Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hoff Says He Is Living in Poverty to Support Motion to Proceed In forma Pauperis but Denied by Oklahoma Supreme Court

On November 14, 2014, John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside appeared before the Clerk for the Oklahoma Supreme Court. 
Hoff was there because, he didn't agree with the ruling by the Oklahoma Board of  Bar Examiners to deny his application to practice law in Oklahoma as a member of the Bar. Click here to read the findings of fact, conclusions of law based on the 2-day hearing held August 14-15, 2014 in Oklahoma City

The problem Hoff faced with appealing his application being denied involved money... Something Hoff has never really had any of. However, he sure does OWE a LOT of it (more on that in a future post)!
According to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners Rules Governing Admission to the Bar, under Rule 11...
Section 8. (a) An applicant whose application is denied by the Board of Bar Examiners following a Rule Eleven hearing, may appeal to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma by filing twelve (12) copies of a Notice of Appeal with the Clerk of the Supreme Court and one copy of a Notice of Appeal with the Board. The Notice of Appeal and cost bond shall be filed by the applicant with the Clerk of the Supreme Court within thirty (30) days after the Board's written decision was mailed to the applicant or his/her counsel. The Notice of Appeal shall set forth the basis for the appeal. Any findings of fact and conclusions of law issued by the Board in connection with the Rule Eleven hearing shall be attached to the Notice of Appeal. 
(b) At the same time the Notice of Appeal is filed, the applicant shall also file a good and sufficient cost bond to be approved by the Clerk of the Supreme Court in an amount sufficient to defray the costs of the appeal, including the Rule Eleven hearing transcript.
In other words, in order for Hoff's appeal to be heard by the supreme court, he would have to cover the cost of the bond that would include the transcript from the Rule 11 hearing. For Hoff to appeal his case properly,he would have to come up with a significant amount of money. It was estimated that the amount of money Hoff would have had to pay was in the range of $5,000.
John didn't have that much money so, he pulled out one of his old, reliable tricks that he has used in most of his previous court cases.... To ask the court for permission for him to proceed "Informa Pauperis"
For those not familiar with that term, it more or less means the person filing the case does not have the money to cover the required costs and if the court approves the motion to proceed in forma pauperis, the cost is absorbed by the court (or the taxpayers really).

Here is the Oklahoma Statute:
§ 922. Affidavit in forma pauperis
The affidavit provided for in the preceding section [FN1] shall be in the form following, and attached to the petition, viz.:State [of Oklahoma, ____________ County, ____________,] in the district court of said county: I do solemnly swear that the cause of action set forth in the petition hereto prefixed is just, and I (or we) do further swear that by reason of my (or our) poverty, I am unable to give security for costs.
Hoff claimed poverty in order to appeal his case. The irony of that is that one of the reasons Oklahoma denied Hoff's application to practice law was that the Board of Bar Examiners determined that Hoff lived in poverty on PURPOSE!
The following from the findings of fact conclusions of law from Hoff's denial... (click below to view larger)

John Hoff was proven to be opposite of so many things that he has long claimed to be on his blog and among his supporters is former Minneapolis city council member and current Minneapolis Public School Board member, Don Samuels. In fact, Samuels submitted a letter of support to the board on Hoff's behalf but, he did not appear as a witness for Hoff at his Rule 11 hearing.
A copy of the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law for Hoff's denial will be sent to Samuels to review and I will follow up after that seeking a comment on his decision to support Hoff as he has in the past.

Hoff will not be a lawyer anywhere anytime soon and Hoff has only himself to blame.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Karma Visits Blogger John Hoff In A Big Way As Oklahoma Denies Law License

This Blog post is dedicated to every person who has suffered and endured the unfair attention of John Willard Hoff. 

This article is the first of many regarding north Minneapolis blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside of the Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog and his quest to obtain a license to practice law in the State of Oklahoma.

Specific details involving the long process will follow in the weeks and months to come but, this post will be limited to the facts.
The three images below are copies of the three page document from the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners' "Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law" obtained from the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Click on the images to view larger.

To the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners and members of the Oklahoma Bar Association... I offer you my gratitude and a huge THANK YOU!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Johnny Northside's Own Family Lives In Fear Of His Ruthless Attacks Against Them

John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is a blogger who writes about north Minneapolis issues and is widely considered to be a hypocrite who puts people he writes about in compromising positions and at times, even their own safety is put at risk. If one of his attacks does not get the results he wanted, he goes beyond them and attacked that person's family. 

