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Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Amendment V. John Hoff. Review Of "Dumpster Diving" And Who Johnny Northside Really Is. Part 2

...Only Hoff attacks unprovoked
Today's review covers the third chapter, "Advanced Dumpster Based Media Manipulation" in John Hoff's book, "Dumpster Diving, The Advanced Course."

As I was reading this chapter, I kept shaking my head and thinking to myself, 'He's serious!' 
Yes, he was serious and I know it to be true because, since he wrote the book in 2002, he has done many of the things he explained in the book in his every day life, mostly on his blog. (when I say "things" a better term might be 'criminal manipulations')
On page 21, he compared media manipulation to blackjack with this statement...
"Media manipulation is like a blackjack table where you play with free chips, chips that you can cash in for real value. The only risk is to a person's credibility if he/she just gets too damned excited about a piece of nothing."
 On page 22, he made another statement that I found to be typical of Johnny Northside in a hypocritical way because, when someone comments on his blog about something that is not current, he lashes out against them and brushes their comment aside by stating that "its old" and "nobody cares anymore." Here is what the dumpster diver said...
"There's a saying in journalism that may be the wind at your back or the fart in your face: Old shit doesn't stink unless you stir it up.' "
All I can say to that is... My, how charming.
Of course we all know that John is an "activist" as he has stated so many times. The following two images are photos taken of the text in the book from page 22. They show John's advice and opinions to and of Activists. Note: If the pic is cut off on your screen, click on the image to view full size. 
"terrorize banks"

A "Tight shot of my ass???" "Unable to resist his animated face???" Wow! I bet the people at the StarTribune must run towards the bathroom every time they see their "little Nielsen Week Slut Boy" come across the Caller ID. This is only my opinion but, "slut boy" would not be how I would describe John Hoff. I think the term "Attention whore" is much more accurate.
This next image shows that John takes credit given to himself for accomplishing what he said in the quotes above.

Good God! I think this guy has seen one too many James Bond movies and has molded himself after all of Bonds' crazy, psychopathic, bad guy mastermind enemies.
For the readers who don't know this but, John Hoff has a law degree. He is NOT an attorney (my guess is because he knows he can't get licensed for free and that he would be held to strict ethical standards) but, he loves to portray himself on his blog as a superior legal scholar.  This next quote from his book he does the same thing.

In the next two quotes, John goes into detail about how to utilize the Internet to attract the print media to help set off a "publicity firestorm." Somehow I just can't convince myself that the first amendment was created to protect people like John Hoff.

My review of chapter 3 of John "Dr. Evil" Hoff's book closes with two more quotes of his that really speak for themselves. I say that mostly because, no sane, law abiding, sensible person would likely ever think of something like these quotes and if they did think them, I would guess that their common sense would see to it that they never SAY them.
"You can change the whole world. All you need is a little luck, and this is a game you can play for free, baby. You are holding the butterfly of chaos in your hands, and you can feel the flutter of wings that will unleash hurricanes"
"Butterfly of chaos?" Really? I might compare him to maybe the 'fruit fly of the kitchen' or the 'gnat of annoyance' but, its HIS quote so, I just hope I don't find myself thinking of Hoff the next time I see a peaceful butterfly.

I wonder what his current government buddies like Don Samuels, Mayor Rybak and Barb Johnson will think when they see this quote? It is kind of ironic in a way with John saying, "it is vital to the" yada yada yada "that corporate and government evil be exposed" because, exposing John Hoff aka Johnny Northside the "Activist" is exaxtly the function of this blog.

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