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Friday, September 2, 2011

Johnny Northside's Previous Military Disability... Or Is He Pulling Our Leg?

The following three images make up the final decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs for John W. Hoff's disability.
I have highlighted several parts which shows John lied to the government, the public or perhaps both.
On page 1, it states Hoff served in the Army until 1994 but, he did not pursue disability compensation until 2003. Why did Hoff wait nine years?
Here are several inconsistencies and contradictions by Hoff:

1) On all 3 pages, the VA states that they have evaluated his injury disability at 20%
2) John said on his blog in 2009 that he is rated at 30% disability, not 20%
3) John said in the same blog post that one leg is "almost two inches shorter than the other"
4) On page 2, the VA stated that at the informal conference both John & his representative
    indicated that he did NOT have a leg length discrepancy

5) On page 3 the VA clearly states that both of Hoff's legs are 39 inches long.
6) Page 2 states that Hoff sent a letter of disagreement and that the VA sent him a letter
    explaining the appeal process. This shows that Hoff appeals anything that goes against him as
    he pushes to get his way.

7) On page 3 the VA grants disability benefits sought on appeal and went on to say that
    "No further appeal action is warranted for this issue."

Click here to read the post on Johnny Northside about his injury

Click on each image to view enlarged.

In July or early August of 2010, John Hoff was allowed to enlist in the US Army National Guard despite "one leg being almost two inches shorter than the other" (as John said on his blog).
Facts that have been gathered about events in John Hoff's past that show how he has lied, contradicted himself, misleads people and appeals court rulings and elections that don't go his way. It is sad to stand by and watch him continue to abuse the public trust when there is documented proof that John Hoff is anything but a stand-up citizen.
As stated before... Informing the public of the true nature and past history about John Hoff is the reason this blog exists.
Thanks for reading.

Post addition:
Here is a quote by John that can be seen by clicking here
"I left the military in the spring of 1994 with my left leg permanently and seriously injured restraining a violent patient who was probably loaded up on PCP. So I ran to enlist in the Army, but I limped out."


Anonymous said...

Here's a tidbit. With that disability John Hoff cannot be an active combat soldier, all he can be is a paper pusher or desk jockey, or some unimportant support position.
I bet the picture on his blog of him protecting the base if just staged.

Anonymous said...

One side of Johnny Hater Northside's brain may also be 2 inches shorter than the other side. This would explain his sick predatory stalking nature and multiple failures as a father.

Anonymous said...

Having gone out with JNS several times within the past 8 years, I can attest to the fact he did not have a limp or any other limb discrepancy visible with walking or sitting.

Any disability was purely mental...

Anonymous said...

If this fuck is lying about the type of service, if any, that he may be performing for the government, he will have hell to pay. Sounds to me like he has admitted he is fraudulently claiming that his injury happened while in the military. He jumped on the bus after it crashed and claimed to be a rider.