In December of 2014, I was contacted by John Hoff's brother, Judd Hoff. Click HERE to read about that. At the end of that post, Judd submitted a long string of comments that covered a lot of issues Hoff's family has been facing because of what John has been doing. I didn't want Judd's words to become buried in the archives of comments so, I decided to re-publish his comments as a dedicated post. The following has been un-edited and posted exactly as it was submitted. 
Part 1:
I only know how to post anonymously, but this is Judd Hoff. I accept your apology. In knowing you a little over a month you have shown me more quality of character than the person formerly known as my brother has shown (not just to me but to me and everybody else) in a lifetime. I have been a good brother to him. I can't even count how many times over the years that I have provided him vehicles dirt cheap, or fixed his vehicles or given him tires. When he showed up, ALWAYS unannounced, my wife of 17 years and I would provide him with the food, shelter, clothing, and laundry use that he asked for. Suffice it to say that we have been thanked by him for all of these kindnesses with unprovoked legal attacks, threats and slander. He has treated me worse than I have ever been treated by anyone, even my worst enemies, in my entire life. He has upset my beautiful kind and gentle wife and attacked slandered and insulted her as well. (continued) 
Part 2:(continued) We live in constant fear of what lies he will spew about us next, and to whom. This stress has greatly harmed my family and exacerbated my poor wifes migraine and tension headaches. She is such a gentle and nonconfrontational person that it has also been very spiritually taxing on her as she has never before felt her own anger towards anyone so intensely. He has publicly questioned her abilities to homeschool our children, even though he knows absolutely NOTHING of our progress, curriculum, or daily routines. He has publicly questioned her ability to help take care of my aged mother-even though she diligently cooks and cleans for her and adheres to a strict low sodium diet with every meal that she lovingly prepares for her. Trista has known and loved my mother longer than she has known ME! And john knows absolutely NOTHING about what all goes on here on the home place and has been largely absent since 1986 although he is full of unsolicited advice and harsh criticisms anyways. (cont.) 
Part 3:(cont.) I swear i could go on for days about the disloyalty he has shown, the self-assured condescention and reeking arrogance he has displayed towards me in such an unfettered manner. Carelessly and recklessly meeting out assumptions and judgements of others as though he is some sort of precognitive genius or moral authority. I could tell you things about him that are so damningly embarrassing that he would probably jump off of a bridge if I did. ---So who the hell do you think you are, John? Acting like some online primadonna who can treat anyone any way that you want and get away with it? Then turn around and treat me that way-threatening to sic social services on us-who showed up two days later and assured us we are doing a fine job of parenting-unlike you the failure husband and father who can't even claim to have successfully raised a cat much less a child and turned the perrenial dodging of child support into a sceince. Did you think i was going to sit idley by while you (cont.) 
Part 4:(cont) parade yourself like some kind of caped crusading hero of the North Minneapolis blogosphere while you PRETEND to live there? Shaming and extorting people and provoking disenfranchised underprivledged marginalized inner-city black folks who can only dream of growing up the way you got to, although you routinely complain about it and describe it as 'struggling in rural poverty.' Well, at least Trista can take solace in the fact that you also called social services on your own MOTHER when HER best efforts weren't good enough for you EITHER as a bratty, arrogant and ungrateful teenager. I know where I WAS at the time-listening to them weeping tears of shame as overwhelming frustration and pain battered their broken hearts. Now I hear the same out of my wife on this farm that was never good enough for you-where you never hauled fire wood, chopped weeds, mowed the grass, plowed the snow, plumbed a piped, worked the fields or nailed a shingle. Your real good at interjecting yourself and trying (cont.) 
Part 5:(cont.) to foist yourself off as some sort of expert and authority into worlds and situation you know nothing of. Taking your premature ignorant assumptions about people and painting them in broad presumptuous strokes the intention of which is not to help or inform but rather for you own deluded and sick self-indulgment. You take sick sadistic delight and pleasure in exercising whatever power and control you can unfairly and momentarily grasp and forge weapons from to aim and hurl at others. In my case, with what you have tried to do to discredit me in the above fashion, I have the facts and evidence by which I can easily expose you and your attacks as frauds and lies, and we have already begun to unravel all the evil webs you spun against us, and the crap you threw against the wall has slid to the floor. The ugly mark it left is an undeserved reproach that we will most likely be forced to bear in the community where we ACTUALLY live and ACTUALLY RAISE our children and ACTUALLY work, unlike you (cont.) 
Part 6:(cont.) who can only feign such commonplace virtue. READER-I want you to know that I do not expose and lambast my own blood frivolously...he started this and has greatly sullied the otherwise happy and peaceful existence of my successful nuclear family of 17 years. He attempts to destroy me out of jealous hatred because I have succeeded at everything he has failed at...namely being a loving and INVOLVED son, husband, and father. We did nothing to provoke his attacks other than love him in spite of his caustic flaws and help him whenever we could. We are agreed as a family that John has become too great of a liability. He brings out the worst in people, and we have lived in fear of misdirected reprisals from those John has harmed since long before Jim's less serious indescretion...heyat least it was only onlind. John has attacked our home, our family, our CHILDREN, our security and our reputations AT HOME, where we were born and raised. So we do this out of a need to clarify to those who would (cont.) 
Part 7:(cont.) who would do us harm in order to get back at John-we have nothing in common with John and want nothing to do with him. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and would love it if you harmed us. Know that if john ever attempts to contact us again, as he has continued to do despite being asked not to-we will report it to the authorities and seek a restraining order. He has been told, even by his own mother, that he is a 'personna non grata' and to stay away from the home place. We publicy expose these matters mainly so that John's many enemies, knowing these things, will not seek to harm us any further. Jim, you are an outstanding example of positive transformation and spiritual growth. With a heavy heart I can only lament that John is incapable of displaying such attributes. Me and my beatiful family, are deeply embarrassed and ashamed by the way John treats people and acts publicy. 
So, dear reader, please help to protect us by letting everyone know that we do not want to be associated w John.
This isn't the best comparison but, this scene from The Gladiator shows Maximus returning home only to find that his innocent family had been slain. John Hoff is hardly a Gladiator (more of a weasel really) but, this is the type of fear that Judd Hoff is talking about as his brother routinely attacks people... Some of whom are very dangerous people. (Sorry about the quality)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Blog Extends Public Apology To Hoff... Family

