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Monday, August 20, 2012

Moore V. Hoff - Minnesota Appeals Court Upholds First Amendment, Leaves Public With No Protection From Hoff

Note: Be sure to read the update at the end of this post.

On August 20, 2012, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the verdict, in Moore v. Hoff Click here for court ruling.
The following is the case summary as described by MediaLawMinnesota.com.

"The case, Moore v. Hoff, involved a long-simmering Minneapolis dispute between John Hoff, who writes a blog titled “The Adventures of Johnny Northside,” and Jerry L. Moore, who worked in the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center.
Hoff made a blog post that Moore claimed were defamatory, and in turn Moore claimed that his termination from the university was linked to the allegedly false post.  Moore sued Hoff for defamation but also for interfering with his business relations.  A jury found that the posts were not false but nevertheless found interference with business relations."

I have been researching John Hoff aka Johnny Northside for the past 4 years and during that time I have collected more than enough factual information on him that I could easily write a non-authorized auto-biography about him. 
What I have learned about Hoff is that he is a master manipulator as he has even published that claim in one of his books, "Dumpster Diving The Advanced Course - How to turn other people's trash into money, publicity and power." Here is a quote from that book about media manipulation:
"I have done it many times. But I have done it through my ability to scavenge and my rather advanced ability to engage in media manipulation."
One fact that has not been published by anyone who has written about the previous verdict and the outcome of the appeal is what he told the truth about. Every publication and the courts have repeated what Hoff said that Moore was involved in a high profile mortgage fraud case. That was the true statement but, what was the actual "involvement?" In other words, HOW was he involved?
In the residential house deal that Moore was "involved" with, the fraud was committed by the buyers and they were prosecuted and convicted. Jerry Moore was not even the seller. In fact, he was listed on the HUD-1 statement as a "consultant to the seller."  He was a CONSULTANT to the party who did NOT commit fraud but, technically he was involved in the transaction as a consultant.

As an example, lets assume John Hoff went to have dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant and he was seated on the far side. Also eating dinner at the same time on the other side of the restaurant was famed former New York City Mob boss, John Gotti. Lets say I was a waiter working there that night and I wrote about my brush with fame on my blog by saying, "John Hoff had dinner with New York mob boss John Gotti at the Four Seasons." That would technically be true because, everyone seated in the restaurant would be having dinner while Gotti was also having his. I could say in public all I wanted that John Hoff had dinner with a convicted thug and murderer...AND get away with it because it was true.

I have to agree with the Court of Appeals ruling as I believe the ruling protected free speech for everyone. What this case and knowing first hand about John Hoff has shown me is that there has to be some sort of protection for people when the First Amendment is manipulated and used as a weapon. John Hoff has a degree in Law (UND 2004) but, he has yet to take the Bar exam. He knows the loopholes and how to manipulate them in order to avoid accountability for his aggressive behavior. Hoff has used the First Amendment as an offensive weapon against the very people it is supposed to protect. 
I know this to be true because, after this blog was established John Hoff insisted I delete it and if I refused, he would "first amendment retaliate" against me. Click here to read the actual email containing Hoff's threat.

Update: I was notified by Blogger that a comment has been submitted for moderation. The comment was submitted by none other than John Hoff himself.
I am publishing his comment so readers can see for themselves how he uses free speech with the intent to bring harm upon his critics. Here is a copy of the comment made in response to this post by John Hoff:

"(Sarcasm font) Right, Jerry Moore is so peripherally involved that he's being sued by the victims of the mortgage fraud. (End sarcasm font) How many times did you predict a victory like this would never come for Johnny Northside? Who is your big monkey daddy now, Jim Watkins, you whining little non-entity and friend of fraudsters? HA!!!! Say hi to your friend Thomas Balko in PRISON. I have plenty more to write about HIM."

The reference to my friend is an example of his aggressiveness while using the first amendment as a tool. Readers should also know that because Hoff was not able to force me to comply with his demands to delete this blog, he blogged to others to write prison officials in order to attempt to make life more uncomfortable for my friend. Clich here to read (in comments section). He attacked my friend in order to get to me. He made good on his threat to write the prison and the result brought on the end to my 30+ year friendship. Click here for that story.
I don't think the first amendment was intended to actually protect people like Hoff. 


Johnny Northside! said...

(Sarcasm font)

Right, Jerry Moore is so peripherally involved that he's being sued by the victims of the mortgage fraud.

