Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Friday, April 30, 2010

Johnny Northside Kicks Even When Someone Is Down

From time to time, I will look around the net to see if there is anything of note being said about the case involving my friend who was one of the owners of TJ Waconia. Wouldn't you know it but, it appears 'ol Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff AKA John Hoffman went out of his way last week to teach me a lesson for writing about him and his behind-in-taxes house in NoMi. If you read the post on his blog about my article, you noticed how meaningless my article seemed to him. My points were portrayed by him to be boring and why would anyone even bother with my article since I was only trying to stir the pot?

It is no secret to anyone familiar with the Misadventures of Johnny Northside Blog that John's main tool he has always depended on for his publicity and bullying ways has been to latch on to someone else's publicity and get his name plastered all over the areas of the net that they are so, he can swoop in to "cash" in on the attention. John knows how to manipulate the search engines with specific keywords and he always goes after someone who speaks against him or he simply doesn't like.
Like me, for example!

John has never been able to find ANYTHING overly negative about me like a criminal history, that he could sink his teeth into and bully me into submission with. In fact, the only thing he has ever had against me that he could slam me with is the fact that the TJ Waconia owner has been a long-time friend of mine and like any true friend would do, I defended him in public and I put my name next to his because, he is my friend. What John has never figured out is that it doesn't bother me when he goes on an Internet rant about my friend and somehow he still thinks this hurts me. Now his rants are specifically aimed to hurt my friend since he can't get to me. This is sort of like a worthless kidnapper who has taken two people and makes demands to one of them and says they will kill the other person if they don't do as they ask. Real classy person, I know.

Back to the point. I have copied one of the FOUR comments that John made last week on the TJ Waconia Victims Blog in his attempt to hurt me by attempting to hurt my friend. That blog had been silent for months until Johnny Northside showed up on April 22, 2010 and posted the following:

"Johnny Northside said...

It appears that if somebody wanted to write to the parole board about "Tom and Jon," this is the place to begin:

U.S. Parole Commission 5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420 Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286.

I'm guessing it would be best to reference them by their inmate numbers, since they're just two pieces of well-chewed meat in a very big and impersonal machine.
April 22, 2010 1:47 AM "

As always, I supply the link to the proof... Johnny Northside Bashes Unprovoked Against TJ Waconia

Monday, April 26, 2010

Foreclosure at 2718 Newton Ave N. "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson Pt. II

Please note: This is the final part to this article.
(Begin Pt. II)

In this case, the City is OWED the following fees for the inspection and registration for the NON-homesteaded property:

1. Conversion fee from owner occupied to rent house: $1000.00
2. Administrative fee for new owners of rental property: $250.00
3. Instant Citation for operating a property without a rental
    license and not complying within 60 days of the closing: $500.00
4. Rental license fee: $65.00 + 50% late fee
5. Not posting 311 Poster Fee: $200.00
I doubt MasterCard is going to cover all of that so, that means this is... PRICELESS!

The 2009 T.I.S.H. report revealed over 50 items which normally would be picked up by a housing inspector during the required inspections. There is a point system for properties in Minneapolis with substandard conditions. The points allowed for a single family home is 25. The report contains over 50 substandard T.I.S.H. items plus Major Required Repairs. This "investment" property should be issued an immediate Letter of Intent to Condemn (L.I.N.T.).
Most of the substandard items would be allotted several points. There were items listed in the report such as: "Cracks in the walls, foundation, floors & windows warped and rodent droppings"...To name a few.

It is entirely possible that Megan may have planned this but, why?
The new occupant also happens to be the FORMER, DEFAULTED OWNER... Megan Goodmundson. Remember, she refinanced the house for $161,000 BUT, that loan was wiped out entirely when the bank foreclosed. Then her parents emerged AFTER the redemption period expired which means they presemted themselves as buyers for the house at $32,000 rather than redeeming the property for the $161,000 (plus significant bank costs needed to redeem) Megan owed.

Who is the big loser??? The BANK ended up taking a loss of over $130,000 when the Super-Citizen stopped making payments. Do you think the bank knew all along that Megan was going to stiff them for $130,000 and then move BACK IN??? Its doubtful. While that may not officially be called Fraud, I contend that it is clearly a dirty move made by someone who claims to be an activist for NoMi.

