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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News Flash: Johnny Northside & Jeff Skrenes Ignore Fraud Questions

Not that this surprises anyone but, Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes have not answered any of the questions from the previous post.

The link to the post was emailed to them and they simply ignored them.

It is kind of funny though... When John asks a question, he barely gives the person enough time to respond before he goes off on a 50-post run about conspiracy theories & attacks. Just another example of John and his "I do as I do... Not as I say."

Not to worry folks... I have tipped off a few media people because, there is a lot more to the story than I have indicated.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

North Minneapolis Officials, Inspectors, Hawthorne Housing Director & Johnny Northside: Do a Questionable Deal

Johnny Northside is apparently not about to disclose the amount the City of Minneapolis paid for his house, 3016 6th Street North.
This is public information but, both the County and City websites state "No Sale Information On File For This Property."
Johnny confirmed on his blog that, it was NOT an investment property. He had plans to fix it up and LIVE IN IT. But, he owned the house for only four months.

Johnny Northside went on to describe the current condition of the house in the same post. Here is what he had to say about it:
"The house has a deck in the back. The carpet on the floors needs a good cleaning, but it's not nasty. Somebody started rehabbing and quit in mid-job, but managed to move the project along quite a bit."
That hardly sounds like a house that has been boarded up and declared "hazardous" by city inspectors and needing to be bulldozed.

Last month I posted about the same house and directed questions toward John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. .
Some of the questions were:
How does one go about selling to the City?
What are the requirements?
Who decides which houses will be bought?
Who determines the values?
Did the city approach Johnny?
Did Johnny approach the City?
None of these questions have been answered. Apparently, there is one man who plays a vital role in determining which houses should be bought by the city to be torn down. I think he should be able to answer the above questions.

In an article posted by Minnesota Public Radio on September 11, 2008, titled: "Minneapolis clears vacant, dilapidated homes to curb dangers"
MPR talked with Jeff Skrenes, who is Housing Director with the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council. It was reported that Jeff has "helped the city identify properties for demolition."
NOW it makes more sense. Allow me to summarize the situation and I will close by directing a few questions to Jeff Skrenes.

- The city of Minneapolis wants to buy and demolish 100 homes by years end.
- The new owner of 3016 6th Street North claimed in writing that the house
had recent rehab work done and the carpet didn't even need to be replaced.
- The owner said it was not an investment property and he planned to fix it up
and "live in it!" It was purchased for $8,500.
- After he bought the house and posted the details, Jeff Skrenes posted the
following comment on Johns blog:
"My name is Jeff Skrenes and I am the housing director at Hawthorne Neighborhood Council (formerly HACC). Your blog has me extraordinarily excited - you're doing a lot of the things I'm doing as well in reporting problem properties. Let's meet up sometime and talk about ways we can work together. I look forward to having you in our neighborhood."

- The following quote concerning the rehab needed at 3016 6th St. N, came
from an email written in March 2008 by John Hoff. It was sent to Jim
Watkins. Hoff said,
"I don't have the funds to pay for it, but I was going to apply for grants and also have friends stay there who have fix-up skills but need a place to stay. The city wants fixes, and the city might be willing to bend a lot of rules as long as actual progress is being made. I've heard things."
- In June of 2008, John sent another email to Jim to explain why he had
decided to not post his questions on his blog that Jim submitted about his
house and why Johnny never talked about repairs his house needed.

"I have many friends, including a bunch of new ones in the Hawthorne neighborhood, who are very fond of me. I don't make a habit of not publishing comments but you managed to fall into that special exception. As for my flipping, my land baron deals, my wheeling and dealing, "my house is being sold as part of positive development on the block. When I can discuss all the details, I will, and openly on the blog. Until then, the city is keenly aware of my doings and dealings. I'm on a first name basis with the inspectors. I have no worries and I don't expect to be in prison at any time in the future. Furthermore, when all the details can be revealed...it will be clear"
- To date, no details have been disclosed on Johnnys blog.
- Johnny sold the house in July to the city after reportedly not making any
repairs to the house. John did not live in the house at all.
- Sale price has not been disclosed by the seller, the city or the County Tax
office. Current tax records shows the property value to be $128,000.

I understand that politicians have been known to engage in shady side deals and questionable situations in the past. Members of the Minneapolis City Council have been on a rampage the past two years while pointing dirty fingers at several people, claiming they have committed fraud and that is the reason North Minneapolis is in such bad shape.
This post has detailed how "do-gooder" Johnny Northside got in with the top brass and has done a deal with the city.
Those involved and "in the know" are Johnny, Hawthorn Community Housing Director Jeff Skrenes, city inspectors (according to Johnny) and city officials.

This whole thing just stinks. If dirty fingers are going to be pointed at people, the ones doing the pointing should be prepared and willing to address the public when one of their deals is called into question.

