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Monday, September 24, 2012

Breaking News: Read It Here Before Northside Blogger Gets Facts In Order

*See update at the end of this post*
The person who was stabbed to death on 18th & Lyndale Avenue north on Friday September 21, 2012 has been identified as Evander Lazar Partee, a 46 year old Black male who resided in the 2100 bock of Glenwood Avenue North.
According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, "The above individual died as a result of a stab wound to the chest. Manner of death is Homicide. Minneapolis Police are investigating." 
Mr. Partee had a very minor record with the courts including a driving after revocation conviction in 2006, and a urination in public citation in April 2012.
Mr. Partee's death is another tragic incident of violence in north Minneapolis.

You got the facts here before it was posted on JohnnyNorthside. John Hoff tried to break this story Saturday morning in his blog claiming he had beaten all the major media outlets, only to be proven dead wrong. Major media had the story out within 30 minutes on Twitter and online shortly after, Hoff didn't have it in his blog until hours later. And even then he couldn't admit he made a mistake, trashing the major media for using social networks to break the news. John Hoff is just bitter because he was banned from Twitter several years ago.
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Every once in a while the MisAdventures of Johnny Northside gets a nice treat that really serves as justification and sometimes "proof" of what is written about John Hoff on this blog. Today we received one of those treats! This blog has stated from the start that publicity, good or bad is one of the main driving forces of John Hoff and that he is his own worst enemy in that regard because, he simply can't shut up when he is written about negatively somewhere on the Internet. He can't shut up and resist commenting even if it proves the authors point about John being a publicity whore. John Hoff aka Johnny Northside read this post about him and after he read what someone said in their comments about him... John felt compelled to verify the comments and submitted the following comments to this blog.... (and I say, THANK YOU JOHN!)
 Johnny Northside! said...
Oh, I will tell you myself. I was kicked off Twitter for posting the specific home addresses of Level Three sex offenders living in my neighborhood. Even though there's no law against it.
September 26, 2012 8:14 PM


Anonymous said...

the johnnynorthside blog posted an article about 10 hours after this article appeared and he didn't even get the victims name right.
it's funny that a guy who lives in texas can post a better story about this murder than someone who lives a few blocks from where this murder actually happened.
no wonder everyone thinks john hoff is a douchebag, not to mention a horseshit reporter.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. What's this about Twitter?

Anonymous said...

posted to his blog... doubt he'll approve it or even respond... he didn't the last one...

"How come you don't ever post photos of your own slum house, since you are reportedly the newest slumlord on your block..."

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, I will tell you myself. I was kicked off Twitter for posting the specific home addresses of Level Three sex offenders living in my neighborhood. Even though there's no law against it.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff wrote in his blog that this blog is a "stalker blog". Seriously John? If anyone is a documented stalker it is John Willard Hoff.
The Johnny Northside blog is the biggest stalker blog around, and was used as an example of how not to blog at the MN Bloggers Conference.
John Hoff is a sociopath who is hung up on a few people who he believes have wronged him, so he dedicates his life to retaliating against them. John Hoff is a mentally disturbed individual who comes from a family with a history of mental illness (that has been previously documented as a factual statement - they tried to commit his brother Judd).

#John Hoff
#Judd Hoff
#Johnny Northside

Anonymous said...

John Hoff was suspended from Twitter for violating their terms of Service.
According to John Hoff, the rules of a civilized society don't apply to him unless he agrees with the rule or law.
Here are two examples of John Hoff flaunting laws. In one he decided he didn't like a sidewalk obstruction ordinance, thinking he could get publicity being an advocate for the homeless (Hoff now trashes homeless people in his blog). In the other he advocated buying (and selling) stolen property from strangers on street corners, especially if it keeps the stolen property from being sold to rich people in south Minneapolis:



I read a while back that this blog also reported about how Hoff believes he can ignore the Minnesota harassment and stalking statute whenever he pleases:


The funny thing is, what Hoff does is try to reverse the table and claim the person he's stalking is actually the stalker in a classic bait and switch maneuver:


John Hoff is a mentally disturbed veteran who gets great pleasure from the harm he causes others. He has no morals or conscious.