Monday, July 14, 2014

John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Update

Parody of God questioning John Hoff

I have to apologize to readers of this blog for not adding any content or updates until today. Actually, I don't have much to add but, that doesn't mean that there is nothing going on regarding John Hoff.
People and commenters have been asking what the current status is with Hoff and his application to become a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma.

Here is what I am able to say at this time...
Hoff's name was listed on the list of people who had taken the Bar Exam in February and passed. Those people attended a function where they were sworn in and given a license to practice law in Oklahoma. However, John Hoff was NOT among those who were sworn in because, the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners continues to investigate Hoff's character and fitness and respect for the law. Until the board gives their approval to the Oklahoma Bar Association, Hoff will not be given his license regardless of the fact that he has passed the Bar Exam. The status of the investigation has not been made public and I can't offer more information at this time.

I will post updates as information becomes available and is considered public information.

This is only my opinion but, my feeling is that John Hoff will end up being denied for a license to practice law. I think that with the number of unethical acts Hoff has committed in his recent past, it will be enough to finally catch up to him and pull him back off of his self-serving perch he has placed himself upon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Seattle Arrest Records for John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside Found

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside loves to exploit people on his blog The Adventures of Johnny Northside by copying the Hennepin County Jail Roster and posting it on his blog. Hennepin County only leaves the data online for one week before it is removed however, Hoff leaves it on his blog permanently.
Hoff takes it one step further by offering to remove names from the list if requested... For a fee! The Jail Roster lists names of people who were arrested. Charges might have been dropped, dismissed or the arrest might have been by mistake. Hoff doesn't care. He reasons that if the person was arrested then they must have been doing something wrong.

Hoff has been a public "pain" for most of his adult life and while many of his wrong-doings have been documented on this blog, the suspicion that he has been arrested at one time or another has never been verified one way or another....  Until now.

Searches into King County, Washington and Seattle municipal records have turned up several incidents involving Hoff in the mid-90's, when he lived in Seattle. One of the incidents was the hyped up sidewalk sitting citation that Hoff appealed as far as he could before finally losing but, two of the records uncovered show that Hoff was arrested... TWICE!


Here is the link to the Seattle website where you can search using his name Click Here

And here are a few screen shots that show the information. Click the images to see larger.

This arrest information is very timely actually. Just in time for the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners to take into consideration for deciding whether or not they will approve his application to become a member of the Oklahoma Bar, regardless of the fact that he has taken the Bar Exam. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blogger John Hoff Completed Oklahoma Bar Exam But, Status Under Review, Regardless of Test Results

Cartoon parody of John Hoff as a lawyer with his own rules

The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners held the Bar Exam on February 25-26, 2014.
John Willard Hoff was one of the names published as an out of state applicant prior to the test dates.
I received an email response from the Director of the Board of Bar Examiners on March 5, 2014 that stated John Hoff attended and completed the exam that was held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I had sent a package to the board containing information that suggested John Hoff does not have the moral character to become a licensed attorney in Oklahoma. I have been told that I was not the only person that sent them information however, up until the confirmation was received, it was not known if Hoff attended or if he was allowed to take the test.
The results to the exams will not be known or made public for several months.

The board director informed me of the following...
"An applicant is allowed to take a bar exam in Oklahoma even if the character and fitness portion of their application has not yet been approved.  However, should they pass the exam, the applicant is not eligible for admission until the Board has approved their application."
The amount of Hoff material that I submitted was substantial and no date was selected for when the board will complete their investigation and decide if Hoff's application will be approved or denied.
This blog will keep the status updated as information is received.

I do not envy the position the Bar Examiners are in with deciding to approve or deny his application because, I think they could regret it if they let Hoff become a lawyer as his history suggests it will be a matter of time before complaints begin to pile against him.
At the same time though, if they deny the application, they should expect to be made into a spectacle circus because of Hoff's history of appealing and fighting every ruling that went against him.

My hope is that Hoff will be denied a license because, John as a lawyer would mean no one is safe from his attacks. A crazed Hoff with access to court records that are not available to non-lawyers is frankly a very disturbing situation that I hope will never happen.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

John Hoff's Employer Identified As Colclazier & Associates of Seminole, Oklahoma

Sorry for the delay in posting this information but, I have been dealing with another matter that continues to take up most of my time.

I have been able to confirm that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has been staying in Oklahoma in recent months while working for Colclazier and Associates in a undetermined capacity. The law firm is located in Seminole, Oklahoma which is near the city of Ada.

Hoff submitted an application to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners in early September 2013 to be allowed to take the Oklahoma Bar exam in hopes of becoming a licensed attorney  in the State of Oklahoma. Yes.... Oklahoma.
He has claimed on his blog that he has no plans to move from Minnesota so, I can only speculate that he has been maintaining his north Minneapolis address for residency while working in Oklahoma perhaps on a contract basis.

