Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger Hoff Pursuing License to Practice Law in Oklahoma, Must Pass Moral & Character Fitness Check

Photo of Hoff obtained from FaceBook page in public domain.
This blog entry is very unique because of the information it contains. Rather than the usual build up about John Hoff’s history before getting to the point of the post, I want to get right to the meat of the story and make the following announcement.

It has been confirmed that John Willard Hoff AKA Johnny Northside of the Adventures of Johnny Northside.com blog, has submitted an application recently with the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners to take the Bar exam to become a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma.

Up until this past week it had only been speculation that Hoff had been working in Oklahoma but, unclear in what capacity or for what purpose. I personally can’t claim to be 100% certain of how long he has been working there or who exactly he has been working there. A few sources have given me more specific information but, I decided to focus my attention on getting proof that John Hoff is trying to become a licensed attorney and I am now the first to report the news which was verified by the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. Now on with the story…

Around April of this year, I began to notice very uncharacteristic activity happening with John’s house and other things like a big judgement he has had against him for several years. The odd activity was that he was PAYING his debt off and was paying to have TISH issues with his house repaired and resolved. Those are normal actions for most people but, John Hoff has shown a history of appealing things, not paying things! Nearly every time he went to court he had filed In Forma Pauperis, which means he told the court he can’t afford to pay his court costs and by filing In Forma Pauperis his fees are waived when he is given a credit for the fees. When he bought his house in 2008, he agreed in writing that within once year he would comply with the Truth in Sale of Housing report and have noted repairs made by the deadline. Up until this year, Hoff had only addressed one out of 11 or 12 on the list. Hoff and his brother had a judgement against them since 2008 for over $3,200 in Swift County after the City of Appleton successfully sued them.

Up until this year, it had become the status quo for Hoff to not pay his bills or any of his debts. He had even been taken to family court in 2010 due to his child support payments being seriously delinquent. His child support was so delinquent in fact that he was denied a military security clearance with the National Guard that would have allowed him to be deployed to Kuwait in a "Club Med" atmosphere to work as a paralegal versus being put into battle situations as a grunt in Afghanistan (he wrote all about that in his Road to Afghanistan series. See screenshot below). By the way, Hoff also filed In Forma Pauperis for his family court appearances.

However, earlier in 2013 I began to notice that Hoff had been addressing his past TISH responsibilities and the PAID off that big judgement of over $3,200. Naturally I became curious and wanted to know how he had been able to pay for all of it. We are talking about a lot of money. I estimated it to be over $10,000 but, there had been no chatter on the Internet about him working any sort of job in the Twin Cities and searches into his house title history revealed he had not taken out any sort of home equity loan and there had been no announcements of him winning the lottery and yet, Hoff had somehow come up with a significant amount of money to pay off a lot of debt in a short amount of time.

Something was up and in the time I have known about John Hoff and something was up with him, it has ended up being something big he had been keeping secret. Well, big in John Hoff’s mind. This time proved to be no different. You can always tell when Hoff is up to something because, he doesn’t talk about himself much and he is a person who is so self absorbed with himself  that if he didn’t have a keyboard in front of him so much, he would have a mirror in front of him so he could praise himself more often.
I set out to determine how and where John could come up with that kind of money. It became a process of elimination and I determined it was very unlikely he was working any sort of job in Minnesota based off the various times he posted anything online and he would have been seen at some point going to and from a regular job.

I considered the possibility he was driving a truck again but, that job didn’t pay that well in the past and he would have been announcing the different locations he was in as he has in the past. He wasn’t trucking.
People in north Minneapolis who have formed the un-official Hoff Watch Group consistently reported that he had not been seen for weeks at a time around his house on Bryant Ave. North or around his former girlfriends house on Newton Ave.North.
It all led me to believe that whatever Hoff was doing for his money, he was not doing it in the Twin Cities and it was not likely he was making that kind of money near where his family is located near Alexandria. I decided that if he was getting his money legally by working, he had to be doing it out of state.

Again, more process of elimination. Where would he be most likely to NOT be? North Dakota? Unlikely to be there because, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a 24-hour on call lynch mob waiting for him there. Yes, he is THAT hated in North Dakota.

Seattle? Highly doubtful as he had pissed off the Seattle PD something fierce because of his constant requests for documents from the Seattle PD thru the freedom of information act. Not to mention his citation for sitting on a sidewalk that he appealed all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court of Appeals…And LOST. Since he left Seattle about 10 years ago, he has not mentioned anything online that would indicate he has gone back to Seattle.

