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Friday, March 25, 2011

Johnny Northside Meets Jigsaw in Saw VII

Johnny Northside meets Jigsaw

Alright, this post is merely a Hollywood fantasy I sort of made up but, wouldn't John Hoff aka Johnny Northside be the ultimate person to appear in a Saw movie? Here is how I could envision the scene starting out in a small room with John is strapped to a chair. As his eyes slowly open he see's Jigsaw sitting with a TV next him. John looks down at himself and moves his free hand when he notices a string attached that turns the TV which starts a video. Jigsaw's face appears and says....

"In your adult life alone you have:

• Humiliated people in public, deserving or not.
• Aggressively attacked people’s character, un-provoked.
• Portrayed yourself as an activist while hiding a dirty past.
• Caused your ex-wife to move to two different states to get away from you.
• You abused public programs to fund your education and refuse to pay it back or apply your education to help others.
• You have made a mockery of the court system.
• You rarely pay court fees while passing the costs onto the public.
• You brag about unethical things you have done in the past.
• You were such an ass that the people of Grand Forks voted to recall you from the City Council in less than six months.
• As a father, you are always behind with your financial responsibility.
• You have taken advantage of people’s trust for personal gain.
• You have attacked people for paying taxes late yet, you are never on time.
• You feel the rules and laws do not apply to you.
• You accuse others of crime such as murder with no proof.
• Apologizing to those you have wronged has never happened.
• You once called the police “pigs with badges” yet now you kiss their ass.
Good God! I am not even halfway thru the list, you piece of shit!

Here are the rules of the game:
Because you refuse to accept responsibility and have used & hurt so many people for your selfish reasons and accomplished your objectives mainly by talking and writing on the Internet, in public, newspapers and in books (to name a few)… It is obvious the only things you love, rely on and can’t do without is your voice when you speak and your hands when you write.

You notice that your tongue has been secured to a cable attached to a winch and one of your hands is secured to a cutting board. In front of you is a meat cleaver that you can use to sever your hand by using your free hand. You will see above your hand is a circular saw that will drop down to the board and proceed to cut it off at the wrist if you do not hack your own hand off with the cleaver.

If you choose to cut your own hand off, you will be released. A belt is by your feet that you can use as a Tourna quite to stop the bleeding and you will live.

If you do not follow these rules within 60 seconds the winch will slowly wind the cable that will pull your tongue out of your mouth and the saw will proceed to cut your hand off. The added bonus will be 3 blood-hungry Pit Bulls that will be released into the room when your time expires. They will begin to maul you as you have mauled all of your victims in your lifetime.
Live or die. Make your choice."

(Anti-Johnny shakes his head) Oh... If only it were not a day dream! Maybe the producers of the Saw movies will see this and agree that the next Saw movie should have a character based off of John Hoff?
I should get a finders fee though. Haha

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yet Another Example of How Spiteful Johnny Northside & Megan Goodmundson

Gather 'Round! Gather 'Round!
It seems I have ruffled the feathers of the "Big Two" (Note: This is referencing Jeff Skrenes' blog post where he listed himself among the "Big Three" NoMi activist blogs or something to that effect. However, while he commented on the MinnLawyer site, I decided to snub him from the big three as he is a spare part there as it is.) on the Minnlawyer site so, I wanted to share the banter with the readers here. I am posting "most" of the comments submitted by John Hoff aka Johnny Northside aka John Hoffman aka Ass Hole (Note: The Ass Hole name while fitting for him, is merely my opinion) thand Megan "Meggie the Mouth" Goodmundson along with my response and a few notes inbetween.
John Hoff Says:

March 21st, 2011 at 10:16 pm

1. Jim Watkins–a small time, self-annointed Texas real estate guru who is the self-described “best friend” of TJ Waconia fraudster Thomas Balko, has haunted my blog as the “Evil Anti-Johnny” Note: His memory fails him as it was John himself that dubbed me the "Anti-Johnny." for a couple years because of my coverage of THAT high profile North Minneapolis fraud, including my publishing the only post-conviction pictures of the two fraudsters.
He leaves much out of his comments. Including his stake in the fight.
Here’s an example of two articles which are reasons why Jim hates my blog so much. Note: Untrue. It is not his blog that I hate rather, it is actually JOHN HOFF that I despise.
Jim? Say hi to your friend in prison the next time you chat with him. I’m still trying to get my hands on his mug shot to publish.

MeganG. Says:

March 21st, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Jim Watkins, it doesn’t matter if Hoff took partial credit in a subsequent blog post. What he was taking partial credit for is bringing forward the truthful information about Jerry Moore’s past involvements in fraudulent mortgage deals. So taking credit for bringing facts to the attention of the U of M, a government funded institution, about an employee who was hired to research foreclosures is not interference with a contract! Didn’t you see the last paragraph where the guy says giving truthful information is not improper interference? Note: Your opinion is of no significance as it was the JURY who did not agree with your view of the case. In other words Meggie... John LOST! John never has taken responsibility for anything he has gone to court over before. No, he simply disrespects whoever it was that ruled against him and insulted them by saying that he wasn't wrong and goes to whine his appeal to the higher court. Surely you have heard about his crazy appeals after he was cited for sitting on a sidewalk in Seattle?

