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Thursday, May 17, 2012

John Hoff: Coward or Terrorist?

Scott Farkus: Christmas Story Bully & Idol to Hoff
Guest Writer Alexander David Returns!

John Hoff is either a coward, or a terrorist, but most likely both.

As an active duty soldier John Hoff knows the rules of engagement. You conduct your actions within a legally defensible framework. You attack the enemy. You do not attack innocent civilians or children. Only a terrorist attacks children and civilians.

In the blogging war John Hoff has chosen to violate the unwritten rules. He has decided that since he cannot win against his enemies, he will attack their children. This is a cowardly act. This is an act of desperation by a coward so arrogant, so self-righteous, and so mentally disturbed, that he cannot see that it makes him look like a total fool.

Terry Yzaguirre, an editor with the MplsMirror online news has written several articles about John Hoff. Many others have submitted articles to the Mirror about Hoff’s bizarre and hypocritical behaviors. Terry has every right to tell the truth and express her opinions about Hoff. It’s called the First Amendment, the right to free speech. A right John Hoff vigorously self-promotes.

Unfortunately, John Hoff cannot tolerate when the tables are turned on him. Oh boy does Hoff, writing under the name “Johnny Northside”, love to dish out the dirt on people. His favorite targets are landlords and property owners, especially if they are Jewish. Hoff will spend hours, if not days, researching, scouring records, and stalking his victims to take photographs, until he has some offensive tidbits on his subject. Then he will post an article in his blog under the banner, “A JNS Exclusive”. Hoff loves to write about rental property owners who don’t keep their properties 100% up to code. Should the lid to a garbage can not be on correctly, or should a blade of grass to too high; he will be “Johnny-on-the-spot” to call city inspections.

Once Hoff has his sights on a particular rental house he will not stop his barrage of complaint until the city closes the place down and the tenants are tossed out on the streets. Does Hoff care about those he has made homeless? Not one bit. He considers them necessary casualties.

Hoff, however, conveniently forgets that his own home is frequently out of compliance with city inspections. He has been issued citations for un-mown grass, junk vehicles, peeling paint and crumbling brickwork. Further, his house has never been brought up to code. When he purchased it, it was missing considerable plumbing, had no operable furnace, and no operable water heater. Yet, some has been replaced without the proper permits. The only permit John Hoff was granted was for some bathroom plumbing. So one has to wonder: How were all these repairs made without permits?

Terry Yzaguirre had the courage to call John Hoff out on the proverbial carpet. She dared to ask how the guy she called the “bully blogger” could be so hypocritical. How could a guy who had not paid his property taxes and was behind with his child support, tarnish the reputations of others for the same transgressions?

The problem is that John Hoff can dish it out, but he cannot take it. John Hoff’s maturity level is somewhere below that of a kindergartener. If you call his a name, he’ll throw sand in your hair.

Anyone who writes something negative about John Hoff, or gets in his way and he can identify them, is guaranteed a headline in his blog. It’s what John Hoff calls “First Amendment retaliation”, and it won’t be pretty.” John Hoff knows that it scares people, and it works for him – it prevents people from standing up to him. Hoff writes that he wants to be the 900 pound gorilla in the room. But sometimes Hoff just can’t win. Sometimes people, like Terry Yzaguirre and Jim Watkins, won’t back down, and his retaliatory blog posts about them don’t work.

So what does John Hoff do? He attacks their friends and family; he goes after innocent civilians and children. Just like a terrorist, just like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, John Hoff has no remorse for his civilian casualties. If the civilian casualties hurt his enemies, it makes Hoff feel like a winner.

This is the behavior of a coward – John Hoff is nothing but a coward who stoops to the lowest levels. And it makes him feel good.

But what Hoff doesn’t consider is that he has changed the rules of engagement. Those people, those civilians and family members that he holds dear, are now fair game in the blog wars if a Hoff enemy chose to focus on them.

His mother, his sister, his brother Judd, and his son become open targets for whoever cares to write about them. Judd Hoff is a public figure, and, well, might even be more mentally disturbed that John, so he is easy to write about. But how is John Hoff going to explain to his 14 year old son, that because of his father’s actions, he could now see his name, written in ridicule and disgrace for everyone to see? It is a shame that someone as innocent as John's son could be subject to humiliating blog postings because of his father. But there is no one to blame except John Willard Hoff.

Over the past couple of years people have offered a truce to Hoff, but he has declined. John Hoff doesn’t care if there are preventable casualties. Hoff gets his gratification bringing misery and shame to others (but does so while claiming it is helping the community). Hundreds of comments have been written about Hoff describing him as a sociopath, a psychopath, and mentally deranged. The only things he gleams from those comments are grammatical errors. He is totally incapable of examining his own behaviors, or seeing what he does as wrong. Sadly, he cannot see that his own self-destructive behaviors will cause him to lose the war because one day he will have to make a choice: (of which is more important if forced to give one up)
His son, or his blogging.
Knowing Hoff, he would choose to keep blogging, which is a shame.

It’s never good when innocent civilians get harmed, especially when it is the result of their own cowardly father.