El Paso? Hmm that warranted looking into. More on that in a minute.

Fredericksburg, Virginia? Hoff hasn’t said anything about that location in a long time and the only place I recall him saying anything about it was in his “Have Mercy!!!” plea to the judge in his child support hearing. I didn’t see Virginia as being a likely place for Hoff to be working.

Had he gone back to Afghanistan? No. Not among the possibilities.

How about El Paso again? He does have a connection there in Peter Teachout, the former Hawthorne neighborhood board member who joined the Army and is stationed at Fort Bliss which is where Hoff was based back in the early 90’s. That is also where he allegedly suffered a “serious leg injury” while trying to contain a psyche patient who was “jacked up on PCP” and left one of his legs a full “two inches shorter than the other.” I am not going to go into all the BS that he has claimed with that ordeal but, after some research, I wasn’t able to find anything to indicate that he was spending a significant amount of time in El Paso recently.

That left only one other location that would make sense for him to be spending time this year. Oklahoma. There are a few reasons that caused me to think he has been going to Oklahoma on a regular basis in 2013.
The first indicator was the widget on my blogs homepage that lists locations of recent visitors. This is not a guarantee by any means that just because it says someone has recently visited the site from Oklahoma, means that the person is actually there. It might be the location of a server or something like that. However, there had been an unusually high number of visitors to the blog that were listed as being in Oklahoma City. Again, not proof but, certainly reason to take notice.

Hoff wrote about his adventures that led him to being deployed to Afghanistan and oddly enough, the story he had written for his hometown paper online is no longer available. Not to worry though because, I had the sense to take a screen shot of what I am talking about now.
Hoff made the following statements in that article I am talking about and you can see I am quoting him directly by looking at the picture of the screenshot.
Hoff said,
 “A battle buddy from my training at Fort Jackson was with the Oklahoma National Guard and called to say he was leaving a lucrative legal practice to deploy to Afghanistan.”
Hoff said earlier in the same article and also in the screenshot that he had been training in Fort Jackson as a Paralegal.

Screenshot of article by John Hoff "Road to Afghanistan a Rocky One"
Posted on "thenewsleaders.com" and since removed.
Click on image to view larger

I wish I was able to identify who that buddy was but, it was enough for me to look closely into what reasons Hoff might be spending time in Oklahoma. I don’t know a lot about the pay scale of a paralegal but, it isn’t a profession that pays a whole lot. Not enough for Hoff to be paying off all the debt he has been paying in 2013.
I have not been able to determine where he has been working in Oklahoma and I guess that means that I was still going off of my gut hunches rather than fact. That changed this past week.

I have been looking into different possibilities of Hoff working as an actual attorney since he has a law degree from the University of North Dakota but, I did not find anything that indicated he was a member of the Oklahoma Bar or any other state that I could find. I should say that I was not able to find anything that would suggest he was working as an attorney either. I looked into the process someone has to go through in order to become a licensed attorney in Oklahoma. That led me to these websites National Conference of Bar Examiners and the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners and it gave the information for the dates the bar exam is offered in Oklahoma and I was somewhat surprised to learn that the test is only given twice a year. The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners releases the names of applicants for the next date the exam is offered but, it has not released the names for the next test date which is in February, 2014. The lists that I did find were for the most recent exam dates from 2012 and the last one which was in July of 2013. I did not find Hoff’s name on any of those lists.

I sent an email to the director of the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners and stated that I was trying to find where I should send information about someone who has or intends to apply to take the bar exam that might be helpful to anyone assigned to research the character and moral fitness of an applicant. I want to note that all applicants must pass a background check into their character and moral fitness in order to be allowed to take the bar exam.

The email response I received had a confidentiality notice at the bottom of the email that prohibits copying the message and publishing it. Because of that, I am not going to list the name of the person who sent it or all of the contents. I will say that the person who sent the reply did verify that John Willard Hoff has applied to take the Oklahoma bar exam in February, 2014.

I was told the following: “To present this evidence to the Board, please submit in a signed letter any information, with any available documentation attached, which might influence the board in considering Mr. Hoff’s moral character and fitness to practice law in Oklahoma.”  It went on to say that any other individuals wishing to submit statements, should submit that information to the Board in writing.
They gave the address to submit statements as:

PO Box 53036, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73152.

