Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Thursday, October 24, 2013

John Hoff's Employer Identified As Colclazier & Associates of Seminole, Oklahoma

Sorry for the delay in posting this information but, I have been dealing with another matter that continues to take up most of my time.

I have been able to confirm that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been staying in Oklahoma in recent months while working for Colclazier and Associates in a undetermined capacity. The law firm is located in Seminole, Oklahoma which is near the city of Ada.

Hoff submitted an application to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners in early September 2013 to be allowed to take the Oklahoma Bar exam in hopes of becoming a licensed attorney  in the State of Oklahoma. Yes.... Oklahoma.
He has claimed on his blog that he has no plans to move from Minnesota so, I can only speculate that he has been maintaining his north Minneapolis address for residency while working in Oklahoma perhaps on a contract basis.

The law firm Hoff has been working for also employs Lloyd Palmer who is an attorney. Palmer is likely the person who encouraged Hoff to try to make use of his law degree that he obtained from the University of North Dakota nearly 10 years ago.
Hoff made mention of a buddy in one of his articles that was determined to be Sgt. Lloyd Palmer who was also in the same National Guard unit with Hoff,  the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.
Here is a link to an audio interview with Palmer:
Lloyd Palmer interview

Here is the information on the law firm Hoff is believed to still be working for...

Colclazier and Associates

404 N Main St
SeminoleOK 74868
(405) 382-1212

A reminder to all readers:
The next time the Bar exam will be offered in Oklahoma is February 2014. In order for John Hoff to be allowed to take the exam, he must pass a character fitness and background check by the Board of Examiners. They will look into the background for the moral character of Hoff and it is my belief that under no circumstances should John Hoff be allowed to take that exam nor should he be allowed the opportunity to become a licensed attorney in any State.
If you have documentation of past Hoff behavior that you believe the Board of Examiners should consider in their investigation, please click the following link for instructions.
OK Board of Examiners info for Hoff