Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Friday, March 14, 2014

Seattle Arrest Records for John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside Found

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside loves to exploit people on his blog The Adventures of Johnny Northside by copying the Hennepin County Jail Roster and posting it on his blog. Hennepin County only leaves the data online for one week before it is removed however, Hoff leaves it on his blog permanently.
Hoff takes it one step further by offering to remove names from the list if requested... For a fee! The Jail Roster lists names of people who were arrested. Charges might have been dropped, dismissed or the arrest might have been by mistake. Hoff doesn't care. He reasons that if the person was arrested then they must have been doing something wrong.

Hoff has been a public "pain" for most of his adult life and while many of his wrong-doings have been documented on this blog, the suspicion that he has been arrested at one time or another has never been verified one way or another....  Until now.

Searches into King County, Washington and Seattle municipal records have turned up several incidents involving Hoff in the mid-90's, when he lived in Seattle. One of the incidents was the hyped up sidewalk sitting citation that Hoff appealed as far as he could before finally losing but, two of the records uncovered show that Hoff was arrested... TWICE!


Here is the link to the Seattle website where you can search using his name Click Here

And here are a few screen shots that show the information. Click the images to see larger.

This arrest information is very timely actually. Just in time for the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners to take into consideration for deciding whether or not they will approve his application to become a member of the Oklahoma Bar, regardless of the fact that he has taken the Bar Exam. 


Anonymous said...

So was this info sent to the OKBE?
Interesting to notice that John "I follow my own laws" Hoff was also fined for expired vehicle license registration, just like in MN.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this comment on a 3/12/14 JNS blog entry. Curious what will be his response and if there's any bearing on future posts... I thought it was particularly interesting the section which spoke about charging individuals to remove data...

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on the NOMI crime watch. I can't believe it! What say you? https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php?number=HF1940&version=0&session=ls88&session_year=2014&session_number=0

March 17, 2014 at 6:45 PM

Anonymous said...

I have written several of our legislators about the JNS blog and used his blog as a rational to pass the legislation.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Hoff passed the bar exam?

Jim Watkins said...

Bar exam results are not released until April 4th but, it won't matter. Even if he passes the bar, he must pass his moral character background check before his application is approved. That information will not be made public until it is completed.

Anonymous said...

So I was curious and just started to read some of the evaluations of John's Dumpster Diving book. Among the critics:

"Unfortunately in this book, Hoffman also advocates lying, cheating, and taking advantage of others. His statements on mental illness alone are enough for me to find him personally repulsive."

"Is this guy a redneck or what! He continually talks about the number of guns he owns and brags about all the animals that he has had suffering in traps. He will tell you how to break locks off dumpsters and thinks it's funny to put different locks back on. He likes to scare away homeless people who are actually trying to get food to live. His political views are off the charts.What place any of this has in this book I don't know. "

Among his supporters (4/5 stars)-

"however, I don't particularly care to read a glorified garbage man's opinions on politics, culture and society."

"This strategy doesn't really work for those of us holding down jobs."

"Like many have said, there is a lot of things you must look past - profanity, disrespect, etc."

Seems like even his "fans" realize what a jerk he is.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, I checked the reviews on his second book (as posted to Amazon). Same type of comments. And even the About the Author section says "His previous employment is equally checkered - he has worked as a psychiatric counselor, printer's assistant, security guard, pizza cook, soldier, activist, newspaper reporter, hotel clerk, apartment manager and city councilman. He is now studying for a law degree. "

"Hoffman seems to be more focused on telling us about how his first book made him a "cult hero" and ... continues to brag Blah!"

"book was a rambling diatribe that went nowhere"

"the story is pretty sad. In the nine years between the first and second books, Hoffman let minor celebrity status go to his head, became involved in pointless nihilism he calls "activism", turned his back on his wife and son, and judging by the rambling of the second book, lost his mind."

"This book is pure garbage. It is no more than the asinine ramblings of a deranged mind trying to further capitalize on past success."

Sounds like they were reading his blog just as much as his "book" - ha!

I'd love to see if he's actually SOLD these and declared an income.

Carol said...

Suddenly, there are blog comments defending John Hoff, and demeaning Jim Watkins.

I would suggest that those people posting negative comments about Jim Watkins and his mistreatment of poor Judd Hoff are doing so because they have been given a task by John Hoff.
John Hoff is absolutely aware that by now the Oklahoma Bar Assoc. is looking into his background to see if he is ethically fit to have a law license.
There is so much negative information online that documents John Hoff's lack of morals and ethics, that his only recourse is to try to discredit those that expose his unethical behavior.

Jim Watkins, and others, have posted blog articles and commentary that provide uncontroverted evidence that John Willard Hoff is a dangerous predator, who will use the internet to cyberstalk anyone who dares challenge him. A prime example is his multi-part attack on the attorney who won a $60,000 judgment against him, Jill Clark. Attorney Clark has publicly stated that John Hoff's harassment has caused her so much emotional distress that it is part of her mental illness.

John Hoff's blog is filled with his retaliation against anyone who has crossed him.

John Hoff is a heartless and ruthless stalker whose only goal is to emotionally destroy anyone he takes a disliking to. John Hoff could care less about how is harassment affects his victims.

Recruiting others, using fake profiles, or posting his own comments as "anonymous" is a classic John Hoff self-defense tactic.

John Hoff is a dangerous mentally ill person and his actions will result in a serious incident in which people will be physically harmed.

Beagle Leagle said...

So what this leads us to understand is that because the 1st Amendment is not absolute, someone could get a restraining order against John Hoff and prevent him from writing about them because they feel threatened or intimidated by him.


Anonymous said...

In case you haven't seen it yet... I'm sure Mr Hoff will try to take credit for this in Minneapolis...


Northtalk posting, May 20.