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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Email Private? Not To Johnny Northside

The following was posted by Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff AKA John Hoffman, the dumpster diving legend on his blog, Johnnynorthside.com in the comments:

"Johnny Northside said...
On another note: Yet ANOTHER comment rejected from Jim Watkins, the "Anti-Johnny," who also states he didn't say Jeff looked like an "out-of-work porn star," but "an out-of-work porn store JANITOR" in an email he thought was "private."
Whatever, evil Anti-Johnny."

What is your take on it? John Hoff thinks it is his First Amendment right to say what he wants as free speech. Johnny Northside has had all kinds of fun by taking words written by others and plastering them all over the Internet, hoping it will have a negative impact on that person and "what are they going to do about it?" he would say.

I read the blog post and saw that Johnny had posted a comment that I had written in an email to him, not to the public and therefore, I assumed it was private. I wrote a reply to be posted in the comments and here is a copy of what I wrote:
"This is yet another example of how you have mis-quoted me. My words were taken from what I considered to be a private email from me to you but... I am not the only one who has learned that nothing they say to you is private.
Anyway....My comment about Jeff was in reference to the story USA Today published in May about North Minneapolis. A picture of Jeff was printed in that article and I commented to you (in the email) that he (Jeff) "looks like an out of work porn store janitor."
I didn't say he looked like an out of work porn star.
Might as well approve the comment for your blog, John.
Since you made my comment (mis-quoted at that) public, I felt the least you could do is get the quote correct.
PS... I ordered your books. I can't wait to read them!

Johnny didn't approve my comments (surprise) but, he couldn't pass up a chance to toot his own... whatever it is. At least he is admitting he dumps comments submitted.

"Johnny Northside said...
On another note: Yet ANOTHER comment rejected from Jim Watkins, the "Anti-Johnny," who also states he didn't say Jeff looked like an "out-of-work porn star," but "an out-of-work porn store JANITOR" in an email he thought was "private."

Whatever, evil Anti-Johnny."

So... How about we take a look at what the Northside Crusader says to people in his own emails? He isn't quite so warm & fuzzy when he's not glorifying himself on his blog or others.
Shortly after I started the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside blog, I got an email from John Hoff. Apparently, my blog was not doing him any favors and he politely asked me to discontinue posting on it. Well thats not exactly how he said it. The bold text shows how passionate he is about bullying people to back down. You have to wonder what it is he is trying so hard to protect for him to go to this extreme. Maybe John thought this email was "private" too?

From John Hoff hoffx106@umn.edu September 1, 2008:
Jim, I am indeed THAT busy. I type fast. And I'm not up for a long phone call. You have a tremendous opportunity to BACK THE HELL OFF, JIM so I won't be forced to "First Amendment retaliate" with a posting about "who is Jim Watkins" which will have you wearing un-removable egg on your face for the rest of your life or as long as our civilization has the internet, whichever is longer.
I did it to you once BY ACCIDENT on the Bigger Pockets blog, so imagine what could happen ON PURPOSE?
The expert opinion in my possession about your unpublished woe-is-me article, and your unpublished article itself gives me all the metaphorical ammunition I need to put a hole in your real-estate teaching ship. I really prefer not to do that, however, simply because it is ugly and personal and therefore unpleasant. But maybe I need to think of the good of the students. Maybe it's my duty to expose you as a fraud, especially when you are out there saying I'm the fraud.
I think you can see how the course of action I have in mind becomes tempting. And I'm not the one who started the unfriendly tone, either, you did that when you blew your stack over some stupid non-remark I hardly even made about your (alleged) girlfriend.
We didn't start out as friends, Jim, so why should you expect me to walk on eggshells about whether you have a real or imaginary girlfriend?

Two can play the pissed off and retaliating in the blog-o-sphere game, Jim, and I'm the pig who revels in muddy controversy while you're the just-barely holding-his-shit-together real estate teacher who lives in a glass house. If you even own a house at this point. If you don't live with your GRANDMOTHER. You really can't afford to have me pissed off, Jim, but I prefer not to battle somebody I have personally liked at some point. It feels too much like my former marriage. But I won't defend myself with one hand tied behind my back forever.
You press the DELETE button and I put down the mud pie and we both go our merry way: me to helping the North Side and you to trying to rebuild your real estate teaching career after one of your ventures went seriously south. And when you're up here, if you like, we can do lunch. Or not. Doesn't matter to me either way.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Minneapolis Buys Property & Wrongfully Increases Values

The Minneapolis City Council or John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside (Likely both) have some explaining to do. Serious explaining... To the residents and tax payers of Minneapolis. Its no wonder why Johnny Northside was keeping this quiet. Surely, no one would notice, right? WRONG!
Look at this carefully... This property information was copied from the Hennepin County web site on July 9, 2008: My comments are in Red. It first says, "2008 Assessment (For Taxes Payable 2009) ____________________________________
2008 Assessment (For Taxes Payable 2009)
Property ID: 10-029-24-32-0074 Address: 3016 6TH ST N Unit No.: Municipality: MINNEAPOLIS Owner: JOHN W HOFF
Taxpayer Name / Address: JOHN W HOFF 3016 6TH ST N MINNEAPOLIS MN 55411 Subrecord No. 1
Improvement Amount: Property Type: RESIDENTIAL
Homestead Status: NON-HOMESTEAD Exempt or Deferred:
Estimated Limited Land: 28,400 28,400 ($28,400 Lot value)
Building: 19,400 19,400 ($19,400 Improvement/house value) Machinery: 0 0 Totals: 47,800 47,800 (TOTAL Taxable Market Value) Less Qualified Improvement: 0
Total Taxable Market Value: 47,800 (Remember, this was from July 9, 2008) Hennepin County is providing this information as a public service.Tax related questions: taxinfo@co.hennepin.mn.us _________________________________________
The following is the CURRENT information on the SAME property after John Hoff sold the house to the City of Minneapolis: As of September 9, 2008 _________________________________________
Parcel Data for Taxes Payable 2008
Property ID: 10-029-24-32-0074
Address: 3016 6TH ST N
Municipality: MINNEAPOLIS School Dist: 001
Construction year: 1900
Watershed: 6 Approx. Parcel Size: 37.00 X 165.00 Sewer Dist:
Most Current Sales Information NO SALE INFORMATION ON FILE FOR THIS PROPERTY. (Why not?)
Tax Parcel Description Addition Name: MORRISONS ADDN TO NORTH MPLS Lot: Block: 010 Metes & Bounds: N 18 FT OF LOT 10 AND S 19 FT OF LOT 11
Abstract or Torrens: ABSTRACT Value and Tax Summary for Taxes Payable 2008
Values Established by Assessor as of January 2, 2007
Estimated Market Value: $128,000 Limited Market Value: $128,000 Taxable Market Value: $128,000
Total Improvement Amount: Total Net Tax: $1,676.84 Total Special Assessments: $1,110.05 Solid Waste Fee: $20.27 Total Tax: $2,807.16
Property Information Detail for Taxes Payable 2008
Values Established by Assessor as of January 2, 2007
(As of January 2, 2007... 2007??? How is that possible? WHAT Assessor?)

