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Monday, August 15, 2011

Trouble in Paradise? The Johnny Northside - Nomi Passenger Show Over?

While scanning over the content on the Adventures of Johhny Northside I noticed that the recent posts have all been submitted by Johnny Northside and not "Nomi Passenger" aka Megan Goodmundson. Note: That is the same Megan Goodmundson who was arrested for 5th Degree Assault and Interfering with a 911 Emergency Call click here to read about Megans arrest.
Nomi Passenger had been writing the majority of the posts on the JNS blog since the start of the Summer... Right about the time Johnny Northside the reserve was called to active duty by the National Guard and sent to Afghanistan.

Nomi Passenger last posted on Johnny Northside's blog on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. When I scanned the blog today, I noticed that Nomi Passenger was no longer on the list of authors who contribute by posting on the blog.  Below is a screen shot taken a few minutes ago.
It is not yet known who dumped who.
I am taking an educated guess here but, I would say that Megan was the one to dump Johnny Northside. My reasoning is that Megan is far more valuable to John while he is overseas. With Megan still in north Minneapolis, she is able to keep tabs on John's illegal rental property (there is no rental license on record and there is another male currently living in the house). She can keep John up to date on the happenings in the neighborhood and she is able to access the edit mode of his site when he is not able to do so. Those are just a few reasons.

It makes me wonder if the alleged break-up and removal from Johnny's blog means that John has also stripped her of the title "Super Citizen?" Maybe Megan needs a boyfriend that is actually near her? If that is the case, she doesn't seem to be very dedicated to the relationship. It has been suggested on this blog and others that John, Megan, Jeff Skrenes aka Hawthorne Hawkman and others are self-serving and not the upstanding community activists that they claim to be. If indeed that Megan dumped Johnny Northside, it would support the notion that she is looking out for herself. Who really knows? If a reader has some inside information, please submit it in the comments and make a note there if you want the comments published. Or submit your email address and I will contact you there and not publish your email address.

Things have slowed down on this blog in the last few months and the explanation is simple. When John Hoff aka Johnny Northside is not spewing garbage (running his mouth all over town and the net), then the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside blog slows down as well.

I have said it many times on this blog as well as others... The purpose of this blog is to provide mass information to the public about John Hoff and his history. This information has been collected mostly from the Internet and some from various court houses. In other words, the information on this blog is accurate. There are a few exceptions when content is a matter of opinion and the post states that accordingly.


Guess who I am said...

The reality is that John Hoff really has absolutely NO SUPPORT in NoMi. He lives in this fantasy world where he thinks he is some sort of "super citizen". But the reality is that people just humor him because they are very afraid of becoming his next headline in his JohnnyNorthside blog.
Now that he has been sued and LOST, and left with a $60,000 judgment everyone that provided him with any support (except the twits that manage City Pages) have distanced themselves from him for fear of being dragged into court during the next lawsuit(s).
Now, in an attempt to keep the few friends he has, John Hoff is mailing "gifts" to Don Samuels to try to keep Samuels, and other city council members, in his pocket.
Everyone knows that Don Samuels gives John Hoff special considerations, and keeps housing inspectors off John's back. How typical of John Hoff to blog about the little bribery "gifts" of nominal value he sends elected officials. One can only suspect that John's gifts to these elected officials are an attempt at damage control from anything negative Megan will tell them now that Megan is no longer on his side.
Hoff has no friends anymore, and the only way he can keep anyone on his good side is with little "bribes".

We can only hope that Megan spills all the dirty beans about John Hoff so the truth about this dangerous psychopath finally becomes public.

Further, Hoff went off to play soldier to avoid the $60,000 judgment and avoid the barrage of new lawsuits that awaits him.
He even brags in his blog of being overseas in the army protects him from being served with new lawsuits.
The only problem is that Hoff is wrong. Military affairs state that Hoff is not immune from being served with legal papers while on active duty and that the military can act as an agent to serve papers.
It's no wonder that John "COWARD" Hoff, a guy who has gone to law school, cannot get a law license.

PS John, I will notify the President of the City Council and the FBI that you are mailing city council members gifts to stay on their good side, and keep the housing inspectors away from your property while you are away!!

John Galban said...

The JNS blog has always been a blog about nothing. THere is hardly a new item they have reported that has been accurate.

Everyone involved with those disgruntled with life degenerates that has been stung by your efforts appears to have turned their backs on them now.

JNS has always been a show about nothing.....flash in the pan - and then he moves on. Story of Johnny sad life.

He likely is not even on a so called mission. What ever he says - the opposite is far more likely.

Interestingly enough his fate on the worthless motion his flunky attorney filed is about to have a decision.

Cheers for Jerry Moore soon! Possibly this is the reason Johnny is "running and hiding.....or more likely the absolute reason.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry and anxious for the safety of the civilian population in Afghanistan that is anywhere near Johnny Hater- Gotta Gun Now-Northside...

Being lawless in a lawless land means Johnny Northside will follow his insane compulsions to prey on the weakest and most easy victims, there. Look-out Afgani women and children; Johnny's gotta gun...