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Monday, November 30, 2009

Johnny Northside Back Tracks

Upon looking at the comments posted by John Hoff on the Adventures of Johnny Northside, it appears John has deleted all of the comments. It must have something to do with my posting the proof of the video he claimed I am lying about.
Why would John delete those nasty comments?
I have told John in private that this is not about my friend. This is about me being devoted to exposing John for what he is. A hypocrite.

Johnny Northside Calls B.S.& Anti-Johnny Goes All-In

"John Hoff" a.k.a. John Hoffman a.k.a. Johnny Northside
Photo by Jim Watkins
I have always thought that bluffing is a dangerous game and the safe bet is to have a good hand. Whether or not the opponent thinks you are bluffing is not important at that point. Well, John Hoff a.k.a. John Hoffman a.k.a. Johnny Northside had the following to say after being informed that a meeting was recorded on video back in April...

"Jim (who likes to call himself the "DFW Mentor" and claims expertise in real estate) claims to have video covertly shot of a meeting I had with him at Broadway Pizza, along with my 12-year-old child.

Of course, nothing of note was SAID at that meeting, and it was actually a friendly meeting, and I think Jim is lying about having any video."

I have been advised to not post any of the video online because, it provides too much content that would be more useful in court than online. So, I decided to take a still shot of the video and post that instead.
John still likes to link my name with my friend and somehow he thinks this bothers me. Not at all. It simply goes to prove the very points that John has made in his emails where he threatens to do exactly that.
This isn't about my friend. This is about exposing a total nut case who has made a career out of hurting others while bucking the system. In short, no one has ever held John accountable for his actions until.... Now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

John Hoff the Name Caller

John Hoff a.k.a. Johnny Northside who resides at 2226 Bryant Ave N, Minneapolis, MN had these kind words to say in his comments section of his blog today. Jill Clark, are you getting all this?

On another note, I have rejected four or five comments from Jim Watkins of Texas, self-described "best friend" of Thomas Balko, one of the imprisoned T.J. Waconia mortgage fraudsters. Jim calls himself a "best friend" but I prefer the more accurate and descriptive term of "greased up prison errand boy."

Jim (who likes to call himself the "DFW Mentor" and claims expertise in real estate) claims to have video covertly shot of a meeting I had with him at Broadway Pizza, along with my 12-year-old child.

Of course, nothing of note was SAID at that meeting, and it was actually a friendly meeting, and I think Jim is lying about having any video. But all the same, for the record, I've been rejecting the comments of this TROLL, Jim Watkins the DFW Mentor, and I will continue to reject his comments on the basis of him being a troll.

Generally, though, his comments question whether the individuals who post the signs are, in fact, scammers and
slumlords and Jim claims to have called them about the removal and destruction of the signs. Whatever.

If I gave a rip, I would have bothered to blur out the phone number on the signs, but obviously I don't give a rip. North Minneapolis has the same right as other neighborhoods to NOT have our boulevards and utility poles used as free advertising space by slippery, scammy entrepreneurs. I remove the signs, Jeff removes the signs, and I hope others will take a moment to remove the signs as well.

November 29, 2009 10:30 AM

A funny thought that is worth looking into:
A person has a right to sit on a sidewalk, right? A certain pioneer in Seattle took that as far as he could in court. WAIT... That someone was John Hoff! So, how about we organize a little meeting in front of John's house and we all just sit on the sidewalk. Even better, we can hand out copies of John's writings with his opinions of "cops" where he calls them "pigs."
Why do that? I would think it would be great fun to have on hand when his pals from the 4th precinct show up after he calls about the sit down in front of his house.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Burn "We Buy Houses" Signs... So What If It Violates City Ordinance

All pictures by John Hoff

Johnny Northside has decided it is his right to take signs (he steals them really but, I am sure he will have a logical reason for stealing) from the area and promptly burm them.
I copied the city ordinance regarding Recreational Fires.

178.10. Definitions. Recreational fire. A small outdoor fire burning approved materials for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes.

Approved materials. Fuel for a recreational fire consisting solely of unpainted wood which has not been treated in any manner with chemicals or preservatives. (2003-Or-143, § 1, 12-15-03) .

178.20. Applicable rules. Every person starting, engaging in, conducting or hosting a recreational fire shall observe and comply with the following regulations, which are reflected in or are in addition to those imposed by the Minnesota State Fire Code:

(2) Recreational fires shall not be conducted within twenty-five (25) feet of a structure or combustible material
(3) A surrounding fire barrier of non-combustible material that is at least six (6) inches in height must be used.
(4) Only approved materials may be burned in a recreational fire.
(6) On-site fire-extinguishing equipment - such as operable garden hoses, sand and shovels, water buckets or barrels, or a portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating - shall be readily available for use at recreational fires

I didn't see any fire extinguishing equipment in the pictures but, I see trash, leaves and chairs as well as a box of wood behind his son which has treated and/or stained wood (not approved). I missed this the first time I looked but, in the third picture on the lower right side there is a big Rottweiller dog standing by watching the sign burning. I hope the yard is fenced in because, that dog has no collar or leash round its neck. Another code violation that John does not feel apply to him.