Values: Land Market $28,400 Building Market $99,600
Machinery Market
Total Market: $128,00
Land Limited: $28,400
Building Limited $99,600

(Are you seeing this??? The value went UP $80,200!
John bought it in April 2008 where it was valued at $47,800. Then AFTER he sold it to the city, the County claims it is worth $128,400 AND that is based off of an assessment from January 2, 2007... NOT 2008!)
Total Limited: $128,000
Qualifying Improvements Classifications: Property Type RESIDENTIAL Homestead Status NON-HOMESTEAD Hennepin County is providing this information as a public service.Tax related questions: taxinfo@co.hennepin.mn.us _________________________________________

This information CLEARLY shows that someone did something wrong and I have the following questions:
-How did the least expensive house on MLS in April of 2008 (John paid $8,500) get sold to the city to be demolished less than 3 months later AND show a property tax value increase of $80,200?
If I am reading this information wrong... Please help me to understand it. But, I don't think I am reading it wrong. I think this needs to be brought to the attention of the Mayor as well as other government agencies since John Hoff nor Jeff Skrenes will not answer how much he got paid for his house.
Sure seems like the City Council found a way to increase the value of a property rather quickly.
If I were a resident of North Minneapolis... I would want answers because, this looks like FRAUD and it was done intentionally!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

North Minneapolis' Finest...Right!!!

One note... Neither Johnny Northside or Jeff Skrenes have responded to the questions posed to them on this blog. For two guys that have nothing to hide, it makes me wonder why they refuse to answer the questions.

Here is an interesting story about an incident that took place after the annual Hawthorne meeting.
You will need to scroll down the page about halfway to get to the part about the police and their attitudes.

This is half of the paragraph where it starts:
"Then a police squad car pulled up (I’m still cursing myself for not getting the damn car number) and two police officers stepped out and made their way over to the black males. These two cops were young (late 20’s to early 30’s) white males with SERIOUS FUCKING ATTITUDE PROBLEMS."
Read the rest by clicking on the link below.
Peter Wears a Suit at the Annual Hawthorne Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News Flash: Johnny Northside & Jeff Skrenes Ignore Fraud Questions

Not that this surprises anyone but, Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes have not answered any of the questions from the previous post.

The link to the post was emailed to them and they simply ignored them.

It is kind of funny though... When John asks a question, he barely gives the person enough time to respond before he goes off on a 50-post run about conspiracy theories & attacks. Just another example of John and his "I do as I do... Not as I say."

Not to worry folks... I have tipped off a few media people because, there is a lot more to the story than I have indicated.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

North Minneapolis Officials, Inspectors, Hawthorne Housing Director & Johnny Northside: Do a Questionable Deal

Johnny Northside is apparently not about to disclose the amount the City of Minneapolis paid for his house, 3016 6th Street North.
This is public information but, both the County and City websites state "No Sale Information On File For This Property."
Johnny confirmed on his blog that, it was NOT an investment property. He had plans to fix it up and LIVE IN IT. But, he owned the house for only four months.

Johnny Northside went on to describe the current condition of the house in the same post. Here is what he had to say about it:
"The house has a deck in the back. The carpet on the floors needs a good cleaning, but it's not nasty. Somebody started rehabbing and quit in mid-job, but managed to move the project along quite a bit."
That hardly sounds like a house that has been boarded up and declared "hazardous" by city inspectors and needing to be bulldozed.

Last month I posted about the same house and directed questions toward John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. .
Some of the questions were:
How does one go about selling to the City?
What are the requirements?
Who decides which houses will be bought?
Who determines the values?
Did the city approach Johnny?
Did Johnny approach the City?
None of these questions have been answered. Apparently, there is one man who plays a vital role in determining which houses should be bought by the city to be torn down. I think he should be able to answer the above questions.

In an article posted by Minnesota Public Radio on September 11, 2008, titled: "Minneapolis clears vacant, dilapidated homes to curb dangers"
MPR talked with Jeff Skrenes, who is Housing Director with the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council. It was reported that Jeff has "helped the city identify properties for demolition."
NOW it makes more sense. Allow me to summarize the situation and I will close by directing a few questions to Jeff Skrenes.

- The city of Minneapolis wants to buy and demolish 100 homes by years end.
- The new owner of 3016 6th Street North claimed in writing that the house
had recent rehab work done and the carpet didn't even need to be replaced.
- The owner said it was not an investment property and he planned to fix it up
and "live in it!" It was purchased for $8,500.
- After he bought the house and posted the details, Jeff Skrenes posted the
following comment on Johns blog:
"My name is Jeff Skrenes and I am the housing director at Hawthorne Neighborhood Council (formerly HACC). Your blog has me extraordinarily excited - you're doing a lot of the things I'm doing as well in reporting problem properties. Let's meet up sometime and talk about ways we can work together. I look forward to having you in our neighborhood."

- The following quote concerning the rehab needed at 3016 6th St. N, came
from an email written in March 2008 by John Hoff. It was sent to Jim
Watkins. Hoff said,
"I don't have the funds to pay for it, but I was going to apply for grants and also have friends stay there who have fix-up skills but need a place to stay. The city wants fixes, and the city might be willing to bend a lot of rules as long as actual progress is being made. I've heard things."
- In June of 2008, John sent another email to Jim to explain why he had
decided to not post his questions on his blog that Jim submitted about his
house and why Johnny never talked about repairs his house needed.