About two years ago I wrote an article that was meant to expose John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside as being a hypocrite for his writing harsh and unfair criticisms about a person's family that had nothing to do with the actual person John was targeting. The article I posted was about John's brother, Judd Hoff and some information I had found online about him. My intention was to show that John should not be attacking someone else's family when his own family had issues of their own.

I am going on record now by stating online that what I wrote about Judd Hoff in that article and then the comments that followed, was not fair to Judd Hoff and his immediate family and I should have known better than that.

To Judd, his wife and their kids.... I am sorry for writing about any issues you have faced and I am sorry for any ill-will that it caused.  After realizing my mistake, I decided to delete that post as well as the comments.

While I stand firm with this blog and the intentions of it being to inform the public about the dangers and threats posed by John Hoff, I want to make it clear that the focus is on John Hoff.... Not his brother, sister, mother, nieces, nephews and so on.

Some may be curious to know what might have caused me to reconsider what I had said about John's family in the past. I will admit that it was not brought on by myself rather, it was a result of hours of telephone conversations between myself and... Judd Hoff himself.
John Hoff's brother.

I will be posting bits and pieces of things that we have talked about since I first spoke to Judd on December 15, 2014.

For the record: It is true that both John and Judd share the same last name but, Judd is someone I would defend in public if he was unfairly attacked. I can't say the same for John. Judd is an interesting guy who also happens to know a lot of disturbing things about his brother, John.
Why would Judd have any interest in discussing his brother with John's so-called "arch-nemesis" whose former nickname was the "evil anti-Johnny?"
Simple... John Hoff not only will attack anyone he feels like but, John Hoff will and HAS attacked his own family. Judd's reaction was understandable... It pissed him off.