(End sarcasm font)

How many times did you predict a victory like this would never come for Johnny Northside?

Who is your big monkey daddy now, Jim Watkins, you whining little non-entity and friend of fraudsters? HA!!!! Say hi to your friend Thomas Balko in PRISON. I have plenty more to write about HIM.

Anonymous said...

I say let him write. No one reads his blog anyway.
Eventually John Hoff will cross over a line and get what is coming to him. It's just a matter of time, he always ends up getting screwed in the long run.
I hope the Court of Appeals realized that they have let Pandora (JohnnySlumlord) out of the box. Hoff views this victory as his license to tarnish anyone's reputation without restraint. But just like a dog that gets loose from his kennel and runs the streets, it eventually gets hit by a car. Except in Hoff's case, no one will care that he gets run over. A dog has more compassion and value than JohnnySlumlord.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Jim,

As far as who doesn't believe what...

I don't believe your assertions you are no longer friends with Thomas Balko.

Dave said...

Congratulations to John Hoff on having his judgment reversed. I am certain he is relieved. The Minnesota Court of Appeals clearly had to balance constitutional protections against the claims of the Plaintiff.
But to know this case, you really have to understand what the jury heard. And that was that John Hoff was a sadistic predator that had a documented 10+ year history of using the internet, blogs, online forums and groups, and print media to harass intimidate, degrade, threaten, and victimize people he didn’t like or had a disagreement with. John Hoff made a name for himself in his north Minneapolis community by writing a blog under the name “Johnny Northside”. Early articles centered on absentee landlords who neglected their rental properties. Hoff tried to look like a hero by posting photos of him boarding up vacant houses until city officials told him to stop. He then went on to target any property owner with code violations, or that had “criminals” living at that address, posting photos of the property and mug shots of the residents. He would also “stake out” certain homes and photograph the people as they came and went. Hoff used, and still uses the Internet to cyber stalk people by searching social media to learn where they live, work, and play then he makes their lives a living hell. He will send messages and emails to his victim’s friends and family spreading defamatory information. He will publish derogatory (and sometimes false) blog posts claiming to have obtained the information from “confidential” sources he refuses to name. And if Hoff doesn’t get satisfaction from attacking his victim, he will write offensive blog posts about his victim’s friends and family in an attempt to have those friends alienate his victim.
To hear or read about Hoff’s history of abuse makes you wonder why he hasn’t been arrested or sued previously. The lengths that John Hoff takes to victimize people are absolutely astounding. What is even more mind boggling is that Hoff firmly believes he has the right to harass and intimidate people because his blogging is free speech, protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.
What John Hoff did to Jerry Moore, the Plaintiff in this case, was accomplished in typical John Hoff fashion. He was not providing a “public service” (as he claimed during trial) in informing the University of Minnesota about some irregularities in Mr. Moore’s background, rather he was making a malicious attempt to make Moore’s life miserable by getting him fired from his new position at the University. And just to make sure officials at the University took the information seriously, he threatened to blackmail the UofM by informing them that if they didn’t fire Mr. Moore, Hoff would publish a series of negative articles about the University. Moore was fired with days.
The only reason this case was reversed was because Hoff was involved with a co-conspirator and defendant, Donald Allen (who settled prior to trial), and their actions were so closely entwined that they could not be separated.
The problem with this reversal by the Minnesota Court of Appeals is that now Hoff believes he has an unlimited license to harass people under protection of the 1st Amendment.
The very first thing he did after blogging about his “colossal win” was to send an intimidating email to his nemesis, Jim Watkins, who writes an “Anti-Johnny” blog, threatening to continue writing about his acquaintances: http://misadventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2012/08/moore-v-hoff-minnesota-appeals-court.html

continued below

Dave said...