This is the post from Johnny Northside's blog titled, We Burn "We Buy Houses" Signs
"On Sunday, I put together a last-minute father/son activity with my 12-year-old, Alex: we went around collecting the "We Buy Houses" signs littering the grassy boulevards of NoMi. My blog post about this activity actually made the Twin Cities Daily Planet, hooray.

Well, it's Thanksgiving and I have visitation with my son AGAIN. We'll be enjoying our Thanksgiving with the fine men and women of the Fourth Precinct but, in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to have a little bonfire. So we burned the signs and roasted some Peeps."
I posted two comments to JohnnyNorthside.com but, John has not allowed either one to be posted. Thats all right because, I copy them all to show later that they did not have anything that would cause them to not be posted.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Attention Jill Clark

RE: Public appeal to Attorney Jill Clark

Miss Clark,
Please know and take into consideration that Jim Watkins has done extensive research and has located dozens of articles and documents about John Hoff. All of which may be of help to you in a legal capacity.
I understand that you are not able to discuss anything that is related to cases you currently have but, I would like to offer you this information (all public information) for you to review.
Thank you,

jim watkins

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Johnny Northside Loves His House in NoMi--!

John Hoff a.k.a. Johnny Northside photo

It has been a while since "John Hoff" has come after me with his public attempts to give me a bad name by linking me with a friend who has been crucified by the media, politicians, former friends and lets not forget... John Hoff as well. Thats alright though because, when you live a life that doesn't revolve around crime, you can sleep at night with the knowledge that you made the right choice to choose other ways to live your life. Enough about that.

I think it is important for people to protect themselves after working hard while sticking to the philosophy of "Always try to do the right thing." You never know when you may find yourself having to defend yourself against people who make their living promoting themselves by using intimidation, public information and dirty force against those that have chosen to do the opposite.
They even change their identities at times when Johnny Northside, John Hoff and John Hoffman are separate personalities one person has. Sort of like Sybil.

What can someone do to defend themselves against people who don't have any concern for other people and what happens to them in their lives?
Recording phone calls and keeping them on hand should you need to prove you were threatened.
Perhaps, you can document those special moments where face to face conversations took place and things were said against you and others. An example could be as simple as a hidden video camera recording your chat while you enjoy a nice pizza over lunch.
Maybe you can save emails that have been sent to you that show how you were bullied by bottom feeders such as Johnny Northside.

Enough of my babbling! Here is the link to The Adventures of Johnny Northside and his latest post, (click here) I Love my home in NoMi.
It is a good read and it does a good job of showing an example of how someone like John Hoff operates.
I wonder if John will approve the comment I wrote and submitted to his blog after reading the post. I get a feeling he will not want to have my words appear on his site so..... Here is a copy of what I submitted:

Hi John!
I am looking forward to that something special you have for me.
Recently, I have felt very special as I have begun to understand how Seattle was such a special place for you while you lived there. So many memories.

By the way John, I have not lived in Plano since 2002. Could I help you out with verifying your upcoming special assault of me?
Take care John.
Note: John claims I live in Plano, Texas but that is a false statement. I once lived in Plano several years ago but, I have not lived there since 2002.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Johnny Northside: Lunatic with an Agenda

"I AM the City Council"
This blog has stated many times that John Hoff is on a mission to gain political power and once he gets it (IF he gets it), watch out! For anyone who has allowed him to become a friend, you shall see why that was a mistake. John has been very public about his new found chum, councilman Don Samuels but, little does Samuels know what John has up his sleeve. All readers of this blog should keep in mind that we are not talking about a person in his early 20's with grand daydreams of fixing the world. We are talking about a person who at the time of the article was in his early 30's.
Don't take my word for it. Take John Hoff's word for it. Below are quotes taken from the article published by the Seattle Weekly on August 9, 2000. John's words are in bold.

"Hoff is also looking into the constitutionality of North Dakota's recently revised recall law, which he claims discriminates against third-party officeholders by making it too easy for a minority to wage a recall. And if he loses, he threatens to move to other wards and run against incumbent council members he says have conspired against him. But at times he seems aware of the heavy odds facing him: "I am fighting the firefight of my life," he notes.

And John Hoff wants you to move to Grand Forks to join him. "I could show any Seattle activist how to take this place over," he says. "It's blood in the streets, it's headlines every day. I am the City Council now, I have the power. Is that crazy?"