"I have many friends, including a bunch of new ones in the Hawthorne neighborhood, who are very fond of me. I don't make a habit of not publishing comments but you managed to fall into that special exception. As for my flipping, my land baron deals, my wheeling and dealing, "my house is being sold as part of positive development on the block. When I can discuss all the details, I will, and openly on the blog. Until then, the city is keenly aware of my doings and dealings. I'm on a first name basis with the inspectors. I have no worries and I don't expect to be in prison at any time in the future. Furthermore, when all the details can be revealed...it will be clear"
- To date, no details have been disclosed on Johnnys blog.
- Johnny sold the house in July to the city after reportedly not making any
repairs to the house. John did not live in the house at all.
- Sale price has not been disclosed by the seller, the city or the County Tax
office. Current tax records shows the property value to be $128,000.

I understand that politicians have been known to engage in shady side deals and questionable situations in the past. Members of the Minneapolis City Council have been on a rampage the past two years while pointing dirty fingers at several people, claiming they have committed fraud and that is the reason North Minneapolis is in such bad shape.
This post has detailed how "do-gooder" Johnny Northside got in with the top brass and has done a deal with the city.
Those involved and "in the know" are Johnny, Hawthorn Community Housing Director Jeff Skrenes, city inspectors (according to Johnny) and city officials.

This whole thing just stinks. If dirty fingers are going to be pointed at people, the ones doing the pointing should be prepared and willing to address the public when one of their deals is called into question.

To Mr. Skrenes...
I direct the following questions to you, sir:

Did you play a role in the sale of 3016 6th St. N to the city?

If yes, What was your involvement?

Johnny claimed his house was not that bad, did you feel the house needed to be demolished? Why?

Why is the sale information being withheld?

How is a purchase price determined? What criteria is used?

Did you approach Johnny about selling his house to the city?

Do you have any influence with the inspectors?

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Much Did the City of Minneapolis Pay For Johnny's House?

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, has sold his house to the city. The Hennepin County web site has been updated and shows the owner to be the City of Minneapolis. The sale is reported to have closed on July 23, 2008.

John paid only $8,500 in April (according to John himself and records) but, even though it is public information... The price the city paid for the house is "Currently Not Available."
A call to the County Tax Office only confirmed that the information was not available.
WHY? It is a public record and I am certain other North residents would like to know.

To the City of Minneapolis:
How much did you pay for...
"3016 6th St. N. ?"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Johnny Northside: THIS is How a Foreclosure Works!

I just had to smile when I read the post on Johnny's blog about the foreclosure sale on, 3020 6th Street N. (http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2008/09/notorious-address-in-eco-village-sold.html)
Johnny has stated many times in public and private that I don't have a clue about real estate investing. I don't consider his opinion to be valid at all. For Johnny to say I have no clue about real estate investing would be like a security guard telling the Chief of Police that he has no clue about being a cop.

Here's why... (see my comments/corrections in red)

Taken from the Johnny Northside blog, Johnny wrote:
"Jeff Skrenes described for me some of the routine of a sheriff's sale under these circumstances, because it's a bit of an archane process. The idea of a sophisticated entity like Deutsche Bank ("Sophisticated" ??? Now THAT is FUNNY!) paying a quarter of a million dollars for a crack house worth, perhaps, $24,900 on the market seems...somewhat counter-intuitive. I asked Jeff, "Is the mortgage company basically buying this thing FROM THEMSELVES?" Jeff was, like, well...sort of, yes. The bid will be for the precise amount of the outstanding mortgage (incorrect) , because that is exactly how much they need.(wrong again) They don't want to bid less--say, $50,000--and have somebody else come along with that exact amount and say, "Here, I can redeem the mortgage."

The market value of a house has nothing to do with the foreclosure auction and what amount the lender bids.
The amount that the Trustee states at the sale (opening bid) is not for only the "outstanding mortgage" as Johnny claims. The lender has the right to include the balance owed on the mortgage plus, any taxes & insurance that they have likely paid (tax sales wipe out a mortgage so the lender will pay the taxes to prevent being wiped out), legal fee's, interest and penalties are all costs that the lender includes to determine the amount of the opening bid.

Note: The opening bid amount can NOT be for more than what is actually owed after everything has been included. They can offer the house for less than what they are owed but, not more.
His comment about someone coming along with the exact amount (he said $50K) and say, "here I can redeem the mortgage" also makes no sense.
The only person who can redeem the mortgage is the person(s) named on the mortgage... The homeowner. In Minnesota they have 6 months to do so and they can remain in the house during that time, rent free.

Johnny also said, "Arg. Mortgages. I let Jeff handle the ins and outs of that stuff."

It would be nice if Johnny would also let people who have a clue how foreclosures work, write about them. But, what do I know... I have no clue. Hahaha

Monday, September 8, 2008

Johnny Northside Blog Correction

Johnny Northside

Just for giggles, I wanted to see if Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff, posted my comment that I submitted this morning on his Blog. Johnny assumed the person who wrote what would have been the 4th comment on that thread, was me. I commented to John that it was not me who submitted the comment.
I also added a question that of course, was not acknowledged. The question was...

"What's up with the Judgement that the City of Appleton has against you?"
Regardless... John went and put his own comment in place of mine and I have copied it for all to see here as well.
Comments from "The Adventures of Johnny Northside" Blog.
September 8, 2008:
"Per my usual policy: two expletive-laced comments with carping pseudo-literary criticism rejected, one denying it was written by Jim Watkins; who is quite notable for being a prolific writer of articles about real estate but never mastering the use of words requiring an apostrophe. Of course, who would even CARE about this particular post--now buried far beneath a gah-jillion "RNC 2008" posts--but the aforementioned Jim Watkins who got his start in real estate flipping by snatching up a rat-infested house still occupied by an impoverished family? It's no wonder he's "best friends" with folks like Thomas Balko of the infamous T.J. Waconia."
Update: Here is a copy of the actual comment I submitted that Johnny claims was "expletive-laced"...
"Nope. Sorry John.Wasn't me. Did you analyze the typing?
Whats up with the Judgement with the City of Appleton?"
This sort of imaginary, out of nowhere, interpretations by Johnny Northside is all too common.
The corrections are as follows:
A) I did not get my "start" in real estate with the Rat House. It was the first house that I bought
and rehabbed myself.
B) I don't know where he came up with "impoverished family." The owners of the house were
both in their late 50's and never had any kids. John always claims to not have money & drives
a piece of s*&$ car and has a son. Does that make HIM an "impoverished family?"
C) I didn't "snatch it up" as he claims. They actually wanted to move and I personally paid for
the movers to get them moved. I also got them a storage locker and paid for the first three
months as well as the security deposit and first months rent at the apartment they moved to.
D) Isn't it a wonder how EVERY TIME he says my name, he makes the association with TJ
Waconia? So what? Any sane person can do the research and clearly see my stance on the
matter. And yes...I continue to stand by my friend. Let's see if 'ol John Hoff will stand up for
his extremist friends that I will be posting about.
I wonder if there is such a thing as being "Tri-Polar?"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Police Are Great Friends When You Need Them But...

The Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog has commented many times that Johnny "needs the police to watch my back" (and not be on his back) while he is trying to improve his block and neighborhood. In fact, he refused (respectfully) to give an officers name to their superior when they asked Johnny which officer gave Johnny the hard time.

I wonder what they (police) would do or say if they knew about what Johnny said in one of his books that he wrote.

Quoted from:
"The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving"
by John Hoffman Copyright 1993

“Cops piss me off. They come at you with an attitude that you are guilty and they are going to get you to admit it with a few verbal tricks. Just once, I'd like to meet a pig with an attitude like I have a shining aura of civil rights around my body and possessions. Criminals with guns and badges, that's all they are.” (page 58).

nThats the way it is with him though. But according to the "Pro-Johnny's," I am a "door knob" and don't have a clue. Ok but, I didn't just make this stuff up. All of it can be verified online and almost all of it is written by Johnny himself.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dumpster Diving with Johnny Northside

This is one of the books that was written by John Hoffman AKA John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside. The publisher had the following comments listed on their site to describe the book.
Maybe after some of you see this, you will be happy he doesn't live by you right now lol.
My editorial comments are seen below in blue text.
Publisher Comments:
It's been 10 years since the publication of John Hoffman's cult classic of urban scavenging, The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving. Now the Garbage Guru is back with an advanced course in the unconventional economics of exploring the trash for fun and profit.

Just some of the lessons you will learn include:
the key secret to dealing with locked dumpsters; (Hey, writing about breaking into something that others wanted to keep people like Johnny, out. Good example though.)

how to dive for information and use it to humiliate corporations, politicians and other evil-doers;
(Oh my! In other words...Stay on his good side or face the 800 pound gorilla!)

the unusual profitability of diving for movie and celebrity castoffs;
(It seems to have paid off big.... BWAHAHAHA. Well, he DOES say he DRIVES a Celebrity. Nice car.)
the BIG-bucks potential of industrial diving, including the top 10 most lucrative places to do it;
(I am guessing that N Minneapolis was not on that list?)

how to sell your dumpster-dived wares through the flea market of the 21st century - eBay;

how to parlay dumpster diving consciousness into finding cheap property, supporting radical causes, even landing political office; and much more!
(I don't think any dumpsters led to cheap properties on the northside. I doubt the book also covers how to be removed from political office. How does it support a radical cause? Other than Johnny Northside himself?)

Goon's World: Embittered hack Jon Hoff is at it again.

For those who are fair and objective... I offer you a recent post about Johnny Northside.

Goon's World: Embittered hack Jon Hoff is at it again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

800 Pound Gorilla's Arena

Johnny Northside said this blog was an amusement when he first read it. Then went on to say that he would be ignoring it from that point on. His "ignoring" has resulted in three total posts on his own blog, several comments and a wave of threatening emails.

He described himself as a "gorilla" and this blogging was "his arena."
Since he can't ignore this blog, I would think a "monkey" would be a more appropriate animal to compare to because of their curiosity but, he wants to be a gorilla, let him be a gorilla.

The previous profile pic upset Johnny quite a bit. He even called it "pornographic." There have been many words used to describe it but, never pornographic.

At any rate, we wouldn't want to have an angry gorilla reading the blog so, the profile pic has been changed to honor the "king" of the blogs... Johnny Northside.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"I do as I do, NOT as I say"

Johnny Northside has accused the Anti-Johnny (his term by the way) of not being able to stay away. The following from Johnny Northside's blog on August 28, 2008:

"So I'm going to address the criticisms here, and then I'm going to ignore this website, since its own webmaster has also seen fit to mostly ignore it after going to all the trouble of creating it and trying (unsuccessfully) to promote it."

Unless Johnny has given someone access to his blog with the ability post new threads, it appears the Misadventures of Johnny Northside is a blog Johnny can't stay away from. This opinion is based off of the the following new post on his blog.

"Monday, September 1, 2008
Anti-Johnny Blog Shows Red/Blue Colorblindness

It does make me wonder. Why?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's Pants???

In response to the post about some hooker's pants on Johnny Northside's blog...
I have not commented on that thread. I did see where Johnny claimed I was a supporter of the crack users/dealrs and prostitutes and there is no truth to that. Of course I have no way to prove it but, he has no way to prove it either.

I don't like druggies & prostitutes any more than Johnny himself or anyone else in the community. Saying I support them is absurd. I was under the impression that the person who got into it with Johnny on that thread about the pants was a woman.

Why hasn't anyone said much about the impressive discovery Johnny made about the "slap on the wrist" sentences criminals in Minneapolis get?
Why would a crook want to go elsewhere when they can get coddled for doing wrong? I think its great that the community is going at it like it has. My only concern is that someone might end up losing their life because some hoodlum has a gun and wants revenge. Hopefully, everyone is being very careful and others have their backs as well.

Now.... Am I still only being pissed off and negative?

So, I will say this... I am impressed by the display of community action against the druggies & prostitutes. I'm not one who would put someones picture, etc. online simply because they "probably" are up to no good. But, it's his deal & I don't have to worry about my face being seen in that activity.

I find it ironic that I have posted some information about Johnny's behind the scenes dealings & most recently, the insurance fraud post and no one has been willing to call a spade... a spade.

Maybe three "rights" gets a pass on one "wrong?"

Lastly... (grinning big) As the "All-Mighty, Johnny Northside" has said so many times in response to people who have questioned him or disagreed with him... "But, you ARE reading my blog!"

Thanks for the support.

Johnny Northside Promotes Insurance Fraud

While this post may come across as a joke, I ask that you consider what is really said by Johnny and ask yourself if it is legal, moral or ethical to engage in or to promote it online. Joke or no joke.

This was quoted directly from Johnny Northside's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.
It was posted with the title, A Return to the Automotive Damage "Good old Days" on 6th Street North. Posted on August 19, 2008
"I'm thinking of renaming that particular section of 6th Street North. I think I will call it "Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard." How can I just rename a street? Well, because I have a blog and my nicknames catch on. Remember the "Apartment Complex of Anarchy?" Totally my concept, that one.

