Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Friday, August 24, 2012

What Will Be Johnny Northside's Demise?

Johnny Northside self destructing?

Several Years ago I had to file an eviction against a tenant who proved to be somewhat of a lunatic monster. After I had filed it, she (the tenant) yelled when she saw me and made all kinds of threats. She told me she was going to blow up the building (a six-plex), have me beat up and even poison my dog.
When we went to court, she appeared to be a soft spoken, disadvantaged tenant and told the judge that I had threatened to kill her! I stood up and started to say something but, the judge waved his finger at me and told me to sit down and I would get my turn. The tenant then told the judge that I told her I was going to poison her dog! Again, I jumped up but, the judge waved his finger again, motioning me to sit back down. She went on to tell the judge a number of lies and the judge just nodded sympathetically and said he was so sorry that had happened to her. I didn't know if I was more upset with the tenant for lying or the judge for believing her.

Finally, the judge asked her if she had anything further to say and she whimpered as she said, "No. Thank you. Bless you, Sir." I was going to be sick after seeing such a display. The judge turned to me and asked if I had anything to say. I grabbed the stack of files off the table and as I stood up, I said, "Your Honor, yes, I do!" But the judge fired back, "No you don't! Judgement for the Plaintiff.... Next case!"

I stood there in a confused daze and leaned over to the Bailiff and asked what just happened? He was smiling and said, "You just won." The judge snapped his fingers at me and had a sarcastic smirk on his face as we waved me over to him. Still confused, he said to me in a giddy voice, "This is your first time, isn't it??" I nodded my head, yes. What the judge said next is something that I will never forget and is among the best advice I have ever heard. He said,

"These people are nothing new to me. Its the same song and dance every time. People assume I am here to pass judgement but, i'm not. I am here to give them enough rope until they hang themselves...And they do it every time."
 I think of what that judge told me as I read about Johnny Northside aka John Hoff of Minneapolis (soon to be of Oklahoma but, tune in later for more on that). Today on his blog, he has published part TWENTY FOUR in his onslaught against attorney, Jill Clark. Hoff claims his attack against her is because, she has represented so many people in "his community" that has made his attempts to revitalize the neighborhood, more difficult. While he gloats about the Moore v. Hoff case that was overturned by the Appeals Court, the fact remains... Jill Clark was the prosecuting attorney who BEAT John Hoff in District Court court when the jury ruled against Hoff and he was hit with a $60,000 judgement.  It is ironic because, up until the decision on the appeal was announced, Hoff went on a rant against Clark for nearly everything but, he didn't mention the "Blogosphere Trial of the Century" as he has named it. After the ruling was announced it seems he can't shut up about it. But... That's Johnny Northside.
His motto: "Do as I say! NOT as I do."
The people who have commented online with the articles that covered the appeal ruling, have been generally supportive of Hoff for his defending the first amendment but, the overall attitude towards Hoff is... "Your act is getting old."

Johnny Northside has been given a lot of slack by the residents and city of Minneapolis (delinquent property taxes, TISH repairs not being completed as agreed and operating a rental unit without a rental license to name a few) and upon seeing the people's reaction to him after the ruling... Perhaps he has been given enough rope and so we wait. We wait as John Hoff  prepares to hang himself.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Moore V. Hoff - Minnesota Appeals Court Upholds First Amendment, Leaves Public With No Protection From Hoff

Note: Be sure to read the update at the end of this post.

On August 20, 2012, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the verdict, in Moore v. Hoff Click here for court ruling.
The following is the case summary as described by MediaLawMinnesota.com.

"The case, Moore v. Hoff, involved a long-simmering Minneapolis dispute between John Hoff, who writes a blog titled “The Adventures of Johnny Northside,” and Jerry L. Moore, who worked in the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center.
Hoff made a blog post that Moore claimed were defamatory, and in turn Moore claimed that his termination from the university was linked to the allegedly false post.  Moore sued Hoff for defamation but also for interfering with his business relations.  A jury found that the posts were not false but nevertheless found interference with business relations."

I have been researching John Hoff aka Johnny Northside for the past 4 years and during that time I have collected more than enough factual information on him that I could easily write a non-authorized auto-biography about him. 
What I have learned about Hoff is that he is a master manipulator as he has even published that claim in one of his books, "Dumpster Diving The Advanced Course - How to turn other people's trash into money, publicity and power." Here is a quote from that book about media manipulation:
"I have done it many times. But I have done it through my ability to scavenge and my rather advanced ability to engage in media manipulation."
One fact that has not been published by anyone who has written about the previous verdict and the outcome of the appeal is what he told the truth about. Every publication and the courts have repeated what Hoff said that Moore was involved in a high profile mortgage fraud case. That was the true statement but, what was the actual "involvement?" In other words, HOW was he involved?
In the residential house deal that Moore was "involved" with, the fraud was committed by the buyers and they were prosecuted and convicted. Jerry Moore was not even the seller. In fact, he was listed on the HUD-1 statement as a "consultant to the seller."  He was a CONSULTANT to the party who did NOT commit fraud but, technically he was involved in the transaction as a consultant.

