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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2718 Newton Ave. North: A Virtual Cash Cow for Megan Goodmundson

North Minneapolis' "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson (the same one who was previously arrested for assault and interfering with a 911 emergency telephone call) lives at 2718 Newton Ave. North in Minneapolis. She is listed as the contact for the Rental Licence because, she no longer owns the house. The house was foreclosed by the bank in 2009 after she failed to make her mortgage payments and her parents Gary & Janis Goodmundson came to her rescue and bought the house from the bank for a whopping $32,000 while the bank took the hit for the remainder of the $160,000 that Megan defaulted on.

While Megan no longer owns the house, it continues to pay big dividends for her. The tornado that struck north Minneapolis in May 2011 saw to that. This post is about how Megan Goodmundson cashed in on 2718 Newton Ave. North... AGAIN! Here is a sort of history...

Megan stops making payments on the house until the lender has to foreclose and free's herself of the $160,000 mortgage. Click here to read all about that.
I'm sorry! Before that she was arrested for assault. Click here for the details!
After the lender foreclosed they were left with a little piece of shit house because of the big shit, Megan. The house goes on the market and Megan rears her head again when Gary & Janis swoop in and pay cash for the house while paying only $32,000. Just my opinion but, I call that FRAUD. You can Click here for the details and TISH violations as well.

Things seemed to settle down with the house after that but, the "super fraud citizen" hooked up with John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and the two of them took NoMi by storm.
After John lost his lawsuit and the Jury slapped him with a $60,000 judgement, he enlisted in the National Guard and did everything he could to get deployed overseas where he would be safe from further litigation.

Which reminds me... John Hoff claimed he actually over-paid his child support payments and bragged about it in a post that had a picture of him holding several checks (supposedly from the State of Minnesota). Click here to read that nonsense.
Then in November of 2011, John said in an article he wrote entitled, "Road to Afghanistan" that he was not granted security clearance by the military because, of his "pressing student loan debt." A few sentences later Hoff stated, "three months training at Fort Jackson paid all my child support arrears." I wonder sometimes if Hoff realizes how much he contradicts himself?

Stay tuned..... I will be posting the rest of this story soon!

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