(Disclosure: Jim Watkins is best friend of convicted mortgage fraudsters TJ Waconia and he hates John Hoff and other northside activists who fight for decency in our neighborhood. Jim now lives in TX but he cyberstalks John Hoff) Note: Is that worse than when John physically stalks Pete Rickmyer and poses for a picture and waves in front of Pete's house?

Jim Watkins Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

March 23rd, 2011 at 6:14 am

@ John: I motivate you? To do what? Your style of reporting the so-called “news” makes Geraldo and Morton Downey Jr. look like the most respected journalists in the world. But, I am glad I motivate you. It has been interesting looking into your background to say the least. I forget but, how long were you on the Grand Forks City Council before a special recall election was held to remove you from office? Four months? Oh, here is the link that talks about that fiasco: http://www.seattleweekly.com/2000-08-09/news/leaving-las-seattle.php/#
Remember when you published the name of a rape victim that got your editor in a mess of trouble? Even Geraldo wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, anyone wanting to learn about John Hoff can visit my site at: http://johnnynorthside.net

@ Megan: What a disclosure! That seems to be the thing you cling to every time you set out to discredit me. Nothing else of fact that you can use?

Anyway, here is a disclosure of my own:
DISCLOSURE: Megan “the Super Citizen” Goodmundson (also a current JACC board member) recently lost her house via foreclosure. After the redemption period ended, Megan’s parents, along with the help of a north Minneapolis Realtor purchased the house from the lender that foreclosed. The disturbing part about the deal is the lender refinanced the mortgage in 2004 for $161,000 and because of the down market at the time Megan stopped making payments, her parents were able to buy it from the lender for $32,000 in 2009!

To recap the shady deal… This “super citizen” stiffed the lender for roughly ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

It makes me wonder if you DISCLOSED to the lender who exactly was buying the house?
And you have the audacity to run around town claiming to be one of the good guys trying to revitalize the neighborhood! You screwed the bank for $130,000 and you call other people a criminal?

If your scam isn’t fraud, then what do you call it? (Folks, this is where Megan chooses to not answer. It is her style to point fingers but, not own up to her own wrongdoings)
Here is the link to all the information:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogosphere Trial of the Century - Consider the Source

I am not going to post the entire article on this site as it originated from http://www.mplsmirror.com/ but, it is simply amazing how all the "legal experts" that were made out to be neutral, 3rd party analysts are all connected.
I will even offer another connection that was directly involved in the case, the Defendant John Hoff.
John went to Law School at both the University of North Dakota and Minnesota. Is there a chance that Hoff knows both of the professors who were quoted in the StarTribune and Pioneer Press?
You be the judge.

Here is the link to the MplsMirror article: Click Here

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Quiet On The Northern Front

The Northside Cracktivists have gone silent. Oh, sure North Minneapolis still has the sounds of gunfire, speeding cars, banging doors and people yelling but, Bully Blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has gone silent. Hoff's pals and fellow bloggers have also gone silent.

The reason of course, is because a jury of seven on Friday, decided that John Hoff must be held responsible for his blogging about a former JACC board member which led to his being fired from his University of Minnesota job in 2009. The jury also decided that John must pay $60,000 in damages.
That is sixty thousand reasons for Hoff and company to sit back and consider what they write about in the future.

The ruling has not gone un-noticed by other people who have experienced the wrath of Johnny Northside in the past. Granted, Johnny doesn't have a dime to his name and likely never will but, for at least five or six people who John has attacked on his blog before, one of them who is now preparing to file a law suit against him said, "it is the principle of it all."

One has to wonder how the Minnesota National Guard is going to feel about one of their enlisted men giving the Guard a bad name by having someone like PFC Hoff constantly in the news and about to be spending a lot of time in court defending himself from all the law suits that are coming down the pike.
I for one, intend to let them know all about it. After all, its the least I can do to show my appreciation for his sending hate letters to prison authorities about two inmates who never did a thing to John personally.

Enjoy the silence, Northsiders! There is no way to know how long the silence will last.

- Anti Johnny

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hawthorne Hawkman Among Top Three. Top 3 of What?


I submitted the following comments to Jeff Skrenes' blog a few minutes ago that were in response to his comments he made about me in his latest post. Click Here to read. Jeff's words are in bold with the blue highlight.

"there was a grade-school quality photoshop piece showing John Hoff's head superimposed on an obese man's naked body"
That shows where your mind was as it was not a man's body at all. It was a female body but, you saw what you wanted to see. Oh, the picture was not on the main site, it was used in the profile.
"and that was somehow supposed to convince readers that Jim Watkins is the better man than John Hoff. Watkins hasn't matured a whole lot since then."