I'm thinking of renaming that particular section of 6th Street North. I think I will call it "Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard." How can I just RENAME A STREET? Well, because I have a blog and my nicknames catch on. Remember the Apartment Complex of Anarchy?
Totally my concept, that one.

Here's how it works on Comprehensive Insurance Boulevard. Here's how YOU can trade in your vehicle for a better vehicle.

Step One: notify Peter, the neighborhood association chair, that you're doing a bit of surveillance in the neighborhood. Otherwise we might mistake you for a john or a drug dealer just hanging around; and we might put your mug and your license plate on the internet, buster.

Step Two: Park your vehicle on the 3000 Block of 6th Street. Sit around and watch blatant drug deals, prostitution, metal theft etc. Be sure to take some pictures and be seen doing it. You may have to repeat this for a day or two. Emailing the pictures to this blog with descriptions of what you observed will speed up the process CONSIDERABLY.

Step Three: Leave your vehicle parked on the street after the crooks have seen you trying to be a good citizen.

Step Four: The criminals will take care of this step, most likely by slashing your tires, breaking your windows, or (if you're lucky!) torching your vehicle.

Step Five: Call the police and your insurance company! Good thing you have comprehensive auto insurance, baby!

The running total at this point: Four tires slashed. (My 1988 Celebrity) One truck torched on the Fourth of July. (Peter's vehicle) And now two tires, one window. (My 1988 Celebrity)
Peter is ahead in terms of total damage, but I am ahead in terms of total incidents. I'm an aggressive competitor, however, so Peter better watch out because I WILL BE TOTALLY PARKING MY VEHICLES ON THE STREET, PETER. None of this chicken stuff like putting the sparkly new truck in the garage or--good grief!--having volunteers putting in a cement parking platform inside the fence.

Yes, just when we thought the former era of vehicular vandalism was over, we now see a return to the good old days.

Luckily, after the FIRST tire-slashing incident I went out and got comprehensive insurance

I am asking for people who work in the insurance industry to submit your opinion on the matter (anyone else is encouraged to comment as well). I will contact a few insurance executives to follow up with this post and ask them if this is indeed, FRAUD.

I am not a lawyer but, I am pretty sure that listing step-by-step instructions on how you can "trade your vehicle in for a better one" (in public no less) , paid for with insurance money after filing a claim. AND it was planned from the start with the expectation of having the insurance company pay.
Insurance is not considered money that is in a savings account and you have a right to claim that money.

Insurance is defined by Wiktionary as:
A means of indemnity against occurrence of a uncertain event.

An UNCERTAIN event. NOT planned and NOT set up or staged so the insured can make a claim to get a better vehicle!

Maybe Johnny would offer in his defense that, "I was clearly joking and nothing I say on this blog can be considered serious." Maybe he would say that. My opinion is it is fraud and no matter how it was intended to be taken... It is not something to make light of on a public web site.

Update for Johnny...

Johnny Northside himself, has seen and even read this blog as he posted a thread on his blog about...This blog. Although he claims he will not return to this site again. Click the link to read for yourself... http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2008/08/misadventures-of-johnny-northside.html

He pointed out that this blog is pretty much a joke (which it mostly is because, it is about him) because, there has been an inactivity period on here as far as number of posts. What I think is funny about that is the fact that he had a long stretch from July 7th to July 19th. Hypocite.

Well, I can promise anyone reading this blog that there will never be nearly as many posts as Johnny has on his site. Why? For one, I don't care to take that much time to write about someone else. Two, When I think there is something of interest to others or something Johnny has done or said that needs to be relayed to the public... Then I will post it.
Actually, I am glad that he has vowed to not return to this blog. If he did, he would HAVE to comment because he has shown in the past that he can't simply shut his mouth and let something go. So, it's less for me to have to mess with.

The good thing that he has contributed to this blog is the name I will soon be using as my identity on this blog... "Anti-Johnny." I am actually not entirely anti-Johnny. I am only here to let those that want to be heard, be heard as well as to convey info that he leaves out on his site.

Lastly (for now), he went off on me (Anti-Johnny) saying that no one had commented on this blog yet.
Well to correct him on that, there has been one comment and a second comment was just added before I wrote this thread.
Also, I read those other blogs he commented about from about the time he was just getting his started. It's pretty funny because, he posted on those blogs several times to "Read my blog" "Read my blog" and added things like "(waving arms around and jumping up and down)" to draw a reader to his new blog.

See what I mean? He is a classic example of "Do as I say... Not, as I do"

Stay tuned to read about how Johnny Northside encourages fraud himself!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Details of Johnny Northside's Flipping (and Flopping)

(Photo by Brandt Williams/MPR)

Here is more on the behind the scenes wheeling & dealing of real estate investor, Johnny Northside.

Johnny writes so much on his blog that he often forgets what he has said before. Here he contradicts himself when talking about his house (and his real intentions).

The editorial comments are seen in red

The following was copied directly from Johnny's blog that was posted in April, 2008. Note how real estate savvy Johnny is when he refers to an "Escrow Officer" as "the title person."

"The title person said something about, did she hear right? This was NOT an investment property? I had plans to fix it up and LIVE IN IT? And when I answered in the affirmative, she said, blinking a bit, "How does one LIVE in a $9,000 house?"

He's lucky there wasn't a mortgage involved. You see, when you tell the lender that it will be Owner Occupied and don't live in it...That is known as FRAUD.

Here he details how his house was not that bad at all...Certainly not something the city should bulldoze.

"But I'll say this much about the house, and why it was a bargain, and why I held it close to my chest and didn't reveal everything. The house has mostly plastic pipes instead of copper, (Oh Johnny! He meant to say "PVC") so the copper thieves didn't destroy the walls to get at the pipes...albeit they stole one little piece off copper off the top of the water heater.

It looks boxy from the front, but in the back there is a deck and...wonder of wonders...a large and empty yard, and a big mature tree. The house has a deck in the back. The carpet on the floors needs a good cleaning, but it's not nasty. Somebody started rehabbing and quit in mid-job, but managed to move the project along quite a bit."

Does this sound like a condemned house the city should target to bulldoze? It isn't even boarded up!

This paragraph is from his blog post on June 26, 2008:

"For the record, I currently have a signed purchase agreement with a "non-slumlord" buyer promoting positive development in my neighborhood. I plan to buy another house on or near the same block with the proceeds from the sale."

