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Friday, August 8, 2014

Johnny Northside Blog Owner Uses Self as Anonymous Source. Raises Major Credibility Questions

If you give a blogger like John Hoff enough time, eventually he will hang himself.
The north Minneapolis "blog wars" have been going on now for over six years, going back to 2008. While the Misadventures blog was never intended to "compete" with John Hoff's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside as Hoff has suggested over the years. I have long maintained that the purpose of this blog was to inform the public about John Hoff by posting facts about his past, his present and how he uses the first amendment as a weapon against anyone who merely rubs him the wrong way.
I have endured countless online attacks from Hoff and I have stuck with it. I have believed that sooner or later, John Hoff's actions will come back to bite him and I suspect his judgement day is near. VERY near. More on that later.

One thing Hoff has been accused of has been his unwillingness to reveal the identity of his "anonymous sources." Hoff's blog is full of posts that have relied on an anonymous source in order for it to appear to have any credibility. When the identity of a source has been questioned, Hoff has fed the public with journalistic fluff that mostly consists of Hoff saying we just have to trust him about his source being an expert or having first hand information. Part of his September 2012 attacks against me and his attempts to ruin my real estate reputation were based on a source that Hoff has refused to give up and he even claimed that he was "protecting them from being stalked."

The anonymous source is... JOHN HOFF aka JOHNNY NORTHSIDE of the Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog! 
This is no allegation either. This is a fact and the proof has been provided by one of the biggest bully bloggers on the Internet. JOHN HOFF has provided the proof that he has given some of his posts credibility by claiming his source is an expert but, that is now known to be a lie. 

On November 22, 2012, Hoff posted an article on his blog about TJ Waconia and he posted the link to the PDF file of the sentencing hearing transcript. Here is what he had to say about where the transcript came from and how it was paid for. Click here to see that post on AJNS
It was more than a month ago when I subscribed to the federal PACER system at the urging of a local attorney, who wanted me to get my own federal court system documents instead of begging them off him all the time. When I first took a whirl around PACER-o-topia, one of the first cases I wanted to explore was the plea deal and prison sentence for Helgason and Balko...
The coolest document in the bunch has to be the transcript of their hearing, which cost a pretty penny but, hey, PayPal donations. Not that many, but enough for a document now and then. Click here for the transcript, which is fairly long. (109 pages!) 
Fast forward to July 29, 2014. Hoff published the proof that he is actually his own anonymous source by going into a detailed lie about where the transcript came from and no mention of how it was paid for.
Here is the big title to his post along with a good portion of the text from the post I have copied directly from his blog.

"FREEDOM!!!! Looms Next Month For The T.J. Waconia Fraudsters After A Half Decade Stretch In Federal Prison! Now For The First Time Online, Freely Available To All, Here Is The 109-Page Transcript Of Their Sentencing..."
Click here to view the 109-page transcript of the sentencing hearing from Thomas J. Balko and Jonathan Helgason, the "TJ Waconia" fraudsters who were sentenced to prison for their fraudulent activities involving scores of houses in North Minneapolis.
Thank You, Belatedly, Anonymous Source
A source who said he or she was "cleaning out their office computer" sent me this document, like, I think it was at least a year ago, maybe more. 
But it was only recently I figured out how to make a PDF link for this document. Every other time I tried to make a link I had a problem and I presume it was because the document was LONG and my connection was SLOW. 
Hey, I'm grassroots media. Often enough I freely admit my little technical struggles and why stories got delayed. 
Allow me to provide the readers with the link to Johnny Northside's post:
John Hoff identified as own anonymous source

In case Hoff tries to back out of his lie, here is a screen shot from the TJ Waconia victims blog where Hoff left comments about publishing victims' names.
Click on image to view larger

This sort of revelation is really disturbing to me because, aside from his own self-promoting as an award winning blog and his comments to the public that he is a journalist who prides himself in publishing the truth, he has the nerve to insult the public by looking them in the eye and... LYING!
No legitimate journalist would try to lie to the public like Hoff has and only a bottom dwelling liar would be so bold as to publish the proof of their lie.

I have a question for Mr. John Hoff.
If you lied about the information in this post, why should we believe a single thing that you have written about since you began blogging?

Mr. Hoff? WHY?