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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nomi Passenger Back For Another Ride?

Screen shot from Adventures of Johnny Northside.com 8.27.11
Oh boy.... Aren't we lucky (sarcasm font)!
A recent comment from Megan on John's blog today prompted me to check the list of contributors on the blog and sure enough, Megan aka Nomi Passenger is back on the list.

Best guess is John went back to her because, it is pretty hard to keep up with anything in Minneapolis when he is never there anymore.
Maybe John will post his Jail Roster-Rama that has Megan's assault arrest info on it? Pffft! Yeah right!


Anonymous said...

Gee it's funny that Megan is back on John's good side. John once told me that he was trying to dump Megan because she was "to bossy".
I wasn't surprised they split up.
I could never figure out why those two were together, go figure.
Can't really stand either of them, they are both a couple of arrogant asses that think the city will fall apart without them.

Anonymous said...

Here Yee. Hear Ye? The Serciety of Unperfesional Jurnihilists proudly serports our Charter Member, and mentir, Johnny- One Note Ferst Amindmint ass cover -Northside.....

Protecting the sakrete rites of stalkers and deadbits is the Johnny Hater Northside mission. We sepurt and silut your effarts Johnny Northside.

Read about us in the StarTribune; we love publicity.

Anonymous said...

I was a regular contributor to his blog and i have to admit he fooled the hell out of me. His only positve, as it turns out, is at least he let people know his identity. That is the only edge he ever had on you and i realize that now. Whomever you are.

Anti-Johnny said...

To Anon 11:22,
You said, "at least he let people know his identity. That is the only edge he ever had on you."
You also ended with, "Whomever you are."

Who are you talking about? If you are talking about me, I am baffled because, who I am is no secret. The name 'Anti Johnny' was a creation of John Hoff's when he called me that on his blog after this blog started.
The times I have commented on his site, I have used the Blogger name Anti Johnny. Since he never publishes my comments, people only assume I have posted as anonymous.
All anyone needs to do (other than being a regular reader of the NoMi blogs) is search any of the blogs for 'Anti Johnny' and my name, Jim Watkins always comes up.

Add to that, I have always preached I at least respect comments where someone puts their name with the comments while words from anonymous are just that... Words.
I noticed you posted as... Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the majority of your comments are from anonymous sources. You, and one or two others, seem to be the only ones that use alleged names. Post anything to prove to me that you are who you say you are, and you will have acquired a valued and reliable member to assist you in picking apart the hypocrites. I was fooled,i admit it.

NoMi Passenger said...

Jim, you're such an idiot. All this speculating over break ups and make ups over.... technical glitches or mishaps???

And really, do you realize the wealth of information I could have provided you on your quest to destroy John, if only you hadn't made an enemy of ME???

You have no idea the secrets and lies and dirt I know.

But glad to see you are still obsessing over John, me, me& John. It's heartwarming, really.


Jack said...

Screw Jim, Tell the rest of us who already know plenty of dirt about John what you know. Lets trade notes.
I'm sure we could bury that turdball if we put our heads together Megan.
We all know John is nuts. Why do you think the military moved John to a base without internet? I got the answer, in writing, straight from the Deputy Commander's office.
Got a news flash for you NP, he's no hero. He's one camel spit away from being sent for a psych eval.

But I guess like everyone else, your afraid of being Hoff's next headline, right.
Funny, how a dangerous psychopath like Hoff has so much control over so many innocent people.
And you are one of the only people that knows just how many victims he has destroyed.