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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Does Anti-Johnny Get Death Threat From Johnny Northside Or Friend Of? You Decide

Comments suggest Johnny Northside aiming for Anti Johnny
 Death threat? Come on, you can't be serious?
Since this blog came online in 2008, it has been a constant thorn in Johnny Northside's side. He has made several requests and even a few demands that it be taken off  the Internet. This post is not about how the first amendment applies to John Hoff but, does not apply to anyone who has factual, public information about him and puts it on the net for anyone to see without having to go searching all over.

This post is more serious. This morning I opened my email and saw there was a comment awaiting moderation to be published. The following is what an anonymous commenter (believed to be John Hoff or one of his close north Minneapolis friends) submitted to this blog on September 28, 2011:

Anonymous said...

why does everyone post anonymously? you must write your own comments just to fill space....or a bunch of rehashed shit that everybody already knows.see you in Coppell in the cross hairs.
September 28, 2011 11:36 AM
I will break down the comment for the readers to understand...

1) They ask why everyone (who submits comments) posts as anonymous? My answer? I have no idea why people post comments the way they do. I have no control over other people.
2) They suggest that I (Anti-Johnny/Jim Watkins) write and submit my own comments to give the impression that this blog has active non-Anti-JNS commenters. All the comments that I have added have all been submitted with my Anti-Johnny Blogger account. Any comment that is submitted by me (even if I was to post as anonymous) are immediately published as Blogger does not require a blog owner to approve their own comments. All other comments are held until I approve them BUT... Blogger sends me an email to let me know I have comments waiting to be approved and a copy of the comments are included in the email. My point is, I got an email notifying me of the death threat comments above... Meaning, someone other than me submitted them. My guess is Johnny Northside or one of his close friends, possibly Megan Goodmundson. After all, Megan does have a prior arrest for assault.
3) Finally the message warns me that they will see me in Coppell (a Dallas suburb) in the "cross hairs." They are claiming that I live in Coppell, Texas and that I should expect to "see" them in their cross hairs which, references the sight that is seen in the scope and mounted onto a rifle. In other words, they have threatened to travel to Coppell and hunt me down with a rifle (I assume with the intention of shooting at me in another attempt to make me stop posting information about John Hoff).

I have stated many times on this blog as well as others that John Hoff and the people he calls his friends are dangerous people and the comments submitted on September 28th, is further proof of that (assuming no one else would want to hunt me down without cause).
Beware NoMi and Afghanistan!


Doug said...

I believe it is a factual statement that John W Hoff is a very dangerous person. Clearly he is a sociopath, add that to the fact that he is a narcissist (SEE: http://winning-teams.com/recognizenarcissist.html) and you have a ticking time bomb.
John Hoff is a predator who stalks his victims and harasses them endlessly.

As an active member of the National Guard he has the unstable personality capable of being the next "Fort Hood shooter".

People write anonymous comments about John Hoff for a very simple reason, as stated by his good friend Jeff Skrenes, "People are afraid of becoming his next headline."

Anyone who dares challenge John Hoff and write something negative about him can expect to be harassed by John Hoff and will most certainly become a target for his blog - that's why John Hoff got sued AND LOST in the Jerry Moore trial.

Dr. Sam Stone said...

I have to wonder if the National Guard is aware of this type of behavior from Mr. Hoff. His taunting and stalking-like behavior of those he feels have wronged him is very odd and obsessive.

I've never wished ill on a soldier. I'm not even sure he's truly overseas, if in the service at all. (Don't they have some sort of physical and psychological assessment before entering?) That being said, I think this may be one Minnesotan who would not be that much missed.

Pick your battles, Mr Hoff, very carefully. Karma is a bitch.

Goon said...

I can't believe this buffoon was allowed to serve in the Military, Little Johnny Hoff is a miscreant a piece of dog dung. I still remember this buffoon when he was in Grand Forks. One thing that Liberals don't like is the right to free speech. Little Johnny is no different.