Continued from above:

In an interesting turn of events, John Hoff the self-proclaimed neighborhood revitalizer who reports his neighbors for housing code violations has been hit with administrative orders and could face fines from the City of Minneapolis to bring his house up to code.
When he bought the home on 26th & Bryant Avenue North in 2008 it didn't have a functioning furnace or water heater, and was missing considerable plumbing. Without obtaining the required building permits he made unauthorized repairs to the home which he now rents out without the required rental license.
Recently, the City of Minneapolis issued orders to have the house brought up to code and to be in compliance with the Truth in Housing report filed before he bought the house. His failure to bring o up to code will result in fines, and possible condemnation.
Currently, Hoff is an absentee slumlord renting out his out-of-compliance house to two people he calls “roommates”, even though he hasn’t lived in the house for over one year. According to Hoff’s neighbors they have not seen his in months, some claiming the only people seen around the house have been his two renters.
It’s worth pointing out that the house only has two bedrooms, and if Hoff were actually living there and each had his own bedroom, one bedroom would be unauthorized under building code.
Neighbors have asked why the city hasn’t cracked down on him sooner. Hoff is personal friends with Councilmember Don Samuels who chairs the powerful Public Safety Committee, and that Samuels even testified on Hoff’s behalf at a recent civil trial. John Hoff himself has written in his blog that he sends Samuels “trinkets of nominal value” to show his appreciation. This situation appears to have the appearance of impropriety.

Anonymous said...

The yzaguirres should really sue him, I have seen a lot of false things posted about them on his page. It would be simple for an attorney to prove the things he posted were false with court records.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoff will get his due. It may be this year; it may be down the line. I will say this...

If I were him, I'd be very careful. He does have a son. His son is of the age he's starting to really UNDERSTAND about people and how they operate. Mr. Hoff will lose his son just like he's lost everything else.

And, as others have said, it's going to bite him in the ass really hard someday.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read the comments. In the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper someone who frequently comments on articles with the screen name of "swmnguy" thinks Hoff is a nutcase, and that Peter Rickmyer, someone whom Hoff slanders on a weekly basis, should sue him (not that Peter hasn't tried, but he has 'issues' with his behavior and now can't file without an attorney). Someone else said that they would give Rickmyer the money if he won the lottery.
On the intellectual sites like, The Volokh Conspiracy, writers are really wondering why Hoff wasn't charged with a crime, or why the UofM didn't file a suit against him for blackmail.
It appears that the general consensus if that people are happy that 1st Amendment protections are secured, but that John Hoff is a deranged mentally defective sociopath who should have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Johnny micro slummer Northside is going off on a widow who had her home destroyed in last years tornado, again. She is elderly and no doubt highly distressed with her own survival while she is still living there. I pose the question to you JOHNNY SLUMLORD HOFF and the readers here/// Which is more dangerous: John Hoff's reckless bootlegging of the heating and plumbing systems that could fatally injure his illegal renters at his illegal rental mini-slum on Bryant Av /// or a blue tarp on an elderly woman's legal homestead?

Anonymous said...

i hope you understand that you and your ilk are making it worse by being poor loosers who the nutcase will outlast ha ha

Anonymous said...

what a joke you have become jim i sense a jealous person whose own blog has been outdone by a fool who makes all of you act as dumb as you look

Anonymous said...

1) Actually if you check the Google stats, no one is reading Hoff's blog. Hoff will say otherwise, but Hoff never admits when he sucks. He's so would up in his Jill Clark series that he doesn't realize no one cares about her except him.
Numbers for this blog went through the roof about the same time links were posted on all media outlets.
More people now know what a nutcase John Hoff is than, have heard of Jill Clark.

2) Anon September 4, 2012 9:19 AM said that Hoff will outlast his detractors. I believe that is very wrong. John Hoff never learns from his experiences. The guy is a documented nutcase who continually gets himself in trouble.
He was only a member of the North Talk Facebook page for a few days before he got suspended for uncivil behavior. He has been suspended from E-Democracy group for repeated violations of the rules. He has several traffic violations on his records. He advocates burglary and theft, and buys and sells stolen property.
He runs an unlicensed rental property that his been cited for code violations (#JohnnySlumlord), yet he complains about other landlords.
John Hoff is one of those people that thinks the rules don't apply to him.
He has pissed off half the gangsters in north Minneapolis with his blogging. The County Attorney, and the Sheriff are investigating him for accessing confidential information, and the Minneapolis police don't like him (I have talked to cops).

One of these days he will cross a line and his time will come to an end. He has already had his 5 minutes of fame, and he is just whining like a toddler for attention.

The residents of NoMi don't like him (members of North Talk have stated this, and wish he's go away)and the inspections department no longer will jump when he calls.

Seriously, Hoff doesn't even live in NoMi anymore.
John Hoff is just a obnoxious bag of wind that no one respects.
He will not last. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Attention Hater against Jim Watkins. You are just wrong because Jim Watkins is not blogging to stroke a fragile ego the way the demented John -kiss up kick down- Hoff does it.