To simplify how the envelope should be addressed, below is exactly how I will address the envelope containing information to the Board…

Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners
c/o Moral Character and Fitness
P.O. Box 53036
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 73152

I would like to stress that for anyone wanting to submit information to the Board, that it is written in a professional and respectful manner and that any complaints, statements or claims regarding past actions by Hoff be factual and not just personal opinions. Statements about Hoff should be backed up with documentation that shows the information as fact by including copies of paper documents or photos including screenshots and website addresses (URL’s) should be attached to what you submit to the Board for consideration.

John Hoff has abused and manipulated the court systems for years and has shown no respect for the legal professionals within it. That is not even mentioning how he has attacked, provoked, exploited and exposed countless people on the Internet and more specifically on his Blog.
This is what I consider to be an opportunity for anyone who has been victimized by Hoff to relay your story or details of how Hoff has victimized you to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. We all have an a role to play in this process and if people simply don’t report instances of Hoff’s behavior to the Board and Hoff is allowed to continue on and become a licensed attorney, he will have greater access to information and databases which he would likely use against people in the future, as he has demonstrated time and time again in his past.

This is our chance to see that John Hoff is finally held accountable for his misdeeds he has committed against so many people.

Let’s get to work!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing this information. As one of John Hoff's "victims" I will be sending my letter to the OK Bar protesting Hoff's application. There is no person on Planet Earth more morally bankrupt, no person more unworthy of a law license than John Willard Hoff. All he will do is use his law license to obtain protected info only available to lawyers to harass and intimidate people. John Hoff is a psychopathic stalker who should be in a mental institution.

Anonymous said...

I got an emailed link to your blog. I was so excited to finally have an opportunity to get revenge on John Hoff that I posted this comment on his blog. He won't post it, but I now he will see it:

I just got an email with a link to another blog that shows you applied for a law license in Oklahoma.
Let me be absolutely clear about this. I will do everything in my power to see that no state grants you a law license. This blog is a testament as to your total lack of moral character.
You are a sociopathic sadist who thrives on the misery you cause others. You have no conscience, your values are so twisted they defy logic.
You are a despicable human being who would, without question, violate the canons of the legal profession to promote your vile personal enterprises.
I will personally contact every single person I can find who you have offended and ask them to send a letter to the Oklahoma bar Association. I hope to God Jill Clark files a formal notice documenting what a pathetic parasite you are.

You think paying off your bills just before filing your application proves you have morals? Think again. I have all the documentation needed to show you have been years behind in property taxes and child support, and failed to pay the Appleton judgment until just prior to filing for a law license.
How dumb do you thing the bar association is. Do you think you can fool them? NO you cannot, because I'm gonna make sure they know.

John, you are a disgusting piece of SHIT who should never be allowed to stink up the legal profession.

What goes around comes around, and now it will be our turn. Everyone you have fucked over will now be able return the favor.


Don't say you were not previously warned, as you have been, and you ignored everyone's advise.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." You, John Hoff, have sown the seeds of abuse and intimidation, and now you will suffer the wrath of your victims.

You will pay the price for your bullying.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is notable that John has not posted on his own blog in at least four days.

Really, there should be no way he can become a lawyer. He has no ethics and none of the empathy necessary to represent another person's interests. It's hard to believe he could finish law school.

In reality, I doubt he will be able to pass the bar exam, so maybe we won't have to worry about his lack of morals and lack of character.

But, I'll probably write a letter to OK anyway, just to let them know what they are getting into.

(Actually, maybe we should just be glad to see him go!)

Anonymous said...

John Hoff has added a couple posts to his blog on 9/17 and 9/18.

What is most significant is that I (and others) have send him posts (I have sent 6)regarding his application to take the Oklahoma Bar exam and he has not approved one single comment. He knows that there is going to be a huge protest made to the Bar documenting that he is morally unfit to be licensed as a lawyer, but he isn't responding yet.

Anyone that knows John Hoff is aware that he is so sociopathic that he doesn't believe he is doing anything wrong. He is oblivious to the fact that his behavior and blogging documents his lack of morals, empathy, or conscience.

John Hoff actually believes he is some kind of saint, and that he is above the law and morals of society. He truly believes that the Oklahoma Bar association will ignore the protests of decent people, and allow him to take the Multi-State Bar Exam.

