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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confirmed: John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is Active Duty

Confirmation of John Hoff being Active Duty (click to enlarge)

The question of where has Johnny Northside been, has been confirmed. Hoff enlisted in the US Army National Guard last summer as a Reservist. Meaning he would only need to report for drill duty one weekend per month and two weeks per year. When he went missing around late April, the questions started to surface... Where is Johnny Northside?

John switched units up to two times this spring in what is believed to be attempts to join a unit that was going to be deployed overseas for a one year tour of duty in Afghanistan, in order to have a reasonable reason to delay the much anticipated appeal to his highly publicized loss in court that he termed, "The Blogosphere Trial of the Century."
Hoff, now with a $60,000 judgement on his back, is looking to do anything to avoid having to admit he does not have the funds to file the appeal, even after begging the public on his blog and raising a whopping $360 in four months following his trial loss.

Before enlisting in the National Guard, Hoff had been seriously delinquent with his property taxes (he actually had not paid any taxes on his property since he bought it in early 2008) as well as his child support. In a signed document submitted to the judge hearing his case for his late child support, Hoff begged the court to "Have mercy!"
With a sizeable paycheck waiting for him after completing basic training, it was exactly what Hoff needed to be able to pay off his ex-wife and get his property taxes paid. Note: While his property taxes were paid, his house is still in serious violation for not completing TISH repairs that he agreeed, in writing to complete when he closed on his house in '08.

That brings us to the next point.

Now that it has been confirmed that John Hoff is currently listed and serving in active duty for the Army National Guard, his house must be vacant... Right?
It has been reported to this blog as well as others by readers that John Hoff's house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN. 55411 has had a "roommate" residing in the house. Minneapolis Housing regulations do not require a rental license if the owner is merely renting a room and still resides there.
With Hoff being active duty with the National Guard serves as proof that Hoff is no longer living in his house on Bryant Ave. North.

Since Hoff is not living in the house, he is required by the City of Minneapolis to obtain a rental license in order for him to legally rent his property to his tenant. The identity of the tenant is not known but, several readers have informed us that there has been a pick up truck parked in different places on the street in front of the house as well as on the side of the house and in back. The license plate number is: SHY 602

My question to the City of Minneapolis...
Why does John Hoff NOT have to obtain a rental license for his house now that he is not living there AND why has he been allowed to not complete the required TISH repairs as promised in 2008 and why has he not been fined for those violations?

If I was a resident or a landlord in an area that shows such favortism towards an absentee activist ($60,000 LOSING activist at that), I would be rather upset. I would suggest that some phone calls to the city leaders are in order but, it is widely known that the powers that be do not believe in playing by the rules.
Things like that is enough to make any citizen yell, scream and maybe hit something! Wait.... Yelling and screaming are one thing but, citizens would not resort to hitting anything or assaulting anyone. Especially a "Super Citizen!"


Anonymous said...

Everyone who reads this needs to call Minneapolis 311 at 612-673-3000 and file a complaint so the housing inspector get on top of this.

Anonymous said...

what rule is he breaking?

what is jhoff's permanent address while he is deployed?

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 9:31...
Well lets see.... Ah! He has NOT completed or even started most of the TISH repairs he agreed to complete. And hmmm OH! He is renting his house out while he doesn't live there and THAT requires a rental license!
Do you crack-tivists even bother to read what information we post about them before you submit a stupid comment like yours?