How do you know what I was trying to convince people of? That picture was a parody, intended to make fun of Hoff.

"Watching a man halfway across the country try and impact neighborhoods where he really had no stake was actually kind of fascinating, if not a little creepy."

Again, where do you get that I was trying to impact neighborhoods??? I was standing up to your back-scratching buddy, Johnny Northside.

"Things became less fascinating and more creepy when Watkins tried to intimidate me into distancing myself from John Hoff, as documented in this NXNS post. I encourage readers to examine Watkins' statements in light of recent allegations regarding the identity of the Jordan Hawkman."

Yes I remember that. I have two things to say in response to that:

1) You posted MY email to you YET... You ramble on in your reply by saying...
"In a message dated 4/18/2010 8:34:07 A.M. Central Daylight Time, jeff.exyooper@gmail.com writes:
Mr. Watkins,
Let me first state that you do not have my permission to reprint this message or its accounts in any way whatsoever."

Another example of you being a hypocrite.
2) I noticed you no longer blog on John's site. Hmmm Rather than attempt to bash me, you could have simply said, Thank You. What a little cockroach you are.

Since you won't publish this (so much for fair and balanced, huh?), I will go ahead and post it for you.
Oh yeah I almost forgot... I think it is great that you stood by to support your friend and Hawthorne board member John Hoff, during the "trial of the century".
Ooops! I'm sorry... You really DIDN'T support him as you didn't show up for a single day. Seems to me that you have distanced yourself from John afterall.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Moore v. Hoff Trial- Email Sent By Hoff Details His Intent To: "First Amendment Retaliate"

I posted the information below on November 8, 2008. Click here for the full post. Hoff Email Threats
I have been keeping up with the current court case John Hoff is involved with and seeing what John has commented to the StarTribune and other blogs about how he feels he should have free speech and the typical Hoff B.S. he spews. It reminded me of an email John sent to me in 2008. I had just started the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog and Hoff was pissed off about it and he demanded that I delete it. He went on to make some very detailed threats and exactly what he would do if I didn't delete the Blog and more importantly... He explained what his intentions were and the results they would have if I did not comply with the North Minneapolis activist.

I really hope that Jerry Moore's attorney, Jill Clark will see this post as I think it has what is needed to discredit John Hoff and show the jury what a ruthless bully he really is and that he has no problems with doing the same thing to anyone else.

Below is the exact email John Hoff sent to me. It really is disturbing.

All I can say is that I REALLY HOPE that this email makes it into the current trial. If not, I am confident that it will surely be used against him in a future trial. I will locate the email he sent be before the one above where John stated that he didn't suggest that I sue him because, "It's been tried before and it's boring."
With all his blabbing away about his current trial and his public invitations for all to attend the "Trial of the Century," it would appear he is clearly not "bored."
From John Hoff hoffx106@umn.edu September 1, 2008:

"Jim, I am indeed THAT busy. I type fast. And I'm not up for a long phone call. You have a tremendous opportunity to BACK THE HELL OFF, JIM so I won't be forced to "First Amendment retaliate" with a posting about "who is Jim Watkins" which will have you wearing un-removable egg on your face for the rest of your life or as long as our civilization has the internet, whichever is longer.

I did it to you once BY ACCIDENT on the Bigger Pockets blog, so imagine what could happen ON PURPOSE?

The expert opinion in my possession about your unpublished woe-is-me article, and your unpublished article itself gives me all the metaphorical ammunition I need to put a hole in your real-estate teaching ship. I really prefer not to do that, however, simply because it is ugly and personal and therefore unpleasant. But maybe I need to think of the good of the students. Maybe it's my duty to expose you as a fraud, especially when you are out there saying I'm the fraud.

I think you can see how the course of action I have in mind becomes tempting. And I'm not the one who started the unfriendly tone, either, you did that when you blew your stack over some stupid non-remark I hardly even made about your (alleged) girlfriend.

We didn't start out as friends, Jim, so why should you expect me to walk on eggshells about whether you have a real or imaginary girlfriend?

Two can play the pissed off and retaliating in the blog-o-sphere game, Jim, and I'm the pig who revels in muddy controversy while you're the just-barely holding-his-shit-together real estate teacher who lives in a glass house. If you even own a house at this point. If you don't live with your GRANDMOTHER. You really can't afford to have me pissed off, Jim, but I prefer not to battle somebody I have personally liked at some point. It feels too much like my former marriage. But I won't defend myself with one hand tied behind my back forever.

You press the DELETE button and I put down the mud pie and we both go our merry way: me to helping the North Side and you to trying to rebuild your real estate teaching career after one of your ventures went seriously south. And when you're up here, if you like, we can do lunch. Or not. Doesn't matter to me either way.