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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post In Progress: Jeff Galban-Skrenes Loses Wife... Then House on Como Ave.

Jeff Skrenes, formerly known as Jeff Galban-Skrenes, the soon to be ex-housing director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood and self proclaimed "Mortgage Geek",  personally contributed to the foreclosure mess.
Just before the Hawthorne Hobbit moved to NoMi, he had owned the house at 644 Como Ave. in St. Paul with his now ex-wife, Maria Galban-Skrenes. According to official court records the couple earned over $5,000 a month yet they were not able to maintain their marriage... Or their mortgage!

Documents on the way!


Anti-Johnny said...

Just want to note that an anonymous comment was rejected because it made claims about the co-defendant in the Moore trial (he settled) that were rather crude and referenced his wife and the commenters sister.
So without proof, I rejected the comments. Besides, this post is about the Hawthorne Hobbit and now foreclosure expert, Jeff Skrenes.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Jeff Skrenes has a long laundry list of frauds and failures spanning over many years since scooting to Minnesota from Michigan.

From what appears to be a planned foreclosure to bouncing around after just months at each of several failed mortgage job he lands a job in Hawthorne to scam us here as well.

Collecting phone books and protecting his friends as best he can is apparently coming to an end very....very soon.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was working for Wells Fargo mortgage. I wonder if he lost his job in either of the lay-offs?
Another 300 got the boot today. It would be grand if Jeffrey Skrenes got his pink slip; only because he's such a close friend and supporter of John Hoff.