A signed purchase agreement with...The City? What was the price? I am sure there are lots of people who would like to see that. If not with the city, why was that contract canceled?

The following is quoted from an article on MPR by Brandt Williams on August 5, 2008:

Note how Johnny makes no mention about his intentions to LIVE in it.

"Earlier this spring he bought one of the abandoned homes on the block for $9,000. Hoff planned to either fix it up or tear it down, but instead he sold it to the city.
"I consider myself, a benevolent flipper," said Hoff."

While Johnny Northside may be doing some good things for the area and residents who ACTUALLY live there, this post clearly shows that he is in it for the money and what he tells the public is not always truthful.

Johnny Northside a Humanitarian? Hardly

Johnny Northside is seen here, picking up imported bullfrogs to be "processed" as he stated in the video clip.


Johnny is a self-proclaimed "Green Party" activist, who just so happens to profit by assisting companies in the slaughter of innocent animals. Yes, he picked them up and transported them to those that will slaughter them but, he can't claim he had no idea what would happen to those frogs. He's just making a living though, right? Yeah, by helping others to kill animals.

I nominate Johnny for "Animal Rights Humanitarian of the Year."
Do I hear a second?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Johnny Northside Sells His House to the City

Below is the photo caption taken from the NPR article about God, 'err Johnny Northside.

"John Hoff in front of the house he bought and then sold to the city. He says a few 'slumlords' offered to buy it from him. But Hoff says he sold it to the city, because he feared it might become a crackhouse."

  • How does one go about selling to the City?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How much do they pay for a house?
  • Who decides which houses will be bought?
  • Who determines the values?
  • Did the city approach Johnny?
  • Did Johnny approach the City?
  • Why hasn't Johnny Northside bragged about this on his blog?
Sorry folks, John Hoff is a hypocrite who is only interested in headlines.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Johnny Northside's House Involved in a City Deal?

As soon as the pdf file is cut down & defined, it will be posted on this blog.
Now it makes sense why John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside never talks about the house he owns in north Minneapolis but doesn't live in. It looks like the City has added it to the list known as...

Additions to Existing Housing Replacement District II (23) Tax Incriment Financing (TIF)

10-029-24-32-0074 3016 6th St. N
Why won't you talk about the side dealings you have with your new City buddies, Johnny? What a FRAUD you are!

Volunteers Working At 3029 6th St. N.

All this moving & shaking going on with the old bricks being used to make a nice walkway. It makes me want to know...

"Hey, Johhny... Is there a building permit posted on the property?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

How Long Until Northside Residents Hate Him?

I found Johnny Northside's (apparent) last article he wrote in May for the Minnesota Daily.
Well 'ol Johnny Boy went on in his typical self-promoting ways about how the U of M should send the "Party Patrol" to the northside to help out, etc.

I laughed my ASS off when I read the lone comment that followed the article. I have taken the honor of copying it to post for all to see here.

"Carpboy823 from U of M writes:
Thank God that John Hoff is looking out for the betterment of the community and not just himself. You're right, we should take away the police sources that the U of M doesn't need as its students are attacked on the streets and raped in the dorms and give them to North Minneapolis, where you "just so happen" to live. And oh! Let's move there too so your home value can rise and you can be the savior of urban America. Thanks for your three years at the U, Mr. Hoff - now go away and never look back. Good luck as a desperate, self-serving blogger, but leave us alone and spare us your shameless self-advertisement in your columns. Maybe you'll finally be knocked off the high horse that you think you sit on, looking over this weak University. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! "

I don't think anyone could have said it better! However, I sure as hell want to try! C'mon people, submit your opinions!

Johnny Northside Lives...Where?

That's right people... This guy who runs around north Minneapolis, beating his chest, trying to get to know every 911 dispatcher by voicer, while putting everything and anything (pics & people) online...
In fact, Johnny Northside does not live in Minneapolis at all.
The house he owns in north Minneapolis (according to his blog) is not occupied. He stated at least twice that he is going to release information regarding the sale of his house very soon.
Since he assumes all the time, I will assume he is going to sell it to a person who will use it as a rental property. Can you imagine the cash flow?
What I find ironic and disgusting at the same time is, he banters on about meaningless crap like meatloaf and abandoned teddy bears (and worse) and has made himself out to be some sort of neighborhood savior who rubs elbows with the city's posse (at least he has them on speed dial) AND he IS one of the people he has shown zero tolerance for... Real Estate Investors.
He had one posting where he posted the definition of one time flipping, written by a neighborhood leader. One time. Two times. Three times. What difference does it make?
The County site has his house information updated and it lists the house he owns in north Minneapolis as the mailing address.
Why don't you live there, Johhny? Owning a house (really just a POS shack) but, not living in it does not make you an actual community member.
Wait, does any neighborhood or community leader want to define what "Resident" means?

A New Era Begins... The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside!

I thought I would start this new blog out by highlighting the very purpose of this site...Showing the good people of north Minneapolis just what a loud-mouthed fraud, Johnny Northside really is.

If you who have asked Johnny legitimate questions to post in the comments, only to see them not published, your questions and statements will be posted here. Johnny Northside, the self-served " Dictator," refuses any post if it does not suit him, if it challenges his intelligence or if it insults him.

He openly posts people's pictures on the Internet and gloats about getting people fired and exposing people while offering those people no way to say anything in their own defense.
Sure, he taunts people with "You keep reading my blog" as though he has some sort of supernatural power over people and again, gloats about it.
In reality, all he has done is copy, that's right... COPY one of America's most despised radio personalities, Howard Stern. Think about it, he says things to piss people off so they will engage him. Then he either won't post the comments/questions or he distorts their words and doesn't allow them any way to clarify or come back.

I have copied the comments from the recent post, A Progress Report In Celebration Of National Night Out (Hooker Leaves 3020 6th St. N.) as a perfect example of how a reader has offered some very direct, opinionated comments against Johnny and he went back after them with arrogant opinions and finally resorted to calling the commenter a "shithead" several times.
The comments back & forth are long but, they do show his true colors.