Megan screwed the bank, she has screwed the city and she has screwed her own parents by apparently not informing them (the new owners) about the added money that would be needed for the house to be in compliance. Perhaps it was the plan all along.

That is a Super-Citizen for ya!

As for Megan and her parents (by default) ignoring all those T.I.S.H. and rental licence ordinances, I am confident that the City Inspections department will get to the bottom of this in short order to stop these type of money making schemes in their tracks.

I have been informed that a formal complaint has been hand delivered to the Rental Licensing and T.I.S.H. department of the City of Minneapolis' Inspection Department.
Here is a copy of the Letter and report that was delivered.

(Truth in Sale of Housing link to 2718 Newton Ave N) http://apps.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/PIApp/tishdoc.aspx?ddocname=C1-2597362&rev=1

I want to make it known that I (the Anti-Johnny), did NOT discover this information about Megan and her house. An actual NoMi resident that has grown tired of the Johnny Northside and Megan Goodmundson circus, is responsible for uncovering this information.
To them I say, THANK YOU! You are the true Super-Citizen and it seems that Megan has made her parents into Slum Lords.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foreclosure at 2718 Newton Ave. N. - "Super-Citizen" Megan Goodmundson - Pt. 1

"Super-Citizen" Megan Goodmundson lost her house to foreclosure. Yet, Megan Goodmundson still lives in the house. A NoMi resident who uncovered all of the facts, told me that they are tired of her act and handed me the details about her foreclosure with the hope that anyone who reads about what she did, will see her as she really is... A phony who is the girlfriend of Bully Blogger Johnny Northside.
I don't want to leave any facts out of this story so, there will be three parts posted separately.

Let me offer some property history to understand how Megan manipulated the system, lost her house and ended up back in the same house. No matter that today, all that is left is a run down property with noncompliant owners and multiple housing and Truth in Housing violations.

Let's go back to 2002 when this property was purchased. According to the Hennepin County website, it was bought for $124,400. A mortgage was given for $124,000 meaning Megan (the borrower) came up with $400 as the deduced down payment.

In the fall of 2004, the property is refinanced for $161,000. Megan either benefited by putting cash in her pocket after refinancing an additional $37,000 or that amount went towards catching up on missed payments. In either case, Megan benefited the difference between the two figures.

Foreclosure hits the Super-Citizen in 2008. There is a 6-month redemption period in Minnesota that begins after the property is auctioned off. That means that Megan had the opportunity to pay off the unpaid balance, added fee's and she is able to keep the property. If the 6 months passes without Megan redeeming, then the lender officially becomes the new owner on title.

(When banks take possession, in many cases, the property has deteriorated or been neglected. In Minneapolis, it is normal that a Truth in Sale of Housing inspection disclosure report (T.I.S.H.) to be provided for perspective buyers. The report contains categorical assessments and comments related to the condition of the property. The Certified Minneapolis T.I.S.H. inspector makes a determination on required life safety issues, or "R & R" and what is considered to meet or fall below minimum standards.)

This property was cashed and crashed, meaning it was foreclosed upon and the redemption period passed. The bank owned Megan's house at that point.
The bank listed the house for sale on MLS and the out of state investors bought it for only $32,000 on December 2, 2009.
The investors reside in Virginia and were required to sign an acceptance of responsibility at the closing. Somehow one is not listed on file with the City. This is important because, the repair items (disclosed in the TISH) have yet to be resolved as of today! The City ordinance allows 90 days from the closing date

The investors seem like perfect tenants, ready and willing to occupy the property immediately. The out of state investors are actually Megan's PARENTS! Her parents are the INVESTORS! Megan's parents steam into town and buy the house from the bank and Megan gets to move back into the house! The problem is there is NO RENTAL LICENSE!. Megan no longer owns the house, her parents do and the city has not inspected or approved it for occupancy as a rental property. This is common when investors move too fast and ignore or thumb their nose at City ordinances.

Stay tuned for part II

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Suspicious Foreclosure Details Emerging on 2718 Newton Ave. N.

I have just been tipped off about a property in North Minneapolis that has been through the foreclosure process, the 6-month redemption period, was listed on MLS and an out of state investor has purchased  the property.
The property address is:
2718 Newton Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN.