John Hoff bring granted a law license is something that would be dangerous to the citizens on the USA. John Hoff would use his lawyer's access to non-public legal files to harass and intimidate landlords, ex-offenders, probation officers, government officials, and ordinary citizens he doesn't like.

Only those with the highest morals and reputation should be allowed into the community of licensed lawyers.

John Hoff most certainly does not quality.

Please send your objections to the address listed in this blog post. Together we can stop John Hoff from harming the USA.

Dave T said...

Dear Anon @ September 17, 2013 at 8:03 PM,

John Hoff has made it clear in his blog that he has absolutely no intention of moving to Oklahoma, and is committed to staying in Minneapolis. That means if he takes the Bar Exam in Oklahoma, passes the Multi-State Bar Exam, he can get a law license in Minnesota.

We cannot let that happen. John Hoff is morally unfit and should not be allowed to have a law license. Please sent your comments and include any evidence that shows his lack of moral character.

Anonymous said...

@Dave T. /// John Poopy Diaper Hoff is a serial liar. His veracity gap is accompanied by his completely detached attitude toward normal human caring, loyalty or sincerity. I do not accept anything he posts at his blog as ever reflecting his actual intentions. He is a Drifter and a Grifter. He is an opportunist who will say or do anything. He kisses up and kicks down and that includes pimping family members or others for his sadistic kicks. I do think it is vital to track him, his actions and his comments to protect others who my become his next stalking victims.

Anonymous said...

It will be a glorious day when John "the coward douchebag" Hoff moves out of Minneapolis. Oklahoma can have him with a bow around his neck. But I doubt he will move. If he does, it just proves, once again, he's a serial liar as you state.

Anonymous said...

I find it unlike Johnnynorthside to ignore the fact that decent people feel he lacks the morals to be an attorney.
While there is no "online" response from him it must be true that John "the sociopath" Hoff is worried about his legal future.
In his demented mind he must think that his blog is his "first amendment" right to self expression. While that may be true, the blog is a testament to his lack if morals, empathy, and factually shows he is a disturbed individual who should never be allowed a license to practice law.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff needs Jesus! I wanna ask again to make sure I'm clear? If he gets a licsense in Ok he can practice in Mn?

Anonymous said...

When John Hoff takes the OK Bar exam the 2nd day is the Multi-state bar exam. If he passes the OK Bar he may be able to get a Minnesota. Minnesota now uses The Uniform Bar Examination, which appears to be a more difficult test. Hoff is most likely being "coached" to pass the OK exam. If he gets a law license in OK, it is not hard to get admitted in MN.
John Hoff will just use his law license to access documentation that is available only to licensed lawyers, which he will use to harass people in his blog.
That is a violation on the ethics and canons of the legal profession.

Jim Watkins said...

I want to be clear to anyone reading this post as well as the comments.... I am NOT an attorney and I am not giving legal advice nor do I claim anyone commenting to be giving legal advice. If anyone wants to be sure, please consult an attorney.

With that being said... It is my understanding that IF Hoff takes the Bar exam and passes in Oklahoma, he would be eligible to join the Oklahoma Bar Association upon being sworn in. That would mean he could practice law in the State of Oklahoma. He would have to go thru additional tests and/or applications in order to practice law anywhere outside of Oklahoma.
I have heard that it is not as difficult to get licensed in other states once they are licensed in one state.

I still urge anyone who can offer documentation to support claims that Hoff does not have the moral fitness and character to be licensed as an attorney, to submit what you can to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that clarification Jim.
I am only passing on what I have read, and asked other attorneys knowledgeable about the process.
A couple attorneys that practice in Minnesota, and know John Hoff, as well as a few "government" employees are also concerned that Hoff will abuse his law license and may contact the OK Bar Association Examiners.

Anonymous said...

I like Johnny's blog, and I think most of the people who dislike him are boo hoos who don't like the truth being aired in public. If he's trying to take the OK bar exam, I hope he is allowed, passes with flying colors and proceeds to ace the multi-state exam whereupon he gets a law license in MN. So there - take that ya bunch of touchy-feely emoters.

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 5:21...
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the one person who will support John in public, none other than Johnny Northside himself... John Hoff.
And IF they just happen to be a different person, they still havent had John go "all Columbo" on them yet.
And wtf is a touchy-feely emoter???