Lastly, I want to extend this last part to Judd Hoff's daughter, Heidi:
"In talking with your dad, I have learned that your (former) uncle has made your life difficult at times and you have had to deal with his actions more than your brothers and sisters. I can understand that you want your anger to be understood. I hope this post is intended to show that my issues have always been between me and your (former) uncle, John and I admit that my writing about Judd was a mistake and that I showed poor judgement by posting it. You are welcome to have your own opinion of me and I don't blame you if your opinion of me is bad but, I hope you are able to form a new opinion of me, much like how my opinion of your dad went from a negative one to the complete opposite once I had the chance to talk to him."

The coming weeks will bring new information and updates regarding John Hoff.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ugly Controversy Has a Name. It's Name is Johnny Northside

John Hoff has a history of positioning himself right in the middle of controversy. The topic is of no significance to Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, as long as his efforts are expected to be rewarded by seeing his name mixed into the mud pie. Some people might argue that he stands up for what is right and vows to fight. Then there are people like me, Jim Watkins who has studied Hoff's past, his activities, his fights, his attacks and when the dust begins to settle after his numerous crusades, the public can always count on Hoff's signature move rearing it's ugly head. 

Signature move? What on Gods green earth would that be???

It really consists of several things that all add up and become the signature move.
Here is how a Hoff controversy goes...

Hoff masterminds a scheme that he can blog about that will upset a group of people who want to fight back. Hoff's secret and Ace up his sleeve is the people he targets are people that the general public would not care to defend. Criminals have proven to serve his causes well.
(continue reading)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Make A Deal With John Hoff and Get Stung Like A Bee Every Time

Parody comparison of a Bee and John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

I got an email the other day from a person who has been crucified by John Hoff AKA Johnny Northsider in the past. I had sent them an earlier email to tell them Hoff was once again, going after attorney Jill Clark. Or at least posted the lawsuit that Clark had recently filed in Hennepin County.
For a guy who is wanting to get licensed to practice law... Following up on the most published, attacked subject in blog history, Jill Clark.... Is not the choice many other people would choose to write about.

During the years this blog has existed, there have been countless comparisons made involving Hoff when trying to explain so many of his mis-deeds. Some of the comparisons include: A slug, a yellow journalist (lower than Geraldo Rivera, a member of the Mafia, skid marks, etc., etc., etc.

The comparison that I was given in the email is simply outstanding and I think it deserves to be showcased with a post of its own.

Here is the comparison that was sent to me about John Hoff.
There once was a bee and an alligator that needed to cross the river that was flooding on the side they were on.
The bee couldn’t make it that far and the alligator wasn’t tall enough to navigate the river as it was near the waterfall.
They are mortal enemies that have fought for ages.  Finally when the river was just about to swallow them up they cut a deal.  They agreed that the bee wouldn’t give a deadly sting to the alligator while the alligator promised not to go under and drown the bee.
Soon they were off with the bee riding on the top of the alligator’s head navigating successfully across the river.  They were about half way across but, neither of them were in the safe zone where their individual abilities could save then alone.  All of the sudden the alligator felt the bee give him the deadly sting.
The Alligator yelled to the bee: “what are you thinking?  We were going to make it but, now we both will die?  What gives?”
The bee replies: “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself….I am a bee and that is what I do.”

John Hoff can be compared to the bee. The alligator is like most people and usually don't bother with other people's issues and they make good on their word.
Not the bee.
John Hoff  is stuck on the other side of the river and no one will give him a ride because, they all know what will happen to them if they try to reason with him. 

HE cannot help himself….it is what he is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tom Balko Takes Page From John Hoff's Book on Friendship

Photo of Tom Balko from Facebook

Readers of this blog know that I rarely publish anything of a personal nature about myself. This post is an exception.
This post is about the harsh lesson I have learned about friendship. It is ironic because, it was this friendship that was part of the motivation to start and continue this blog since it started back in 2008. It was John Hoff aka Johnny Northside who surfaced back in 2007 and began his online assault on my "friend", Tom Balko who was being attacked by the media for his real estate dealings.

I am not going to go into the details of what all happened with his legal battle, other than to say that I still believe he and his business partner were scape-goats for the City of Minneapolis and was unfairly targeted. The proof that he was set up by the city came from the source of the witch hunt, City Council President Barbara Johnson, at the sentencing hearing. While under oath, Johnson stated how she became aware of my friend and what caused her to pursue exposing his company. The problem was... She flat-out lied. The transcript proved it.
Enough about that.