This just happens to be the address to the well-known "super-citizen" and Johnny Northside side-kick, Megan Goodmundson.
The facts that have been reviewed thus far suggests that there have been some very questionable events that have taken place recently and the Anti-Johnny will be following up with all the parties involved.
This blog is sorting thru the information that was sent in by a NoMi tipster. Stay tuned to this blog as the details of the recent history of this property will soon be posted.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rejected Jordan Hawkman Comments from JohnnyNorthside Blog

I just got an email that had the following comments attached. The author had submitted them to Johnny Northside's blog but, they anticipated that they would be rejected. Seems they were correct about that. No worries though! The Anti-Johnny is happy to post them on the Anti-Johnny blog!

"Jordan Hawkman said...
Interesting how you pick and choose whether to post what I write. It is an obvious sign of weakness. If you notice, I have taken on all challengers of the article and properly backed up any and all the points with facts. In fact, there have been several great points that have come to light yet people have bashed the ADA on your side of the fence only to give a half hearted "oops" after the fact.

The posts are posted on the below blog anyway
Your inexperience in commercial real estate really shows Skrenes. The property does not have a license to lease and thus cannot collect any rent. Cite an example of a non-compliant rental contract to back up your information.

At least you threw Hawthorne's house under the bus too for being not properly zoned. Some housing director you are....but then again, you have done some sort of research on non compliant rental rates. Funny how your little mind grinds away to come up with something to save face. I have news for you, The banking world does not give value to a business loan that cannot collect rent. Franklin Bank's regulators are going to take notice of this by it becoming public. That is one of the points of the article.

That is the problem with you JNS bullies, you are knee deep in crap yourselves yet you target those that don't deserve it. Your gang is one of the worst things in North Minneapolis. You contribute nothing while tearing anything and everything apart you guys get your greedy hands upon.

If the questions/truths raised are irking your inner circles that much, just wait until tomorrow. The truth is just killing you guys and your lies will be your demise. Good luck JNS gang members, you will need it.

The whole point of this is not to sink JACC or Hawthorne but to show that casting stones in a very thin glass house is not advised. Judging from what information has been secured recently, a thin glass house would be an over statement"

Rejected Comments from Johnny Northside

'Ol Johnny Northside has attacked my friends once again and thinks it hurts me. (yawn) 'Ol Johnny Northside has made a semi reply post to one of the posts I made about his house last week. To read his post, click here. Of course, John failed to mention the parts where he is breaking the LAW but, he has no time for the law! lol
I posted the comments that are below to his site but, he will never approve them so.... I have posted them here! Enjoy!

"Why don't I just leave the link to my reply since you won't post it anyway.

First of all, about your house... I watch. I snitch. BITCH!
I noticed you left out the part about your property taxes that you have NEVER paid since you bought that...structure.
You also left out the part about violating the Truth in Housing repairs that you STILL have not done. I know, you are biding your time while you improve your neighborhood.
On to other things...Like...
Court! So you didn't feel the need to go yesterday but, will you show up for your deadbeat dad case?
Oh, I am sorry. That was below the belt. But, below the belt is exactly where you should be kicked by your ex-wife and the judge for being so far behind on your child support. Did you know there is a term for that? Its called... DEADBEAT DAD!

You can go babbling anyone's name you want and I won't care. When the dust settles, you will not have a house (and I hesitate to use that word since it is really a pile of shit), you will lose custody and with some luck you will end up in jail where I hope you will meet all sorts of new friends! Of course, I will be standing by to bid you FARE-THEE-WELL!
I'll tell you what I find so amusing about all of your self-inflicted problems... I am not the one who is in the process of bitch-slapping you around! Hehe, there's that word again... Bitch.

Get used to it Jo... Sorry, BITCH!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jeff Skrenes, Jordan Hawkman & Johnny Northside Rejected Comments?

The following was just sent to me via email that was apparently submitted to the Johnnynorthside.com blog and it looks like the commenter wants me to post it here to make sure the comment is seen.

"Jordan Hawkman posted:

Anonymous...good point.

Jeff Skrenes does not care.... he is still busy sucking up to Ackerberg and the mess they are all in for some reason. Skrenes admitted in an earlier post that he knew there was a zoning issue with the JACC property and he did nothing about it. Also, he refuses to answer questions put out there for him. He only tries to deflect the questions and make up things. At this point, one has to assume the article and comments are true because no one is providing any supportive evidence to lead to any other conclusion.