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 5:21...
You don't find it one bit strange, do you? Usually, when someone is going to get married, they want to announce it. When someone has a kid, they want to announce it. When someone graduates from high school or college, they want to announce it. However, when someone decides to take the Bar exam TEN YEARS after they graduated from law school... They don't want to make a single announcement in public??? Oh, forget the fact that that person is the biggest self-promoter that ever slithered along the earth named John Hoff. Yet, you don't find that the least bit odd?

Anonymous said...

I'm Anon 5:21, and I'm not John Hoff. Never met the man. Just like his blog. I don't know why he's not publicizing his bar exam plans, but maybe he wants to fly under the radar of his haters. 90% of what he does on his blog is take stories that get only cursory coverage in the Strib and elsewhere (City Pages being the notable exception, since they sometimes dig deeper) and further expose the nature of the perpetrators by showing their own social media postings. He provides interesting insight into the lives of criminals. Most of his haters are probably hoodlums who would prefer to avoid the notoriety or misguided goofs who empathize with the poor benighted hoodlums.

Dave said...

Thank You again Jim,

John Hoff knows full well that he doesn't posses the morals and/or ethics to sit the exam. That is why he paid off all his debts prior to applying. The OK Bar examiners do a throughout financial history because lawyers must have a financially sound background - something John Hoff does not have, but he wants to make it seem that way. He paid off the Appleton judgment after what, 8 years? Does he really think the examiners are that stupid? That they won't see thorough his charade?
All the examiners have to do it read his blog. He posts people's jail records for the sole purpose of preventing them from getting employment and rental housing, and he even coined the phrase "Go Googlebots Go" meaning that the Google search engines will forever haunt those people.
John Hoff's blog is a testament to his lack of moral fitness.
NO, it is not about people not liking Hoff's telling of the truth, which is quite often distorted, it IS about John Hoff's sadistic desire to destroy people's lives for his own personal satisfaction. John Hoff does NOT care how his actions effect his victims because he has no conscience, no ethnics, and no morals. His behavior demonstrates textbook sociopathic behavior.
And he should never be allowed to have a law license.

Jim Watkins said...

John Hoff, Sexy???
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Right! Hoff and Ernest Borgnine are modern day HUNKS!
Eeew! Just the notion that any female, on drugs or not, could even think about copulating with Hoff is enough to make most people vomit.

Anonymous said...

And this just in. John Hoff has been banned from the "new" North Talk Facebook group. The moderator has stated that Hoff will never be allowed to join.

Anonymous said...

I think John Hoff looks a lot like Ernest Borgnine, considering Ernest died in 2012 at age 95. And currently they both smell just as bad.
Sorry Ernest, don't mean to insult you. You look better then Johnny Douchebag even in the grave.

Anonymous said...

You're and ugly little jealous man.Please get a damn hobby besides Mr.Hoff. You are a jealous ,petty joke and everyone see's that except a few thugs killers he exposed. Nice side to be on ya pig.

Anonymous said...

Actually you have been banned from the new north talk. "Dave" find a doctor to prescribe OCD meds or at least a Pastor who can help you get over your sick,hateful heart. will pray for you and that you wil be able to focus your life on something important. Everyone laughs at your obsessions and you should be embarrassed.

Dr Detroit said...

For the record "Dave" is not Jim Watkins. AND Dana everyone thinks you are a nutcase on par with John Hoff. And the fact you are defending Hoff puts you in the class of "RACIST".
Stalking? What brings you to this blog? Have you been stalking "Dave" on the internet like Hoff would do? From the sound of your writing you may just be another one of Hoff's fake identities.
You have been kicked out of several groups because you have been classified as one of the "nuts". North Vent, the group you moderate, has been renamed by Blacks as "Racist North Vent" because of the anti-black overtones the group promotes, and you espouse. It is obvious that you have some sort of an identity crisis and your only connection to the black community is that you live in NoMi. You went to an exclusive private mostly lilly white school back in the 80's (Minnehaha Academy) so it's plain to see how you might be confused about your ethnic identity. Moving to the "hood" doesn't look like it's helped much.
Perhaps you would feel more at home in Hopkins where you can pretend to me a "soccer mom".
I don't know what happened to your spouse, but I'm sure it's better than being with a bitch like you. You are a very angry and bitter person. I worry about your kids future. Look in the mirror honey, you are what you hate.

Dave Timmons said...

