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Friday, October 17, 2008

Minneapolis Buys Property & Wrongfully Increases Values

The Minneapolis City Council or John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside (Likely both) have some explaining to do. Serious explaining... To the residents and tax payers of Minneapolis. Its no wonder why Johnny Northside was keeping this quiet. Surely, no one would notice, right? WRONG!
Look at this carefully... This property information was copied from the Hennepin County web site on July 9, 2008: My comments are in Red. It first says, "2008 Assessment (For Taxes Payable 2009) ____________________________________
2008 Assessment (For Taxes Payable 2009)
Property ID: 10-029-24-32-0074 Address: 3016 6TH ST N Unit No.: Municipality: MINNEAPOLIS Owner: JOHN W HOFF
Taxpayer Name / Address: JOHN W HOFF 3016 6TH ST N MINNEAPOLIS MN 55411 Subrecord No. 1
Improvement Amount: Property Type: RESIDENTIAL
Homestead Status: NON-HOMESTEAD Exempt or Deferred:
Estimated Limited Land: 28,400 28,400 ($28,400 Lot value)
Building: 19,400 19,400 ($19,400 Improvement/house value) Machinery: 0 0 Totals: 47,800 47,800 (TOTAL Taxable Market Value) Less Qualified Improvement: 0
Total Taxable Market Value: 47,800 (Remember, this was from July 9, 2008) Hennepin County is providing this information as a public service.Tax related questions: taxinfo@co.hennepin.mn.us _________________________________________
The following is the CURRENT information on the SAME property after John Hoff sold the house to the City of Minneapolis: As of September 9, 2008 _________________________________________
Parcel Data for Taxes Payable 2008
Property ID: 10-029-24-32-0074
Address: 3016 6TH ST N
Municipality: MINNEAPOLIS School Dist: 001
Construction year: 1900
Watershed: 6 Approx. Parcel Size: 37.00 X 165.00 Sewer Dist:
Most Current Sales Information NO SALE INFORMATION ON FILE FOR THIS PROPERTY. (Why not?)
Tax Parcel Description Addition Name: MORRISONS ADDN TO NORTH MPLS Lot: Block: 010 Metes & Bounds: N 18 FT OF LOT 10 AND S 19 FT OF LOT 11
Abstract or Torrens: ABSTRACT Value and Tax Summary for Taxes Payable 2008
Values Established by Assessor as of January 2, 2007
Estimated Market Value: $128,000 Limited Market Value: $128,000 Taxable Market Value: $128,000
Total Improvement Amount: Total Net Tax: $1,676.84 Total Special Assessments: $1,110.05 Solid Waste Fee: $20.27 Total Tax: $2,807.16
Property Information Detail for Taxes Payable 2008
Values Established by Assessor as of January 2, 2007
(As of January 2, 2007... 2007??? How is that possible? WHAT Assessor?)

Values: Land Market $28,400 Building Market $99,600
Machinery Market
Total Market: $128,00
Land Limited: $28,400
Building Limited $99,600

(Are you seeing this??? The value went UP $80,200!
John bought it in April 2008 where it was valued at $47,800. Then AFTER he sold it to the city, the County claims it is worth $128,400 AND that is based off of an assessment from January 2, 2007... NOT 2008!)
Total Limited: $128,000
Qualifying Improvements Classifications: Property Type RESIDENTIAL Homestead Status NON-HOMESTEAD Hennepin County is providing this information as a public service.Tax related questions: taxinfo@co.hennepin.mn.us _________________________________________

This information CLEARLY shows that someone did something wrong and I have the following questions:
-How did the least expensive house on MLS in April of 2008 (John paid $8,500) get sold to the city to be demolished less than 3 months later AND show a property tax value increase of $80,200?
If I am reading this information wrong... Please help me to understand it. But, I don't think I am reading it wrong. I think this needs to be brought to the attention of the Mayor as well as other government agencies since John Hoff nor Jeff Skrenes will not answer how much he got paid for his house.
Sure seems like the City Council found a way to increase the value of a property rather quickly.
If I were a resident of North Minneapolis... I would want answers because, this looks like FRAUD and it was done intentionally!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

North Minneapolis' Finest...Right!!!

One note... Neither Johnny Northside or Jeff Skrenes have responded to the questions posed to them on this blog. For two guys that have nothing to hide, it makes me wonder why they refuse to answer the questions.

Here is an interesting story about an incident that took place after the annual Hawthorne meeting.
You will need to scroll down the page about halfway to get to the part about the police and their attitudes.

This is half of the paragraph where it starts:
"Then a police squad car pulled up (I’m still cursing myself for not getting the damn car number) and two police officers stepped out and made their way over to the black males. These two cops were young (late 20’s to early 30’s) white males with SERIOUS FUCKING ATTITUDE PROBLEMS."
Read the rest by clicking on the link below.
Peter Wears a Suit at the Annual Hawthorne Neighborhood Meeting