To Mr. Skrenes...
I direct the following questions to you, sir:

Did you play a role in the sale of 3016 6th St. N to the city?

If yes, What was your involvement?

Johnny claimed his house was not that bad, did you feel the house needed to be demolished? Why?

Why is the sale information being withheld?

How is a purchase price determined? What criteria is used?

Did you approach Johnny about selling his house to the city?

Do you have any influence with the inspectors?

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Much Did the City of Minneapolis Pay For Johnny's House?

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, has sold his house to the city. The Hennepin County web site has been updated and shows the owner to be the City of Minneapolis. The sale is reported to have closed on July 23, 2008.

John paid only $8,500 in April (according to John himself and records) but, even though it is public information... The price the city paid for the house is "Currently Not Available."
A call to the County Tax Office only confirmed that the information was not available.
WHY? It is a public record and I am certain other North residents would like to know.

To the City of Minneapolis:
How much did you pay for...
"3016 6th St. N. ?"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Johnny Northside: THIS is How a Foreclosure Works!

I just had to smile when I read the post on Johnny's blog about the foreclosure sale on, 3020 6th Street N. (http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2008/09/notorious-address-in-eco-village-sold.html)
Johnny has stated many times in public and private that I don't have a clue about real estate investing. I don't consider his opinion to be valid at all. For Johnny to say I have no clue about real estate investing would be like a security guard telling the Chief of Police that he has no clue about being a cop.

Here's why... (see my comments/corrections in red)

Taken from the Johnny Northside blog, Johnny wrote:
"Jeff Skrenes described for me some of the routine of a sheriff's sale under these circumstances, because it's a bit of an archane process. The idea of a sophisticated entity like Deutsche Bank ("Sophisticated" ??? Now THAT is FUNNY!) paying a quarter of a million dollars for a crack house worth, perhaps, $24,900 on the market seems...somewhat counter-intuitive. I asked Jeff, "Is the mortgage company basically buying this thing FROM THEMSELVES?" Jeff was, like, well...sort of, yes. The bid will be for the precise amount of the outstanding mortgage (incorrect) , because that is exactly how much they need.(wrong again) They don't want to bid less--say, $50,000--and have somebody else come along with that exact amount and say, "Here, I can redeem the mortgage."

The market value of a house has nothing to do with the foreclosure auction and what amount the lender bids.
The amount that the Trustee states at the sale (opening bid) is not for only the "outstanding mortgage" as Johnny claims. The lender has the right to include the balance owed on the mortgage plus, any taxes & insurance that they have likely paid (tax sales wipe out a mortgage so the lender will pay the taxes to prevent being wiped out), legal fee's, interest and penalties are all costs that the lender includes to determine the amount of the opening bid.

Note: The opening bid amount can NOT be for more than what is actually owed after everything has been included. They can offer the house for less than what they are owed but, not more.
His comment about someone coming along with the exact amount (he said $50K) and say, "here I can redeem the mortgage" also makes no sense.
The only person who can redeem the mortgage is the person(s) named on the mortgage... The homeowner. In Minnesota they have 6 months to do so and they can remain in the house during that time, rent free.

Johnny also said, "Arg. Mortgages. I let Jeff handle the ins and outs of that stuff."

It would be nice if Johnny would also let people who have a clue how foreclosures work, write about them. But, what do I know... I have no clue. Hahaha

Monday, September 8, 2008

Johnny Northside Blog Correction

Johnny Northside

Just for giggles, I wanted to see if Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff, posted my comment that I submitted this morning on his Blog. Johnny assumed the person who wrote what would have been the 4th comment on that thread, was me. I commented to John that it was not me who submitted the comment.
I also added a question that of course, was not acknowledged. The question was...

"What's up with the Judgement that the City of Appleton has against you?"
Regardless... John went and put his own comment in place of mine and I have copied it for all to see here as well.
Comments from "The Adventures of Johnny Northside" Blog.
September 8, 2008:
"Per my usual policy: two expletive-laced comments with carping pseudo-literary criticism rejected, one denying it was written by Jim Watkins; who is quite notable for being a prolific writer of articles about real estate but never mastering the use of words requiring an apostrophe. Of course, who would even CARE about this particular post--now buried far beneath a gah-jillion "RNC 2008" posts--but the aforementioned Jim Watkins who got his start in real estate flipping by snatching up a rat-infested house still occupied by an impoverished family? It's no wonder he's "best friends" with folks like Thomas Balko of the infamous T.J. Waconia."
Update: Here is a copy of the actual comment I submitted that Johnny claims was "expletive-laced"...
"Nope. Sorry John.Wasn't me. Did you analyze the typing?
Whats up with the Judgement with the City of Appleton?"
This sort of imaginary, out of nowhere, interpretations by Johnny Northside is all too common.
The corrections are as follows:
A) I did not get my "start" in real estate with the Rat House. It was the first house that I bought
and rehabbed myself.
B) I don't know where he came up with "impoverished family." The owners of the house were
both in their late 50's and never had any kids. John always claims to not have money & drives
a piece of s*&$ car and has a son. Does that make HIM an "impoverished family?"
C) I didn't "snatch it up" as he claims. They actually wanted to move and I personally paid for
the movers to get them moved. I also got them a storage locker and paid for the first three
months as well as the security deposit and first months rent at the apartment they moved to.
D) Isn't it a wonder how EVERY TIME he says my name, he makes the association with TJ
Waconia? So what? Any sane person can do the research and clearly see my stance on the
matter. And yes...I continue to stand by my friend. Let's see if 'ol John Hoff will stand up for
his extremist friends that I will be posting about.
I wonder if there is such a thing as being "Tri-Polar?"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Police Are Great Friends When You Need Them But...

The Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog has commented many times that Johnny "needs the police to watch my back" (and not be on his back) while he is trying to improve his block and neighborhood. In fact, he refused (respectfully) to give an officers name to their superior when they asked Johnny which officer gave Johnny the hard time.

I wonder what they (police) would do or say if they knew about what Johnny said in one of his books that he wrote.

Quoted from:
"The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving"
by John Hoffman Copyright 1993

“Cops piss me off. They come at you with an attitude that you are guilty and they are going to get you to admit it with a few verbal tricks. Just once, I'd like to meet a pig with an attitude like I have a shining aura of civil rights around my body and possessions. Criminals with guns and badges, that's all they are.” (page 58).

nThats the way it is with him though. But according to the "Pro-Johnny's," I am a "door knob" and don't have a clue. Ok but, I didn't just make this stuff up. All of it can be verified online and almost all of it is written by Johnny himself.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dumpster Diving with Johnny Northside

This is one of the books that was written by John Hoffman AKA John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. The publisher had the following comments listed on their site to describe the book.
Maybe after some of you see this, you will be happy he doesn't live by you right now lol.
My editorial comments are seen below in blue text.
Publisher Comments:
It's been 10 years since the publication of John Hoffman's cult classic of urban scavenging, The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving. Now the Garbage Guru is back with an advanced course in the unconventional economics of exploring the trash for fun and profit.

Just some of the lessons you will learn include:
the key secret to dealing with locked dumpsters; (Hey, writing about breaking into something that others wanted to keep people like Johnny, out. Good example though.)

how to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers;
(Oh my! In other words...Stay on his good side or face the 800 pound gorilla!)

the unusual profitability of diving for movie and celebrity castoffs;
(It seems to have paid off big.... BWAHAHAHA. Well, he DOES say he DRIVES a Celebrity. Nice car.)
the BIG-bucks potential of industrial diving, including the top 10 most lucrative places to do it;
(I am guessing that N Minneapolis was not on that list?)

how to sell your dumpster-dived wares through the flea market of the 21st century - eBay;

how to parlay dumpster diving consciousness into finding cheap property, supporting radical causes, even landing political office; and much more!
(I don't think any dumpsters led to cheap properties on the northside. I doubt the book also covers how to be removed from political office. How does it support a radical cause? Other than Johnny Northside himself?)

Goon's World: Embittered hack Jon Hoff is at it again.

For those who are fair and objective... I offer you a recent post about Johnny Northside.

Goon's World: Embittered hack Jon Hoff is at it again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

800 Pound Gorilla's Arena

Johnny Northside said this blog was an amusement when he first read it. Then went on to say that he would be ignoring it from that point on. His "ignoring" has resulted in three total posts on his own blog, several comments and a wave of threatening emails.

He described himself as a "gorilla" and this blogging was "his arena."
Since he can't ignore this blog, I would think a "monkey" would be a more appropriate animal to compare to because of their curiosity but, he wants to be a gorilla, let him be a gorilla.

The previous profile pic upset Johnny quite a bit. He even called it "pornographic." There have been many words used to describe it but, never pornographic.

At any rate, we wouldn't want to have an angry gorilla reading the blog so, the profile pic has been changed to honor the "king" of the blogs... Johnny Northside.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"I do as I do, NOT as I say"

Johnny Northside has accused the Anti-Johnny (his term by the way) of not being able to stay away. The following from Johnny Northside's blog on August 28, 2008:

"So I'm going to address the criticisms here, and then I'm going to ignore this website, since its own webmaster has also seen fit to mostly ignore it after going to all the trouble of creating it and trying (unsuccessfully) to promote it."

Unless Johnny has given someone access to his blog with the ability post new threads, it appears the Misadventures of Johnny Northside is a blog Johnny can't stay away from. This opinion is based off of the the following new post on his blog.

"Monday, September 1, 2008
Anti-Johnny Blog Shows Red/Blue Colorblindness

It does make me wonder. Why?