As an example, lets assume John Hoff went to have dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant and he was seated on the far side. Also eating dinner at the same time on the other side of the restaurant was famed former New York City Mob boss, John Gotti. Lets say I was a waiter working there that night and I wrote about my brush with fame on my blog by saying, "John Hoff had dinner with New York mob boss John Gotti at the Four Seasons." That would technically be true because, everyone seated in the restaurant would be having dinner while Gotti was also having his. I could say in public all I wanted that John Hoff had dinner with a convicted thug and murderer...AND get away with it because it was true.

I have to agree with the Court of Appeals ruling as I believe the ruling protected free speech for everyone. What this case and knowing first hand about John Hoff has shown me is that there has to be some sort of protection for people when the First Amendment is manipulated and used as a weapon. John Hoff has a degree in Law (UND 2004) but, he has yet to take the Bar exam. He knows the loopholes and how to manipulate them in order to avoid accountability for his aggressive behavior. Hoff has used the First Amendment as an offensive weapon against the very people it is supposed to protect. 
I know this to be true because, after this blog was established John Hoff insisted I delete it and if I refused, he would "first amendment retaliate" against me. Click here to read the actual email containing Hoff's threat.

Update: I was notified by Blogger that a comment has been submitted for moderation. The comment was submitted by none other than John Hoff himself.
I am publishing his comment so readers can see for themselves how he uses free speech with the intent to bring harm upon his critics. Here is a copy of the comment made in response to this post by John Hoff:

"(Sarcasm font) Right, Jerry Moore is so peripherally involved that he's being sued by the victims of the mortgage fraud. (End sarcasm font) How many times did you predict a victory like this would never come for Johnny Northside? Who is your big monkey daddy now, Jim Watkins, you whining little non-entity and friend of fraudsters? HA!!!! Say hi to your friend Thomas Balko in PRISON. I have plenty more to write about HIM."

The reference to my friend is an example of his aggressiveness while using the first amendment as a tool. Readers should also know that because Hoff was not able to force me to comply with his demands to delete this blog, he blogged to others to write prison officials in order to attempt to make life more uncomfortable for my friend. Clich here to read (in comments section). He attacked my friend in order to get to me. He made good on his threat to write the prison and the result brought on the end to my 30+ year friendship. Click here for that story.
I don't think the first amendment was intended to actually protect people like Hoff. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Johnny Northside Operating NON-Licensed Rental Property in North Minneapolis

John Hoff - Unlicensed Landlord

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been beating his "800 pound gorilla" chest a lot recently while continuing his crusade against landlords or, what he likes to call them... "Slumlords."
All of which is very typical of Hoff as he is being a HYPOCRITE!

Last month Hoff posted on his blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside, about a video camera one of his "roommates" installed (click here to read) and he went on to say something about "BOTH" of his "roommates" that live with him. Well....

The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside is hereby going on record and calling "bullshit" on Hoff!
This is not a mere opinion of mine. I have taken it upon myself to reach out to those closest to Hoff to get the facts about where he lives. Who would be considered to be closest to Hoff, you ask? Those people would be his NEIGHBORS who live everyday around the house Hoff rents out at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. in Minneapolis.

What I learned while talking to his neighbors by phone is that Hoff has not been seen at his house in over a year.... A YEAR! Granted, he was deployed to Afghanistan for part of that time but, he has said on his blog that he returned in April of this year. Where has he been hiding out since? Who cares! The fact is... He has NOT been living at his house on Bryant Ave. N. and he has stated there are two people living at his house. What that means is he is using the house as an income producing rental property but, has failed to apply for or obtain a rental license from the city of Minneapolis. The neighbors I spoke with confirmed that two people are indeed living at the property but, neither one of them is John Hoff.

I urge the community residents who live in north Minneapolis to make a complaint by contacting city code enforcement and tell them to send an inspector over to Hoff's house and they will find that John Hoff does NOT live there.

Johnny Northside holds other people's feet to the fire with his attempts to "revitalize" the community. As long as Hoff claims to be part of that community... Hold HIS feet to the same FIRE!