I assume anonymous October 6, 2013 at 12:20 PM is Dana Fisher (the moderator of "Racist" North Vent).

I'd like to set the record straight regarding North Talk 2. The group creator stated that tne North Talk 2 group was a free speech zone and anyone could express their opinion without fear of being banned (which happens frequently in North Talk 1 which is moderated by Jeff Skrenes).
Unfortunately, the creator made Dana Fisher an "Admin", and Dana Fisher is nothing less than a bully. Disregarding the Head Admin's direction she banned me from the group because she did not like my comments regarding the rights of ex-offenders to live where they choose. Regardless of their offense, once someone has served their sentence and is released from incarceration, they have the right to live, work, and try to lead a normal life - that is according to the Statutes of the State of Minnesota, and our Judicial system.
But Dana Fisher, who apparently disagrees with the laws of a civil society, banned me from the group, blocked my profile.
The creator of the group, upon hearing that Dana Fisher has banned, me removed her as an "admin", and I understand she is no longer a member of North Talk 2. The North Talk 2 creator has made it clear that I CAN be a member of the group, but because Dana Fisher banned me and blocked me, he cannot reverse the ban. He is currently contacting Google to see how to un-ban me.
From what I have been reading in other groups, I have come to the opinion that Dana Fisher is just another internet bully just like John Hoff (assuming she is not actually John Hoff). She uses the John Hoff play book, and internet searches and attacks people that she has disagreements with and disparages them in various blogs and groups, posting whatever nasty info she can find on them.
In short she's just one angry bitch who, like John Hoff, gets off on making other people miserable.
If Dana Fisher isn't really John Hoff, then these two should get together because they are made for each other because their forums for racist rants prove they are the social misfits of NoMi.

Dave Timmons said...

And for what it's worth the North Talk2 administrator has returned me to the group. So I am no longer banned. He also removed Dana Fisher as an admin for her going rogue. I would assume that if some other asshat bans me he will reverse that action too.
Dana Fisher, another John Hoff supporter (Hoffzi) who is so dedicated to NoMi she's looking for a house in Plymouth.
Funny how all these NoMi revitalizers (like Megan Goodmundson) bail when a better opportunity comes along.
Is John Hoff next in line? We can only hope!!

Anonymous said...

I learned of one of the questions asked John the Slumlord for his Bar Exam in Oklahoma: Examiners asked him to explain the word, "harass". He responded that was TWO words but he would use it in a sentence. He offered: My illegal renter at home pissed me off so I kicked her ass and threatened her till she put me on a restraining order and moved out.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought harass referred to Megan Goodmundson, the largest ass (well white ass) in NoMi - at least she used to live in NoMi, now she rents out her mortgage scandal home to someone, while still claiming homestead credit.
Typical for those fake activists - act like your some great neighborhood revitalizer, then bail when you get a better offer in a nicer community.
Betcha John "the slumlord" Hoff is gone in a year too.

Anonymous said...

I got a Google alert on John Hoff today. News from the Oklahoma Bar says he is taking the bar exam next month.


John Hoff the last person on mother Earth who should have a law license. He has no ethnics, no morals, and no conscious. He is a bigger scumbag then the slumlords that plague our city.
He is a repeat stalker more dangerous then the worst sex offender you have ever read about.
John Hoff is a documented thief, stalker, predator, burglar, and child abuser. The Oklahoma Bar needs to know this.

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 6:64...
You should check this blog more often because, the info about his applying to take the bar has been posted here since October with the info needed to submit objections.

Anonymous said...

Revenge, shows how petty you are, I'm sure the actions taken on you were just.

Anonymous said...

I think John will make a great Attorney. I hope he decides to come home and help us fight for our Nomi community.

Dave T said...

"Revenge is a dish which people of taste prefer to eat cold."
What this proverb means is that revenge is best served with a clear mind, not when you are hot with anger.
For decades John Hoff has harassed, stalked, and terrified his victims with his blogging and threats of retaliation. John Hoff is a reactionary - when challenged or when others disagree with him, his actions are made in anger with the intent to harm and victimize.

Now, those of us who have character, morals, and strong ethics have the opportunity to respond in a calm and professional manner to the years of intimidation we have endured from John Hoff.
Clearly, John Hoff has demonstrated over the years that he is morally bankrupt, has perverted ethics, and is of criminal character.
He unquestionably enjoys the hurt and misery he inflicts on others, and has no conscience on how his actions may effect others or their families.

