Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minneapolis Blogger Continues To Test The Limits Of The First Amendment In Quest For Fame

**See Update at end of post**
The past 48 hours has really produced a lot of momentum. The sort of momentum that can be compared to a tiny snowball that has started its "roll" down the big hill, while constantly getting bigger and bigger. As it gains speed and size, the snowball starts to see what is happening to it and as it gets bigger, it notices people racing to get out of its growing path as it appears that nothing will stop this snowball as it is quickly becoming a massive avalanche. It says to itself, 'YES! I am the greatest snowball and I will soon dominate the world!' Spectators not in the direct path shake their heads and say to others, "That snowball doesn't see the huge brick wall at the bottom of the hill."


The little snowball that could.... Didn't. It is now reduced to mere snow flakes at the bottom of the hill where it helplessly sits until Spring arrives and it ultimately melts away and is soon but a snowy memory.

The little snowball that thinks it can is current Minneapolis Blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside. He was sued for getting someone he disliked fired when he used his blog to achieve his goal. He lost in court and was ordered to pay his victim $60,000 in damages. Hoff didn't agree with that ruling and appealed. The higher court made note of his bullying intentions but, the ruling was reversed after the case had been spun into a First Amendment case.