The law firm Hoff has been working for also employs Lloyd Palmer who is an attorney. Palmer is likely the person who encouraged Hoff to try to make use of his law degree that he obtained from the University of North Dakota nearly 10 years ago.
Hoff made mention of a buddy in one of his articles that was determined to be Sgt. Lloyd Palmer who was also in the same National Guard unit with Hoff,  the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.
Here is a link to an audio interview with Palmer:
Lloyd Palmer interview

Here is the information on the law firm Hoff is believed to still be working for...

Colclazier and Associates

404 N Main St
SeminoleOK 74868
(405) 382-1212

A reminder to all readers:
The next time the Bar exam will be offered in Oklahoma is February 2014. In order for John Hoff to be allowed to take the exam, he must pass a character fitness and background check by the Board of Examiners. They will look into the background for the moral character of Hoff and it is my belief that under no circumstances should John Hoff be allowed to take that exam nor should he be allowed the opportunity to become a licensed attorney in any State.
If you have documentation of past Hoff behavior that you believe the Board of Examiners should consider in their investigation, please click the following link for instructions.
OK Board of Examiners info for Hoff

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger Hoff Pursuing License to Practice Law in Oklahoma, Must Pass Moral & Character Fitness Check

Photo of Hoff obtained from FaceBook page in public domain.
This blog entry is very unique because of the information it contains. Rather than the usual build up about John Hoff’s history before getting to the point of the post, I want to get right to the meat of the story and make the following announcement.

It has been confirmed that John Willard Hoff AKA Johnny Northside of the Adventures of Johnny blog, has submitted an application recently with the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners to take the Bar exam to become a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma.

Up until this past week it had only been speculation that Hoff had been working in Oklahoma but, unclear in what capacity or for what purpose. I personally can’t claim to be 100% certain of how long he has been working there or who exactly he has been working there. A few sources have given me more specific information but, I decided to focus my attention on getting proof that John Hoff is trying to become a licensed attorney and I am now the first to report the news which was verified by the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. Now on with the story…

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Will Johnny Northside Ever Be Accepted? Not Likely

Before John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside understood rejection
Image courtesy of Gary Larson - Far Side 
I saw this cartoon the other day and it made me wonder if John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside (milf) has ever been able to get along with another person for an extended period of time?

Over the past 5-6 years, I have become as close to a Hoff Historian as I hope there ever will be. During that time I have been able to identify trends with his actions and reactions with his life experiences as well as for those who have come into contact with him and on rare occasions, become friends with him. As Hoff inches closer to reaching his 50th birthday, one thing has remained consistent in his lifetime: John Hoff does not appear to have any "friends for life" or even any long term friends. Sure, he would likely dispute that assumption but, that is actually MY ENTIRE POINT!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Northside, Johnny Northside: Imaginary Secret Agent On The Move As Trackers Close In

Secret Agent John Hoff AKA 00-Hoff. Photo courtesy of StarTribune
I can just picture the scene in my head as I laugh uncontrollably. James Bond music starts playing as John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, wait, I meant, 00 (as in Double "O") Northside walks across the screen, dressed to no frill in a suit that doesn't fit, his tie resembling a used car salesman's that only covers half his beer belly, then he turns and pulls his cell phone like Bond pulls his gun. 00-Hoff shows his cocky little grin as he knows he is the best secret agent since James Bond. The sad thing about that scene is John Hoff probably played that role in his mind so many times that he starts to see himself as someone he isn't.

He was born John Hoff. Since then he has become John Hoffman, the author of two critically acclaimed books (sarcasm) on Dumpster Diving and then he became Northside... Johnny Northside.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Arrest Information Found On John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

Random pic of Occupy demonstrators. Hoff not pictured.

One of the more "ballsy" things blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside does is copy the monthly Hennepin County Jail Roster before it is removed from the county website and re-publishes the list on his own blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.

Since he began posting the jail rosters on his blog, several people whose names have appeared on the list have contacted Hoff, asking him to remove their name from the list. Hoff has publicly ridiculed many of those people and has even published the emails that were sent to him. His attitude about removing names has been "Too bad! You shouldn't have gotten arrested!"

All one has to do in order to get put on the original county jail roster is get arrested. It does not matter if charges are ever filed or dropped because, the jail roster is merely a list of people who were arrested. However, the mere fact that a person had been arrested has been enough for prospective employers to pass on hiring someone after they discovered the applicants name on the jail roster published on Hoff's blog.

Several months ago Hoff outdid himself by manipulating people on the list by announcing on his blog that he is willing to remove a person's name from the list (only what is published on HIS site) for... A FEE! In fact, here is what Hoff said on his blog when he announced his plan...(Click HERE to read post on his blog)