Now, when John Hoff finally has the opportunity to achieve the law license he desperately wants, we have the opportunity to point out to the Oklahoma Bar that John Hoff's character is not worthy of the honor of being awarded a law license.

Revenge: To avenge (as oneself) usually by retaliating in kind or degree.

For all the hurt, harm, and misery John Hoff has inflicted on his victims, we have the opportunity to respond in kind.

And while John Hoff reacts hastily and with brazen words. We can react calmly and choose our words carefully conveying our very clear message that John Hoff is not fit to hold a law license.
If providing truthful information and documentation to the Oklahoma Bar that John Hoff is unfit to hold a law license is revenge, then revenge is a dish best enjoyed when served cold.

Anonymous said...

The more you talk to John,though smart,you see how hateful and racist he is. Its sad to see someone that smart with so much disdain for black people. I use to defend him.Now I see that he is a black hole. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I posted something about him on North Vent and North Talk and THEY deleted it. There is NO free speech in North Minneapolis and ALL the lames protect him. His buddie Jeff is a racist PIG and everytime I walk by his stupid house on Penn, I spit due to the bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I like John Hoff very much. I think he is one the smartest and most interesting people I have met living in Nomi. I hope that he decides to stay here and fight for our neighborhood. It would be a loss if he moved away for good.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm LMAO at another person fooled by "America's Favorite Douchebag", John Hoff.
You actually think Hoff cares about NoMi? The ONLY reason he moved to NoMi was to flip properties, just like he tried to do in Grand Forks, ND. Oh, and be near his son while he flipped properties.

Now John "I lie when I need to" Hoff will deny he flipped properties in North Dakota, but the property records, and the things he has previously written (and were published) prove (And that means proved beyond a shadow of a doubt) that he was a property flipper in North Dakota. Well, he tried to flip properties, but he wasn't very good at it. He even bought a old crappy motel, and lost his shirt on the deal.

You think Hoff plans to stay in Minnesota? He'll pack his bags and move as soon as the best deal comes along. His son will be of legal age in a year or so, and will no longer be required to spent time with John.
Once his son is free of that douchebag, Hoff will move on just as he has in the past.

And remember, the only reason Hoff acts as a revitalizer is so he can sell his house on Bryant Avenue North for a huge profit. He bought it as an investment, that's why he never made the required repairs as he planned to flip it, and when the housing market tanked he was stuck with it, and that's why he just last year (after 5 years) made some of the required repairs as he's getting ready to sell it as soon as he get his law license.

Finally, his thing about publishing the jail roster and sex offenders is soley to bring readers to his blog - HE GETS PAID BY THE HIT WHEN READERS GO TO HIS BLOG - HE ONLY WRITES THE BLOG TO MAKE MONEY.

So don't be fooled by John Hoff. The good people of Grand Forks, ND recognized what a psychopath Hoff was and held a special recall election to vote his off the city council.
Too bad we can't vote him out of Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

@January 23, 2014 at 11:24 AM

Smart... interesting...???

You just insulted the majority of NOMI.

Anonymous said...

Well he get the best of you bloggers for sure!! FUNNY he blasts you with the most ugly criminal mugshots on the planet and the best you have is''OH he bought a house to sell for profit.'' GASP, OH MY GOD NOOO who does that??!! LMAO!!! Do better because the score is about John-150, an all of you together 2 Don Allen you are SO BUSTED!!

Jim Watkins said...

@ anon 5:54 AKA John Hoff:
Your real estate prowess is sure impressive! How did you come up with ANY money to buy your shit-shack anyway? According to your HAVE MERCY plea to the child support judge, you seem to have used up all your long forgotten 401K funds that you lied about to buy those North Dakota palaces that must have left the likes of Donald Trump pissed off because you got them first.
So? Since you were so broke and not able to pay your child support, how DID you come up with cash to buy that POS?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit is Megan (The Northside Noise) back? The only two skanks that would defend John (the COWARD*)Hoff are Megan or her protege, Dana Fisher.

*John Hoff is a coward because he targets the weakest and most vulnerable people because he knows they don't have the resources to defend themselves, doing so while hiding behind his blog, too scared to stay at his NoMi home by himself.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is sure spendng a lot of time blogging lately. He's updating stories every few hours.
Shouldn't he be studying for his BAR EXAM?
Considering how John Hoff doesn't know shit about the law, and makes up his own rules, one would think he'd be learning the laws of the land that most ethical and moral people follow.
But I guess John Hoff will always have questionable ethics.

