Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who Has Roommates Without Knowing Who They Are? John Hoff, That's Who

Copy - cover page of sworn statement of John Hoff - April 30, 2014 (click to view larger)

This Blog has reported and contended for years that John Hoff's house located at 2226 Bryant Ave. N, has been used as a non-licensed rental property in the City of Minneapolis versus being Hoff's Homestead and housing "Roommates."

On April 30, 2014, John Hoff was asked to appear in Oklahoma City to submit a sworn statement (Deposition) to the attorney representing the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. Hoff submitted an application in August, 2013 to take the Bar Examination for the purpose of becoming a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma. Information that questioned Hoff's ethics and character fitness was submitted to the board by several people, including the author of this Blog, Jim Watkins.

The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners sent that information to their attorney who reviewed the documents and Hoff's application was investigated. The deposition consists of 225 pages of sworn testimony from John Hoff. The information contained in this post is found on pages 103-106 and the testimony specific to Hoff's tenant-roommate situation was copied and included in this post.
For reference... The numbers below represent the line number for dialogue on every page of the statement. The "Q:" is dialogue for the attorney presenting the questions and the "A:" represents Hoff's answers.

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