazine and owns Hustler Video Productions as well. He was ranked as the number one most influential people in the porn industry in 2003.
In so many words, Larry Flynt is a smut peddler (within his right to do so as he wishes). John Hoff has created a war against sex offenders in North Minneapolis and while a sex offender is not a smut peddler, there are not many people in north Minneapolis who would want anything to do with Flynt. Except John.

Johnny Northside's post dedicated to porn king, Larry Flynt

John Hoff
"Have YOU been on a game show before?"

(from johnny northside.com:)
Larry--I hope you don't mind if I call you "Larry"--I am currently involved in a free speech court battle, click here for a recent news article.

It's not as prominent as your conflict with the Reverend Jerry Falwell, as depicted in The People Versus Larry Flynt, but it's picking up steam all the time...
In fact, just today I read a draft of my lawyer's brief and we cited your case, Hustler v. Falwell.
Thank you, Larry. Thank you for fighting that case for free speech. I'm getting some milage out of it, let me tell you!

The comments below inspired me to create a new photo-shop image of the 800-pound gorilla, John Hoff.
Here are the comments that were submitted and not published on the adventures of johnny northside:

What a pathetic little whore you are! Writing what you did on your own blog to Larry Flynt!

Anyone who was serious about contactin Larry Flynt for help would do so in a proper manner and NOT on their own blog!
The difference between you and Larry Flynt is Larry worked for what he has and he has worked to defend what he has said. You Mr. Hoff, are a parasite. A bottom feeder who takes from others. You got yourself into this mess and now you attempt to summon Larry Flynt to bankroll you in your attempt at more mileage publicity for your wrongdoings.
Go ahead, Johhny. Bash me now.

Johnny Parasite. Hmm that has a nice ring to it. Thank you for sending those comments in!