Anonymous said...

You know, you have to wonder how a guy with a law degree, such as John Hoff, can be so ignorant of the law. Almost everyday he illustrates his bog with photos stolen from Facebook pages,which is clearly a copyright violation. Yet no matter who tells him, or how many times he's advised he is violating copyright, he insists on continuing.
This comment, was just sent to his blog. We'll see if he approves it:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, and again you are told that using images from Facebpook is a copyright violation. Here is more evidence you violate copyright, as Facebook imaged ARE NOT in the public domain, they are owned by the Facebook page author:


Not that you'll ever listed, but you are not using these images under "First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism", you are using them as illustrations just like the blogger in the above article.
Someday you will use the wrong image, and the owner will use the copyright law to get it removed.
Or if we are lucky, your blog shut down. You have no respect or ethics.

February 13, 2014 at 11:39 AM

Anonymous said...

I agree that John Hoff is unfit to practice law. He is a liar, publishes stuff without verification and apparently is against every single person who owns a rental property in North Minneapolis. I have never seen him talked anything good about landlords in the area, although I am sure there are many. He has this philosophy that anybody who is rich enough to purchase a rental property is a scum and that he or she is motivated only to make money and that if to do that it is necessary to exploit the tenants so be it. This is not the real situation. His analysis is colored by his extreme left philosophy which would probably like for all private property to be eliminated so that the North Minneapolis tenants can live in the communist paradise. Go figure! I will submit my letter to the Oklahoma office. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Anonymous said...

This comes from the Oklahoma State website. I do not see the name of John Hoff here as an applicant for the February 2014 Exam. Did I miss anything? Maybe he decided to drop after all.

News & Press Releases
Applicants for February 2014 Oklahoma Bar Exam

List is too long. Site did not allow me to post it in its entirety but it is here:


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim Watkins said...

Yes, you missed the out of state applicants. He is listed there.

Anonymous said...

And, if you're interested, IT IS NOT TOO LATE to send your objections to oppose John Willard Hoff's application to the OK Bar.
Send your objections, and clearly stated reasons why Hoff is not ethically or morally fit to hold a law license, to the address posted in this blog.

his time will come said...

2/13 11:48 ---

and, once again, Mr Hoff tries to wriggle out of a sticky situation by making yet another justification for his illegal postings:

"...used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, and JNS blog asserted public safety exception to copyright,
blog post by John Hoff"


Anonymous said...

John has not posted anything new in days. Perhaps he is in OK sweating out the exam. His reaction to the tragic death of five children was terrible, don't you think? He blamed the landlord without any evidence, and he blamed the father, obliquely accusing him of causing the fire to collect insurance on the children's lives. What a moron!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside is NOT a moron. He is a dangerous sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside Hoff is BOTH a Bootlegger and a BootLicker. His Mini-slumlord domicile at 2226 Bryant was purchased by him in 2008. It appears to have taken him 4 YEARS TO DO A PERMITTED PLUMBING JOB THERE. Go to the CITY WEBSITE. Type in 2226 Bryant. Click on TRUTH IN HOUSING REPORT. Next click on PERMITS. Compare the Truth in Housing plumbing and safety issues for the period he was renting out rooms, to when the permitted plumbing work was completed by a licensed plumber and permit closed. He had renters there with NO WATER for 4 years? Really?? I doubt it. John Hoff ignores his own Safety Issues while attacking others. Johnny Northside Hoff Plumbing Bootlegger musta' pulled His Own Curtains till the City kicked his ass to compliance. He does not care about his renters' or his son's safety. Does he?

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Guess who is now a guest writer on JNS? It's the bully from NV, DANA FISHER. You've got to love how she's always calling people racist for even reading the blog, and now she's actually contributing as MsJordan North. Hypocrite much?
And her writing skills? Truly cringeworthy: "I started playing the violin at the age of three. On and instrument made for me by my Grandfather"

Anonymous said...

Naw, it's that old,lonely cow MICHELLE LEWIS from North Vent. Johnny likes the white cows and heifers.

Anonymous said...

Hoff needs writers that actually know what's going on in NoMi because he's been living in Oklahoma for something like a year now.