From the start of his public lynching by the media and John Hoff, thru to the end when the dust settled... I was the only friend who gave support, stood by him and defended him in public.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Johnny Northside Blog Owner Uses Self as Anonymous Source. Raises Major Credibility Questions

If you give a blogger like John Hoff enough time, eventually he will hang himself.
The north Minneapolis "blog wars" have been going on now for over six years, going back to 2008. While the Misadventures blog was never intended to "compete" with John Hoff's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside as Hoff has suggested over the years. I have long maintained that the purpose of this blog was to inform the public about John Hoff by posting facts about his past, his present and how he uses the first amendment as a weapon against anyone who merely rubs him the wrong way.
I have endured countless online attacks from Hoff and I have stuck with it. I have believed that sooner or later, John Hoff's actions will come back to bite him and I suspect his judgement day is near. VERY near. More on that later.

One thing Hoff has been accused of has been his unwillingness to reveal the identity of his "anonymous sources." Hoff's blog is full of posts that have relied on an anonymous source in order for it to appear to have any credibility. When the identity of a source has been questioned, Hoff has fed the public with journalistic fluff that mostly consists of Hoff saying we just have to trust him about his source being an expert or having first hand information. Part of his September 2012 attacks against me and his attempts to ruin my real estate reputation were based on a source that Hoff has refused to give up and he even claimed that he was "protecting them from being stalked."

The anonymous source is... JOHN HOFF aka JOHNNY NORTHSIDE of the Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog! 
This is no allegation either. This is a fact and the proof has been provided by one of the biggest bully bloggers on the Internet. JOHN HOFF has provided the proof that he has given some of his posts credibility by claiming his source is an expert but, that is now known to be a lie. 

On November 22, 2012, Hoff posted an article on his blog about TJ Waconia and he posted the link to the PDF file of the sentencing hearing transcript. Here is what he had to say about where the transcript came from and how it was paid for. Click here to see that post on AJNS
It was more than a month ago when I subscribed to the federal PACER system at the urging of a local attorney, who wanted me to get my own federal court system documents instead of begging them off him all the time. When I first took a whirl around PACER-o-topia, one of the first cases I wanted to explore was the plea deal and prison sentence for Helgason and Balko...
The coolest document in the bunch has to be the transcript of their hearing, which cost a pretty penny but, hey, PayPal donations. Not that many, but enough for a document now and then. Click here for the transcript, which is fairly long. (109 pages!) 
Fast forward to July 29, 2014. Hoff published the proof that he is actually his own anonymous source by going into a detailed lie about where the transcript came from and no mention of how it was paid for.
Here is the big title to his post along with a good portion of the text from the post I have copied directly from his blog.

"FREEDOM!!!! Looms Next Month For The T.J. Waconia Fraudsters After A Half Decade Stretch In Federal Prison! Now For The First Time Online, Freely Available To All, Here Is The 109-Page Transcript Of Their Sentencing..."
Click here to view the 109-page transcript of the sentencing hearing from Thomas J. Balko and Jonathan Helgason, the "TJ Waconia" fraudsters who were sentenced to prison for their fraudulent activities involving scores of houses in North Minneapolis.
Thank You, Belatedly, Anonymous Source
A source who said he or she was "cleaning out their office computer" sent me this document, like, I think it was at least a year ago, maybe more. 
But it was only recently I figured out how to make a PDF link for this document. Every other time I tried to make a link I had a problem and I presume it was because the document was LONG and my connection was SLOW. 
Hey, I'm grassroots media. Often enough I freely admit my little technical struggles and why stories got delayed. 
Allow me to provide the readers with the link to Johnny Northside's post:
John Hoff identified as own anonymous source

In case Hoff tries to back out of his lie, here is a screen shot from the TJ Waconia victims blog where Hoff left comments about publishing victims' names.
Click on image to view larger

This sort of revelation is really disturbing to me because, aside from his own self-promoting as an award winning blog and his comments to the public that he is a journalist who prides himself in publishing the truth, he has the nerve to insult the public by looking them in the eye and... LYING!
No legitimate journalist would try to lie to the public like Hoff has and only a bottom dwelling liar would be so bold as to publish the proof of their lie.

I have a question for Mr. John Hoff.
If you lied about the information in this post, why should we believe a single thing that you have written about since you began blogging?

Mr. Hoff? WHY?