In the region that gave us the leftie shoestring victory of US Senator Paul Wellstone and the gonzo, radical centrism of Governor Jesse Ventura, Hoff may have a point; he may be at the start of something big.

You might make plans to move to Grand Forks quickly, before the recall election ends Hoff's public career.

Or, you might brace yourself. After law school, Hoff says, he's going to start a law firm—specializing in record law, lesbian issues, and international space law—and open offices in Grand Forks, Hollywood, and . . . Seattle. Then, he adds confidently, he will get a state legislative seat, then make the jump to the US Senate as the first Green libertarian. John Hoff has tasted power, and he likes it.
(To read the entire story, click here Leaving Las Seattle- Seattle Weekly)

More Dirt on John Hoff Uncovered

What I find so amusing is that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, uses the Internet as his main weapon against those who challenge him. Yet, it is the very same Internet that continues to reveal the truth about this blogger and his anti-government agenda.

I have copied and pasted a little nugget that turned up from Seattle about John Hoff and the extremes he went to in trying to protect his right to... Sit down. A true pioneer!


By Susan Paynter P-I Columnist

Wednesday, February 7, 1996

Section: News, Page: B1

John Hoff, a k a John Hoffman, is an appealing sort of fellow. Even Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran, whom Hoff likes to call Satan's little helper, would have to agree.
Hoff's latest legal appeal of Seattle's no-sitting-on-sidewalks law is pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

And today, the Displacement Coalition activist and agitator for the Community for Creative Chaos plans to appeal a Seattle Department of Engineering ruling on his request for a street use permit. For $60, it would have allowed him to sit for two hours yesterday on the curb at 4321 University Way N.E. while engaging in a free-speech demonstration.
That is, if Hoff had agreed to the terms:
-- Not interfering with pedestrians.
-- Sitting passively, doing nothing to draw a crowd and using no props.
-- Carrying a copy of the permit on his person at all times.
-- And not inviting others to sit with, near, or on him.
Was it unrelenting rain that stopped Hoff from a sodden sit?
Neither rain nor sleet, etc., Hoff said yesterday. ``It's the principle of the thing," he inevitably added.
Hoff admitted that he and members of the ``very appealing" Displacement Coalition were ``amused and amazed" when, after jumping through another city hoop and notifying abutting property owners of their intention to sit, his latest application was approved - with restrictions.
But the restrictions were too narrow.
So, en garde, Mr. Sidran. More paperwork, further appeals and permit applications are aimed at you and at Hoff's ever-patient city pen pal, Kirk Jones, manager of the Engineering Department's street use division.
Sometime, somewhere, John Hoff, a k a John Hoffman, will sit down. But he will not shut up.

Maybe one of these days the residents, politicians and media involved with North Minneapolis will realize that Johnny Northside has been a fanatic his entire life and that sooner or later, he is going to pull the same crap on them that he has done in Seattle and North Dakota.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Johnny Northside Takes Aim at Multiple Property Owners

Note: This picture is a parody and is not to be taken literally.

This post is in response to the post on the JNS site titled, Gregge Johnson Rental Licenses Revoked. Click here to read that post. Gregge Johnson Rental Licenses Revoked

Another post Johnny Northside had put on his blog was about a property owner who should be on the radar of city officials. Click here for that post. Paul Bertelson
The comments that were made on that post were interesting. Someone posed the question of, "what percentage of multi-property owners have some sort of code violation or 311 report or something against at least one of their properties?"
What appears to be going on in North Minneapolis is that the city takes aim at individuals who own multiple properties and pull their right to use them as a rental property. Essentially that either forces the owner to sell or they lose the houses to foreclosure as they obviously can't keep paying the mortgages when they lose the ability to collect rental income.

This is actually scary when the city has the power to strip a person of their right to make money by pulling their rental licenses and thus, forcing the house to become vacant. That is EXACTLY what the city has been complaining about and attributes the increase in crime to. This sounds like the city operates as a Dictator would. The problem is, we are talking about an area that is mostly one hundred years old, give or take a few years. Things DO wear out.

Now the city, mainly Johnny's pal Don Samuels, has Johnny Northside in his hip pocket to do his dirty work for him by putting all of this information about multiple property owners on the Internet for all to see. Johnny would be quick to point out that he has not accused anyone of anything as he has merely made the public aware of these individuals. In other words, John Hoff is outing people on his blog and causing them increased hardship and I would go so far as to say that he is personally affecting their right as an American to pursue the American Dream.

It may have started out as a dream for these unfortunate property owners but, thanks to people like Barb Johnson, Don Samuels and John Hoff... The dream is quickly turning into a nightmare.