-Johnny's OtherSide


Anonymous said...
Your blog in general makes me shudder, but this post in particular is probably one of the most distasteful things I have read in awhile. It sounds like you thought quite a bit about Contessa's pants. I cannot believe you found it appropriate to speak as a woman's pants whose life and experiences, I'm sure, you know nothing about beyond her supposed line of work. And I have a serious issue with the following excerpt: People need a place to live. This is the line always used by slumlords who fill our neighborhoods with pimps, hookers and drug dealers."People need a place to live." It's not so different from industries who fill the air with stink, and then say, "Well, that's the smell of money."You are COMPLETELY ignoring social problems that cause people to become involved in these sorts of activities in the first place. I'm not necessarily excusing it, but I would hope you agree that everyone DOES need a place to live. I can't understand how someone who considers himself to be a community activist in a community he just became a part of, a community which perhaps more than any other in the state exemplifies institutional oppression as it happens, would be so blind to these things. Not in a single post that I've read have you in any way even considered the social ills and the roles they play in the things you see and experience, and I frankly find it disgusting.It's obvious that you think pretty damn highly of yourself in the way you write and in your willingness to expose other people's lives in such a meaningless and ill-intentioned way. You can hide in the shroud of Johnny Northside, community activist who just wants to save his neighborhood, but what you really appear as is an ignorant middle-aged white man, an outsider at that, who would rather sweep problems under a rug or nail it up in a house than actually examine what's going on at the roots.
August 6, 2008 7:22 PM
Johnny Northside said...
In reply: Ah, but you just can't stop reading the blog, can you?Furthermore, it's not her SUPPOSED line of work. What is going on has been observed for YEARS AND YEARS. And recently, FINALLY, Contessa was arrested. Conversations with the police confirm the reality of her chosen profession--hooking and dealing drugs--even if the police can't always manage to make arrests. The woman is a prostitute and was arrested for possession of drug paraph--pariph--Honestly, I can never spell that word.Yes, people need a place to live. But that's the excuse landlords use while they KNOWINGLY rent to criminals, and continue to allow criminal behavior as long as rent gets paid, even if rent gets paid from the criminal proceeds.What's so bad about the phrase is it is true--yes, people DO need a place to live--but the fact people need a place to live shouldn't be an excuse to knowingly allow and even profit by criminal behavior at rental properties.In regard to "completely ignoring social problems, blah blah blah," I feel free to focus on the portions of society's ills where I can do something...like call 911 on drug dealing, or deal with houses broken into by squatters.I've been an activist on lots of different issues. I've tackled those root causes LOTS of times. As a matter of fact, I blog quite a bit on the subject of abusive, predatory towing directed at poor people. See my other blog, www.towingutopia.com.So it's not even true that I ignore those other ills, but for purposes of the discussion...I feel free to focus upon those particular ills I feel best suited to tackle. You just go ahead and keep working on those ills for which YOU feel well-suited.My neighborhood doesn't need one more bleeding heart (and I count myself as one) weeping and wailing about how folks need to prostitute and sell drugs because life and society has treated them so badly. We need our neighborhood back from hookers and drug dealers.As for the "outsider" label, I'd rather be known as an "outsider" than somebody who wants to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with crack-dealing, street-walking shitheads.We don't need excuses for why things are the way they are. We need change. We need open air drug markets to GO AWAY. So you just keep working on those "root causes" and I'll just keep dialing 911.Between the two of us, maybe things really will get better.
August 6, 2008 8:50 PM

Anonymous said...
As far as reading your blog: I'll admit, I'm a masochist.I like how you jumped on that "supposed" line right away (I meant supposed as in your blog is my sole source for this information)...but offered no explanation about speaking as her pants. Nor acknowledging that you don't know whether or not Contessa perhaps has experienced sexual abuse in her early life, for instance, as it's been reported more than half of prostitutes have experienced. Did her pants see that too? Or maybe not, I don't know anything about her life either, but to not even consider it? And you can't deny that sexual assault is more prevalent in poorer communities.And I have news for you: the drug market will not go anywhere as long as drugs are illegal in this country. If the Prohibition era taught us anything (and making drugs illegal is prohibition), when something is made illegal, criminals will make money from it. If drugs were ever legalized, the economic incentive would disappear instantaneously, and violent criminals and gangsters wouldn't be the ones selling drugs. And guess what? The rate of addiction in this country has remained virtually unchanged throughout the criminalization of every illegal drug, even withstanding the past thirty years of the "War on Drugs." Wow, great results from the trillions of dollars of tax dollars spent, eh? I'm sure you are intelligent enough to know that as long as something is illegal, there will be a market for it. The neighborhood in which you reside happens to be one of those places in Minneapolis. Calling the police may put those particular people in jail, but there will be someone there to fill their spots--somewhere--the very next day. A junkie's got to get their fix.As far as playing your part and me playing mine, you are most certainly counteracting any real change as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't appear that you advocate for any sort of alternative treatment, and you seem to wholly support--by acting as an arm of it--what the racist criminal justice system in this country does to the families and communities of people of color...and economically disadvantaged white people, too. And if you don't believe that our punitive approach to criminal justice and sham laws meant to make it easier to racially profile doesn't perpetuate crime rather than reduce it, than I think we fundamentally will never agree. What about the children of those prostitutes and drug dealers you so inconsiderately demonize? What happens to them when their parent(s) go to prison? Perhaps they'll end up in the foster care system, or on the corners themselves. And just to connect the dots, here's a little tidbit for you:"A 2007 survey of Oakland youths being assisted by the Sexually Abused and Commercially Exploited Youth Program found 88 percent of the youngsters had run away from home and 53 percent came from foster care group homes. Three-quarters of them had been raped at some time in their lives, and 48 percent had been physically abused growing up."I'm not trying to make excuses, but in order to actually make real change, it is absolutely necessary to be informed on prevailing societal forces that allow situations like this to occur.This is a (sort of) free country and you can do and say as you please, but as far as I'm concerned, by focusing only on criminal justice aspects of the problems that community faces, you are not doing justice to the full story and you are perpetuating commonly held stereotypes without putting lives into context. You are condescending, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear if some of your neighbors felt the same if they were to see some of the things you say on this Web site. Thank God for the digital divide!
August 6, 2008 9:46 PM