Got news for you pal, it is only going to get better for the jns crew as we uncover yet more information. Hmmm.....what fraudulent JNS person will we reveal? Which one of you will be exposed shortly?
I can't wait to see who it is.

This blog post as been forwarded to
to ensure that you don't delete the comment as you previously have done with some of the others in the past."

Pressing Question for the Hawthorne Hawkman AKA Jeff Skrenes

The following was sent to me by one of my "Reliable Sources" (as Johnny always says). I am posting it as it was given to me.

"Jeff Skrenes, housing director of Hawthorne, answer the question I put out there to you regarding what you think the legal rental rate for the nonconforming property JACC leases should be.

A vacant commercial property is worth nothing in the Commercial loan world. Securing a mortgage, with commercial debt service, on on investment property that is not allowed to generate revenue is a very suspicious transaction. What exactly are you for and against here. It only appears you have an ax to grind with old board members and trashing them. Who cares about any of the old JACC Members we are talking about here and now.

Answer the question because you credibility is at stake. By the way, you sure have alot of time to blog for Jordan while you are supposed to be serving as housing director for Hawthorne.

This unedited Blog post will be posted on www.Mplsmirror.com and/or http://misadventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/ if not posted by 1pm today. Other posts have been omitted and it is unfortunate that jns has to be backed into posting.

I will be expecting your lawful rent number shortly...heck give a range...something to back up your inexperienced comments regarding nonconforming rental rates in the area."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hawthorne Housing Director, Jeff Skrenes Dodges Question of Wrong Doing of Board Member

In an effort to continue to expose John Hoff's dishonesty and alliances by which he appears to be benefiting personally from, I wrote the following letter (in an email) to Jeff Skrenes, who is the Hawthorne Housing Director. The Hawthorne Community Council has close, working relationships with NRP, CPED, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis.
Mr. Skrenes did in fact reply to my email however, he did not offer an answer to my question. Posted below the copy of my email is a copy of the follow up email I have sent him.


I am writing to ask you this simple question in hopes that you will address it while it is still me asking & not well known reporters, State officials or ultimately.... Hawthorne neighborhood residents.

As you are fully aware, John Hoff who lives at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, has an abundance of personal and professional issues surrounding him. I am only interested in seeking your opinion as Housing Director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood about the conflict of interest that exists with John Hoff's house status and the fact that he is also a Hawthorne board member.

There are currently two years of unpaid property taxes as well as a long list of repairs that were to have been completed by January 11, 2009 but, are still unresolved.
Are the board members not expected to adhere to the city and county rules and laws? As the director of the neighborhood, do you not feel this sets a poor example for other residents when they see a board member virtually ignore the agreements they accepted when they purchased their property?

I urge you to consider the ramifications such behavior from a leader has on the residents in your community when responding to this email. I will be sharing your opinions (or lack thereof) with your residents as well as neighboring communities and their residents. I hope to hear back from you very soon.Thank you
The response, at Mr. Skrenes request, was off the record and unresponsive to the pointed questions outlined in the letter. It is apparent that Mr. Skrenes and his lack of disclosure can lead to only one conclusion. The conclusion is that there is an intense, ongoing relationship between John Hoff, Jeff Skrenes and other community leaders along with others employed by or associated with the City of Minneapolis.  That relationship deserves to be exposed.

Mr. Skrenes the question needs to be answered:

As the Hawthorne Neighborhood Community Housing Director, are you for or against an individual completing their Truth in Housing Required Repairs in a timely in accordance with the timeline spelled out within the City ordinance (90 day from the date of closing)?

Mr. Skrenes: There appears to be 3 directions you can go here.
1. Stand up for what is right and Agree that the ordinance should be followed.
(Calling out your close friend John Hoff and admitting he is guilty of non-compliance)

2. State the ordinance is unfair and should not be adhered to in your neighborhood.(Thus calling into question your legitimacy as Housing Director)

3. Provide no response or be elusive to the question.
(Expose yourself as too close to John Hoff and that you continue to hide behind his curtain. Calling John out as having one set of rules for his co-conspirators and another set for those that oppose him or merely question his dealings)
Mr. Skrenes the choice is yours. I will give you a final chance to answer the question by Tuesday at noon, April 20th, 2010 or I will have no reason to expect that you intend to address the question and that you have simply chosen option # 3 as stated above.