Johnny Northside said...
If you enjoy being a masochist, be sure to read my NEXT two posts about Contessa. As for the punitive approach thing: I believe in jails where people get treatment and job training, but that doesn't mean I think people should spend less time in jail or that we should have a revolving door and slap-on-the-wrist sentences for stuff like dealing crack on the sidewalk. Your theory "people are always going to get their drugs somewhere" may be true, but my block wasn't ALWAYS this way. So let them get their drugs somewhere else besides my block and besides North Minneapolis. Furthermore, that sort of argues against your "fight the root causes" approach. If they're always going to get drugs somewhere, then what does it matter whether I dial 911 or you fight those nasty roots? As for your 2007 survey, well, gee, look where the data was gathered. It really doesn't tell us anything we don't know, nor does it support your point. Youth at a center for sexually exploited people report running away from home? Duh. For purposes of argument, I'm willing to assume all the hookers were sexual abuse victims growing up. WELL SO WHAT? It doesn't mean they should get a free pass and break the law. These hookers strut around in front of the school buses, which isn't even DECENT. Even criminals can make a middling effort to be DECENT. As for your assertion you're not making excuses: you wouldn't need to say it unless you were, and you certainly are. Cripes almighty, I just want to pick up the phone and dial 911 on BLATANT (EXPLETIVE) CRIME taking place right on the sidewalk--this is exactly what a citizen is SUPPOSED to do--and you want to drag out a ream of social data about how I'm "demonizing" the poor widdle drug dealers and hookers who come from such bad backgrounds.The world people like you have created in North Minneapolis by enabling the crack-dealing shit heads to take over our once-wonderful neighborhood is the reason a blog like this exists in the first place. Oh, and another thing. I did not speak AS the woman's pants. I speculated on what the pants MIGHT SAY. There is a difference. (But if you like reading that sort of thing, check out my "evil pink pony" entries. You'll LOVE EM in your masochistic way) Furthermore, I'm not the only person in the neighborhood who has pointed out Contessa wears the same pink pants with astonishing frequency while dealing drugs and doing car dates, to the point we identify her BY MEANS OF the pink pants. I just happened to be the one who blogged about it. So what's YOUR neighborhood like, anonymous poster? The people who pontificate the way you do generally aren't the ones who are in the MIDDLE of this shit. Digital divide, indeed. You know what you read about my block on your little screen. You try living on the same block as Contessa and her pink pants, and raise little children like that refugee Hmong family who lives right NEXT DOOR to Contessa's crap. You'd change your shit head-hugging views overnight. Life's hard? Try being a refugee who barely speaks English with a whole bunch of little children. And then life gets harder because this NASTY WHORE IN PINK STRETCHY PANTS has to turn her tricks and sell her crack right in front of those little children.
August 6, 2008 10:36 PM

Anonymous said...
Ok, Johnny Northside, the only reason I said anything about making excuses was because I was responding to your accusation in your initial response. You're very good at cherry picking.This isn't even a battle worth fighting, obviously, because you've made up your mind that you're right, I'm wrong, and there's nothing wrong with the fact that you've lived in that neighborhood for less than a year, yet have claimed it as your own to lord over. I think it's pretty f***ing bold of you to call yourself Johnny Northside. You CHOSE to live there (unlike many of the people who have no choice but to pay cheaper rents and mortgages), so don't act like you are in a hopeless situation you can't control. It's nice to hear that you only care about crime if it's personally affecting you, too...you don't give a shit as long as those drug dealers leave your sight, huh?And for the record, I don't live in North Minneapolis, or an area of the city that is particularly crime-ridden; however, I have had my house broken into while I was home, and I know what it's like to feel that fear. I realize it's not nearly to the extent that North Minneapolis residents face, but I just wanted to put that out there.And I take your lack of response concerning these people's children as an admission that you just don't give a shit. And that stat? That center was working with those children because they had been selling themselves on the streets for sex and were referred for counseling. How does the fact that 53 percent were foster children not support my argument?I hope I've perhaps had some effect on your viewpoint, or at least pissed you off enough to make you think about it, but I don't really give a shit either way. You're going to do what you're going to do, and you're going to continue looking stupid while doing it.And if you can say that me and "people like me" are responsible for the problems North Minneapolis is facing with a straight face, when I care very deeply about social, racial and economic justice, then I don't think there is anything else to say to you.
August 6, 2008 11:21 PM

Johnny Northside said...
I care about crime whether it's in North Minneapolis or in your pristine little yuppie neighborhood, but I don't want to bite off way more than I can chew. Cleaning up one block is hard enough. Cleaning up the North Side would take, like, the rest of my life. And I don't just want hookers and crack dealers out of sight, out of mind. I want them off the streets and out of business. And, yes, PEOPLE LIKE YOU are responsible for the problems of North Minneapolis. PEOPLE LIKE YOU who sit on your self-righteous ass and criticize my efforts, hoping to make me pull back on both my efforts and my commentary, while your own spoiled brat offspring from the suburbs come here to the North Side to score dope, and the whole time you're feeling your comforting sense of superiority that you have all the answers to the social problems...more so than the big bad brutal police who just want to arrest the criminals and let the system mete out so-called "justice." Justice! For these poor downtrodden crack heads and prostitutes? Heaven forbid! God forbid, somebody like me wants to CALL THE POLICE when he sees a crime or make sure squatters don't take over buildings.You make excuses for criminals. Instead of shaking your finger at their bad behavior, you try to explain it away and justify it, and not only that, you dare to wag your finger at me while I am trying to actually clean up the crap taking over my corner of the city. Where is your critique of the people doing BAD? You apparently have none. You live your soft little suburban life and feel guilty about it, so you put out a big bunch of words about the downtrodden. Your home was broken into? Do you suppose those thieves were *also* abused as children? When your guests leave your home, do you watch them all the way to their car parked on the street to make sure they won't get robbed? Do you never allow your children to play in the front yard without keeping them under careful observation? That's how life is over here. As for the title of my blog, you're not in the middle of the Northside struggle and you have no basis by which to judge how the "Northside" label should be used. A label like that is a nebulous thing, like at what special moment does somebody at the University of Minnesota become a "gopher?" And would a student be entitled to have a blog called "Johnny The Gopher" as a freshman, or would he need to wait a longer period of time, at least until he is a sophomore? And is there a longer waiting period of propriety if he came from Montana in the first place, not Minnesota? Really, I think my deliberately premature use of "Northside" is a sort of subtle humor which goes right over your head.
August 7, 2008 12:47 AM

jake said...
Hi Anonymous, My name is Jacob and I'm currently involved in a documentary about the housing crisis, the North side, and Johnny. I read your comments here and am interested in the issues you've brought up about Johnny's way of doing things. We'd be really interested in continuing this conversation over email and hearing more of what you have to say. Can you drop me a line? My email is jdanielvalento@hotmail.com
You see