Thank you

Remember what the purpose is behind keeping after Johnny Northside... Rules are rules and laws are laws. John Hoff, Johnny Northside, Jeff Skrenes, the Hawthorne Hawkman and residents alike, all need to adhere to the rules and laws that have been set forth.
We are talking about a Hawthorne Community BOARD MEMBER that is simply NOT conducting himself in a lawful manner! Hawthorne residents need to hold their elected officials accountable and Hawthorne staff members such as Jeff Skrenes, needs to see to it that the council members abide by the rules. If residents can't depend on people like Jeff to maintain and enforce the rules, then the residents have a right to replace those who are "looking out for them."
Stay tuned people!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Inside the House of Hoff: Violations Galore!

Earlier this month I posted pictures of Johnny Northside's house which showed decay, trash and overall a run-down property... From the outside.
Well folks, a few citizens who have expressed their dislike for Hoff's antics, have pitched in to bring you the following information with regard to Johnny Northside's house.

This first picture is a screen shot from the city of Minneapolis' website which shows the Truth in Housing Report for 2226 Bryant Ave. N... John's house. For a close look at the small print, click on the picture.
Note on 10/13/08, John signed an Acceptance of Responsibility to have the repairs made by the specified dates. The next two pictures shows the dates for repairs to be completed as well as the expriation dates... John failed to make good on his end.

Sorry about the quality of the picture above but, I had trouble doing a screen shot. I am working on getting the third picture posted as well. The image size is large so viewers can click on them to see clearly but, uploading is a problem. The pic above shows many violations, etc.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Encourage Johnny Northside to be a Model Citizen... "Go To Court!"

I just looked over the names of the defendants listed in the Peter Rickmyer law suit and John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has not posted his court fee's as of today. Not that he would actually PAY them himself because, he would file In Forma Pauperis, meaning he has no money so he uses that as his "free court pass".

Everone else listed in the complaint has been served and posted their fee's. If I was one of the defendants and I knew that Johnny has yet to be served (meaning he won't show up in court), I would be pissed off! How about this for an idea?
Johnny is a resident of NoMi now, right? I am calling for all residents of NoMi to get on John's ass to be a stand up citizen and go to court like the others. John says the complaint is bullshit. WHO CARES what JOHN THINKS??? It is NOT his job to determine the validity of a law suit! It IS John's responsibility as a CITIZEN to respond to the complaint and show up on the date the court has asked him to. If the complaint is bogus, then the judge will rule accordingly.

Thanks to the University of Minnesota, John's phone number is listed on the Internet and as John always says, since the information is online, it is available to the public.

John's phone number is: (Edited by Anti-Johnny. Click link below)
Call John and get after him to be a model citizen and show up in court! If you don't want to call him then send him a text message!
By the way... Here is the link to the information I just posted above:

Here is the link to the court information for the hearing to be held on April 20, 2010.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2226 Bryant Ave N. - Should Johnny Northside Make Repairs and Pay Taxes?

A resident of NoMi sent the following pictures of Johnny Northside's house to me (Anti-Johnny) and I decided to post them for all viewers to see.  At the time this post was made, John Hoff has still not completed the repairs he agreed to make. The completion dates have passed. See below for his past due tax information as well as his upcoming court dates.

2226 Bryant Ave. N.

Very nice wood rot all around the garage. Note the cable on the left side of the garage door. That cable is supposed to be connected to the overhead bar that has torsion springs that helps to lift the door. When it is not attached, the door is extemely heavy and nearly impossible to open.

I wish I cold count the number of trash bags that are sitting in his back yard. Has he paid his bill for trash service? Why are they in the back yard?

The side of his garage along with his mud field. Note the fence post next to the garage with NO fence.

2009 Past due taxes: $1,518.24 (may not include penalty & late fee)
Hennepin County Tax info for 2226 Bryant Ave N

Here are Johnny Northside's upcoming court dates.
4/22/2010 Review Hearing (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Flynn, Mary H. C.)

Contract:  Location: - Hennepin Civil
Jerry L Moore vs Donald W R Allen, John Hoff a/k/a Johnny Northside and John Does 1-5
5/24/2010 Court Trial (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Reilly, Denise D.)

Civil/Other, Misc: Location: - Hennepin Civil
Peter Rickmyer vs Robert Hodson, John Hoff aka jns aka Johnnynorthside
04/20/2010 Motion Hearing (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Blaeser, Robert A.)